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Loki had just finished packing everything when he noticed something...odd..coming from his desk. Normally this wouldn't worry him too much, except this particular drawer had all the effects of Dumbledore which had been given to him by his twin brother who owned the Hog's Head Tavern as his way to pay 'Harry' back for all the pain his brother had caused him over the years.

Though the wand he took personally from the old goat, once they found out the hard way the blasted thing wouldn't be snapped in half. It was later revealed the thing was some sort of power amplifier for magical cores, boosting them beyond normal limits. When Loki looked at his invisibility cloak, he found it was actually made of heavily magicked Asgardian cloth, hence why the enchantment had yet to fade and the cloak was still useable.

The only 'Hallow' that Loki refused to examine was the Resurrection Stone, which he still had no idea how Dumbledore even found it...or why it had that strange marking on it. After reading about the Infinity Gems when he learned the Tesseract was one, he wanted nothing to do with anything that even remotely resembled the most dangerous of the six. Well, that and he really didn't want to deal with a pissed off Hel after his ass.

By all accounts the Stone would bring back a shade of the dead, but the thing had just as bad a history as the wand did. Aside from removing the curses Riddle put on the thing, and removing it from the ring to keep anyone from accidentally wearing it, Loki had all but forgotten he even had it.

So why was the thing acting up now of all times?

Loki pulled open the drawer...and stared in horror at what was inside.

The second his mind registered what was actually in there, he slammed it shut and counted to ten. His luck couldn't possibly be this bad...or if it was, he briefly wondered who in Helhiem he pissed off this much in his past lives.

The stone, which had been a bone white color the same shade as the wand, was green. The 'marking' of the Hallows was gone completely and for the scant time he had the drawer open he heard whispering from it.

If it wasn't imperative he left this area before, it most certainly was now. If Odin learned he had this in his possession without realizing it... or worse, Thanos found out... Loki shuddered.

He had no desire for absolute power. Not since he grew up and got over the fact he was adopted and that he didn't actually want the throne of Asgard. Besides, history in any of the nine realms spoke ill of those who got too confident after receiving power that they didn't develop naturally. Power earned was far more reliable than any power gained by outside influences. It was why he had Gabriel show him how to locate the outer branches of the Yggdrasil through the old paths rather than rely on the power of the Tesseract to escape the realms he was known in.

Well...that and it was a great test of his ability to traverse the old paths without any outside aid. It had been a long time since he had a decent magical challenge like that.

Loki took a deep breath to calm himself, place his 'box' as Tony liked to call it in his bag where it wouldn't be jostled too much by his 'death' and escape, and went to join Thor. Gabriel had already been transferred into a newer holoball, allowing Loki to safely contain the Aether in the reactor without having to mingle the Tesseract's energy with the Aether. And that had been a pain in the ass to separate what little had been corrupted when he shoved the shard into the reactor.

Tony had at least given him several replacement reactors.

When Loki arrived, he very firmly kept his mouth shut about the discovery he had made in his house. The less Thor knew about that, the better. Especially since he was already pushing it because Thor knew he would be taking the Infinity Gems controlling Space and Reality with him to another world where no one would be able to find him. Without those two, no one would be able to complete the Gauntlet. And with the one he hadn't realized he had in his possession, it would be impossible for anyone to try and complete it anyway.

He let his brother get his anger out at Malekith for nearly killing their mother, and when the idiot tried to unleash the Aether through the connected portals, he charged in with Thor.

The red reactor (which contained the Aether shard) started to pull in more and more of the red mist around him, allowing Thor to aim properly. Because they found a way to drain the blue energy of the Tesseract into another vessel, the reactor would now run on the Aether. With any luck Thor would kill Malekith, thus insuring the only one who would be aware Loki had the Aether under his control was Thor.

Finally the reactor started pulsing red, much like it did when Tony accidentally tapped into the Tesseract for the first time. It was now running completely off of the energy generated by the Aether.

Loki hissed at his brother, who took the hint.

Thor got Malekith to aim a part of the Aether in Loki's direction, and Loki used the blast to hide the fact he 'slipped' into the old paths. He could always access them wherever he was, having the Convergence around just made it much easier.

Every realm saw the attack, and believed Loki was killed by the blast. Even Odin saw it, and thought his son was dead.

Loki was tumbling through the old paths, never a good idea even on the best occasion. It took him a few moments to gather his wits and regain control. Gabriel was firmly attached to him with a thin wire cord.

"Where to now Boss?"

"I do believe now would be the perfect time to meet your namesake. Or at least find out how those books keep ending up in my house," said Loki.

Every time a new book came out, it always appeared by Loki's bedside table. Last month it didn't appear, leading him to believe that either the series had finished...or that was as much forewarning as he would get from whoever was sending the books in the first place.

At this point he was inclined to believe it was the 'Prophet', who he suspected was the "God" of the Supernatural series in hiding. It would certainly explain quite a bit.

Loki grinned.

"I do believe it's time for another adventure. At least Thor isn't here to muck things up," said Loki.

And with that, he started walking.

In Asgard, three months later...

Frigga woke up. The last thing she remembered was Loki giving her some potion that caused her body to seize up...then nothing.

Before her was a solemn (yet relieved looking) Odin, a tired Eir and her sons Thor and Baldur. The first question she asked was "Where is Loki?"

Odin's solemn expression turned sorrowful.

"Loki fell to Malekith in order to buy Thor time to destroy him. His body was completely destroyed," said Baldur sadly.

Frigga, however focused on Thor's expression. Next to her, he was the closest to Loki. Unlike Baldur or Odin, his face wasn't sad or was like he wanted to say something but had to keep his silence.

And with that expression alone she had the feeling Loki was very much alive, but in hiding. The question was why, and if that was the case what could possibly be so important that Thor couldn't inform Odin of the truth?

It took a few weeks for her to get back to normal, but once she did her new mission was to get the truth either out of Thor, or to find out herself using her Seer's ability.

When Thor proved surprisingly tight-lipped, even to his friends when they disparaged his brother without caring about the fact Loki had 'sacrificed' himself to help Thor, she decided to see his death for herself.

Once she did, she understood exactly what happened, and why Thor was keeping his silence.

Loki was alive, and he had taken the real Aether with him to keep it safe. Only a fool would keep the Reality Gem so close to the Space Gem, and knowing Odin he had given it to someone else to keep safe. Loki didn't trust chance and he certainly didn't trust his 'father' after what happened before. Stealing the real Gem and going into hiding was definitely his style.

Frigga wished her son luck. With his current history of adventures, he was going to need it.

And that is how I'm ending Tricksters and Gods. No way am I doing another triple crossover when it would be easier to simply make a sequel.

To be honest, I had to look up the Infinity Gems and the Infinity Gauntlet just to breath life back into this story long enough to finish it. I'll bring it back to Marvel-verse completely when they start making more movies with Thor and the Avengers in them. Until then, it's Loki in the Supernatural universe mucking things up while confusing the heck out of his angel counterpart...oh, and the Winchesters to. The title will be Pagans and Angels!

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