Author's Note: So there needs to be more than one Tank Girl/Kesslee fanfic, so I helped with that a bit. I have no idea how long this will be, but it might be at least ten chapters. And there may be angst. Also lots of hatesex. Lots of delicious hatesex. Thank you to my beta, demonbarber14, who also happens to be the one to have written the only other Tank Girl smut fic, Skullcrusher Mountain. As always, I own nothing.

March 7, 2033

Kesslee had no idea what to expect when his guards brought in Rebecca Buck, a young, audacious, brazen twenty-one year old girl who had killed several of his men when they captured her, not to mention several on her way to HQ. He expected someone unappealing, possibly a very ugly assassin hired by the Rippers to eventually take him and Water and Power down. He also intended to have her executed immediately. Even if she weren't an assassin or in league with the Rippers, he could not tolerate the murders of his men, or her taking hiswater. No, her behaviour could not go unpunished. How would it look to his employees if he ruthlessly eradicated workers who let him down but let a potential threat to hisobjective go off with a slap on the wrist?

But his plans went out the window when they brought in an attractive young woman with very short hair and an outfit that was not exactly modest. Half of her red bra was showing, and Kesslee had to thank the gods that his suit wasn't too tight.

The minute they brought her in, she'd revealed herself to be a spirited little filly with a smart-ass attitude. Not only would he not kill her, but he would make her work for W&P. The corporation could use someone as powerful as her, and it would be interesting to see her drop her proud, smart alecky façade and become compliant to him...and only him. He wouldn't give a damn how insolent she was to his other subordinates when she was working for him; in fact, he'd promote her rather quickly. The only person she'd have to answer to would be him. But for now he needed her to be obedient to everyone.

And what's more, he wanted her. Not just for employment purposes, he wanted her like mad. He was taken aback. He was nearly fifty-two, and she was twenty-one. He had had partners and lovers ten, even twenty years his junior, but thirty years was pushing it, especially with someone who was not his type at all. There was also the fact that she refused his offer of employment and practically declared him a nemesis. Secretly he could not blame her, if he looked at her situation from her point of view. He knew he just had to ignore his feelings.

When she refused him, he was a bit disappointed, but not discouraged. He knew she would give in eventually. It was only a matter of time. He sent her to do manual labour. Maybe that would break her. Probably not, but it was worth a try.

"Sir," Sergeant Small started, "that girl killed almost ten men."

"Yes, I am well aware, Sergeant," Kesslee answered, annoyed.

"Sir, you can't let her get away with her crimes," Small continued, as if he were an authority figure over Kesslee.

"I'm not." Kesslee gave the sergeant a warning glare and wondered if he made a mistake in appointing Small as Derouche's replacement.

"You offered her a position at Water and Power," Small pointed out.

"Good to know your listening skills are up to par," Kesslee responded. "I did not promote you to question me. I have my reasons for doing what I do. It so happens that she would make a good addition to our team. It may take a little time to convince her, but she'll come around."

Sergeant Small sighed. "Yes, sir."

Kesslee scowled and left to his chambers to take care of his current predicament.

Kesslee's chambers were, naturally, the biggest. It had several rooms, for guests who occasionally stayed with him. No one was there currently, which was a relief, because he was not keen on having someone overhear him pleasuring himself.

He told a guard to not let anyone interrupt him, that he was doing something very important, and if the guard went in or let anyone in, it would mean immediate execution. He locked his bedroom door as a precaution.

Kesslee sat on his bed and unzipped his pants, pulling them to his ankles. He lubed himself and slowly started stroking himself, moans falling from his lips, his eyes closed in pleasure. Fantasies danced in his head, of Rebecca submitting to him. He pictured her naked on the ground as he stood in front of her. She was on her knees and he imagined himself telling her to suck him off.

"You're mine now, love. Suck me," he commanded.

"Of course, sir," she'd say, completely compliant, his good little girl. "You're so fucking big, though," she adds, in awe. He'd only smirk and pull her head toward his cock.

He thrust into his fist, groaning.

Her tongue swirls around his head, making him groan and grab a fistful of her hair.

"Fuck," he moaned, stroking a little bit faster.

Her tongue is now licking up and down his shaft, and it feels heavenly, though he's starting to get impatient. "Take it in your mouth, darling," he hisses, and she obeys. Good girl.

He bit down on his lip, thrusting into his fist.

Rebecca's mouth filled with his cock, pleasuring him, the picture of submission, was enough to almost make him come, but he made her slow down a bit.

His strokes grew harder and harder as his breath grew heavier. He was so caught up in his pleasure that he almost didn't realize whose name he was crying out.

"Fuck, Rebecca," he pants. He thrusts into her mouth.

She licks him as she sucks him, and the pleasure is almost overwhelming. No way will he be able to last any longer. His fingers tighten their hold in her hair.

"Fuck, Rebecca, I'm…"

He cried out as he writhed, spilling his seed over his lower belly and hand. For a moment, he lay on his bed, basking in his bliss. Then he remembered himself and cleaned himself off and got dressed again, making sure to make himself look presentable and not like he just masturbated.

He walked out of his room to his office. He pushed the intercom button on his desk.

"Yes, sir?" one of his goons answered.

"Come in here. I've a special assignment for you and your squad," he commanded.

"Right away, sir."

A squad of eight men walked in, looking at him expectantly. Kesslee opened a drawer and pulled out several wires. They were very small video cameras. He held them up for the soldiers to see.

"Gentlemen, what I have in my hand are video cameras, very miniscule ones. I have a feeling that Rebecca Buck, the new blonde girl who killed several of my men, will be a bit of a problematic worker. Obviously you and other soldiers can and will keep a very close eye on her, but I realise none of you are perfect and there are things that may slip your eye, especially since she may be particularly cunning. So, here's an easy solution. Video cameras. I want them placed anywhere she may be seen at, plus everywhere else, as she may try to escape or get into things she has no business getting into. There will be monitors in my office here, and in my room, and wherever. She is not to know about this, understand?" he asked. The men nodded.

He handed them the video cameras. "Go, and return when you need more."

They did as they were bid.

He leaned back in his chair and smiled. He would have her in no time. Hopefully in more ways than one.