This is short, I'm sorry for that. Thank you to my beta, demonbarber14.

Kesslee lay next to Rebecca and watched her sleep. She looked peaceful while she slept.No pretensions, no airs of superiority, no defiance, no anger, no nothing. Just peace. She looked almost beautiful. He always thought she was pretty, but now she was a thing of beauty.

Was he falling in love with her? It was hard to tell. It had been a long time since he had truly fallen in love, and that had ended quite badly. He certainly was in lust with her. He could even stand to have sex with her only. She was so strange. Her smile, her fashion sense. If he was in love with her-and it scared him that it was becoming an all-too real possibility-no one could ever know. His credibility would be shot. His men were already questioning his choice to not execute Rebecca for killing eight men and for running an illegal water-running business. He also knew that Rebecca might not return his feelings, or if she did, she would not admit as much to him. He knew he had to get his feelings under control. It was not befitting of a man of his position to fall for a prisoner, especially one so dangerous. His feelings were problematic and he had to repress them to the best of his ability.

He closed his eyes and let himself drift slowly to sleep. He could deal with his feelings in the morning.