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For months, that was how it worked. Dates and Pack things and supernatural big bads. Then, whenever Derek and I tried to go further, we'd get cockblocked by the Pack. Being a seventeen year old guy and not being able to have sex with their incredibly sexy Alpha wolf boyfriend made it all very frustrating.

But then came Christmas.

We decided that, as a Pack, we would have our own Christmas on December 27th, just the ten of us. What was a little surprising was it was all Derek's idea.

We were all sitting around the living room, everyone dotted everywhere. I wasn't in my usual place on the floor those. No. When I had gone to sit on the floor, I was grabbed from behind around the middle, and dragged backwards until I was sitting on someone.

A Derek shaped someone...

I rolled my eyes before leaning back against the squishy wolf, smiling a little. Ever since October 27th – two whole months ago! – Derek had been...different. More so then when he started to comment on how well the Betas were doing.

He was happier.

It showed in the rest of the Pack, especially the wolves. It was like this weird wolfy connection thing, making the Betas know when their Alpha was happy, meaning that their wolves kind of were too. Well, that's how Scott described it.

So I knew that was how the five Betas felt, even as they rolled their eyes at me and Derek.

Once everyone had handed out the small amount of gifts we had kept back from Christmas to give to each other now, there was only one more that had to be opened. I reached into my backpack, which was sitting beside Derek's arm chair, pulling out an envelope.

And handed it to Derek.

Derek looked from me to the envelope, taking it slowly.

"It's from the nine of us." I told him.

"It was Stiles' idea though." Danny added.

"But we helped." Isaac grinned.

"Stiles insisted he did most of it." Boyd said.

"No one could convince him otherwise." Erica sighed.

Derek nodded, slowly opening the envelope. Of course I wrote a small note to explain everything, not that the rest of the Pack knew. So, Derek took the piece of paper out, unfolded it and started reading.


Shut up, you love the name, big guy ;)

Anyway, so, in this magical envelope, you will find ten tickets to – drum roll please – NEW YORK CITY!

Yes, you read that right New York City!

Anytime you bring it up, I can see how much you miss it. And, even though you can never go back there permanently, there is nothing stopping you from visiting. And, of course, we wouldn't let you go alone. You need us to annoy you ;)

So, on July 31st, the ten of us are headed to NYC, for the rest of the summer holidays.

And don't pretend you hate it. I know you'll love it, the wolves will know you love it; we all know you will love it. So, get that sour look off of that stupidly handsome, gorgeous, super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot Alpha werewolf face of yours, before I squish it! And you know I will!

Little Red ;)

I had thought about putting 'love you' at the end...but we hadn't even said that to each other. And it was way too soon to drop the 'L' bomb; we'd only been together for two freaking months! There were way too many people out there that said 'I love you' way too early and fucked everything up.

And I didn't want to fuck this up. I liked what Derek and I had. I didn't want to ruin it.

"What..." Derek started.

"Everything has already been paid; we've booked rooms at The New Yorker Hotel; Allison, Danny, Jackson, Lydia, Scott and me have already checked that it's ok." I interrupted. "Everything's ready for July thirty first."

Derek didn't say anything. He just stared at the envelope and the short note with wide eyes, just blinking at them. I looked towards the rest of the Pack, all the wolves shrugging.

Derek dropped his forehead to my shoulder, and for a moment I thought I had done something stupid and bad. But then I saw the wolves grinning and dragging the humans out of the living room after them.

I frowned as I watched them leave, especially after I heard the front door close. But I wasn't able to dwell on it much since, I was flipped around until I was straddling Mr Sourwolf, and pulled closer towards him.

I came face to face with a grinning Derek.

"You did that?" Derek asked, quietly, still grinning. "For me?"

Not knowing if his mood would take a turn for the worst, I just nodded, slowly, looking down.

And then he was kissing me.

There was a lot of kissing...

So, Derek was happy. He loved the present we all got him – knew it!

I mean, he didn't even complain when we started putting in Christmas movies that we had been watching since the beginning of winter break!

No. He just kept smiling.

He tried to hide it, of course. But it was kind of hard not to notice it when he was pressing his face into my neck.

I would not admit how much I loved it...

It was halfway during A Muppets Christmas Carol that I reached behind me, to place a hand on the back of Derek's head, scratching slightly – like you would do to a dog. I had learnt very quickly that he liked it.

But instead of doing that strange happy growling, he just pulled my back closer to him, burying his face into the back of my neck a little more, nuzzling slightly.

Yeah, I know! I was still wondering if this was actually Derek, sometimes.

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