"Now?" Kirstie closed her eyes. "I'm still in bed."

"Get up or I'll drag you out," Scott said, lingering at the door to her hotel room.

"Blondes are stupid," Kirstie mumbled, rolling over and turning her back on her friend.

"No!" Scott exclaimed. "People with, uh, brown hair are stupid."

"That's, like, everyone but you," Kirstie argued. She was fully up now, but she still wanted to annoy Scott. "Is Beyonce stupid?"

"No," Scott sighed. "Whatever, you win."

"Ha," Kirstie slowly sat up. She yawned, then promptly fell back onto the pillow.

"Wait! Beyonce has blonde hair now!" Scott said, holding both hands up.

"Give up," Kirstie said. She knew she had to get up eventually. "No one cares about Beyonce." She finally stood up, and pulled her socks off. "Go away, I gotta get ready."

Scott turned and walked down the hallway.

Kirstie vaguely heard him mumbling that he cared about Beyonce. She smiled. Undoing the braid she kept her long dark hair in, Kirstie thought about tech rehearsals. She was worried about so many things. How would her heels work on the ramps? Would the lights all be in the right spots? Would Mitch, who was always really clumsy, trip and fall? But her main concern was Avi.

The bass had hurt his knee, and it killed Kirstie to see him limping along and trying to keep up. Of course he told them it was nothing, but that was Avi for you, all 'Don't worry, guys, I'm fine, but are you okay?'.

When Kirstie opened the door and stepped out onto the crimson carpet of the hotel corridor, the air smelled like fresh linen. She strode confidently down the passage to her friend's rooms. Avi and Kevin were sharing a room, off to the left. Kirstie laughed, remembering how much of a fuss Kevin had made over the attendants in the hotel being 'too rough' on his cello. She knocked.

It wasn't that she really had a preference of who to visit, she just didn't want to wake Mitch up. At least, she assumed he was still sleeping, because Scott came to talk to her instead of just staying in their room.

"Hey," Kevin said, opening the door.

"Hi Curvy," Kirstie said. She looked at Kevin closer. "You look really tired!"

"Yeah," Kevin sighed. "I couldn't sleep at all."

"Did you have nightmares?" asked Kirstie. It sounded babyish, but it'd kept her up before. "Are you sick?"

"No, I'm fine," Kevin said, stepping aside to let her in, then following her back to a table. "I'm just worried about tour. I mean, what if it's not everything we thought it would be?"

"Seriously?" asked Kirstie. She had been nervous that the stuff would be too good for them.

"I just have such a clear picture in my head of what's going on, and I think that maybe I thought it would be too good, and that I'll be disappointed," Kevin said.

"You really over think things," Avi's low voice came from around the corner.

"Hey, Avi," Kirstie greeted him brightly. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," Avi said, stretching. "Oh! There's, um…" He gently untangled a piece of Kirstie's hair that was caught in her piercing. "Hair was on your eyebrow thing."

"Oh, yeah," Kirstie said. Damn! she thought. Why am I blushing? "It does that all the time."

"I just didn't want it to pull or something," Avi said, a look of concern on his face. "That might really hurt."

"Hey guys," Kevin said, waving a hand in between them. "Want some tea?"

"Sure," Kirstie said, snapping out of her gaze. I hope I didn't freak Avi out, she thought. I must have looked creepy, staring at him like that.

"Are you really sleepy or something, Kirstie?" asked Avi. "You were kind of staring into space."

"Oh, no, I'm fine," she replied, accepting the mug of tea Kevin handed her.

"I'm going to practice," Kevin said, getting up and unzipping the case of his cello. He carefully tightened the bow and stood the instrument up, sitting on the couch.

"He's been doing that a lot," Avi sighed. "I think it helps him with stress."

"Hmm," Kirstie agreed.

They were silent for some minutes, the only sound the great vibrating swells of the cello, filling the room with the deep mournful sound.

Kirstie sipped her tea, trying to ignore Avi, who's gorgeous green eyes were fixed upon her. "You know what?" she said lightly. "I think I'll go see the other guys, yeah. Thanks for the tea, Curvy." She turned and quickly walked away, nearly to Scott and Mitch's room when she realized that she still held the mug.

Kirstie laid the mug down outside Kevin and Avi's door, finding herself hoping that they wouldn't come out and talk to her. She felt weird whenever she looked at Avi. What the hell? she asked herself. Avi's your friend, part of your team. Not an option.

Before Kirstie even opened Scott and Mitch's door, she heard loud R&B playing. It was muffled by the wall, but she could still hear it. She smirked. Beyonce. Kirstie let herself in, seeing the two on the couch watching Glee. "Aren't you guys sick of Drunk in Love?" she complained, over the music.

"Huh?" Scott spun around faster than Kirstie could blink. "Oh, Kirstie," he sighed with relief. "You scared me so bad."

"Why can't you knock?" asked Mitch, peeking over his shoulder to see her. "Wow, your face is literally bright red."

"Haha…" Kirstie feigned a laugh. "I wonder why?"

"What's going on?" asked Scott, kneeling on the couch facing Kirstie, his arms on Mitch's head. "I know when you're lying."

"Get. Off. Me." Mitch sounded murderous as Scott, occupied with Kirstie, leaned on him. "Kirstie, you can tell us. We're your best friends."

Scott carefully moved over and let his weight fall on the back of the couch instead of his small friend. "Yeah, you can trust us."

"Okay," Kirstie took a deep breath. "I think I have a crush on Avi."