Opening Up Shop

A/N: Hey everybody, sorry that I've been neglecting this series so much. Her Companion has been taking up a lot of my time, as well as real life. I'll continue to add to this whenever I can or am inspired! Thanks for sticking with me :)

This one is short and sweet; if ya'll are lucky I may make the next one a smut!shot ;)

Kristoff will be finishing his courses soon. He'll have his degree, and he will likely start planning with Anna.

Elsa had been looking through every real estate magazine she could get her hands on, and online for weeks. She wanted to surprise Anna, but knew that Kristoff would need to be involved in her plan. After class today, she would call him and tell her what she had found so far.

"Hey Kris, it's Elsa. I'm good! How are you? That's good, listen I need to talk to you about something I've had in mind for Anna…and you, technically." She brought one of the magazines she had from her drawer, opening it at the page marker.

"I want you to come with me to check out a place; no we're not moving, this is a...commercial property."

"It's three thousand square feet just off a main street, plenty of exposure with two colleges and a hospital nearby, and used to be a restaurant..." The agent droned on as Elsa and Kristoff followed behind her, walking up to the storefront. It needed a new coat of paint, for sure, but at the price it was listed for that wasn't even an issue.

The agent slipped the key in the lock and turned it with ease, opening the door and letting them step inside. Elsa glanced over at the wall shared by the door, finding the light switch and giving it a flick. The lighting was fantastic; very lightly amber hued which gave the space a warm glow. Imprints of old artwork graced the walls, the floor needed a sweep and wax but there was no visible damage. Elsa couldn't have been more pleased, and she hadn't even seen the kitchen yet.

"Broad tile flooring, installed just five years ago. There isn't a warranty on it, unfortunately, but it should easily last another five to ten. Oh! There is also ample parking out front, and staff parking in the back; four stalls."

Kristoff nodded his approval to the agent and stopped to chat with her for a moment while Elsa wandered over towards the kitchen.

She couldn't believe how clean the appliances were, almost as if they were brand new. Aside from a generous layer of dust on the stove, counters, and prep area it was practically immaculate. Elsa bit her lip as she stood there, imagining her wife busily running around this room, and preparing food with a smile on her face. The thought made her heart soar, and her mind was practically made up. Kristoff's hand on her shoulder broke her reverie.

"The property tax and monthly fees are excellent; you definitely have my 'okay' for this place. Anna will love it. We barely even need to paint!" His excitement was evident, and Elsa smiled widely as she nodded.

"I had a good feeling the second I saw the ad." She started walking around the room, opening cupboards, drawers, and inspected the surprisingly large freezer. The agent entered the room and watched for a moment before offering the next bit of information.

"A retired couple wanted to start a dream business together, but shortly after opening, she passed away."

Elsa frowned and turned to face the agent.

"He couldn't bear to keep it, and it actually never got the chance to open, so that's why everything is so clean."

Kristoff walked over to the freezer and whistled. "Wow, this is huge! Anna will flip." His smile was contagious, Elsa left the freezer and nodded as she looked at the agent.

"We'll take it." Both Elsa and Kristoff said almost in unison.

"Great! Let's head back to my office and arrange an inspection appointment, then get the paperwork prepared."

"Can you believe that we've been married for almost two years?" Anna smirked as she wrapped her arms around Elsa's waist, hugging her from behind while she was sitting at their dining room table.

"In a few days, you're right." Elsa grinned and leaned back into the embrace. A soft giggle escaped her when Anna kissed the side of her neck.

"Are we going to celebrate?" Anna lightly nipped her earlobe and gave her affectionate nuzzles.

"I might have something in mind." She bit her lip and tilted her head to give Anna better access.

"Care to elaborate, Kjæreste?" Another nip and kiss.

"Nope." Elsa snickered and reached behind her to give Anna a little tickle.

"Elsaaaa…" Anna whined, moving her arms up around Elsa's shoulders and rocking side to side.

"You'll see! Be patient." Elsa giggled, grabbing hold of Anna's wrists and smiling as she rocked along with her. Kristoff had been so good at keeping the surprise a secret, even though he was just as excited.

They had arranged for cleaning, re-painting and furnishing the café with enough tables and chairs to serve almost thirty people. New artwork that gave it a perfect Nordic theme, and all Elsa needed was for Anna to make her a list of all the utensils, cookware and food she would need. Elsa almost buzzed with every passing day the brought them closer to the unveiling.

This was not only a new beginning for Anna, but Kristoff too. And no matter how many times he would thank her (and he would thank her profusely, at every opportunity, likely for the rest of their lives) she would always be humble. She knew how much Kristoff meant to Anna, and how he was there for her during that year when they had met and fallen in love. He had eventually told her about how they arranged for the laxatives to be put in Hans' coffee, and from that day on Elsa considered him a dear friend.

When the day finally arrived, Anna was blindfolded, sitting in the passenger seat of Elsa's car. Kristoff was waiting in front of the door, a big goofy grin on his face as he watched them pull up and park. Elsa got out quickly and made her way over to the passenger side, opening the door and helping Anna out.

"Can I take this damn thing off, yet?" Anna giggled. Elsa stopped, hands on Anna's shoulders, and nodded to Kristoff.

"There's this…new place opening soon." He tried to suppress his joy, taking a deep breath before continuing. "Both Elsa and I figured that you would like it."

"Oooh! What is it? Where are we?"

Elsa smiled, looking up at the sign which was installed just yesterday.

"It's called "Two Dough Nuts." Kristoff pursed his lips, waiting for it to register. That was the name he and Anna had chosen for their café when they were kids.

Anna's expression changed, and for a moment she didn't move, didn't even seem to breathe. Elsa took her hands away from her shoulders and stepped back, knowing full well how her wife was about to react. Anna finally moved, and within less than a second the blindfold was off and falling to the ground. Her jaw dropped, her eyes widened, she looked to both Kristoff and Elsa in sheer disbelief. Elsa smiled and pointed up to the sign.

"It's all yours."

"H-how…how did you…" She looked to Kristoff, who nodded to Elsa and smiled yet again.

"Elsa bought it for us." He replied, and Anna turned to her wife, eyes glistening.

"You…I can't believe you…" Her lower lip quivered, and she began to sob from overwhelming happiness. As she wrapped her arms around Elsa, her legs failed her, and the two sank to the pavement.

"You haven't even seen what it looks like inside, love!" Elsa chuckled, rubbing her back and kissing her head.

"C-carry me in!" Anna hiccupped and laughed. Elsa looked at Kristoff and nodded towards the door, he unlocked it and held it open as Elsa lifted Anna to her feet again, and walked inside with her. Anna cried out joyfully as she saw her and Kristoff's vision made real. She touched every table, every chair, scanned the walls and ceiling. She got on her hands and knees and inspected the floor, then looked up at the door leading to the kitchen. Her chest swelled with excitement, and she took off running for it, crashing into it exaggeratedly and letting out a loud squeal of elation that Elsa and Kristoff could hear from the dining area.

"I think she likes it." Elsa grinned while Kristoff let out a low belly laugh. They joined her in the kitchen and Elsa opened one of the fridges, retrieving a bottle of wine and three chilled glasses.

Anna wiped tears from her eyes and raised her glass. "Soon Kristoff, we'll be opening up shop."