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One year later

"Elsaaaaa," Anna whined as the laughing blonde pulled a blindfold down over the younger girl's eyes. "Why can't I see where we're going?"

"I told you, silly, it's a surprise!" Elsa chuckled as she rounded her car and sat in the driver's seat. "Now, no peeking!"

"I can't see a damn thing out of this thing," Anna retorted with a pout. "No need to worry about that."

"Good," Elsa quipped, and with that she pulled out of the lot of her apartment complex, briefly consulting the map in her lap.

Today marked the one year anniversary of Anna leaving the hospital and Elsa planned to make the day a special one. The day also marked the six month anniversary—or whatever you were supposed to call it, Elsa internally scoffed—of her and Anna's "official" relationship.

Okay, so it had taken the girls six whole months to actually get together, but Elsa honestly thought life now wasn't much different than it had been six months earlier. Anna had been living with Elsa before they were "girlfriends"—hell, she had lived with Elsa even before the whole ordeal with the Royals. It wasn't like they never made out before either.

What was different?

Elsa blushed as she forced herself to focus on the road.

The sex.

The night they became girlfriends was the night they had finally consummated their relationship. Believe it or not, the whole thing had been entirely Elsa's idea as well; something the blonde was proud of even to this day.

She had taken Anna out to a nice restaurant that night where she—quite embarrassingly, now looking back on it—asked to be Anna's girlfriend. The redhead, of course, had no qualms and had all but thrown herself across the table to grab the elder in a hug. Squeal included.

Elsa smiled as she recalled the rest of the night.

They had returned home from dinner and Elsa had shyly led Anna to her bedroom. Still completely inexperienced at this whole "relationship" thing, she had almost gone all out and done the silly thing with the rose petals strewn across the bedroom, but thought against it last minute.

Too cliché.

Instead, the bedroom wasn't decorated at all, and Anna had been royally confused until Elsa had her lips to hers and had the redhead straddled beneath her on the bed.

Anna had no complaints as Elsa knew she wouldn't, and clothes were discarded in the blink of an eye.

While the gnawing worry that she was going to mess this up sat at the bottom of her stomach the entire time, the way Anna screamed her name come her release and the scratch marks Elsa found on her back the following day proved she never had anything to worry about.

Needless to say, now the sex was plentiful and Elsa had quickly picked up on the fact that Anna was an insatiable little minx.

Grinning deviously, Elsa reached over to stroke Anna's inner thigh. The younger girl gasped before she giggled and swatted Elsa's hand away.

"Hey!" she exclaimed. "Not while I can't see! And aren't you driving?"

"Guilty," Elsa chuckled, taking her hand away and placing it back on the wheel.

Elsa wouldn't have her any other way.

Even before their relationship had come to full bloom, the Royals had been tried and convicted. Hans had been shot by both Mulan and Shang the same time Anna had been shot, and he had spent his own month in the hospital under strict supervision while recovering from the removal of his shredded spleen. Upon his release, he was transported back to the police station where he rejoined his fellow gang members in lockup—including Bryce and Eli who had been found unconscious in the warehouse, courtesy of Kristoff.

No more escape attempts were made and the trial happened two weeks later. Anna had surprisingly agreed to testify against them and the worst that had come of her decision were the death glares she received from Hans the entire time.

The trial didn't last long as it was practically a no brainer at the question of their guilt. The only thing that posed a problem was how they would serve their sentence and for how long. Prison was determined to be the optimal route and the Royals were sentenced to five years before having a chance at parole. Bryce and Eli were given a seven year sentence for their help in abducting Elsa, and Hans' sentence was upped to ten years for his leading the abduction, injuring Anna the first time, and shooting her the second.

Needless to say, there wouldn't be any trouble for a long time to come.

Elsa sighed as she turned a corner. So much had changed the past year and yet nothing had changed at all. She was still with Anna although there were now several connotations to the word "with," she still had classes although it was currently summer break, and she still worked at Starbucks although she had been given a promotion several months ago and now worked as a manager. The Royals being put away made it seem like the whole thing never happened. Had Anna not been at her constant side over the year, Elsa may have thought it was all just a vivid dream.

The girl still had the gang's tattoo despite Elsa telling her they could pay to get rid of it. Anna had denied, claiming it was a part of her past and a part of who she was and she was tired of running. Despite how things ended, she had belonged there at one point, and thus the ink belonged on her body.

The cut on her other wrist had healed completely and now only a small, white sliver of scar remained. Although her bullet wounds hadn't had as much time to recover, they were still healing beautifully as well—although Elsa still paid them particular, affectionate attention during their steamy moments in the bedroom. She also got the most arousing moans from Anna when she did so.

Anna had also expressed her interest to go to college. While Arendelle University was out of the question, she applied to the community college Elsa had briefly attended and was still waiting for a response. She had even begun looking for work. Elsa couldn't have been more proud and she was sure she expressed it every now and again out loud.

Anna had truly turned her life around.

After looking down at her map for confirmation, Elsa pulled into a parking lot. Parking the car and staring at the building before her, she smiled. This was the next chapter in her life; it was a monumental step, both individually and for her and Anna's relationship, but Elsa felt certain it would be well received.

"Are we there yet?" Anna griped from the seat next to her. "This material is really itchy, Elsa."

Elsa giggled and replied, "We're here." But when the redhead's hands rose to move the blindfold, she swatted them away. "Not yet!" she snapped.

Anna huffed as Elsa shuffled out of the car and over to help Anna out. Leading her inside the building, the blonde cast a look over to a man sitting behind a counter and was rewarded with a knowing grin. She was handed a set of keys before ushering Anna along.

Anna heard a ding before she moved again.

"Okay, so…we're in an elevator?" she guessed.

"Maybe," was the only response Elsa gave, save for her ever-growing smile.

Another ding and Anna was escorted from the elevator and down a hall. She had counted the number of floors they ascended and had counted four. Hearing Elsa unlocking a door, Anna figured they were close.

"Okay," Elsa said as she pulled Anna through the doorway. "Here we are!"

In one swift motion, the blindfold was pulled away. Anna blinked for a moment before her eyes adjusted.

They were standing in an empty room. It had hardwood floors and pale purple walls. It was a spacious area, but the most spectacular thing was the wall opposite where they were standing.

"Oh, wow!" Anna exclaimed, running over.

The wall was made entirely of glass and acted as a window.

And the view was breathtaking. There was lake before them and Anna immediately noticed all the people swimming and lounging about in the summer sun. Beyond the lake, though, was a range of endless mountains.

"It faces the west, too, so we'll have a glorious view of the sunset," Elsa piped up, coming to stand by Anna.

"We?" Anna looked at her girlfriend.

Elsa blushed and looked away. Anna felt the traces of a smile pulling at the edge of her mouth. The blonde was simply adorable when flustered.

"This place…" Elsa started. "It's an apartment," she said. "Or condo," she added with furrowed brows. "It's for rent, regardless."

Turning to face Anna, she took the redhead's hands in hers.

"It can be ours," she spoke, love and hope shining in her blue eyes. "This can be our place, Anna; if you want it."

Anna opened her mouth to speak, but Elsa guessed what she was going to say and beat her to it.

"I know you've been living at my place, but that's all it is…my place." Blushing again, Elsa continued. "This can be our place, Anna. I want it to be ours. It's close to both Arendelle U and the community college, it's a much shorter drive to my work than before, it has this freakin' lake and I mean, the view!"

Anna cut her off with a laugh and Elsa's blush deepened at the sound.

Wrapping the blonde in a hug, Anna whispered in her ear, "It's perfect." Pulling back she asked, "How soon can you put a deposit down?"

Elsa laughed and rubbed the back of her neck. "That's the funny thing; I kind of already did. It's ours already."

Anna's eyebrows shot to her hairline. "You were really betting on me to say yes!"

"I had no doubt," Elsa affirmed, taking a step closer and pressing her lips to Anna's in a loving kiss.

"You know me too well," Anna mumbled against the blonde's lips.

Pulling back, Elsa smiled, back to looking shy.

"So, you really like it?"

Anna laughed again. "I love it," she said. "Just like I love you."

Elsa was now beaming. "I love you, too."

Smirking, Anna looked around.

"So," she said, "how soon can we get a bed in here?"

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