Aight, new fic! 4 years after the Indigo League, Team Aqua controls all. Misty leads the resistance against Team Aqua, with the legendary pokemon at her command, and she wants Ash to lead with her. But will that happen?

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Chapter 1

Brambles and thorns scratched away at his uncovered face and arms as he raced through the woods, several Poochyna barking in hot pursuit. He had barely escaped from the Team Aqua reconditioning facility and now…

Now… was it all for naught?

It had happened so suddenly. One moment, he was battling Richie in the Indigo League – the next, black smoke had billowed out over the area… and he had passed out. He hadn't woken until almost a week later…

Most of the others hadn't woken up again.

He and Richie, along with two others – Jeannette Fisher and a boy he hadn't known, had all been forced into special conditioning classes. Their pokemon had been confiscated, everything of value stripped from them, dressed in identical light blue bodysuits…

Jeanette had cracked first, barely two weeks of conditioning before she was a drone… and then, not soon after, Gerald – the other boy. Richie had held out for six months…

Ash himself had still yet to turn to Team Aqua, but now…

Well, he was stranded in a forest, penniless, poke-less, and clad only in a faded blue jumpsuit, standard Aqua 'grunt' attire of the lowest degree. It was not an enviable situation under any terms.

He gulped as footsteps sounded. No, it wasn't a pokemon… he had spent enough time in class to distinguish different species of pokemon by their sounds and movements, which meant…

A human, or worse, a hybrid!

Team Aqua had created only three hybrids – Carvanha, Poochyena, and Sharpedo, however, that didn't mean anything.

Poochyna could track even if the quarry were five miles away and Carvanha and Sharpedo could both swim as fast as their pokemon side, as well as breathe underwater. Fortunately, he hadn't seen a stream of any sort in this forest, so hopefully… it wasn't those.

It was rumored they ate human flesh.


He blinked. Who still knew his name? His coat bore his number – a tag of seventeen, and therefore, everyone had called him number seventeen.

"Ash, it is you."

His mind worked frantically, trying to identify – "Misty?" He gasped. He turned around, eyes widening.

Misty had grown considerably, into quite the lovely young woman. Her hair fell to her waist, and she was clad in blue jeans and a dark red jacket with a Staryu on the back. "Long time no see Ash."


"Oh, you seem…" She studied him. He looked exhausted, and… "You ran away from Team Aqua?"

"Is it that obvious?"

Misty laughed. "Yes, it is. Come with me. You look like you could use a good meal. Change out of those too, before Team Aqua finds you again." She tossed him a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and he hastily changed.

"Thank you!"

He looked startled as she pulled out a poke ball and released a blue dog-like creature. "… Suicune?" He gasped.

"So you did learn something useful while you were there, ne?" Misty indicated that he hurry and climb on the pokemon, and he did, she followed. Suicune immediately shot off.

Within moments, they had arrived at a building of gleaming white marble. Misty led the way and then placed her hand on a seemingly innocuous wall. It slid open, a steely entryway beyond. Ash followed hesitatingly.

This was Misty. His friend! She wouldn't hurt him, right?

"So, you brought him. How did you find him?" A voice drawled. Ash jumped, recognizing Gary. How had he gotten here?

"I suppose you're wanting an explanation?"

"Er… yes?" Right now, his head hurt, and he wanted nothing more but to lie down and sleep, but that did not seem a possibility.

'Very well." Misty steered him to a chair, and then poured him a carafe of water. "I suppose you might have heard of us. We are the Resistance."

"… You?" Ash blinked. "Just you and Gary?"

Gary cracked up. "Well, Ash, I always thought you were dense, but even you surely realize that only two people an do little against Team Aqua. Of course we're not the only ones!"

"We're still few in number though." Misty conceded. "I'll introduce you to the others later."


"Should we save the interrogation for later?" Gary asked.

Ash gulped. * Interrogation? *

"Yes, let's give him some time to rest first. He ran twenty miles away from Team Aqua headquarters."

"Not bad."

"Yes. Well, Ash, get some sleep. You'll need it."

Ignoring the hard chair, Ash sank into sleep gratefully…

He was awoken a few hours later. Three nurse joys smiled.

"He's awake!"


Ash jumped, recognizing the presence, kind of. * Sabrina? What's she doing here? I mean, what are… oh, I'm so confused… *

(Hello again, Ash Ketchum.) Sabrina smiled kindly at him. (This won't hurt a bit. Just relax, all right?)

Ash nodded meekly as her eyes glowed red. Several moments later, the connection broke, and he sank back onto his pillows, still feeling a bit tired.

(He's clean.) Sabrina reported. She sat down next to Ash and waved the nurses off. (You've been through a lot, haven't you?)

"Well… you could say that…" * But then again, so has everyone who got kidnapped… *

(Your strength of will is amazing. Most crack within a few months, and yet you've still managed to resist all their brainwashing attempts. You are truly remarkable, Ash.)

"Er… thank you?"

Sabrina laughed. (It is nothing, Ash. You saved me back then in Saffron. A few words of praise won't atone for that.)


(Still as clueless as ever. Ah, youth…) Suddenly, she stood. (Well, I'll report this, and then you'll meet the rest of the gang tonight.)

"All right…"

He fell back asleep, and when we awoke, rested, he found a few sandwiches and a pitcher of orange juice resting on the table. Wow!

He hadn't had anything besides salad and energy rations for months with Team Aqua… he had almost forgotten what real food tasted like!
The sandwiches were peanut butter and jelly, not his favorite but he didn't care…. The taste of bread, real actual fiber, after all those times… and the orange juice was great!

Finishing the meal, which he had consumed all of, Ash felt slightly better.

There was a note attached.

Ash after you eat, feel free to use the shower. There are clean clothes on the chair next to the bed. At nine, please meet with the Council on the fourth floor. Misty.

The feeling of being clean was truly bliss. He shed his Aqua gear gladly, changing into a dark blue long-sleeved shirt and jeans provided. Smiling, he made some effort to comb his hair, and then quickly ran up the stairs, not wanting to be late.

End Chapter

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