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Chapter 8

"It's not stopping." Misty whispered. "It doesn't seem to make sense…"

"It can't be! Why is the water only flooding this area?"

"Perhaps Kyogre senses the other legendary pokemon here?" Ash suggested.

"That could be!" Misty palmed the rest of the poke balls, throwing them forwards. Articuno, Zapdos, Entei, Suicune, and Raikou materialized.

Yes, Mistress? They asked in eerie unison.

"Shield this building or find some way to get rid of the water! Otherwise, we'll all die here!"

Suicune laughed harshly. It is too late. Even now, the underground lake climbs… there is nothing that can be done.

Even if I froze the water, that would save nothing. Articuno smiled.

You had better flee, Entei advised. There is none else to be done.

"But… but we can't just abandon our base!"

Your base or your lives, Mistress, what shall it be? Zapdos squawked. The choice must be made quickly.

Misty hesitated.

Gary didn't. He ran to Entei and jumped on. The fire-type nodded, and then shot out of the building, lightning fast.

The legendary cats were the fastest beings in existence after all…

Articuno carefully helped Pryce onto her back, before she streaked off as well.

Suicune and Raikou respectively made their way to Sabrina and Morty. The two shook their heads.

(Do not worry about us, dears.) Morty smiled. (I'm sorry I failed you.)

(You have never failed us, Ghost Master. None can fight the whims of fate… now come, follow us…)

(No, it shall be fine.) Sabrina smiled. (A poke ball opened before them, revealing…)


(I shall take care of these two, along with my son. Do not worry.)

With that, the two masters faded away.

Misty stared at Ash, who as trembling…


"Don't… don't touch me!" He backed away from her.

"Ash, please! I'm sure that between the two of us, we'll be able to stop this…"

"No! You… you don't know anything!" He clutched the Sacred Sword to his chest, closer. "You… you killed him!"

"I didn't know!"

"Exactly! You really don't know! And… I don't want to die!"

"Ash quit being an idiot and give me the sword!"


Harsh, mocking laughter came from behind them. Ash was huddled in a corner, clutching the sword to his chest, Misty leaning over him, not threatening yet, but soon…

Both their heads snapped back.

"Who's there?" Misty demanded.

Air slowly ran with soft, snowy colors, and Ash gasped. A pale face, long, silvery white hair… eyes the frosty blue of ice…

"That really wouldn't be wise, Misty dear…" A familiar voice drawled.

"L-lance? But… you're dead!" Misty gasped.

He shrugged elegantly. "It's not that easy to kill a dragon, and when a half-mortal dies, the immortal half takes over…"

"Wait, what?" Ash asked. He took several deep breaths. "You are Lance, right?"

"Correct, my dear Child of Shadows… you are quite correct."

"But… we saw you die! And I'm sorry!"

He moved in an eye blink, and Misty found herself on the other side of the room while Lance – if this new person really were Lance – gathered Ash into his arms.

"Of course you saw me die, love, but surely you didn't expect me to stay dead?"

Ash hesitated – he felt… odd, almost, but welcomed…

He didn't say a word as Lance slowly began to run cold marble fingers through his dark hair…

What was wrong? What was right? Everything was falling apart and the water was still rising round them but he didn't care!

Lance was cold, so cold… but of course he was cold, there was no blood in his veins, no heartbeat, nothing…

Of course, the Sacred Sword… it had cost him so much, hadn't it?

"I'm sorry…"

"It's not your fault, Ash…. And I chose to die for you, remember that. Not for her. Never for her."

These words seemed to catch Misty's attention, and with an angry growl, she flung herself forwards… and then there was a rather loud crack…

Lance's wings had come up in a shield, sharp-edged, feathered blades outwards…

Misty had run straight into them and was now pierced in several places…

He smirked as he brought his wings up, slashing through skin and flesh and bone… nothing could stand before silversteel.

She fell to the ground in pieces.

Ash's mouth opened, but he didn't scream… he didn't comprehend anything… but if Misty had killed others, then it didn't matter if she got killed, right?


It didn't matter at all! It didn't!

"Shh… don't worry…" Lance whispered, smiling kindly as he pulled Ash into an even deeper embrace. Ash did not reply verbally, and he just wanted to be comforted…

His eyes glittered with desire, but he would wait.

Soon, very soon, the time would be right… and he would take care of his Shadow Child until it was necessary, until he regained his memory…


He didn't know what was going on any more, but he didn't really care… he was safe, he was safe… the instinct to run and hide had been wiped from his mind with the series of shocks his system had gone through in so short a time…

Lance carefully held Ash as they watched the rain continue to drown the land. Rayquaza-sama, father would stop it in time…

It did not matter. He had betrayed them both, in the end… Team Aqua would die as well, but no matter.

It meant nothing to him. The only reward he wanted was locked securely in his embrace, forever…

End Chapter

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