Summary: As he lies at the feet of a god, Naruto begins to accept the fate that the god foretold. However, Kyuubi will have none of that. Kyuubi gives up everything so Naruto can finally have the power to change the world. "Become the Greatest That Ever Was, Uzumaki Naruto." Hokage Naruto. Strong Naruto. Eventual God-like Naruto. NaruSaku.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Kishimoto does. However, the ideas and variations separate to canon are mine.

Author's Notes: Just a short little tidbit of information before you start reading. I will not be translating the Jutsu after their Japanese names in the story. There will be a Jutsu description list at the bottom with the English and info. As for other Japanese words, I will most likely translate them if I feel there will be any confusion. On another note, Kyuubi will be a bit OOC from the start, and there are slight variations to the canon in this story. If it contradicts the original storyline then it is most likely intended so bear with it until it is explained. Feel free to ask me questions if you are confused and I will answer to the best of my abilities without revealing too much. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Trust

Uzumaki Naruto. He was by far the greatest human Kyuubi had ever come to know. He was honest, trusting, and most importantly, loyal. Kyuubi could describe the boy in so many other ways, but they would do little to truly credit how great the Uzumaki really was. It was surprising to the Kyuubi how much he was like Mito and Kushina, yet universally different. Kyuubi did not hold the same feelings for those two that it did for Naruto. Unlike with its two previous Jinchuuriki hosts, Kyuubi saw the boy's entire life unfold from its containment within him. It watched as he forgave those that wronged him. How he would never forsake any who would in turn hurt, or betray him. How he fought for those he cared for. Uzumaki Naruto was the purest of beings that Kyuubi ever had the honor of knowing. It wanted to do more for him, it really did. Unfortunately for the two, it could not.

'That blasted Yondaime and his Fuuinjutsu.' Kyuubi spat out mentally. If it was not for the effectiveness of the seal that contained the great being of chakra, Kyuubi would have been more than happy to allow its user more access to its power, after learning of the boy's true nature. However, the seal placed on Naruto was too good. It did not allow Kyuubi to give its power to Naruto without the Uzumaki's consent. It kept a constant stream of Kyuubi's chakra to slowly enter Naruto, while keeping its influence from tempting the Uzumaki's mind (not like the Kyuubi even wanted to tempt the boy at this point).

Naruto could also forcefully draw the Kyuubi's chakra, but that only happened in dire situations where the boy's anger reached its peak. However, the biggest difference between the seal that kept the Kyuubi contained, compared to other seals used on Jinchuuriki, was the fact that this one was actually killing the trapped Biju. It was the main reason why the Kyuubi despised the Yondaime Hokage even more than Uchiha Madara.

Uchiha Madara used Kyuubi, used its strength and controlled it to do his bidding. Yet even Madara could not do what Namikaze Minato had done. The Kyuubi hated the Yondaime with every fiber of its being, but it did acknowledge the strength the young man had. The Fourth Hokage was the first person to effectively kill a Biju. It may not have happened yet, but he did it nonetheless. He was the first human to ever create a seal (technically a combination of seals), that could in fact deteriorate a Biju's chakra to the point it no longer existed. It was for this reason that the Kyuubi refrained from giving Naruto its power all these years since his birth. The concept of death scared the Kyuubi, having never had to fear such an aspect beforehand. However, it did have to give up some slivers of its powers from time to time, whenever Naruto was in a life-or-death situation and requested its chakra as "rent". However, it would keep from giving him too much.

The Kyuubi was becoming gradually weaker, and it knew that. It was why it was careful to not let out too much of its power. The more the Kyuubi gave, the more it lost. The power that Kyuubi loses stays dormant within Naruto, unbeknownst to the Uzumaki. It is why Naruto, over the years, began to display more control of the Kyuubi's power. It was not because of training, but the seal. He could always control the Kyuubi's chakra. He just did not have any of its chakra to use yet.

When Naruto saw Sasuke "die" at the hands of Haku, he displayed his first use of the Kyuubi's chakra. He probably didn't realize it, but subconsciously he was completely in control of the Kyuubi's power. Such an occurrence happened once again when he fought Sasuke at the Valley of the End. By then the seal had sucked an entire tails worth of power from Kyuubi. Whether Naruto wants to believe it or not, the Kyuubi did not willingly save him. Of course by then the Kyuubi had come to see Naruto as more than just a lowly human and would have tried to save the boy, but the seal prevented such actions.

Naruto's one-tailed form was fully under the Uzumaki's control. It was only until Naruto tried taking too much of the Kyuubi's powers that he started to lose control. During the boy's training with Jiraiya they tried to push the Kyuubi's powers. At that time, Naruto could control three tails worth, but they did not stop there. When Naruto tried taking more than what he was ready for, he lost his way and lashed out. It was why he did it with Jiraiya, and it was also why he did it when pitted against Orochimaru. The Kyuubi had no say in the matter, and truthfully, it was scared.

Kyuubi was afraid of when its time would come to an end. It did value Naruto differently than it used to, but that did not keep it from restricting its power as to prevent its inevitable demise. While it wanted to help Naruto, it knew that in doing so would lead to its death, and that was not something Kyuubi was ready to do. Unfortunately for the mightiest of Biju, it did not have the luxury of time on its side. It watched as Naruto completed his new Sage training and returned to the village that the creature had once been hell-bent on destroying. It watched and felt what Naruto experienced as he returned home and saw his loved village in its destroyed state.

The Kyuubi could never forget the feeling that pasted through Naruto at the sight of his obliterated village, and it was something that it never wanted to experience again. Yet, it watched as Naruto fought the God of Destruction that had descended upon Konohagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Leaves). It watched as Naruto fought valiantly with all his might and came within a Rasengan's reach of toppling the supposed "God". It watched as Pein turned the tables on the Uzumaki and pinned him down. It watched as a female Hyuuga tried to protect its user, proclaiming her love in the process, and failed in the end. It watched as the Hyuuga fell, and it felt Naruto's mind as it descended into fury. The Uzumaki pried six tails worth of power from the Kyuubi in his rage, losing himself in the process. The boy went on a war path from then on. It took everything the "God" had to just evade death at the boy's hand.

However, six tails did not seem to be enough as Pein eventually pulled his trump card, creating a small orb with its own gravitational pull that sucked Naruto up. The orb created a large crevice in the ground as the ball stayed suspended in the air, covered by layers of rock that held Naruto within its depths. However, Kyuubi knew that it would not be long before Naruto tried to pull even more chakra from it.

The Kyuubi, upon seeing the desperate state its host was in, knew it could no longer be indecisive. Kyuubi could no longer evade its end. It would do what was needed in order to keep its adored container alive.


Naruto awoke within the desolate sewers that he, for so long as he could remember, despised. He hated everything about it. The smell, the sight, the feeling. It made him sick being in his own mindscape. However, he did not let his thoughts out. He was too haggard to even really think straight. His fight with Pein had gone downhill fast and he hated himself for succumbing to the Kyuubi's power. He just wanted the pain to go away. Naruto clutched his head as he fell to his knees, creating ripples in the water that lay throughout the sewer.

'Just make it go away!' Naruto thought to himself, squeezing his head even harder, 'Somebody help me!'

"Give me your heart." Kyuubi's dark and oppressive voice boomed around the room, "I will save you from the pain."

Naruto looked up to the cage that held back the greatest of tailed beast. Behind the large grimy bars were blood red eyes and big sharp teeth that illuminated through the darkness that was the Kyuubi's veil. Naruto did not protest as he leaned back. His jacket was forced open, leaving his chest bare to Kyuubi. The seal appeared on his stomach as it began to morph, becoming a black spiral with intricate designs coming out its sides. The mark looked very similar to an eye. Blood started to ooze from the seal, more than should have been humanly possible. The blood started to mix with the water Naruto sat in.

The Kyuubi's voice echoed throughout the sewer, "Yes, that's it." Finally, it would be able to repay its debt to the village of Konoha through its host Naruto. "Come here… pull this seal off."

The blood leaking from Naruto's stomach had effectively turned all the sewage water around him into a crimson color. He stood and then began to walk to the Kyuubi's cage. He soon levitated, coming up in front of the large seal tag that lay on the cut between the doors of the cage. His finger slid behind the paper as he was seconds away from ripping the paper off.

Then, to Naruto's surprise and Kyuubi's horror, a firm hand grabbed onto the Uzumaki's wrist, stopping any further attempts at removing the seal. The Kyuubi let out a low growl, "You!"

Naruto didn't know what was going on until he was pulled back by the figure that had just grabbed him. Through his peripherals, Naruto could depict the subtle features that had made the man holding him so famous. Turning his eyes to the newcomer, Naruto let out in a low and shaking voice, "The Yondaime… Hokage…"

The Yellow Flash's voice was firm and deep, and commanded much respect, "The seal is set so that if eight tails are released, I'll appear within your consciousness. I didn't want that to happen. I never wanted to see you again… Kyuubi."

Minato looked over his shoulder at the demon, having been facing the opposite direction of Naruto, who was still firmly in his grasp, "But, I did look forward to seeing how my son had grown. So I guess you could call it even."

Upon seeing the man Kyuubi despised the most, it lost itself in rage, "THE FOURTH! FACE ME! I'll TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!"

"Now why would I go and face someone who's going to tear me to shreds?" The Namikaze turned away from the demon behind him and looked to Naruto, smiling, "Anyways… Naruto."

Naruto was stunned at his hero's appearance, as well as the fact that he knew his name. It didn't even register with the Uzumaki that the Fourth had just called him son, "Naruto? You know my name? How do-"

The Fourth's smile just seemed to grow, "Heh! Well, I mean, I gave you your name. You're my kid, after all."

Naruto was still confused. Too much had been happening for him to even comprehend what his hero had just told him, "Kid? Wait, you mean-"

Minato's warm smile made Naruto realize the truth, "Yep! Like I just said, you're my son."

Naruto could feel the cold liquid that began to form in the corners of his eyes. The troubles that were plaguing his mind not even a minute prior all but vanished. Happiness unlike anything he had ever felt before filled him. He could not believe what was happening. His hero, the man he had looked up to all his life, and the man he had idolized as a role model, was his father. He had always dreamed of having a father like his idol, but to hear that the Fourth Hokage was actually his dad filled him with something he had long forgotten about. Peace. It all fit now. Why he was chosen as the Kyuubi's container, why he always admired the Fourth, and most importantly, why he was who he was. In his bliss, he didn't notice that his seal had stopped bleeding and faded away.

"Ha-Ha…" Naruto's laugh slipped through his lips as they curved into a smile at seeing his father for the first time.

The presence of the Kyuubi was then made known as his yell pierced through the two's meeting, "Damn you, FOURTH!" Its anger had not diminished in the slightest. It was just seconds away from saving that fool's son, and he just had to interrupt them. However, it knew how that last scene would have probably looked to any others. To the Fourth, it probably looked like the Kyuubi was trying this as a means of escape, but the Kyuubi had long ago given up on any attempts of freedom. The Kyuubi knew that even the Fourth did not realize just how powerful he had made the seal that entrapped the Nine-Tails.

Kyuubi called what the Fourth made an educated mistake. The Yondaime Hokage was probably under the impression that his combination of seals would lock their chakras together; creating an ordinary Jinchuuriki who's Biju would be released upon the host's death. But no, he unknowingly created a super seal that would inevitably kill the Kyuubi. Whether it is because of Naruto's death, or the seals other objective of fully combining the chakras occurred first, fully erasing Kyuubi's existence. It was not like Kushina's or Mito's seal, which were just about the exact same as other Jinchuuriki's.

The Kyuubi knew many saw it as the embodiment of hatred, and they were not wrong in their accusation. However, what they did not know was that Kyuubi was in love with Naruto. Not the kind of love you would find between a man and a woman. The Kyuubi was neither and had no delusions of being with the boy in such a way. It loved Naruto in the way that a parent loved his or her child. It was an unknown feeling to the being of power, yet the Biju was quick to accept the pleasant sensation nonetheless. It was because of such feelings that the Kyuubi knew it couldn't let Minato take the boy away. Kyuubi mentally scoffed at the audacity of their situation. The fool of a Hokage was unknowingly keeping Naruto from the power he had originally wanted his son to have.

Kyuubi's musings came to a halt when he heard Minato say, "This guy sure is noisy, let's go somewhere else."

Kyuubi claws immediately slammed into the bars holding him back, "NO WAIT!"

Naruto looked at the Kyuubi in confusion, wondering why it didn't want them to go anywhere. He shrugged it off as nothing more than an attempt to throw more insults and hollow threats. His father didn't even seem to notice the Kyuubi's words as he grabbed Naruto's shoulder and raised his free hand, about to do something.

"PLEASE NARUTO! DON'T LEAVE ME!" Kyuubi yelled in desperation, about to give up on any hope it once had.

Minato once again acted like he heard nothing. He was about to click his fingers and transport them out of there, but was stopped when the hand he had on his son's shoulder was grabbed. Minato wore a face of confusion when he looked into his son's stern expression. Naruto held his father's wrist. The Uzumaki had never heard the Kyuubi like that. Whenever it spoke, the Kyuubi's voice was deep, powerful, and demanding. Yet what Naruto just heard was weak, trembling, and scared. Never in his sixteen years of life did Naruto think he would hear such a thing come out the monster's mouth. The boy moved his sights to the Kyuubi, who was no longer smiling from what he could see through the cage. The way the Kyuubi spoke interested the Uzumaki greatly. He needed to know what the Kyuubi wanted.

The Kyuubi saw their attention averted to him and hope rose through it once again. It did not waste the opportunity that was given, "Please! I-I can't do this much longer. I want to right the wrongs that I have committed. I want- no- I need you to trust me."

Kyuubi's explanation confused Naruto even more. He had never seen this side of Kyuubi before. He didn't know how to place his finger on it, but the way Kyuubi was acting just made it seem so weak. And if there was one thing Naruto knew the Kyuubi was not, was weak. So that prompted Naruto to walk forward, past his father's protests, and ask, "What do you mean?"

Kyuubi then went on to explain itself. Telling the two about how the seal the Fourth placed on him really worked – much to Minato surprise – and how It had grown to see Naruto as more than just some lowly human. Kyuubi was at rope's end here and wanted Naruto to know the truth. The whole truth. Kyuubi's long tale began with the Jyuubi and the Sage of Six Paths. How the Sage trapped the Jyuubi within himself and on his death bed separated the beast's chakras. He trapped its physical body within the Moon, while its spiritual half was severed into nine different portions. Kyuubi made a note in saying that it was far stronger than any of the other "portions".

From there he told the story behind Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama. The real story. How they were once friends in childhood and then became enemies as respective clan heads. Later on they came to an agreement that established the first ninja village, Konohagakure no Sato. The two blondes were also surprised to learn that Uchiha Madara was actually the one to name the village, after looking at the village through a hole in a leaf. It did not stop there. Kyuubi went on and retold the entire history of the Leaf Village as best he could. From the truth behind the Uchiha Massacre, to the underhanded workings of Shimura Danzou and how he seemed to always play some hand leading to a war between villages.

At this point, Minato interrupted the storytelling to ask how Kyuubi could possibly know such things when it was trapped within Jinchuuriki all this time. The Kyuubi had already gone over Naruto's mother and grandmother, and how they were both its previous Jinchuuriki so the Uzumaki was not surprised when his father asked such things.

Upon the question, Kyuubi replied, "While all Biju separated from the Jyuubi's original body are our own beings, we all have a subliminal connection to the body that stills sleeps within the Moon. Through it, Biju can communicate with one another no matter where they are, though we do it very scarcely. However, I am the strongest and hold the closest connection to the Jyuubi out of all my kin. As such I am the only one that can see what goes on in the world around me, whether I am trapped within a Jinchuuriki or not."

Minato merely nodded, still not trusting the Kyuubi but feigning understanding. The Nine-tails didn't care though; it was not trying to persuade him, but the boy that was Minato's spitting image. Kyuubi didn't know how long the three were within Naruto's mindscape; hours, days. It didn't really care. It would leave Naruto everything it knew, because Kyuubi knew he would need its knowledge for the coming battles. The strongest of the tailed beasts then continued its story. It talked about how a masked man using the name "Madara" attacked Konoha with itself under his control. It retold the entire story of Naruto's birth and the circumstances around it. That the masked man who attacked Konoha was actually Uchiha Obito, who was persuaded by Uchiha Madara to go along with his Moon's Eye Plan. This was where Minato's attitude towards their discussion came to a screeching halt.

"Okay, enough of this." Minato said, stepping forward, "You want me to believe that one of my own students, who was seen being crushed to death, somehow survived and was nursed back to health by someone who should have been killed by the First? And not only that, he actually became this villain who is hell-bent on making a fake world for himself. This is just preposterous. Obito was one of the most caring and compassion kids I knew, he would never do such a thing."

Kyuubi was not insulted by the Fourth's interruption, instead it told him of Obito's fall into madness. It told the story of how Kakashi killed Rin, who was apparently a Kirigakure informant, and how Obito witnessed this. Upon seeing the man who he had thought of as his best friend kill his love, Obito lost himself to revenge, which Kyuubi once again noted was the way of the Uchiha. Minato, after hearing all this, shook his head, "No, I do not believe you. I didn't believe you from the start, and I don't believe you now. I'm done listening to these farfetched stories."

The Kyuubi saw this coming. It knew the man would not believe the story behind Obito, which was the reason Kyuubi kept that issue as the last one, so as to get all the other important information out of the way. However, it did not care what the Fourth thought. All that mattered at this point was Naruto, who had been eerily quiet the entire time.

Minato turned around. While some of the things the Kyuubi said were true, which were mostly things only Minato knew about, the other things he could not tell whether or not they were real or fake. He was finding it very hard to believe that he had accidently created a seal that could in effect kill a Biju, no matter how confident he was in his skills. There were other stories that threw the Fourth off, but the one about Obito was the straw that broke the camel's back. He was done listening. The Namikaze grabbed his son's shoulders, "Come Naruto."

The Fourth looked up in shock when he felt the boy shrug his hand off. When Minato caught the sight of his child's face, he could see the determination and drive that he once saw in himself in his pursuit to be Hokage.

"No." Naruto said defiantly, taking a step closer to the Kyuubi's cage, "I'm sorry dad, but our conversation is going to have to wait… I have listened to everything you had to say Kyuubi. But through it, I've become very confused. What does all this have to do with you and me?"

The Kyuubi's head lowered so that it was lying on the sewer floor, doing its best attempt at being eye level with the boy. When Naruto's eyes met Kyuubi's, the blonde could have sworn the demon was getting teary eyed, "As I have already said, I have watched you since the day you were born, and I have grown to care for you in ways that you may never understand. I have known about my incoming demise for sixteen years. Within those years I have reflected on the many things that make me hate the human race as a whole. Yet, when I see you, I feel no hatred. I see a speck of light illuminating through the ocean of darkness that is slowly consuming me. I am tired of seeing humans make the same idiotic mistakes time and again. Within you, I see the change that is needed for the ninja village to finally come to peace. I see the Sage of Six Paths within yo- no. I see something even greater…"

Naruto was enticed by the Kyuubi's words. What it said just filled him with warmth. The same warmth he got from first meeting his father, which felt like so long ago. Naruto looked down at the palm of his hand. It felt like he was holding something, but strangely there was nothing there. He closed his hand as his arm fell back to his side. Naruto looked back up, "Okay, tell me what to do."

A smile broke across Kyuubi's large maw, "Come, and remove the seal. I will give you all I have."

Naruto did not hesitate as he began to step forward, but was stopped by his father's hand on his shoulder, "Naruto. Consider what you're doing! This is the Kyuubi. He is lying to you to get what he wants! This is just a ploy to get you to remove the seal and release him!"

That was very logical, and Naruto had already thought of that as a possibility. However, throughout all the history stories that Kyuubi had told him, Naruto learned one thing. Trust was a must. If the people that made up Naruto's history were just more trusting, then the world would have been a much better place for it.

If the founders of Konoha were more trusting of Madara, then maybe he would have been the First Hokage and he wouldn't have created so much strife from his defection.

If the Second Hokage and other officials were more trusting of the Uchiha, then maybe that wouldn't have inevitably led to a progressing coup.

If Danzou trusted the Sandaime Hokage and Nidaime Hokage in their ideologies more, then maybe so much hatred and wars would not have spread from his influence.

If even Kakashi had trusted his teammates more, then maybe Obito and Rin would still be alive and be fighting on their side.

If Sasuke could have trusted him more, then maybe he wouldn't have defected and become an international criminal. Instead, he could have been a great asset for the village.

There were so many circumstances that Naruto could see, if people would just be more willing to trust one another. But, who knew? Maybe all of this was just a ruse that the Kyuubi was making to get the Uzumaki's cooperation. At this point, Naruto did not care. He was tired of having to fight this world of hate by himself. If what Kyuubi spoke was truth, then he would have the power of the Kyuubi to back him in his fight to end the hatred that has for so long imprisoned the world, and he would do so willingly. And if what Kyuubi spoke was false, well then he would be dead and not have to worry any longer about the turmoil the world just seemed to throw in his face.

Naruto put the hand he didn't have closed onto his father's hand. He looked over his shoulder at the older man, smiling sincerely, "Thanks dad. For everything you have done to protect me, and the village. However, from what I have learned, I believe it is time for people to start putting more trust in those they care for. So let's start."

Minato watched silently as Naruto pulled the hand from his shoulder and went to the seal. The way Naruto trusted the Kyuubi made Minato trust the Biju as well. He didn't know how or why, but seeing his son smile like that, just made him know that everything would be alright. Soon the Fourth began to smile. He began to disappear from his feet up as his hand fell to his side. His smile was solemn and sad. The image of a newborn Naruto filled Minato's mind. He always dreamed of how his son would grow up, coming up with all these different scenarios. Some were crazy and almost unrealistic, but this was by far greater than anything Minato could ever come up with. Naruto was the man Minato always wanted him to be, and so much more. Minato could never dream up such a perfect scenario for Naruto because in his eyes, Naruto was perfect. The tear that fell from Minato's cheek turned to dust as it reached his chest. The rest of his body except for his shoulders and up had all turned to dust. It wouldn't be long now. As Naruto pulled the seal from the Kyuubi's cage, Minato couldn't help but be proud of the man his son had turned into. Another tear began to form, but was cut off as the dust that was withering him away reached the bottom of his eyes. As the last several specks of dust finished Minato off, he could only think of the bright future that his son would have with his friends and loved ones. Minato's only regret; that Kushina would not be able to see their son's developments, 'You would be so proud of him, Kushina-chan.'

Naruto did not notice the disappearance of his father as he looked at the key whole of the cage that held the Kyuubi at bay. Naruto floated in the air, eyeing the metal spiral that was the key whole. There was an audible click, and the spiral began folding in on itself until it was completely gone. The door slowly opened, creaking and screeching from old age. When the door was wide open Naruto saw the Kyuubi in its full form. It was sitting on its hind legs and had its hands cupped underneath Naruto, holding him up so they were eye level. Its nine tails swooshed slowly behind it happily.

Naruto didn't know if he spoke his thoughts, but he knew the Kyuubi heard him, 'So, what happens now?'

The Kyuubi smiled. However, it was not the menacing and conniving smile that Naruto had come to know. It was trusting and warm. It was nice to see, "Now, I give you everything so that you can do what so many have failed to do before you. Bring peace…"

Kyuubi closed its hands around the boy, concentrating all its chakra into the boy. Bright white light pierced through the openings between Kyuubi's fingers as it began to wash over everything within their realm. The darkness that had long been consuming the Kyuubi was washed over in a beautiful bright light of tranquility.


Pein looked on from several hundred yards away in complete shock as his Chibaku Tensei was obliterated by a white light that seemed to pierce through the cracks of the Jutsu. The gravitational force was destroyed, causing the chunks of earth it had uprooted to fall back to the ground. Through the falling ruble that descended back to earth, Pein could have sworn that he saw a yellow blur dashing down to the ground. The falling debris kicked up much smoke and dust as the Jutsu crashed down. The force from the landing Jutsu made Pein cover his face with the arm that was exposed from his half torn up Akatsuki cloak. It took several minutes for the smoke to dissipate enough for Pein to see what had come out of his strongest Jutsu. It was a sight he would never forget.

A new Naruto stood before him. This Naruto was covered completely by flaming yellow chakra. His chakra took the form of a cloak that resembled the Fourth Hokage's. However, this one looked tattered and had chakra wisps that continuously drifted off the cloak's ends as it flapped in the wind. The cloak's tattered appearance was intentional as it was cut at the bottom into nine different ends, each having a black bar that traveled up it, originating from the middle of his back. Naruto's cloak also had several magatama etched into the collar of the coat. He also had another set of magatama around his neck, which made Pein think of the Rikudou Sennin. His seal was clearly visible, except this seal had expanded, becoming a large open circle instead of the traditional spiral. Naruto's torso was covered in a black undergarment of chakra that lay beneath the many seals covering his body. His hair was now spiked up, with the two endmost locks resembling large horns, which once again disturbed Pein at the boy's likeness to the Rikudou Sennin. His whiskers became bulky in a rectangular fashion, much like the black bar-like tattoos that ran over most of his body. The black bars that stretched all across his body connected with the seals on his hands and feet. However, his eyes stayed red and demonic.

Pein noticed that Naruto's attention was not on him, but rather something in the boy's hand.

Naruto looked down to his palm once more, like he had done in his mindscape. Unlike before, he actually found something in his hand. It was a single green leaf, untouched and unspoiled. A warm smile graced the Jinchuu- no; he was no longer a Jinchuuriki. Naruto could no longer feel the connection between him and the Kyuubi. The immense power that coursed through him was now his own. Naruto owed the Kyuubi his life, and so much more. He would do what the Kyuubi had asked of him, it was the least Naruto could do as Kyuubi's last words echoed through his mind.

"Become the Greatest That Ever Was, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto looked up from the leaf in his caring, and safe, hands to the man he was previously fighting. Looking at the man, knowing what he now knew, made Naruto see Pein in a new light. It was not entirely Nagato's fault that he became the man he was today. While he could have chosen a different path for his life, it was Danzou and Hanzou who pushed Amegakure to the brink of despair and effectively created the Rinnegan user. Naruto vowed to Nagato and all those that had been wronged by Danzou that the man would pay for his transgressions. However, for now he had to deal with Pein, and that meant dealing with this fake body and going to Nagato's real location. Naruto learned all about the Rinnegan's powers from Kyuubi.

At the sight of Pein's bewildered expression, Naruto's smile turned into more of a smirk, "Like it? I think I'm going to call this form, Mezame (Awakening)."

Naruto let the leaf in his hand slip from his grasp, and then vanished in a streak of yellow. Pein could only watch as a blur of yellow closed the distanced between him and Naruto. The Uzumaki's palm slammed into Pein's chest. The amount of force behind the strike created a dome of pressure to collapse on the ground they stood on, cracking the earth around them. After the split second in which the immense amount of pressure was applied, Pein was sent flying from the attack. He moved at such uncontrollable speeds that it created a wind tunnel around him. Pein couldn't regain control as the pressure of air created around him from the speed he was traveling at was just too great to conquer. Pein crashed through many trees and boulders, yet it did nothing to slow him as a long trench from where he was once standing could be seen being made as he continued flying across the earth. His path of destruction was suddenly stopped when his back slammed into something. Pein was then shot up into the sky as Naruto had somehow made it behind the man and gave him a swift kick into the back. Pein torpedoed into the sky, unable to move once more because of the speeds at which he was traveling.

Pein's eyes were practically closed to keep the harsh wind from cutting into them, 'What is this?! Where did he get all this power from?!'

Pein noticed the yellow streak once more as it pasted him in the sky, moving at speeds Nagato would never comprehend. The blur stopped overhead and spun like crazy as it came crashing down onto Pein's face. Naruto's hands were clasped together as he swung his fists down as hard as possible. Pein's speed somehow multiplied as he went crashing back down to earth. Pein's body fell to earth within a millisecond. Pein's collision with the ground created a circular impression in the ground that was about half the size of the crater Pein's previous Jutsu created.

Pein left a foot deep imprint into the ground as he tried to focus his eyes into the sky above. Nagato knew he was losing connection to Yahiko's body, and he could do nothing but watch as his favorite body's assailant fell from the sky. Naruto came down in full force, appearing to be nothing more than a yellow bolt of lightning as he slammed into Yahiko's body. The amount of force that Naruto brought with him doubled the size of the crater they were in, making it almost as big as the one that lay several hundred yards away from them. The cracked earth nearest to them was uprooted and levitated in the air for a split second, before falling to the ground and settling in their new position. Smoke was kicked up from Naruto's attack as it fanned out around them. However, the former Jinchuuriki did not stay there as he disappeared from above Pein's body and returned to the spot from where he first launched his attack.

Naruto caught the leaf he dropped mere seconds ago. Naruto was almost giddy at the power he now had. Naruto's mind was drawn back to the object in his hand. He smiled at the leaf once more, enjoying the symbolism that he believed it had to his current situation. He remembered the words of a wise old man Naruto had come to love in his youth.

"When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire's shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew."

The Sandaime Hokage's last words that were engraved into his tombstone rang through his mind. The thought of his grandfatherly figure made Naruto remember why he had become a ninja in the first place.

The Sandaime sat the eight year old boy at the end of his desk, facing the opposite direction of his chair. The two were in Sarutobi's office and Naruto had just been caught drawing what he called "graffiti" on one of the buildings that refused to let him in for reasons unknown to the boy.

The Third smiled at the boy as he asked, "Now Naruto, why would you disrespect someone's establishment like that?"

Naruto pouted and looked away as he crossed his arms. The boy was in sneakers, orange pants, and a blue t-shirt. They were some of the cheapest things Naruto could afford with the minimal allowance he got weekly from Sarutobi. The Uzumaki huffed and puffed at the old man's choice of words. How was he suppose to know what "establishment" meant? "Because! I just wanted to get something to eat! The guy was mean and said that "my kind" is not welcomed." Naruto was of course talking about the owner who denied him access to the man's restaurant.

"There are many things you are too young to understand, Naruto." Sarutobi patted the boy's head before going over to the window. He gazed over the village with a solemn smile across his visage. Naruto looked at the back of the Third with interest. "Naruto, why do you want to be a ninja?"

Naruto's interest perked up when the Sandaime asked the boy a question pertaining to ninja. He was quick to answer the old man's question, "Well because ninja are super cool! They're super strong and people give them lots of respect! When I become a ninja, I'm going to be the strongest ever!" Naruto raised his fist up to his face, smirking, "I'm going to know a bunch of different techniques and be super SUPER strong. Then the village will have to respect me!"

Sarutobi turned to the boy, his ever wise smile still strong. He chuckled before once again speaking, "Those are good reasons to become a ninja, yes. But those are not good reasons to become strong."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the man's words.

"Do you think I am strong, Naruto?"

Naruto immediately nodded, "Of course, you're the strongest ninja in the whooooooole village." Naruto's arms made a large arc in the air as he said that. He continued, saying, "Otherwise, you wouldn't be Hokage."

The Third chuckled once more to Naruto's confusion, "That is not entirely true. In this society, true power is not attained from mastering all the world's techniques. This is something many have deluded themselves into thinking. No, when there is something important to protect… that is when a Shinobi's true power emerges."

Naruto stayed quiet as he tried to fully grasp the man's words. The Sandaime came over to the boy and kneeled before him so they were eye-level. He proceeded to ask another question as he looked into the boy's eyes with pride, "Would you ever let someone hurt me, Naruto?"

Naruto immediately frowned at the thought, and shook his head, shouting, "Of course not! I would never let anyone hurt you Jiji!"

Sarutobi's pride, along with his smile, continued to grow, "That power, Naruto. The drive that you have to protect me is where true power comes from." Sarutobi's smile turned into a smirk, proud of the Shinobi he had just created, "I wonder… do you have it, young as you are… the Will of Fire?"

Naruto smirked, resembling the older man's features as he nodded eagerly.

Truthfully, Naruto did not grasp the essence of what Sarutobi had told him all those years ago. However, looking back at on their conversation, Naruto now fully understood the meaning behind the old man's words. Naruto's musings were turned elsewhere as he looked around, branching his chakra out in an attempt to locate the real Pein. His search was short as he could almost taste the maliciousness and hate that radiated from Nagato's location. Naruto then realized he was actually sensing the man's dark emotions, and not his actual chakra. That was another interesting power given to him by his new form. Once he got Nagato's location, he canceled Mezame, finding no more need for it at the moment. Upon deactivation of his new form, he found that his attire had not changed. He was still clad in his traditional orange and black jumpsuit, and had the new addition to his wardrobe, which was the black and red cloak that was given to him by Fukasaku. The large scroll he had previously strapped to his back was gone, being lost in the wreckage of the village.

Katsuyu's (Tsunade's summoning) miniature form came crawling over his shoulder. Though he had not said anything about it, she could tell he was going to find the last Pein, "Are you going? You should take reinforcements…"

Naruto's eyes shifted to the direction of Nagato and Konan's location, "No. I'm going alone."

Naruto looked down to the leaf in his hand once more before putting it safely in his pocket, making sure to not crush it in the slightest. Then he headed for Nagato with Katsuyu along for the ride, deciding to end what the "God" had started.


Neji's mouth was wide and trembling as he continued to stare off into the distance, Byakugan activated. He was sitting among the debris Pein's destructive Jutsu created in his attack on Konoha. He sat next to Sakura as she tended to his cousin Hinata, who had just awakened and thanked the Haruno. The rest of his team stood around them as well as some other ninja who were congregating around the wreckage that surrounded them.

"Neji-kun, what is happening?" Rock Lee asked. Everyone could see the giant sphere off in the distance that Pein had created in order to stop a Kyuubi enhanced Naruto. They also saw it destroyed not long afterward. After the spheres destruction, they were happy to feel Naruto's own chakra once more. However, the feel that Naruto's chakra radiated with felt different in some way. They just couldn't put their fingers on it. They knew nothing more about the battle than that.

Neji was the only one that had a clear view of the battle, or lack thereof one. The way Naruto decimated the remaining Pein couldn't even really be considered a battle. Even with his Byakugan activated he could hardly make out what had happened between the two. Naruto was just too fast. Neji blinked twice and it was over. All he could make out in those several seconds was that Naruto had fallen from the rubble of Pein's Jutsu, appearing to be in a new form that Neji barely had the time to make out. Then he was like a lightning bolt of power as he slammed Pein's body around before sending him crashing to the ground. In following second Naruto was on him once more to finish it. The Hyuuga got another glimpse of Naruto's new mode when he came back to his original position to catch what looked to be a leaf he'd dropped. It was short-lived as Naruto's new form vanished, and then he leaped away, off to do whatever it was he needed to do. However, that wasn't even what confused Neji the most. It was after Naruto had unleashed this new form of his that had thrown Neji, and just about any ninja that could sense chakra, through a loop. After Hinata was attacked by Pein and Naruto unleashed the Kyuubi's power, Konoha was washed over by a sea of vicious chakra. It made the air stale and raspy, making it almost hard to breath as the amount of potent chakra extended across the village. However, upon Naruto's release from Pein's Jutsu, all of that changed. The same evil chakra that was washing over Konoha transformed into something entirely new. While it still covered the village like a blanket of immense power, this chakra was different. It was warm and felt good to embrace, it was enlightening. The people feeling this chakra were quick to embrace the warmth it brought. Not only that, but as Neji watched the Uzumaki in his new form, he couldn't help think that this was a different Naruto. His chakra signature had somehow changed, yet in some way it was still the same. It was just another thing that mystified the Hyuuga.

Neji's expression of disbelief did not change as he answered his teammate, "I-I don't really know. All I can say is that Naruto defeated Pein."

Katsuyu, who was beside the three sitting on the ground, agreed, "He is indeed correct. Naruto defeated the sixth Pein."

That shocked all the ninja around. A mixture of emotions and reactions were washed over the small group of Shinobi.

Rock Lee was the first to say with pride, "He did it!"

Sakura then asked, "How is he? Is he injured?!"

Katsuyu replied to her summoner's apprentice, "He actually seems a lot better now than he was before."

Sakura let out another breath that she did not realize she was holding, while Hinata was on the verge of tears, thinking to herself, 'Thank God. Naruto-kun… Thank God!'

Tenten could still not believe that Naruto of all people could defeat someone like Pein, who had utterly destroyed Konoha and most of its ninja population. 'What a guy.'

Gai was the first to ask in a rushed manner, "Where is Naruto-kun now?!"

Neji shook his head, starting to come back to reality, "I, um… I'm not sure. He left soon after beating Pein."

Sakura huffed angrily, "What is that idiot up to now?"

Even with the Byakugan activated, Neji could no longer spot where Naruto had gone. And while he knew Sakura wasn't really directing her question toward him, he was still a bit to dazed from what he just saw to care, "I don't know."

Katsuyu once again made her presence known as she answered their question, "Right now he's heading for where the real Pein is hiding." This shocked the ninja around them even more.

Hearing what the blonde was planning drew Neji's full attention, "What?! That's too reckless!" Neji turned to his sensei, beginning to make a move to leave, "Gai! Let's go after him."

The Green Beast was quick to follow, "Right!"

Katsuyu's voice stopped them, "Wait! He doesn't want any help."

Neji looked at the summoning in disbelief, "What?! He can't do this alone! He's got to be tired from all this fighting! Take us to him!"

Katsuyu's body shook, which was her way of saying no, "I apologize, but I will not."

Neji and Gai deflated at the summoning's stubbornness. Sakura then said, as her display of affection for Naruto, "Well he better not do anything stupid."


Shikaku, Inoichi, and another member of the Hyuuga clan were traveling through the forest, having pinpointed Pein's true body. The Hyuuga's attention spiked when he noticed someone up ahead. Shikaku noticed the Hyuuga's sudden interest of something head. He asked the man, "What is it?"

The Hyuuga answered back, "It's Naruto."

The three picked up their speed as they soon caught up to the boy. Inoichi was the one to call out his name to get his attention, "Naruto!"

The Uzumaki landed on a tree branch ahead of him and turned to them. He had felt their presence long ago, even without his new sensing abilities. It was why he slowed his pace, as to allow them to catch up. The three high-ranking ninja landed on a tree branch opposite Naruto. Inoichi was the first to speak once again, "If you're here, does that mean you beat Pein?!"

Naruto looked at the three with a hardened expression, "Yes."

Even though the three had entrusted Naruto to deal with Pein, it was still a surprise to actually hear that someone who was considered a dropout at one time had actually done the impossible, and toppled a supposed "god".

Shikaku asked, "What happened?"

Naruto's new knowledge of the world around him was going to make things extremely difficult for him. He was already aware of this. He did not intend to let anyone know of the knowledge that he had learned from the Kyuubi. At least, not until he felt the people were actually ready to listen, understand, and believe him. Truthfully, at the current moment he just wanted to forget about Nagato and go and kill Danzou. However, he was no fool and knew that he could not do such a thing. While he did know the truth, he had no evidence, and no one in their right mind would believe the words of a child. It was why he vowed to himself that he would be wary with the knowledge that he had. Directing his attention to his friend's parents, he gave them the best answer he could, "It's hard to explain…"

This answer surprised the three once again. The Head of the Yamanaka clan said, "Hard to explain! What do you mean?"

Naruto's expression stayed solid, "A discussion for another time, I'm afraid. Anyway, I'm going to confront the real Pein. Please do not follow me… I want to go alone."

The Hyuuga was surprised by Naruto's statement, "You know where he is?!"

Naruto's gaze landed on the Hyuuga. The Byakugan user then got a rush of nostalgia. The way that Naruto was looking at him was the same way that the Sandaime Hokage had looked at him; with respect and power. His answer was short, but firm. It was a simple, "Yes."

Inoichi gained Naruto's attention once more, "But why go alone? What on earth happened?"

Naruto's simplest reply was, "There's something I want to find out."

Inoichi's brow furrowed. What could he possibly need to find out about Pein of all people? He was Konoha's enemy, and as such should be dealt with swiftly, "Find out? Find out what exactly?"

"I just want to talk to Pein."

That just increased Inoichi's frustration, "What the hell are you talking about?! I'm grateful you defeated Pein, but talking won't solve anything now!"

To the surprise of the three, Naruto did not lash back out at Inoichi. Instead, he answered him in a calm and collected voice, "So what then? Should I destroy Pein and his friends, his village, and his loved ones? Will that solve everything that has happened?"

Naruto's questions quieted Inoichi for only a second, as he countered with, "What use will talking do?! He is the enemy of Konoha! We can't just forgive him!"

Naruto smiled, much to the three's shock. However, his smile was not happy. It was sad, and full of understanding. "I feel the same." He said to Inoichi's greater surprise, "I cannot forgive him for what he did to my village, to my mentor, to everyone. I understand what you're feeling. Trust me, I do. But I ask for you to put your trust in me. Believe in me, like how I believe in all of you to protect Konoha to the best of your abilities."

The three looked at the blonde boy before them in silent shock. Was this really the same boy they'd grown to know? He certainly did not sound like it. They also noticed how he had said "my village". Even though they all knew the boy was just a mere Genin, they couldn't help but think to themselves that they were in the presence of a Hokage. Shikaku was the first to reply to the Uzumaki's words, "Inoichi, let's just let Naruto go alone…"

Inoichi's silence was short-lived as he turned his frustrations on his teammate, "Shikaku, you-"

The Nara cut him off, "Listen, he's the one who stopped Pein, I'm sure he has a plan."

Inoichi tried to protest, "But-"

He was once again cut off as Shikaku put his hand on the man's shoulder, "Just let him go…"

Naruto nodded to the Nara in thanks, "Thanks, Mr. Shikaku. However, I do have one question."

The Nara's eyebrow rose at the Uzumaki's statement, "And what would that be?"

"Now that Tsunade-obaachan is in a coma for protecting most of the Leaf's populace, what will the village do about the Hokage's vacancy?"

Shikaku found that as a strange question to be asking, but a logical one, "They will no doubt have a meeting between the higher-ups and the Daimyo to see who is a good interim Hokage. Whether or not she wakes up after that, it will no longer matter. After about two months a Jounin Vote will be held to either bring back the previous Hokage or keep the interim Hokage as our new leader. All the Jounin and Clan heads will be the ones to vote. Civilians do not get a say in the matter."

Naruto nodded once again, "Where is this meeting going to take place?"

Now that question Shikaku could not answer. He did not know why Naruto would want to know such things, but he did not intend to tell the boy, "I'm sorry, but I cannot divulge that kind of information to you."

Naruto's furrowed brow was almost unnoticeable, almost, "Answer me."

The way that Naruto demanded the information shocked the three once again. He left no room for argument, and the same feeling of nostalgia that had passed through the Hyuuga was now passing through the other two as well. The way the Uzumaki demanded answers was just like how the Third had done long ago. The higher-ups of the village had coined Sarutobi's serious voice as "Hokage Mode", because it left no room for argument and when he was in that mode, you were to obey every word.

Shikaku did not see any harm in telling the boy the location of the summit. It was not like the boy would do something so stupid as to show up when they were holding a meeting, "Very well. It will be within the Hokage monument, behind the Shodaime Hokage's carving. It is the council room."

Naruto nodded once more, asking him one last question, "When will it be held?"

"It will probably be in a couple days. The Daimyo will need to be here to make the decision, and it is about a day's travel from there to here."

Naruto thanked the man before turning and jumping away. Shikaku watched Naruto's back as it disappeared within the foliage ahead of them. He then remembered the words his son had said to him upon his return home, before Pein's attack on the village.

"Where'd I go?" Shikamaru asked as he took off his sandals, "I went to go talk to Naruto. He's been down, you know? It's a pain in the ass, I know, but I just found myself headed over there. He has something no one else does. He's going to be a very important ninja." Shikamaru looked over his shoulder to meet his dad's gaze, "When I'm with Naruto… He makes me want to walk with him."

Shikaku smirked, 'Uzumaki Naruto, huh? What an interesting kid.' The Nara turned to the two with him, "Let's let Naruto handle the rest from here."

The two agreed, jumping away with Shikaku as they headed back to the remnants of their village.


Naruto arrived to this destination. A large tree made entirely of paper. The Uzumaki pried open the grand origami creation, peering into the darkness within that concealed Nagato and his teammate Konan. Naruto stepped into the tree's trunk, walking forward until he could make out Nagato and Konan.

"Stand back, Konan." Nagato ordered, much to her protest.

"Nagato…" she whispered as a bead of sweat trickled down her pale skin. She was unsure of how this would pan out and was scared for her loved one.

Nagato turned back to the Uzumaki as he approached his crippled form, "So peace has arrived, eh?"

As Naruto stared into the eyes of the person who had become his tormentor, he could not help but remember the scenes of tragic death of those he loved play through his mind. Jiraiya, Kakashi, and a multitude of other people that the man before him has massacred. He was filled with rage for only a moment. He then remembered how Nagato came to be and what had made him into the man before him.

Nagato was the first to break the unbearable silence, "Do you hate me? Now that you see me here before you, weak and vulnerable, you want your revenge, don't you?"

"It becomes a chain of hatred." Pein's previous words flooded his mind, "I created Akatsuki in order to break that chain of hatred."

Naruto knew that it was far beyond that. He knew that Obito, disguised as Madara, had been pulling the strings behind Nagato all along. He also knew Nagato's entire back story from what he was told by the Kyuubi. However, once again he could not divulge such information. Konan's words brought him back to the discussion at hand.

"If you kill Nagato and get your revenge, that won't change anything. It'll only make you feel better." She pleaded.

Naruto stayed silent, clenching his fists tightly as he looked downward. Nagato was becoming fed up with Naruto's silence, "There's nothing you can do. You couldn't even give me an answer. Your role is to be a sacrifice that allows me to bring peace to the world. That is the right answer!"

A chakra rod was shot from the contraption Nagato sat in, aiming to pierce the blonde's stomach. Naruto's eyes met Nagato in determination. In a split-second Naruto activated his Mezame mode, taking his new form in an instant. The projectile merely ricocheted off of Naruto's chakra cloak and went spiraling elsewhere within the hollow trunk of the paper tree.

Nagato and Konan's eyes widened at the sight of Naruto's new form. Nagato had already seen it through the eyes of Yahiko, and Konan had felt the immense power even from their location when Naruto first unleashed it. However, now that he was so close, they realized just how large it really was. Chakra just seemed to leak from him and it felt surprising pleasant, yet to them, overwhelmingly so. Now that Nagato was so close to the boy, he realized why he was no match for the boy.

Naruto was starting to fully understand how Mezame really worked. While Naruto had his own pool of chakra (more like a lake compared to others), the Kyuubi's was separate from his own. Kyuubi's chakra was like an endless ocean compared to Naruto's own, but he had full control of it. He could dip into the Kyuubi's power whenever he wanted, or he could just use his own. They were both his powers to control now. Naruto's thoughts once again fell on Nagato as he spoke, "I came here to talk to you, but there was something else I wanted to find out, too."

Sweat started to form on Nagato's brow, slightly worried what the boy in front of him would do with the power he now had, "Something… you wanted to find out?'

Naruto's head hung once again, shadows being cast over his demonic eyes, "I wanted to see how I would feel. I didn't know how I would feel, if I really saw you right in front of me…"

Nagato didn't want to speak, but he couldn't help but smile and ask, "And?"

Naruto's gaze once again met Nagato's, and the Leader of Akatsuki regretted ever crossing this boy. The overwhelming feeling of Naruto's chakra made a turn for the worst. Its warmth became cold and malicious. It became hard to breathe as Naruto's chakra turned toxic and suffocated the two before him. Nagato could have sworn the bright yellow chakra lashing out in front of him flickered into a crimson red for several seconds, but waved it off as fatigue. Naruto was clenching his teeth, anger radiating through his voice as he spoke, "And I can't forgive you! I want to kill you so much, I'm trembling!"

Naruto vanished in a blur of yellow. The two could do nothing as Naruto came at Nagato with a large amount of killer intent. They were shocked to see Naruto stop, his fist only a foot from Nagato's face. They all knew that if Naruto wanted, he could have killed Nagato just then. Naruto deactivated Mezame, and the two noticed that the boy's arm held out towards Nagato was trembling, "Ero-sennin said the day will come when people truly understand one another… He had faith."

The Rinnegan user could only look at Naruto with wide eyes.

Naruto's arm fell to his side, his trembling coming into control as he took several steps back to build space between them. He continued, "When he told me that. I wasn't even really listening to him. He wanted me to find the answer, but I was just glad to have his approval. Now, I finally know what he meant."

Nagato wanted to know what Naruto was about to say, but he had his own issues to clear out, "But that doesn't change the fact that you can't forgive me. Love and forgiveness can't be bought with pretty words."

"Yeah… you're right." Naruto agreed, much to Nagato's surprise.

"It's too late for Jiraiya's idealism now. That's just not realistic. You said you would defeat me and bring peace to the world, didn't you?" Nagato asked rhetorically. Naruto did indeed say such things at the beginning of their battle. "Even if that's just an excuse for you to selfishly have your revenge, it is your way of justice. That's fine. You're not God. So let me ask. Can you really believe Jiraiya's nonsense after seeing the reality?"

Naruto looked into Nagato's eyes, seeing desperation and hopelessness. Nagato did not believe Naruto had the answer that was needed, and that saddened him.

Naruto closed his eyes and breathed in a long drag of breath, "Jiraiya believed that the time will come when people truly understand one another. For that reason I ask you to tell me your story. You were Jiraiya's pupils as well. Help me understand what it was that made you into the people you are today. After that, I will give you my final answer."

Naruto was already fully aware of what happened in Nagato and Konan's life to make them what they were. However, they did not know he knew. As such, he needed them to open up to him, so he could give them his answer. This was the only way to get them to believe in him. So from there on, Naruto went about listening to Nagato's story once more. How his parents were killed by Konoha-nin. How he met Konan and Yahiko and they looked out for one another. How they became friends who stumbled upon the Sannin and were trained by Jiraiya. How Nagato unlocked the Rinnegan. How they formed an organization that fought against the tyranny of the self-proclaimed "Amekage", Hanzou. And how Nagato was forced to kill his best friend Yahiko, which was the main reason behind Nagato becoming the man he was today. Naruto heard it all before, yet he stayed silent throughout the second telling of Nagato's life. When finished, Nagato looked to Naruto expectantly, "Just by living, people hurt others without even realizing it. As long as people live, so too will hatred. There can be no peace in this cursed land. What Jiraiya spoke of was nothing but a fantasy."

There were several minutes of silence between the three as all the information was taken in. Nagato spoke up once more, fed up with the silence, "Now you have heard my story… So let me hear you answer."

Naruto lifted his jacket, pulling the book that had found a special place in his heart from his waistband. The cover read "The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja". Naruto smiled at seeing the cover of the book. "In some ways, I think you right."

Nagato was truly surprised to hear Naruto agree with his own ideologies. He never would have imagined that his words could actually get through to the boy. "Really?"

"I understand you. But I still can't forgive you… I still hate you." Naruto's face scrunched up in anger.

Nagato knew what Naruto's words meant. The man leaned forward, ready to end it, "Then let's finish this."

"BUT!" Naruto's sudden shout caught the two off guard. He looked back up to them, his cerulean eyes shining with a new form of determination. "Ero-sennin believed in me… So I will believe in what he believed in. That is my answer."

Nagato and Konan could only stare at the boy before them. "So, I will not kill you."

Nagato repeated his words, "You will believe in what Jiraiya believed in? I see… so that's your answer. So should we just sit here and wait for you to bring peace to the world?!" Nagato was irritated at Naruto's answer, "Give me a break! How can I believe Jiraiya now?! There's no such thing as real peace! It's impossible as long as we're living in this accursed world!

Naruto's determined gaze never faulted, "Then I will break the curse. If there's such a thing as peace, I will find it. It is what I have promised to the people I hold dear." Images of the Sandaime Hokage, Iruka, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and even the Kyuubi appeared before him. "I won't give up!"

"You- that-!" Nagato exclaimed, stunned to hear what Naruto had just said.

Konan was confused, "Nagato, what are you talking about?"

All he could say was, "Those words…"

Naruto nodded, "That's right; those were the lines from this book." Naruto raised the booked in his hand. "The first book Ero-sennin ever wrote. He wrote this book to try and change the world."

Naruto looked to Nagato, who was still dumbfounded by the blonde's actions. The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja was Nagato's favorite book he ever had the pleasure to read. He could still remember the first time he read it, once Jiraiya had finished it. He remembered that Jiraiya had used the same words Nagato himself said to Jiraiya at the end of his book. Naruto's next words shook the Rinnegan wielder to his core, "At the end, Ero-sennin says he was inspired by a pupil of his to write this. That was you, Nagato."

"Impossible, that's just a coincidence!" Nagato explained.

Naruto ignored the man, asking, "Do you remember what the main character's name was?"

It took several seconds for him to recall the main character's name. When the name popped into his head, Nagato's eyes nearly fell out of his head. The man could just barely whisper the character's name, "…Naruto…"

"My name is a precious memento of him! I will not give up and stomp on this memento!" Naruto exclaimed with passion, "I will become Hokage! And I will make sure there is peace for Amegakure too! Believe in me!"

Nagato could only stare into the boy's convincing eyes. His statements made Nagato know that what he was being told would happen. Naruto's words just rang so true. Nagato's hung his head, his long shoulder length black hair covering his face. He began to chuckle. Before long it turned into full blown laughter as he threw his head back in joy, much to the confusion of the other ninja. It took a long minute before Nagato could calm down. When he did he looked back at Naruto with joyful eyes, "Oh my goodness, I have not had a laugh like that in ages. Thank you Uzumaki Naruto."

Konan still did not understand the feelings Nagato was trying to convey, "Nagato…"

"I couldn't believe in what Jiraiya believed in. But you, you chose a different path. In you I can see a different future." Nagato pulled his arms from the gauntlets that entrapped his hands. Nagato put his hands together in a single seal as he said, "I will believe in you, Uzumaki Naruto… Gedo: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu!"

Konan nearly lost it when she heard him say that, "Nagato, you can't-"

Nagato cut her off, "Konan, that's enough. I have a new choice. A choice I'd given up on long ago."

Naruto's curiosity brought him to look at the Akatsuki beauty standing beside Nagato, "What is that technique?" Kyuubi never mentioned such a technique when discussing the Rinnegan's powers.

Konan looked at the boy solemnly, "He who controls the Rinnegan is a master of all six Peins' techniques. They say he is outside life and death. Nagato is the seventh Pein, able to control life and death." She failed to mention the lethality of the technique with the chakra levels that Nagato was currently at. She continued to look at the boy as his attention was drawn back to Nagato, 'Such a strange child, to have changed Nagato so completely.'


In the center of the crater that marked the middle of a destroyed Konoha, a large cloud of smoke popped into existence. It was the central cite of Pein's attack and the midpoint between almost everyone that Pein had killed during his attack. The smoke cleared to reveal the King of Hell. Its maw opened up several yards wide. Green lights started to spray out of his mouth. The green lights spread across Konoha as their souls were returned to all the people who were killed by Peins attack.

The people of Konoha were shocked to see the once declared dead starting to awaken, as if they were in a deep sleep. No one could see the King of Hell or the green light that connected with everyone that had been killed, so the reason behind the deads' rejuvenation was a mystery, but accepted nonetheless.

Fukasaku was one of the many returned to life. He slowly sat up, noticing his wife, Gamakichi, and several others ninja that he'd heard about through Naruto, "Ma… Where am I?"

Shima was shocked to see her lover awaken, "OH PA!"

Other ninja could be heard saying, "Wah" and "No way."

Sakura looked at the rising dead, thinking, 'Fukasaku was dead, I'm sure of it! So what is this? What the hell happened?!'

Several other ninja started to awaken, moaning, "Ooh…"

Another Shinobi said, "Im-Impossible! Th-This can't be happening…"

Hugs and kisses were given to those that stared to awaken, much to the previously deads' confusion. Elsewhere Shikamaru and Ino were sitting with a deceased Shizune, when she too awoke. Ino was the first to go, "Huh?"

Shikamaru couldn't believe his eyes. He knew for a fact Shizune had been pronounced head, Ino was the one to call it. "What's going on?"

On Mount Myoboku a bandaged up Gamabunta sat next to the Grand Elder as he gazed into his crystal sphere. The Elder smiled, "It's over…"

At those words Gamabunta gained interest, "What's going on?"

The Elder's smiled just grew, "As it was foretold… but I never thought Jiraiya's two pupils together would be the Children of Prophecy; the ones to lead a revolution in the Ninja World. Maybe, this was all meant to be from the time Jiraiya decided not to give up. That book really was the key to changing the world."


In an unknown location sat Kakashi and his father around a crackling fire. Kakashi had just gone through his life story to his father, getting many things off his chest. Sakumo smiled sadly, "I see… You've had your share of trouble too. But, I never thought we've both die so young…"

Kakashi looked down, ashamed as he stayed quiet. Sakumo continued, "Though not as young as your mother…"

In his father's words, Kakashi gained a little courage, saying, "Regardless of what happened, you did the best you could. I understand now. You broke the rules for all of our sakes. I'm proud of you."

Sakumo looked at his son with wide eyes. His expression soon calmed as he smiled, saying, "Thank you."

Suddenly, some light hit Kakashi, surprising the younger Hatake. "What?!"

When Kakashi looked to his father, he saw the man smiling, "Looks like it is not your time just yet. You still have things to do."

"Dad" Kakashi said.

"I'm glad I was able to speak with you. Thank you for forgiving me. Now I can move on."

"Father-!" That was all Kakashi could say as he was consumed by darkness shortly before awakening in the same area Pein had left him. The Hatake sat up, much to the surprise of Choji and Chouza who were beside him. He looked around in shock, his surroundings slowly coming back to him.

"Kakashi too!" Chouza exclaimed.

Choji called out the man's name as well, "Kakashi!"

Said person looked at the two with a wide eye, "What happened?"

A human sized Katsuyu wiggled up to the group, "I'll explain everything."


Back in the hollowed trunk of the paper tree that Naruto and the two Akatsuki members were in, Nagato was sweating profusely and looked to be struggling. His hair had slowly turned white through the use of his Jutsu. Naruto was wondering what was happening, "What's going on? What happened?"

Katsuyu wiggled out from Naruto's collar as she said, "The villagers are being revived."

That surprised Naruto, "Then…"

Nagato told Naruto, "There's still time to save those I killed when I came to Konoha. It's the least I can do." Nagato was panting as he released his Jutsu, having revived everyone he could. "War brings death, and wounds and pain to both sides. There's nothing harder to accept than the deaths of those you love. So you believe that they could never die. Especially those who haven't known war like your generation. You try to find meaning in death. But there's only pain, and hatred, that you don't know what to do with… Dying like trash, never-ending hatred, pain that never heals. That is war. This is what you must face."

Naruto looked at his peer, nodding, "And I will defeat it!"

That brought a smile to Nagato's face, "Heh…" The paper making up the tree surrounding them started to peel apart as Konan slowly deactivated her Jutsu. Light shined through, warmth washing over the three. Nagato continued, "My role is over now…"

Konan's paper spread out over the sky, going to collect Yahiko's body and bring it back to their location. Several minutes passed as Yahiko's body came through the foliage surrounding them, levitating over to their positions. Konan enveloped Nagato and Yahiko in a tomb of her paper as their bodies hovered in the air beside her. Naruto looked as the paper finished up enwrapping Yahiko's body. "You're taking him too?"

Konan answered, "This God Realm Pein was created from Yahiko's corpse. He was someone very special to us."

Naruto merely nodded, not caring if she saw him do it or not. He understood why she would take it. "What about you? I don't want to think you'd just return to Akatsuki."

She shook her head, "I'm through with Akatsuki. Yahiko and Nagato were everything to me. Yahiko's dream and Nagato's dream, if they've entrusted their dreams to you, then now you are their dreams. Nagato believed in you, so I believe in you too. Amegakure will help you make that dream come true."

Naruto nodded, "Thank you for your support." He then continued, "If Amegakure is ever in trouble, Akatsuki or otherwise. I want you to send for me. I don't care if it is only on a hunch or an assumption, if you feel something bad is about to go down, let me know. I will help in whatever way I can!"

Konan looked at Naruto's determined eyes, getting lost in their blue color. The way he talked made her understand the strength of his words, and reminded her of her lost love, Yahiko, "I understand. Thank you."

Naruto smiled as Konan made her way back to Amegakure. The Uzumaki sighed, glad that this was finally over. Well, at least his fight with Pein was over. He had some other things to tend to as soon as possible. The boy turned back to the direction of his village and headed back, leaping through the trees.

Naruto slowed down on his way back, finding it harder to travel as the toll of his fight was finally catching up to him. While he still had Kyuubi's endless chakra to dip into, he decided against it because doing so would require him to activate Mezame. He found no real reason to do so since he figured he could make it back to the village on his own. However, he was finding it harder to do so and he soon found himself walking on the ground. In his tiredness, Naruto accidently tripped and fell forward. He would have fallen on his face had someone not appeared and caught him. He looked over to the person with heavy eyelids, seeing his teacher, "Kakashi-sensei…"

Kakashi did one of his eye smiles, "Good job." He turned and picked his student up, giving the boy a piggyback, "Just hang on."

They made their way back to the village. On their way, Naruto chuckled, gaining Kakashi's attention, "What is it."

Naruto's chuckles died down so he could explain, "This reminds me of when you were too tired to move after we saved Gaara, and how Gai-sensei had to carry you back to Konoha like this."

Kakashi sweat dropped, looking forward with a ruthful smile, "I'm going to forget you said that."

Naruto just continued to chuckle. Before long they emerged from the foliage of the surrounding forest and were surprised to see the entire populace of Konoha congregated at their location. The population saw the two coming. When they emerged, there were hoots and hollers as a chorus of yells washed over the crowd.






Naruto was stunned at the amount of people that welcomed him back. Ninja and civilians alike were all around to see him. Kakashi looked out the corner of his eye to Naruto. "They've all been waiting for your return." The Hatake then remembered some of the first words he had ever heard the boy say.

"My dream is to be greater than any Hokage! I'll make everyone in the village acknowledge my existence!"

'Naruto…' Kakashi thought to himself as he put the boy down. 'You did great.'

The people of Konoha ran to Naruto, yelling things such as "WELCOME HOME!" and "NARUTO!"

Katsuyu once again wriggled from beneath Naruto's collar as she told him, "I told them everything that happened."

Most of the children and older teens came right up the Uzumaki, grabbing onto him and asking, "What was he like?!" and, "Are you hurt?"

"Wah!" Naruto called out as the children pushed him around, "OW! Don't shove! ACK! Don't touch me there!"

The parents and older generations of the village looked on with smiles, laughing at their innocence. Fukasaku and Shima sat on Gamakichi's head as they watched from afar. There were choruses of laughter and cheering as everyone was glad to be done with these hard times. Hinata was crying next to Shino and Kiba, thinking, 'Thank God, Naruto.'

Sakura was the first of Naruto's own friends to come forward. The younger generations parted to make way for their hero's teammate. When he saw her coming, Naruto said, "Sakura."

She swatted his head down, much to the younger kids' horror. The Hero of Konoha yelled, "OW!"

Sakura shouted over his pained noises, "You're always so rash! DUMMY!" She immediately grabbed the side of his head and hugged him. Her actions calmed Naruto's young admirers as she embraced him. Tears were forming in the corner of her eyes as she nuzzled the side of her head against his, "…Thank you."

The act of affection brought smiles to everyone's faces. Iruka was among the crowd, smiling as he remembered Naruto in his academy years and how he was an isolated child. As he watched the people around Naruto grab him and through him into the sky in celebration, Iruka's smile couldn't help but grow into a full blown grin. Unbeknownst to the Chuunin instructor, he was shifting his headband up and down, much like he'd seen Naruto do in his younger years in happiness.

Far from the outskirts of Konoha, the plant-like Akatsuki member Zetsu appeared from the side of a tree. "I never thought Pein would be defeated. We'd better tell Tobi… Let's go." Zetsu faded back into the tree as quick as he came out.


Things were beginning to slow down within Konoha. It had been two days since the ending of Pein's attack and the reconstruction of Konoha was already taking place. Luckily, Pein's attack did not reach the outer rim of Konoha, leaving such things as the Hokage's office and monument, and Konoha's cemetery, safe. Naruto was standing in front of a tombstone at the cemetery. It was a separated section of the cemetery from the memorial stone that most ninja who were KIA had their names engraved on. The section he was currently in was reserved for the high-ranking ninja, or those that got special permission to have their own burial. His hand was on the top of the cold marble structure as he looked at the name engraved on it. Sarutobi Hiruzen; Sandaime Hokage. A loving father and husband. One of Konoha's greatest leaders. Below that were his last words. Beside this tombstone was another that read: Sarutobi Asuma; Jounin. A loving teacher and husband.

Naruto continued to look at the Sandaime's tombstone sorrowfully. A smile graced his face. 'Oyaji, give me the strength required to do what I must.' Naruto's hand slipped from the rock as he turned and headed for the summit that was currently being held to decide a temporary Hokage. 'I will follow your words Jiji.'

Naruto's Will of Fire blazed bright within him as he made his way to the meeting. Naruto remembered the Sandaime's final words from that day eleven years ago.

"Naruto, even if I was to be killed, the pillar of Hokage would not crumble. I'm the man who inherited the will of Konoha, the will of the First and Second. I am the Third! No matter who targets Konoha, there'll be a new Hokage that'll inherit my will." The Sandaime looked into Naruto's eyes, telling him, "Naruto, become the pillar of Hokage to protect Konoha!"


Within the dark cave of Akatsuki's hideout were Tobi, Zetsu, and Kisame. Zetsu had just finished retelling the battle between Naruto and Pein in thorough detail, "So that's what happened. What will you do now? Konan's not coming back."

Tobi thought to himself, disturbed by the Uzumaki's new power. He turned back to the two before him, saying, "We'll need another pawn to sync with Gedo Mazo… Kisame, you find the Eight-Tailed beast. I have another matter to attend to."


Three Kumogakure ninja stopped within a forest to rest on their journey to Konoha.

Samui, the leader of their small group, said, "We are probably a day or two from Konoha. Let's rest here for a bit." She rubbed her shoulders in pain. Why did she have to have such big boobs? They were totally not cool.

Omoi, the one boy of the group, sighed, "What should I do?"

Karui looked at her teammate, "Huh?"

Omoi's dark skin became a little flushed as he said, "Oh, I was just wondering what I should do if there are a ton of cute girls in Konoha, and they all fall for me?"

Karui scoffed, saying sarcastically, "Oh yeah, that'd be a problem! Why don't you just date them then?! Go with whoever asks you out first!"

"Yeah, but what should I do if when I have to leave Konoha, she says she loves me so much she can't bear to be apart? I'm scared she might want us to commit suicide together."

Karui pointed a finger at him, "How far along are you playing those scenarios out?! We haven't even gotten to Konoha yet! You're grossing me out!"

Omoi defended himself, "Some guy who looks really hot might come on to you too."

"Just use the word hottie!" Karui yelled. She then looked away, in a cute expression as she blushed, "Anyway… now that you mention it. Some rich, tall, popular hottie might come on to me, you never know!"

Omoi then waved her off, "Nah, you're just over thinking things! It'll never happen!"

At his words Karui grabbed a rock from the ground and chucked it at the boy, "Who're you to talk?!"

Omoi barely dodged the projectile as it curved up and went soaring off into the sky. He sweat dropped, saying, "What if that rock had hit a boulder and the boulder crumbled… and then the pieces of boulder caused another boulder to crumble… and then it eventually caught up to Konoha and created a huge avalanche that totally buried Konoha?!"

Karui's eyes went white with fury as she shook a fist at him, "You're the one who's over thinking things!"


Different delegations of Konoha sat around the council room's table. On one side were the Daimyo's highest advisors to the Land of Fire. On the other side were the three elders; Mitokado Homura, Utatane Koharu, and Shimura Danzou, the Anbu Commander; codenamed Tiger, and the Jounin Commander; Nara Shikaku. At the head of the table sat the Daimyo of Fire Country. He was a lanky old man who was slowly fanning himself with his folding fan. Homura was the first to speak, "We plan to continue working with the other countries against the threat posed by Akatsuki."

One of the advisor's closest to the Daimyo said, "After what's happened to the village, the Land of Fire will put every effort into getting it rebuilt. First we'll have to come up with a budget, and consider the strain on the other countries."

Danzou was the one to discuss the elephant in the room, "There's something else we should consider first. Who will be the next Hokage?"

Shikaku looked to Danzou from the corner of his eye, 'So it's come to that?'

The Daimyo nodded. No one knew when Tsunade would wake up, so the smartest move would be to name a temporary Hokage. At least until Tsunade woke up. The Jounin Vote after two month's time into the interim Hokage's reign will be held to decide to keep the Hokage as the new leader, or to let Tsunade back into her office when she woke. If it was the latter then the interim Hokage would be in office for however long Tsunade stayed in a coma. "Very well. I'd thought to choose Jiraiya, I liked him. But he's gone now, so who shall it be?"

"Well…" Danzou began, but was beat to it by Shikaku.

"I nominate Hatake Kakashi!"

The Daimyo smiled at that nomination, "Oho, son of the White Fang, eh? Yes! Why not? What do you all think?" He asked his advisors.

They talked amongst themselves, saying such things as, "He's well-known, powerful, and respected, it's true." "But don't you think he's too young?" "Minato-sama was even younger…"

One such advisor asked, "Who was his teacher?"

Homura answered, "The Yondaime Hokage."

The Daimyo's interest spiked hearing that, "The Fourth Hokage was Jiraiya's pupil, and Jiraiya was the pupil of the Third Hokage! There's no problem then…"

Danzou suddenly snapped, "The Third Hokage's teachings have as good as destroyed the village!"

The man's outburst surprised the Daimyo, "Akatsuki's leader, the man who destroyed the village, was once Jiraiya's pupil. This is the result of sympathizing with other countries and giving them power! That sort of thinking is weak! That weakness led to Suna's betrayal, and allowed Orochimaru's plan to destroy Konoha. It led to the formation of Akatsuki, and to Sasuke, the last remaining Uchiha, leaving Konoha for his own secret purposes!" The man abruptly stood from his seat, "What kind of Hokage do we need now?! One who can put an end to this wretched situation, and who can bring change to the Ninja World and reinforce the laws that govern us. That man is-"

"-me!"The door to the room burst open and all occupants looked to the entrance in surprise. Standing there was none other than Uzumaki Naruto.

Shikaku was stunned to see his son's friend standing there. The Nara immediately regretted telling Naruto about their location several days ago. 'Damn it Naruto. Why are you here?!'

The elders and Anbu head were shocked to see the boy of sixteen standing there, cloak flapping behind him. The Daimyo was the first to ask, "Um, just who might you be, boy?"

Naruto bowed to the Daimyo, much to the ninjas' surprise and the advisors' expectations. "The names Uzumaki Naruto, my lord."

The Daimyo's eyes slightly widened as he realized who was standing in front of him, "Oh, so you're the boy who defeated Pein then? The Konohagakure no Eiyuu (Hero of the Hidden Leaf)!"

Naruto nodded, "Indeed sir. I am here to nominate my name for the position of Sixth Hokage!"

The Uzumaki's statement further surprised the ninja side of the room, but earned the interest of the others. Naruto continued to make his case, "I know that I appear young to you all, but I can assure you I have the Land of Fire's best interests at heart. I too was Jiraiya's pupil, and I too share some of the same ideologies that the previous Hokage held. However, I can assure you that sympathizing with other countries it not a weakness and is not what brought Konoha to its current state. It is because of people who work within the shadow's of Konoha's leaves that have made it into the way she is now. If you appoint me to Hokage, I give you my word that I will make her better than ever before. My first objective will be to get rid of those who hide in the shadows."

That gained even more people's interest, especially Danzou's. The leader of root knew the boy was talking about him. Naruto then went on to explain himself, "There is a rat within our boarders my lord. It seems that the messenger toad I had stationed here, that was suppose to warn me in my absence from the village, should someone attack, was killed. It wasn't until my return to Konoha that I learned of its destruction. Had the messenger not been killed, I could have returned earlier and stopped Pein from causing all this damage." It took everything Naruto had not to turn to Danzou. He knew his case would be lost if they knew he was pinning all these accusations on someone when he had no real proof.

Danzou glared daggers at the boy. It seems the boy had found out about his actions, yet it did not matter because he had no real evidence against him. It's not like Danzou had not planned for the destruction of Konoha. In all rationality, he saw it coming. He needed Konoha to go into a state of chaos in order for him to come out the victor in the end. Pein brought just that. Of course Danzou was not going to let the man get away with his home's destruction. When Danzou thought it was right, he was going to strike with his army and bring the "God" down to his knees, coming out the hero in the end. However, Naruto's return thwarted such attempts. Although even then Danzou was prepared, using this as a means to earn him the title Hokage. But this, Naruto's sudden appearance and nomination for Hokage, was something the war hawk was not ready for.

The Daimyo was hiding his lower face behind his fan, thinking over the blonde's words. The Fire Daimyo believed himself to be a very reasonable man. However, he knew that his opinion could be swayed easily; he learned long ago that he was fickle. The thing he understood the most about himself was his narrow-minded view on the differential between the powers of ninja. If he saw a ninja defeat another Shinobi, which made him stronger. The Shinobi, who was defeated, at another time, beat a Kunoichi. From the Daimyo's perspective, that made the first ninja stronger than the Kunoichi, when in truth that might not be true. Naruto defeated Pein, who in turn decimated most of Konoha and her ninja. Therefore, in the Daimyo's eyes, Naruto was the strongest Shinobi in the Country of Fire. Since Naruto was indeed the strongest, that made him a good Hokage candidate in the Daimyo's book.

His advisors spoke to him, "My lord, while the boy makes a good case. We believe he is too young and inexperienced to take the role of Hokage. Danzou is the more suitable choice for now."

Danzou nodded; for once he had to agree with the Daimyo's advising staff. Danzou then looked at the Daimyo, "I mean no disrespect. But if you chose Naruto of all people to be Hokage, it would be foolish and moronic. He has not even lived for two decades. He knows not what war can do to you. He is nowhere near ready to hold such a title. Although I do think we should reward the boy for his efforts in saving the village. Why not make him a Chuunin or Jounin?" Danzou didn't necessarily want to be on the boy's bad side, so he didn't see a problem in trying to help the boy out. The Uzumaki could take it or leave it.

"I guess you're right." That was all the Daimyo said as silence reigned over the room in anticipation. Neither faction knew who he was agreeing with, but Naruto was greatly worried that he had lost out. The lord of the Fire Country closed his fan shut, smiling at the boy, "Alright it's decided. You will be the Rokudaime Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto."


Author's Notes: So how was it? Good, bad, horrible, glorious? Hopefully it was pretty believable. If not, tell me why. I did read it over after its completion to smooth out any grammatical mistakes. I want this to be a comforting story, so there will be a lot of feel good moments, possibly even corny ones. I also intend to put more detail into character's perspectives.

On to another matter of importance. Who will be paired with Naruto? I am most likely going to make it a NaruSaku story. Feel free to at least try and convince me why I should have him paired with someone else (I only plan on giving him only one lady, so do not ask for anything else). And please do not just simply say that Sakura is stupid and is a bitch or yada yada yada. That does not change my opinion in the slightest (even though I know there is going to be that one person that does even after I say this). Use sound logic on why you think another character would be better suited to be with Naruto in this story. You should also be warned that it will be awhile before Naruto actually starts to date anyone. He was just named Hokage and has a village to take care of. He will not have the time for romance for some time.

Anyway, that's all I got for now, sorry for ranting a little. Read and review. Until next time!

Jutsu Definition (Except for original Jutsu, descriptions are taken from Wikipedia)

Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere); A-Rank: The Rasengan does not require any hand seals to use, relying only on the chakra control of the user. The compacted nature and moving speed of the chakra allows the Rasengan to grind into whatever it comes in contact with to inflict major damage. This tends to launch the target spiraling backward after being hit or, if the target is lying on the ground or being launched to the ground, the destructive force is enough to form a crater.

Chibaku Tensei (Heavenly Body Bursting from the Earth); S-Rank: The user creates a singularity that when thrown into the sky, attracts objects from all directions and pulls them into the sphere compressing them simultaneously. The surrounding earth, including forests and mountains, are collected into a single point, piling on top of one another until it creates a large sphere. A large crater is left where the earth has been collected from.

Mezame (Awakening); Rank Unknown: In this story I gave a shortened name to Naruto's completed Nine-tails Chakra mode. It is the exact same as in the manga. Naruto has yet to discover its full powers. All that is known is it greatly enhances Naruto's physical abilities to untold levels.

Gedo: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu (Outer Path: Saṃsāra of Heavenly Life Technique); S-Rank: By channeling their power through the King of Hell, the Rinnegan wielder can re-infuse new life force energy to the bodies of those who have died. With their rejuvenated bodies acting as an anchor, the individual souls are then able to leave even the crossroad between life and the afterlife, returning back to their physical vessels. The technique targets either all the individuals recently killed, or a single person from long ago.