Coffee. Coffee is what I need right now. The redhead thought, her face buried in her arms. Morning had come much too quickly for the young policewoman and she was paying the price for the late hour she had stayed up to this morning. She had slept past her alarm, only giving herself half an hour to shower, and make it to the station on time. The Chief was sure to scold her if she had been late… again. It wasn't her fault that her nighttime activities never ended at a decent time, she just couldn't help herself when temptation came calling in the form a well-dressed, flawless, shapely…

"Another late night, Summers?" came a deep voice. The redhead lifted her head from its place in her arms to glare at the blond man before her. He always looked so well put together in his uniform, never a thing out of place. The man was large, not obese, just very well built. It made him intimidating when he had need for it, but now was not the time for that. His easy smile and brown eyes held amusement at her current position. "How could you guess?" she mumbled, eyeing the cups clutched in the blond man's hands. "One of those for me, Bjorgman?"

He laughed, placing one of the cups of coffee on the desk in front of the woman. "You know, Anna, you really should stop partying so much. It might start affecting your work."

Anna breathed in the aroma of the dark brew now in her hands before taking a sip. "How do you know I'm not working late nights?" she shot him a glare.

"Because I've been working nights, you spaz. I haven't seen you out on night patrol for months."

"Well, if you've been working nights, what are you doing here, besides harassing me?"

"Chief said there was something big he wanted to talk about, asked me to be here, and here I am," the man smiled. "You really should be nicer to the person that brings you coffee, you know."

"You know what? I'm just going to block you out, Kristoff. I can't handle any of your shit until I have, at least, one cup of coffee in me," she smiled behind the coffee mug held to her lips.

The sound of a door opening drew their attention away from their morning banter. A portly man with barely any hair emerged from an office. The Chief commanded respect wherever he went, due to the fact that, back in his day, he was one of the toughest sons of bitches anyone had ever seen. It had only made sense when he was offered his position as Chief. "Summers, Bjorgman, my office. Now," the man beckoned them to follow him inside. Once both officers were seated before the wooden desk in front of them, the Chief spoke again. "Bjorgman, you have an idea of why I called you in here today, yes?" Kristoff nodded. "I want to bring you both in on this case," the Chief tossed a folder to their side of the desk. "Summers, I believe this is a case you've been wanting for quite some time now. You've shown real improvement over these past couple years, and I believe you're ready. You and Bjorgman will be working as a team to bring in this case."

Anna nodded, picking up the folder in front of her. She flipped it open, revealing the case she and Kristoff would be working on together. A small smile came to her lips, along with a shiver of excitement, as she read the name printed at the top. She looked at the photos placed within the file, though they were of poor quality, she would recognize that platinum blond hair anywhere.

"Elsa Frost," she whispered.

"So what do you think we should do first?" Kristoff asked, seated across from Anna. He was reading over the reports they pulled from the archives. "Eighteen arrests, no convictions," Anna flipped through the pages.

"I'd say we start with the judges that oversaw the trials." Her voice was cold and calculated. Her eyes lingered over the mug shots of the woman that ran the largest crime syndicate in the state. Elsa Frost was on everyone's list, yet the woman walked free. Anna's eyes rose when she heard Kristoff clear his throat.

"Well, she is quite the looker, isn't she?" he asked, a low whistle escaping his lips. "How is it she escaped so many charges, without so much as a slap on the wrist?" Anna shook her head. There had to be something helpful to lead them to where they should start. The Chief was right, this was a case she would be willing to jump at in past years, and yet…

"Perhaps we should visit her known hangouts?" Kristoff interrupted her thoughts. "See what kind of businesses she owns and bust them for unlawful dealings."

"No," Anna said too quickly, "No, that would only draw attention to what we're trying to do." She glanced over one report that caught her eye. "We should start with the people who aren't afraid to speak out against her. Less of a chance to have them talk to her, or her thugs, about us poking around in her dealings." She looked up, seeing her partner nodding in agreement. "The small business owners will be less willing to talk. We need to talk to her competitors first."

Kristoff sneered, "I don't like the idea of talking to those scum any more than I prefer just bringing the woman in herself."

Anna rolled her eyes. "And what charges are you going to place on her to warrant the arrest? We have no definitive proof that she's done anything, yet." She slapped the folder on her desk, punctuating her statement. "We need to be careful how we approach this, Bjorgman. She's smart. She'll know that any little slip will be watched and twisted in our favor." She buried her fingers in her red locks, almost dislodging a considerable amount from her bun. "Let's go for a drive," she sighed, standing up.