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"Come at me with that sword again and you'd better be promising to use it," Regina said, her voice sounding far too seductive to be anything but unsettling.

"Come again?" David asked with raised eyebrows.

"Oh, promises, promises." Again, a confused expression crossed his face, but he shook it off with a nod of his head and looked up the stairs as he waited uncomfortably for Henry to come down, as Regina had just told him to. After she spoke to her son a moment and sent him to get his things, the prince stood there wondering what she had meant.

"I'm sure the memories will come back sometime, dear. Don't think on it too hard, wouldn't want one of your pretty little brain cells to explode. You have far too few working properly as it is," she added condescendingly. "Oh, and next time you come at me with that… you better have it sheathed."

Henry and David left and Regina suddenly felt even lonelier than she ever had before. As she shut the door, she imagined the thoughts that would cross the man's mind later when he realized just what she was hinting at.

That night, David dreamed.

In his dream he was with Snow and the dwarves, trying to rally a band of people to take down the Queen. When she showed up, nobody defied her except the dwarves, Snow and himself. As though the events happened in slow motion, both he and Snow drew their swords and in his dream, Charming noticed a strange glint in the Queen's eye.

David shot awake at the sound of Henry's cries. He rushed down the steps from the loft to take care of his grandson, but once the boy was asleep again, David sat in the kitchen to think. As he sipped his coffee, his thoughts lingered on the amused and turned on look that had captivated her dark brown eyes when he pulled his sword that day so many years previous.

He couldn't help but wonder if the Queen, if Regina, had a kinky side, and all evidence, little as there may be to his knowledge, proved that it wouldn't be the strangest thing he had ever heard. He found himself getting slightly turned on at the thought, though he immediately felt guilty about that, because his wife and daughter were in the Enchanted Forest somewhere, likely fighting to survive. Still, he couldn't help the thoughts that plagued his mind of the darkly beautiful woman.

A few days passed before he went to see her again, his sword sheathed on his hip.

They argued about how to get Emma and Snow back, and she told him she didn't

know anything, and she didn't lie.

"Heroic quest still on your mind then, Prince?" she growled, lip curling.

"Of course. I'll always find my family."

"Spare me," Regina snarled at his chant. "Tell me, Prince. You brought your sheath this time instead of coming at me barbarically with your sword's blade. Are you having any interesting thoughts lately, dear?"

David stammered, "I… what are you talking about now, Regina?"

"It'll come to you, dear." David blushed. "Oh… but I see it already has. Tell me, did you come intending to use that today?" she asked, her tone falsely sweet.

"NO!" he yelled vehemently. "Gods Regina, you're really a piece of work."

"So I've been told." She gave him a dark smirk, that amusement and mischief from the last time still very present in her dark eyes. "Good day, Charming. I do hope you won't intend to come by again with your sword unless you actually intend to use it. You always did seem too dominating for dear Snow White, anyway."

"You leave her out of your twisted mind!"

"Oh, I intend to leave her very far from my thoughts." With that, he turned and left, slamming the door behind him. Regina smirked to herself after he was gone. It wouldn't be long, she was sure of it.

That night David dreamed again of his encounters with the Queen.
She visited him in the cell she had him imprisoned in. Her mention of seeing the allure that he drew, her wonderment at his incorruptible nature and whether it would change when Snow was gone. Neither had ever mattered to him before.

He woke the next morning groaning. He finally, truly, realized what it was that she had meant about the sword and he couldn't help the stab of desire that shook his body. She was incredibly attractive, it would be stupid to try and deny that.
After he got Henry off to school, he grabbed his sheathed sword and hooked it to his belt. Heading to Regina's, David pounded on the door. When she answered, she had a victorious look decorating her features. He shoved her inside and slammed the door.

"You get what you want and I get what I want, but nobody hears about this," he growled, pissed at himself for being so intensely turned on by his enemy.

"Oh?" Regina chuckled. "You think I would tell anyone?" Her tone was condescending, but he didn't care. He had no intention of this being romantic. This… this was taking out frustration and scratching an itch.

David grabbed her face and kissed her hotly, biting her bottom lip and making her moan. She clawed at his back through the flannel of his shirt, wanting to scratch him. Sliding his hands to her hips, he picked her up, and Regina instinctively wrapped her legs around his hips as he slammed her against the wall. She whimpered into his mouth until he moved it over her jaw and neck, biting and licking and sucking roughly on her soft skin.

"Bedroom is upstairs," she moaned breathlessly, and he carried her hurriedly up the stairs to the master bedroom. David dropped her onto the bed and took off his shirt as she unzipped her dress, letting it slide down her body and standing to let it drop to the floor. He pushed her back onto the bed, and slid off his belt, setting it aside with the sword on the far side of the bed. He watched as her eyes lustfully looked at the sword before moving back to his uncovered torso and giving him a devious smile with one raised eyebrow. His jeans dropped to the floor and he crawled onto the bed, hovering over her small form.

David bit at her newly exposed skin, her stomach and hips tinting red at each grazing of his teeth. Reaching around and unclasping her bra, he pulled the fabric away before biting down on one nipple roughly, making her writhe beneath him. He couldn't deny that he loved the sounds coming from her mouth as he worked on one nipple, then switched to the next and repeated his actions.

"Let's see just how turned on I've made the queen," he growled, moving one hand below the band of her lacy black panties. He discovered she was very wet indeed, and he plunged one finger into her, noticing how tight she was, so he added another to prepare her body for what was to come.

David ripped her panties away and knelt between her legs, pulling one smooth, tan, limb over his shoulder and sucking quickly at her clit. Flicking easily at it with the very tip of his tongue, he laid an arm across her hips once she started bucking up against him. And suddenly, it was all gone; he removed his fingers and his mouth from her core, leaving it exposed to the cool air and raising an involuntary whimper to her throat. He picked up his sword and toyed with it after making sure she was watching.

"Is this what you want, Regina? You're kinky, aren't you? You like it rough, do you?" And she moaned at the very thought of the hilt filling her. "Answer me," David demanded.

"Yes. Yes it's what I want. Now fucking give it to me. Or are you too vanilla for that?"

He answered by pushing the pommel of the sword in quickly without warning, she was wet enough that he knew it wouldn't cause any real harm, after all, he was still a prince. She groaned at the pressure it caused, but soon reveled in the feeling.

"More," she spat. He answered her by pushing the entire hilt into her, using the guard as a grip, pulsing the handle in and out of her until she couldn't keep her eyes open. He used his free hand to thumb circles on her clit, digging his fingers into her abdomen as he did so. The sounds coming from her were so erotic that he knew he'd have to fuck her when he was done with the sword.

David pressed the blade down against the bed, causing the handle to push against the exact right spot inside of her and quickened the pace of his thumb. He saw her legs quivering as she was giving into the orgasm he gave her, but before she could come down he jerked the hilt out of her and dropped his boxers. Lowering himself, he teased at her entrance, and she jerked her hips up, trying to make him enter her. Again, he pushed her hips down.

"You need to learn patience, Regina."

"Fuck me now or leave, David. I have no patience." He chuckled and entered her. Her body quickly recovering from having the hilt of his sword inside of her, her walls squeezing instantly around him and it could easily be counted as one of the best fucks of his life.

He pounded into her, lifting her ass from the bed so her hips were in the air and he was kneeling on the bed, but it wasn't long before he decided he wanted to try something else, so he pulled out of her and told her to turn over. Listening to him, Regina scooted farther up the bed and rolled over to push up on all fours. David pushed himself into her again and she lifted herself, gripping her headboard so they were both kneeling as he thrust into her. Moving his hands from their place on her hips, he found her breast with one, pinching a nipple, and the other was working quickly at her clit.

David thrust into her, over and over, filling her and pulling nearly all the way out before pushing into her again. She was tight and warm and so wet, and he couldn't believe he'd managed to turn her down twice before. Regina rolled her hips back against him, rocking her ass against his hips as he fucked her. Reaching one hand behind them, Regina cupped the back of his head, clawing at him and scratching her nails hard against his scalp and down his neck, making David growl in response.

He could feel her walls tighten around him as her movements became more erratic and if he hadn't been ready to come, too, the moans and screaming of his name in her erotic voice would have done him in. They both dropped to the bed, spent, David lying on top of Regina's back as they recovered. After several minutes, when they both were breathing normally, he rolled off of her and heard her chuckle.

"Well, well, well... who knew dear Prince Charming would be such a good fuck?"