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Regina smirked as she dialed his number. It had been a while since their last tryst, since she'd let him fuck her ass with his sword while he'd fucked her, and Regina hadn't had so many orgasms in one day since. Listening to the ringing, she imagined just what she wanted to do with him this time. Finally, on the fourth ring, she heard his low greeting.

"I'm bored," she stated in response. "I'm in my vault, laying in a very underused and comfortable bed, and I can't think of anything to do. Besides you, that is."

David licked his lips, looking behind him to make sure Emma and Snow were still preoccupied in their conversation. "Sounds like you could do plenty on your own," he answered quietly.

Regina gave a low, dark chuckle. "Of course I could, but it sounds like much more fun to have someone do these plenty of things to me instead."

He should say no. Two times could be forgiven, should Snow ever find out, but a third? Not likely. "I'll be there."

Regina gave no response, simply hanging up the phone and grabbing a book to keep her busy.

David made the excuse that the call was from a townsperson who said there were some kids loitering in the cemetery. He told them he'd go check, begging off Emma's offer of help for backup. Grabbing his coat, he made his way outside to head over.

Regina heard when he entered the mausoleum, and she used magic to seal the stairway when she heard his footsteps even out at the landing. Setting her book aside, she stood in the doorway and folded her arms over her chest. "So eager. I wasn't expecting you for at least half an hour."

He rolled his eyes at the smug look on her face, holding up the sword he'd grabbed from the back of his truck. "It isn't quite as thick as the other, but you can imagine why I couldn't walk out of the house with that one."

She gave a little shrug, examining the handle. "It'll do." Regina took it from him then, tossing it to the bed and moving her hands to the zipper of his leather jacket. She undid it, pushing the garment off him.

The vault was silent, and the sound of his jacket hitting the floor seemed to cause more of an erotic reaction in David than such a simple sound should. But he grabbed Regina by the waist, tugging her body tightly against his as he crashed his mouth to hers in a bruising and hungry kiss. Regina let him keep her close for a moment, but soon moved her hands between them and worked the buttons of his flannel shirt. Why he insisted on dressing like a farmer when he was so attractive, she would never understand.

David slid one hand down, gripping her ass in his hand and tugging her hips back to him. She gave a soft moan of anticipation into his mouth, then pulled back. Smirking up at him, Regina pulled her hair to the side and turned her back to him. He brought his hands up, tugging down her zipper and revealing her perfect skin to him. Her bra was black, but that didn't surprise him, either. David pressed one hand to her back, sliding it up over her skin all the way up to her shoulder.

Leaning closer to her, he pressed his lips to her ear. "Is boredom the only reason you called me here?"

Regina turned her face, looking at him with a smirk. "Well I had a fun thought and imagined doing said thought with you, so I called." She stepped forward away from him, pulling her dress down and letting it fall to the floor at her feet. Regina crawled onto the bed, kicking her dress off her foot and dropping her heels, too. Turning to sit on the bed, facing him, she smirked and picked up the sword. "So, David, are you ready to play?"

David shrugged off his shirt, tossing it aside and climbing onto the bed. He took the sword from her and tossed it aside once more. Leaning in to hover over her, he caught her lips with his own again and kissed her hungrily.

Regina laid back against the pillows, pulling him down against her as she returned his kiss just as fervently as he gave. She'd been wanting to get off from someone else again for a while, but as the Evil Queen in a town full of your victims, the opportunities didn't exactly arise frequently. She rocked her hips up against him, which made David shift so he was between her legs, his jean-covered half-erection pressing against the lace over her core. He could feel the heat of her arousal through both their clothes, and it made him groan against her lips.

Rocking against her, he moved one hand up her body and cupped her breast through the fabric of her bra. David didn't know what it was about her that drew him so easily, especially when he had denied her advances in their pasts when she'd tried, but once he'd had her, it was that much harder to not want her.

Regina was eagerly enjoying the distraction. There was too much to deal with in her normal life, and this escape with David, even if it was right under everyone's nose (maybe because it was), was something she was going to thoroughly enjoy. She broke from the kiss, biting his bottom lip and dipping her head to suck over his pulse point. After a moment of sucking, she bit his neck, pushing him up.

"On your back, dear."

Giving her a confused look, he nodded and flipped off her and onto his back beside her. David watched as she sat up, reaching for a bottle of lube and the sword he'd brought. "Are you already so ready for me?" he teased, giving her that smug smirk she hated as much as she enjoyed.

"Oh I am, but not for the reasons you think."

"What does that mean?" David pushed up on his elbow, reaching for the sword.

Regina caught his hand, handing him the bottle of lube. "I want to watch you stroke this. Get it ready. Cover it generously."

He raised an eyebrow, but nodded and dumped the slick liquid into one palm. Meeting her eyes, David brought his hand to the handle of the sword and began spreading the lube all over it.

"Mm, excellent. Now hold onto that." She shifted, moving between his thighs and pushing his legs open. Regina dumped some lube into her own hand, then grinned at him and moved her fingers down between his ass.

David jerked up. "What the hell?"

"I'm returning the favor from last time. I assume that's alright?" She raised an eyebrow of her own and waited for his answer.

"Um. Well, I guess. Don't just surprise a guy with that though, you know?"

Chuckling, Regina pushed his legs back down in place and nodded. "Very well. Now then, I am going to get you ready, and then I am going to fuck you with the handle of your sword just as you have used it on me."

He wasn't entirely certain he was interested, but watching her move her hand slowly down beneath his balls was too enticing to say no to. So, David let her, gasping slightly when her finger started circling his entrance. It didn't feel bad, that much was certain, but he wasn't sure that meant it felt good.

She watched his face the entire time she worked him, slowly loosening him up. Regina finally pushed one finger slowly into him, her gaze moving from his face to where she was entering him. It was hotter than she'd expected, and she was anxious to use the sword on him. After working her finger for a minute, she looked up at his face again. "Ready for more?"

David licked his lips and nodded. "Yeah." She pushed two fingers into him, and started moving them into him, in and out, over and over, building him up and getting him ready. That was when it started feeling good to him, when her fingertips hit a certain spot with every push deeper into him. His breaths started coming heavier, his free hand gripping the sheets beneath him.

"Do you like that, Prince Charming?" she teased, smirking up at him.

"Fuck, Regina." He sucked in a sharp breath. "Yeah, I do."

Regina pulled her fingers out, dumping more lube onto her fingers and pushing three in slowly, just to make sure the pommel of the sword wouldn't hurt him. She watched, her core growing wetter for him with each moment, and she was amazed at how much this turned her on. Finally, she pulled her fingers out for the last time and reached up to take the sword from him. Bringing the weapon down between his legs, Regina added more lube just to be certain it was well coated.


David nodded. "Yeah."

She gave him a curt nod in response, then gently pushed the pommel to his entrance. Regina pushed it in only enough that just that was inside, waiting and watching his face to make sure he was okay.

He sucked in a rough breath as his body adjusted, waiting a long moment and nodding. "Okay, go ahead."

Licking her lips, Regina pushed it in further, burying the grip in until the guard was pressing against his ass. She moved her free hand to his hip, resting it there as she slowly started to pull the hilt out just a couple inches. When his breathing evened out a little more, she started pumping it in and out of him.

"Fuck," he groaned. "That's good. Fuck, don't stop." David forced his eyes open, watching her as he took in the pleasure. He really hadn't expected this to feel so good, had honestly never understood why women ever agreed to anal sex other than to please their partner, but now he did. It was different. Different, but so goddamn good.

Regina moved it faster, curving her fingers around the guard and the sheathed blade. She was enjoying the way his hips moved up, responding to being fucked in a way he clearly had never been before. When his hand came down, taking hers and turning it up, she let him hold her. It felt too intimate, but she didn't care in that moment, not when she could see how hard his cock was for her, and watch the way his chest heaved with his breaths. He was close, and she knew it.

David groaned, squeezing her fingers and tightening his grip on the sheets in his other hand. He'd never felt this kind of pleasure before. It was more intense, so focused and concentrated. There was that familiar tightness in his lower back, and then without her ever really even touching his cock, he was coming for her, his release spilling on his stomach. "Fuck," he gritted out, eyes squeezing shut.

She watched him in fascination, watched the white spurts of his finish land on his skin. When his body stilled, Regina pulled the hilt of the sword from him, tossing it to the floor and reaching for a box of tissues. Pulling out a couple, she tossed them onto his stomach, watching him reach for them and clean himself off.

David tossed them onto the table next to the bed, then brought and hand up to his forehead. "Hell, Regina."

Chuckling, Regina moved up the bed beside him and settled onto her side, watching him. "I take it that was better than you expected."

He turned his head and looked at her, nodding. "Yeah. Yeah, it was incredible." David pushed up on his elbow, shifting to his side and reaching over to grip her waist. Tugging her closer, he pressed his lips to hers.

Regina hesitated a moment, but gave in to him, returning the kiss slowly. She closed her eyes, bringing one hand up to the back of his head and running her fingers through his hair. David slid his hand down from her waist to her thigh, stroking the side of it for a moment, before moving his fingers across the front of it and pushing her thighs just slightly apart.

She responded to him, lifting her leg and hooking it on his hip as he began stroking her through her underwear. When she let out a soft moan, he pushed her gently to her back and shifted on top of her.

Settling his thigh between her legs, he moved his hand up to her breast, tugging down one cup and moving his lips down her chest. He wrapped them around her nipple, flicking his tongue against her skin. David coasted his hand back down her body, palm sliding over her smooth skin. He traced his fingertips across the top of her underwear teasingly, before dipping his hand in and moving his fingers through her wetness.

"Oh, David," she breathed, rocking her hips up into his touch. As good as his mouth felt on her breast, Regina brought her hand up to the top of his head and nudged him.

Taking the hint, David kissed down her body, hooking his fingers in her underwear and pulling them down her legs. He settled between her thighs and looked up her body at her. Once her gaze met his, David lowered his mouth and slid his tongue through her folds, tasting her arousal. He groaned at the taste, unable to control himself so he could tease her as he'd wanted to. She tasted incredible, so he moved his mouth lower and pressed his tongue to her entrance.

Regina whimpered, moving her hips up to press herself closer to his mouth. She slid her hand into his hair, gripping it and squeezing as she stared at him and enjoyed the pleasure he was providing. After a moment, she tugged his hair to direct him up. She needed his mouth on her clit.

He complied, wrapping his lips around it and bringing his hand up to slide two fingers into her. David pumped slowly and teasingly, though he gave firm suction on her clit.

"Faster," she growled in demand. Regina had been aching for this since before she'd called him, and she didn't want to be toyed with.

Chuckling against her, he flicked his tongue fast against her clit but kept the thrust of his fingers slow.

She rocked her hips up against him, gripping his hair tighter. "Now."

He obeyed, shifting to pump his hand faster, curving his fingers in search of that sweet spot. He knew he found it when she gasped, her grip loosening ever so slightly. David flicked his tongue side to side over her clit for a moment, then switched motions.

Her breaths began to quicken, her stomach shallowing and showing the curve of her ribs as she grew closer. She needed it, needed just a little more. It was right there, right within reach, she could feel the tension building low in her belly. Regina stilled her hips against him, letting out a low moan as his actions finally pushed her there, brought her over. She cried out when it hit fully, when pleasure filled her body and spread through her limbs, her hand going slack against his head. "David!"

Watching her the best he could, while keeping his mouth on her to bring her down, David groaned against her clit. He enjoyed the sound and sight of her coming far too much. When she finally fully relaxed against the mattress, he slowly pulled his fingers out of her and kissed his way up her body, dropping onto the bed beside her. Guilt didn't set in yet, though he knew it would once he left, but for that moment, he laid beside her and listened to her ragged breaths, taking pleasure in the fact that he'd been the one to cause them.