I need fish (kenshin fic)

Bla bla don't own kenshin or any others charcters bla bla

A normal day at kenshin . yahiko was busy bullying kenshin , karou was busy bullying kenshin the granfather thing and his demon grandaughter was bullying kenshin.. "where is sano when u need him?" cried kenshin , picked his celephone (don't ask) and called sano ( I told u not 2 ask daamit!) " u have reached sanosake sagaras voice box , if u r shampoo from ranma ½ and u r trying 2 rape me press 1 . if u r shira and u r trying 2 rape me press 1 . if u r miaka and u r trying 2 rape go 2 hell , u fat bitch!" kenshin , mean while was duing the lanrury ( nice & clean) " and If u r kenshin and u r needing helpo press 0" kenshin pressed 0 , but he is a bad presser (do't ask) sp he dailed 1 ( why the heck r u asking?) " okay meet me at 3 aclock at my house (Oo hey I never said that - sano) (as if - meeeee) " kenshin!" cried a. bandegd voice ( ask) "woman! Make me rice! Make me tea! Have sex with me!" (Oo shishio's gay? - Sano)( ur giving up the story , idiot!) ( whoops - sano{ and yeah he won't b in the fic}) " hey aren't u dead?" said yahiko after killing a kenshin doll 14274567 times . " -_- I m makoto shishio . no one can kill me" ( bet I can - me) "no u can't" ( can 2) " can not!" ( kills shishio) * dies { well , what do u exept? PS I need fish has nothing to do with the fic it's just a cool title}

so long prouloge! ( that was a proluge 4..what?)

nothing (oh)