Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan is one of my favorite anime. And I was inspired by 'Messed Rebirth' by Huntress of Eclipse.

Disclaimer: I do not own Shingeki no Kyojin.

Death was unavoidable. That was something that everyone knew, but still found hard to accept. A split second was all it took and death would have come and gone. The way I died was rather... anticlimactic. I had just stepped onto the road when a speeding car rushed towards me.


And I was dead. No screams, flashbacks or last wishes. Somehow, I didn't even feel worried. A brief sting of pain and it was over.

Well, looks like my room won't need cleaning after all.

I drifted in the darkness, unable to see or hear anything. If this was the afterlife, I wanted a refund. As I was considering asking for whoever was in charge, there was a tap on my shoulder. I whipped around amd came face to face with a smiling woman.

"God? You're a woman?" were the first words that escaped my mouth. The lady's smile widened, if that was even possible, and she wordlessly reached out and bitchslapped me.


The bitch looked at me and spoke with an annoyed tone. "Why does everyone assume I'm God? Boss just stays in the damn office. And a soul has no gender. I'm here to 'guide spirits into their next life' or something. So hurry up and follow."

I rubbed my stinging cheek and walked behind the spirit. It stopped suddenly and looked back. "Y'know, if ya don't walk fast enough, I'm leaving you behind."

What kind of fucking guide was this? I quickened my pace as we walked on a seemingly endless path. A heavy silence fell between us. After a while, It turned abruptly and pushed me hard enough for me to lose my balance. As I stumbled back into a hole that had opened behind me, It waved at me and grinned, "Enjoy your new life."

At this moment, a very suitable word to describe my situation came to mind.


'What. The. Hell.' I came to, lying on the ground. In a freaking forest. The trees were quite big, and whatever sunlight that had filtered through barely cast any light on the grassy forest ground. I stood up slowly, and looked around. No signs of life.

"Wait a minute, what did that crazy shit say about my new life?" I looked down and freaked out. A piercing scream reverberated through the air. After I slapped, pinched and even hit my head on a few trees, it was confirmed that I wasn't dreaming. 'Ok, ok. Relax, girl. First things first, check if its really true.'

I made my way towards a tree and proceeded to climb it. Reaching the top of the tree, I surveyed the area below.

Sure enough, giants were stumbling around. In the far distance, the shape of a huge rock wall could be seen. One more thing to check. I leapt from the top and fell down. Upon reaching the bottom, I lifted my hand to my mouth before biting down hard enough to draw blood and pulled back. I felt no pain. The flesh I tore off had been spat out, and I watched with growing fascination as my hand began to regenerate. I paled as I realised what that meant.

Giants roaming the land? Check. Harmed without feeling pain and insanely quick regeneration? Check. Big-ass Wall in the middle of nowhere? Freakin' check. Naked with no genitals? ...check.

Memories of an anime I had been watching before I died flooded my mind. Goddammit, that sadistic bitch up there must hate me. I was reborn into Shingeki no Kyojin. As a Titan. I don't know what shit I did to deserve this, but one thing was made clear. Life could be such a bitch sometimes.

First fanfic here. Please tell me if there's anything wrong.