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The Emergency Supply

Summary: One fateful night the gom and their new teams decided to have a sleep over and for all they know something dark would keep them awake in the eerie hours of night. It's a pineapple, not just an ordinary pineapple but the illegal ones.

The Story:

There is a red liquid pouring in Akashi's face, while Kuroko's hand is also covered by the same liquid. The other members stood in horror. Kuroko is so dead right now.

Let's go back a little to the past to know what really happens. As you know there was a promise made by the GOM to give their best as they face each other in the winter cup. After Rakuzan won, Kuroko earned respect for his basketball from his former captain and his previous teammates and in the process restored their lost friendships. This was enough reason to celebrate but it was hard to find a match schedule so they decided to take a week-long vacation together with their new teams.

On their first night, some idiot in the form of Takao decided to have some little fun by throwing his pillow to his partner Midorima who in his irritation throw his lucky item, a goddamn axe to the raven haired point guard. As he avoid the axe it almost cut the captain of Kaijo, Kasamatsu who was lucky enough to be holding a thick chopping board after helping clean the kitchen. The chopping board is not as lucky.

All become silent as they are looking to a very irritated green head, now-serious raven point guard and the red faced Kaijo captain.

"Waaahhh are you alright captain?" a blond approach Kasamatsu who was still ducking while holding the cut chopping board.

Bad move. How the hell did he forgot what the captain would do if he got frustrated. A loud crash was heard next and the blond was now on the floor with mouth full of marshmallows. There are lots of sweets rolling in the floor.

The door suddenly opened revealing a handsome young man and a very tall man. Some sweets are currently happily rolling in their feet making them look below.

Oh no, what happens next is that a monster awakens scattering a very dark aura. His bright red eyes looked at the fallen blond who was still swallowing marshmallows, a lot, lot of them. He tried to plead but the marshmallows block his throat from speaking any. He just looks at the witnesses with his teary eyes.

The monster who was about to crush the blond raise his hands and in doing so hit Miyaji. Miyaji fallen to the floor just smile and walk out the room. Sakurai could be heard from the background looking very scared and saying sorry to everyone.

"I have a very bad feeling about this." Teppei suddenly spoke looking so grim and serious.

Miyaji returned with a black bag of mystery. Their eyes fixed on the bag and then he suddenly raises something from it. A pineapple, not just an ordinary one, pineapples that was the source of all the trauma of the members of Shutoku.

The deadly fight begun.

A random person receives the first bloody pineapple and that person is none other than the big muscled guy of the Rakuzan. Big Eikichi stood up. He was preparing to kill Miyaji but being a muscle man that he is, he flexed his muscles first. Flexing a muscle after eating is not good especially to his sensitive stomach.

A gross, loud, unimaginable fart invades their little room. And if you are wondering who is the person lucky enough to be in the closest distance of the explosion that is the ex light of the phantom, a blue head teen that was busy looking at his gravure magazine. Aomine absorbed half of the poisonous gas and it went up to his brain. Some argued that his skin got a little darker after the incident.

The others are just looking at him while covering their nose. The dark fog soon disappears or absorbed and Aomine is now in the middle of the room looking like a zombie ready to kill a victim. He got one, poor, poor Furihata. Furihata is no longer seen after he was thrown out in the window.

If you say that a gas affects the brain then you are right. Chaos embraced the room. Pillows are thrown everywhere. Some use their cushion to cover themselves. Someone hit Wakamatsu who transform into a devil and throw his pillow to Izuki before he could drop a pun.

In the midst of chaos, Koganei release his ultimate weapon a cluster of bananas. A banana peel slips Hyuuga who hit Kuroko who was silently sipping his vanilla milkshake. The milkshake flew on the light novel Mayuzumi was reading. The two phantoms stare deadly to each other. Mayuzumi throw his pillow to Kuroko who take his light, Kagami as his cover. He grabs a tomato which magically happens to be near him. He ignite pass the tomato to Mayuzumi who in turn use his misdirection.

Now let us go back to the present after Mayuzumi avoided the tomato. Kuroko, who is still wearing his dead panned face, see his former captain's face decorated with the red tomato he just threw. This is going to be a long, long night.

A/n: This could be one-shot only, depends if we could think of any follow up. I would like to thank my friend, DemFeels for reviewing this fic.