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"Ahem, minna, I, Izuki Shun, the rightfully appointed arbiter, will formally announce the start of the fight after -" he looked at his wrist as if he was wearing a watch, "-ten minutes, you are all given time to strategize your game play before we start with the match. Good luck teams."

I never thought that pun junkie could talk so formally. I watched as the other teams form a circle except the creepy group who were all looking evilly at each other. Looks like everyone got in the mindset of playing seriously. No one wanted to be punished as we were reminded of a movie where there was a muscled tooth fairy man. We would look exactly like that with pink tutus and stilettos while running in the school premises with everyone calling us princess.

My nightmare is popped when a big hairy, muscled, ugly princess who's elegantly picking his nose came into my view.

"Yo, Midorima, could we start now?" Eikichi said to me. I must attend a serious therapy after this.

I would like to emphasize the game play of each group in my own unofficial analysis. I have no idea who are the kings as of the moment but I can use some pretty wild guess. While the baka group is still the dumbest group, all members are excellent in shooting and aggressive plays. However I would still think they will lose easily because they are just too dumb to win. Simple as that.

The irritating group is surprisingly consists of great members. While all of them are weak especially that Kuroko, I will admit his irksome talent can be an ace in this fight. If Kuroko will be their king, all he had to do is lower his presence. Takao, Kagami, Akashi and Izuki are the only one who can see him. Kagami will not hit Kuroko as he is clearly an idiot too and he will go directly to the ganguro at the other side. Izuki is the arbiter and will not focus much on Kuroko. Akashi is a different story and Takao is a great help for Kuroko. With his field of vision, he can see all the openings on the wall. Himuro's mirage is also an asset for Kuroko's protection.

On the creepy group side, Akashi just casually announce to everyone that he is the king of the north and if ever he will be hit in the face, if anyone would dare, the match will end abruptly. I would love to see Akashi being hit in the face.

Our team is faring well since it is hard for anyone to hit us in the face. Even if they hit us we will be strong enough to protect our king. I am an ace shooter and I will use my ability to hit as many target as possible. The whole room is my range and no face could escape from me. Murasakibara is practically useless in offense right now as he is holding our covers. I hope that maiubo last until the end of the fight.

After ten minutes of mindless planning, Izuki announce the start of the fight.

Ahomine vs Bakagami

Two idiots went ahead and immediately face each other, both wanting to take the first blood.

The ganguro aggressively held the pillow in his right hand and lowered his body as he approach the double-eyebrowed red head. First throw of the fight was from Aomine who used too much force to swing his muscled forearm while never releasing the pillow. Kagami's instinct never betrayed him and he avoided that easily. He too, swings his arm but the flexibility of Aomine responded immediately. He avoided by making his body leaned that was almost parallel to the ground while his center of gravity must be confused somewhere. This ridiculously unorthodox form of that tanned teen is improving a lot and helping him in the battle. They continued their one on one just like that, giving each other powerful shots but hitting nothing but the air. They are fighting as if this is a boxing match.

Kise is trying to hit his captain Kasamatsu but the said teen is doing pretty well in kicking the pillows. The kicks are full of rage and force, I wonder how he can do that.

"Kasamatsu-san you are very good in imagining the pillows as Kise" I heard Takao's comment at the other side.

Hyuuga and Sakurai are fighting with each other in terms of shooting. I can see Sakurai pouting and throwing as many pillows as possible. Hyuuga is a hot headed teen which will not lose immediately. He also throws pillows as many as possible making their covers which were entirely made of pillows, completely gone in a minute. They are in a higher level of idiocy.

While the other baka members are busy, Kotarou looked lost so I used the opportunity to shoot the pillow in his unsuspecting face. Bulls eye, one down. I am the best.

As we are busy fighting with ourselves, the creepy group is making their move. Akashi probably used a scissor, er invisible force to cut the rope tying the maiubo which is luring the idiot tall teen. Down the maiubo falls, along with Murasakibara who would only protect that food rather than our king. I should have suggested making that maiubo our king so Murasakibara released his monstrous ability. When our covers were stripped, Imayoshi took the opportunity to hit Teppei. End of our game, tutus here we come.

"How did they know I'm the king?" Teppei asked while I face palm myself.

"Baka, you are sitting comfortably with that happy, blushing face of yours. You are giving yourself away" replied Kagami.

"Not that I mind your little squabbles but I would like to announce that the north side have taken over the west side. I will be your new king and as your king you will surrender yourselves to me and become part of my walls" when did the expansion of territory became a rule yet we can not question Akashi's orders.

And here we are becoming a human wall with our fallen comrades. I blame my incompetent team mates for this. All of us were ordered to face the other teams except for Eikichi who was facing his butt on them. For what purpose Akashi have in that is none of my business.

I noticed Miyaji was being a little quiet than usual, did he already missed his pineapples?

I thought wrongly as we saw that he was holding a pillow that mysteriously shaped like a pineapple. The way he's holding it clearly showed that it was indeed a pineapple covered only with pillowcase. This was not good. I want to go home right now.

"Oh uh, the Kita group released their pineapillow" Izuki said.

Kuroko looked at Akashi to see if he will favor this illegal action. Akashi just looked away from him. "So this is the fight that you want?" Kuroko's mood suddenly changed. Now I knew that Akashi was still mad about the tomato earlier.

With Kagami not fighting with the ganguro, Aomine and Kise are surprisingly teaming together to fight the creepy group. However with our built and butt for Eikichi, they could not hit their target accurately.

The pineapillows were thrown, poor unsuspecting Hyuuga and Kogane, even Izuki was taken down. As the other group was helping themselves to hide from the pineapillows, Akashi ordered as to raise our hands to block any pillows thrown at them. Reo used his heaven technique to throw pineapillows at the other side.

Takao used my helpless situation to throw anything at my face while laughing irritatingly. I will kill him after this. I could not help it when my spectacles were being targeted. I put down my arms and shouted at him. This opportunity was all he's waiting for. He throws a pillow above my head and targeted Reo. Reo winked at Takao making him shiver.

"Be a good boy to me now," Reo cunningly said. He was holding a pineapillow and readying himself to throw it to Takao. He throws it but a pillow thrown by Himuro block it.

Reo vs Himuro

"I could already see you in tutus ❤" he said to Himuro. The raiven head teen did not answer but throw a pillow at Reo who immediately block his face with his arms but surprisingly no pillow reach him. The pillow was only an illusion and when he tried to look the real pillow hit his face.

Himuro who was still in the position of throwing received a pineappillow in his face courtesy of Imayoshi who was just waiting for an opening. Himuro falls down. Ridiculously enough, his pretty face was still unchanged. He looks like he is just sleeping with pillows on his head.

Only two people are left in the baka group, Sakurai has been hit by Kasamatsu when Kise avoided his kicked pillows. In those two idiots I cannot see who the king is.

"Eh? Sakurai was long gone? Aominecchi our king was already taken down." Their group was long lost but the two were still fighting. I have no words to describe their idiocy this time.

Kise thinks that it is unfair for Akashi to have big fortress and tell Kuroko that they will help in protecting him since their group is the one who hit their king. Kuroko agreed in the merge.

They started to throw scavenge pineapillows too. I tried my best not to be hit by those things.

The deadly fight resumed as Kuroko's team was holding back. When Imayoshi was almost hit, Miyaji asked us to turn around and face him.

"If we lost this match, I will gouge out my eyes, and give them to you." He copied what Akashi said during our match in winter cup and he said it while holding a pineapple which had many eyes. This was getting more ridiculous.

Aomine and Kise were hit next with pineapillow. Kuroko's aura changed. I saw him throwing a pillow at us, powerful enough to think it was an ignite pass and before I knew it, I was hit in the gut. The pain got me and my knees became weak. I saw that all of the human walls were down. He used the pillows to open the wall between him and Akashi. He looks extremely dangerous now.

"Those pineappillow sure could kill" said Eikichi who is writhing in pain.

"Baka that was only a pillow, if he threw a pineapillow it will break even before hitting us and if it hit us you could no longer talk right now." Kagami said before losing his consciousness. Eikchi looked surprise but I am not, I already knew Kuroko was capable of something like this. Akashi is smirking.

Imayoshi looked at us, "Standup weaklings, I'll only loosen my grip when you're all completely dead." He was copying Akashi's statement in the championship match of Seirin and Rakuzan. When did all of them become Akashi?

Takao see an opening and use a pineappilow to throw to Miyaji's face. Eikichi could not help the pain any longer and my fear happened when he released a toxic gas. Fortunately, Miyaji was the one who absorbed it and that finishes him off.

The wall is now completely opened when Kuroko hit us again with his ignite pass pillow. Mayuzumi used his misdirection to hit Kuroko but hit Kasamatsu instead who protected Kuroko.

Takao vs Mayuzumi

Takao used his hawk eye to spot Mayuzumi. Mayuzumi's misdirection is not effective on him. But who knows that he can use a level up form of misdirection, he let Takao focus on him and not on the pillow. He hit Takao after that but Kuroko use the opportunity to take down Mayuzumi.

Akashi vs Kuroko

Akashi stands up while smiling evily. They are the only two left standing. He got a pillow, not a pineappillow, and points it towards Kuroko.

"I will win this battle, Tetsuya" Akashi said to him.

Kuroko ready himself and got a pillow too. He positioned his toe to the floor and bent down his knees. Using his foot as a pivot, he spins his body and throws the pillow. He is not clearly thinking because he used too much force that the pillow got stuck on the ceiling lamp.

Akashi throws a pillow to Kuroko only using his right hand but I can literally see the power in that.

As the moon shines mysteriously above the sky, Kuroko received the final blow on his face, a soft, fluffy white one. Akashi's fast throw makes him unable to react. He immediately falls down and then he tried to fight from closing his eyes but he loses.

However Akashi did not see it coming. The force he used in Kuroko makes the pillow in the ceiling fall and both of them have pillows on their face at the same time. I witness all that and I am secretly glad that no one wins the battle.

I looked around and see that there are many bodies on the floor most with pineapple marks in their faces. Before I fell asleep, I am still wondering how many illegal pineapples could be in Miyaji-senpai's possession.

~ Preview of the next chapter: An eating contest

Kuroko handed Akashi the tofu soup with seaweeds while smiling uncharacteristically. "Akashi-kun you have to eat all of this."

Meanwhile Aomine, Kogane and Eikichi are all looking at a single banana."Mine" all of them said at the same time.

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