Chapter 1: An Accident

"Psst. Jack!" A young boy whispered to a sleeping figure on the bed as he crawled next to it.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" he continuously muttered, shaking another young boy, probably nine years old, trying to wake him up.

"Jamie... Go back to sleep..." Jack, the sleeping boy, groaned as he snatched his blanket that Jamie, his younger brother, has pulled off from him.

Jamie sighed and then abruptly plopped himself on top of Jack, who was a bit irritated.

"But I just can't! The sky's awake! So I'm awake! So we have to play!" Jamie said, dramatically.

"Go play by yourself." Jack snorted, pushing Jamie down from the bed, his white-silvery hair glistening in the moonlight, before going back to sleep.

Jamie sat on the floor, pouting, but a thought quickly crossed his mind, causing a grin to cross his face.

He got up the bed, then pried one of Jack's eyes open. "How about a snowball fight?" he said, grinning at Jack. Jack grinned back.


A young woman with platinum blonde hair was floating lazily behind. She seemed to be following a young woman with brown-reddish hair who was vaguely elated or gassy, but is somewhere in that zone, due to her excited and jumpy demeanor.

"Anna, we've been circling Frostland Kingdom for over an hour now. Don't you think it's time you spread the summer love?" the young woman asked, twirling her braided hair around her fingers.

"Oh, Elsa! But don't you think the kingdom just looks gorgeous? I mean look! It looks so grand and majestic! Standing in the middle of the fjords and surrounded by mountain ranges! It's just so fascinating!" the other woman, Anna, said dreamily, her twin braids fluttering behind her.

Elsa sighed and scratched her head. "That's what you've been saying for the last hour." she muttered. Anna pouted as she flew up high into the sky and sat on the cloud. She grabbed her dark-orange skirt and flapped it downward, releasing several yellow sparks. She gathered the sparks and was about to blow them away into the sky when she was startled by the sudden explosion of the aurora borealis, originating from the north.

"Really now?" Elsa muttered. "Come on, Anna! We're leaving! You can finish that later." she said as she swooped downwards and glided towards the light. Anna ungracefully fell from the sky, due to being startled, but quickly regained composure and followed Elsa. "Wait up!"


The doors of a large palace creaked open, allowing Anna and Elsa to enter into a large hall. A young woman, who looks the same age as Anna and Elsa came rushing towards them, her pink dress fluttering behind her. Her long blonde hair that reached up to her ankle slightly got in her way, causing her to trip.

"Oooooh!" the two girls said, their eyes slightly closed and their mouths forming a small 'O'.

"Hey guys! Missed ya! So, how's your sisterly lives going?" The young woman asked, facing them, though she was still sprawled out on the ground.

"Rapunzel, we were in the-" Elsa said, but Anna interrupted her.

"Oh Punzie! Never been better! I was just about to spread my summer love over Frostland Kingdom when you called!" Anna said, helping Rapunzel on her feet.

"You mean that kingdom hidden behind those enormous mountains?" Rapunzel asked, beaming. Anna enthusiastically nodded.

The door opened again before anyone could talk, revealing another young woman with wild bright-orange hair entered. She walked over to a nearby couch and grabbed an apple before plopping herself down on the couch. She placed her bow and quiver on the end table and faced Rapunzel.

"Yer reason for callin' us 'ere better be a good one, lass." she said, her Scottish accent very evident.

"Don't worry Merida, this will be quick." Rapunzel said, clearing her throat. She beckoned the sisters to sit down beside Merida as she made her way to a nearby podium.

"So, as you all know, right now, we are working as bringers of seasons all over the world." Rapunzel began.

The other girls nodded, with Merida biting her apple.

"Right. So, have you guys heard of the guardians?" Rapunzel asked, slightly fidgeting.

Anna's eyes beamed, Elsa lifted and eyebrow while Merida choked on her apple.

"Wait, what?!" Merida asked.

"Yes... You see, they are asking for our assistance. Nicholas Kristoffer was asking if we could help out during christmas, while Hansel , or Hunny-Bunny, was asking for help for his easter preparations." Rapunzel continued.

"Those prestigous guardians, who always keeps themselves hidden away, suddenly need help from the season spirits?" Elsa asked.

"Seems like it." Merida said.

"Can we do it?! I've been wanting to meet them for a long time now!" Anna said, looking excitedly at the other season spirits.

"I don't know..." Elsa said.

"Oh come on! I've been really close with Olaf! You know, the sandman who turns to a snowman in winter?" Anna pleaded.

"Sure, we can help them out." Rapunzel said, grinning at Anna, who grinned back. Elsa sighed while Merida rolled her eyes.

"Just make sure you keep tha' tooth fairy away from me mouth. I hate it when she does that." Merida said, referring to Savannah, an eccentric tooth fairy who was obssessed with other people's mouths and with reindeers.


Jack and Jamie entered a large hall.

"Here goes!" Jack said loudly as he snapped his fingers. Forst began emanating from his feet, spreading outwards and climbing onto the ceiling. Then, a makeshift cloud appeared overhead and snow began falling.

"This is amazing!" Jamie screamed excitedly.

"Psst. Watch this!" Jack bragged, stomping his foot, causing the messy frost to clear up, revealing a beautiful and detailed ice rink.

Jack and his little brother began sliding through the giant hall as the snow piled up. Jamie then made a snowball and launched it towards his older brother who was surprised when a cold matter hit him in the back, causing him to stumble.

"Oh... That's how you like it?" Jack said, grinning. Jamie began running around, laughing as he dodged the array of snowballs that Jack launched at him. He hid behind one of the pillars, giggling.

"Where are you?" Jack said in a singsong voice, though fully aware of his brother's location.

Jamie giggled as he jumped out. He began gliding fast on the ice.

"Catch me!" Jamie taunted.

"Got ya!" Jack said, throwing a snowball.

However, Jamie was increasing in speed.

"Wait! Slow down!" Jack said, alarmed at Jamie's fast speed, accidentally throwing a large snowball that hit his brother squarely on the head. Jamie lost his balance and then slided fast before colliding with the wall. He was out cold.

"Jamie!" Jack said, making his way towards his brother.

"Jamie... This is why I said, slow down! ... You-you can get up now." Jack said, stopping near his brother's sprawled out form. Jack forced a chuckle.

"See what-what happens when you don't listen to your b-big brother?" Jack added, worry flooding into him.

"Jamie, come on. Get up!" Jack screamed. "Mama! Papa!"

Their parents made their way inside, and gasped when they saw Jamie's unconscious form sprawled out, and Jack, standing near his brother.

"Jack, what have you done? This is getting out of hand!" His father said. His mother touched Jamie and gasped. "He's ice cold!"

"It-it was an accident." Jack explained but he was ignored.

"I know where we have to go." his father said.