Robin raised an eyebrow as Beastboy put on boxing gloves. "That's going to interfere with you changing shape," he said as he entered the ring.

"Why would I need to change shape?" Beastboy asked with an innocent smile.

"It is just boxing," Robin agreed, relaxing a bit.


"Mistake number one," Batman said as the founding members of the JLU watched the Teen Titans gym through a hacked security cam.

"What do you mean?" Flash asked.

"He's lowering his guard," Batman explained. "He's assuming he has the upper hand because Beastboy is forgoing using his powers."

"You can tell all that?" Flash asked shocked.

"I trained him," Batman reminded him.

"So shouldn't he have the upper hand?" Flash pointed out.

"Never assume you have the upper hand," Batman said.

"Do everything you can to make sure you have it, but even then - never assume it," Wonder Woman explained.


"Rules?" Beastboy asked, stretching a little to work out any kinks.

"None," Robin replied. "It's a spar not a fight to the death, so we should be good."

"You got it boss," Beastboy said as he brought his mitts up.


"Strike two," Flash said.

"Explain," Batman said knowing what the answer was, but giving Flash a chance to show off a little.

"He was given an opportunity to set the rules himself and he flubbed it."

"He's not taking it seriously," Shayera offered. "That's why he's making mistakes."

"It's a self-correcting problem," Batman said, "Providing Beastboy has changed as much as the scene with Robin leads me to believe he has."

"Have you bugged the entire world or what?" Flash demanded, recalling the scene in the Titan's com room after Beastboy had 'hung up' on them.


Robin fell back, an onslaught of blows almost breaking through his guard. He tried to return the favor, but Beastboy proved to be almost as slippery as an eel, deflecting most of the force of any blow he blocked to the side.

Ten minutes later…

Robin realized Beastboy was trying to wear him down, as he tried to copy his opponents frustrating skill at deflecting blows using a minimum of effort. And what's worse was it was working. "Kickboxing?" Robin asked.

Beastboy nodded, immediately springing back on the assumption that Robin would start kicking the instant he saw the decision in his eyes.

Twenty minutes later…

The Titans watched spellbound as Beastboy and Robin continued the fight, neither showing hints of fatigue despite how long they'd been going at it.

The alarm went off and red lights flashed.

"Something going down at the museum of modern art," Cyborg announced after looking at his communicator. "We on it or what?"

"Work first," Beastboy suggested.

"Play later," Robin agreed. "Titan's go!"


"Shouldn't they be tired out by now?" Flash asked.

"They're pacing themselves," Superman said.

"Beastboy is skilled enough to hold his own defensively as is Robin," Shayera offered. "And they both seem to believe they have better stamina than their opponent, so while probing for weakness and taking shots of opportunity they are both trying to outlast each other.

"Twenty on Robin," Flash offered.


Mammoth held up his hands. "We ain't doing anything illegal," he quickly clarified ignoring the screams and sounds of things being broken inside.

"Really?" Raven asked raising an eyebrow.

"They stole something of Gizmo's, thinking it was an unfinished sculpture," the enormous curly horned teen explained. "He's just trying to retrieve it.

"He's serious," Raven said reading his emotions.

"We'll keep an eye on Mammoth," Robin volunteered. "You guys can see about calming them down and getting Gizmo's stuff back."

The two female Titans flew in, Cyborg following them.

"Game on?" Beastboy asked, bringing a pair of boxing gloves from behind his back.

"Game on," Robin agreed bringing a pair of gloves from behind his back and removing his Robin outfit, revealing he had on his boxing outfit underneath.

Mammoth watched in disbelief as the two Titans attacked each other on the front steps of the museum, far more viciously than they'd ever attacked him.

Ten minutes later…

"No, I'm not saying you were in the wrong here," Raven admitted as she and Jinx exited the museum, "I'm just saying you shouldn't take the law into your own hands."

"That's kinda ironic coming from-" the pink-haired witch's voice trailed off as she saw what was going on outside.

"Why did you-" Starfire stopped as she caught sight of Robin and Beastboy.

Robin flipped backwards avoiding a footsweep from Beastboy, who caught a foot in the jaw from the follow up front kick.

Everyone winced at the sound of Beastboy's head slamming into the sidewalk, though he shook it off and his mule kick caught Robin in the gut.

"The park!" Jinx ordered loudly. "You're blocking traffic here."

As the entire group moved to the park Raven gave Jinx a look, wondering what she was up to.

"Multiple terrain and less chance of a concussion," she quickly pointed out.

Beastboy and Robin scanned the park and nodded to each other.

"Lose the gloves?" Beastboy suggested.

"We're past them," Robin agreed, as they followed the trail to the large fountain in the center of the park.

"On three," Mammoth announced stepping between the two and raising a hand.

"And?" Raven asked Jinx quietly.

"And if they happened to get soaked while fighting the view wouldn't be unpleasant," Jinx admitted.

Raven pulled her hood up to cover her blush and Starfire pulled out her communicator and turned on video mode to record it.

"Begin!" Mammoth yelled jumping backwards as Beastboy tackled Robin into the fountain.


"If Beastboy was going to use his abilities that would be the ideal place to go," Shayera said.

"He's still holding to no powers," Flash said, "though he seems to have gotten a second wind. I don't suppose he can become an Atlantean?"

Aquaman, who'd arrived a few minutes before shook his head. "Doesn't look it, his strength hasn't increased."

"He was thirsty and had sweat in his eyes," Superman answered. "It was just good tactics and the water seems to be hampering Robin's mobility more than Beastboy's."

"Twenty on Beastboy," Aquaman offered.


Ten minutes later…

A reporter cleared his throat drawing Raven's attention to the camera crew and crowd that had gathered. "Miss Raven, would you care to speak about the difficulty your teammates appear to be having?"

"This?" Raven asked with a frown. "This is just training."

The crowd collectively winced as Robin feinted with his right and landed a left that knocked Beastboy out of the fountain.

"Really?" the reporter asked doubtfully.

"I'm an empath," Raven reminded him.

"Not to mention the smiles they're sporting," Jinx pointed out. "If I didn't like 'em made of metal and muscle…" Realizing what she'd admitted, Jinx blushed and ducked back into the crowd.

"They don't fight me like that," Mammoth offered, as Beastboy blocked a high kick with his shoulder so he could nail Robin in the inner thigh while his leg was at full extension.

"You have to trust your fellow warrior's skill in battle to reach that level," Starfire said proudly, "Well that or not care if they live or die."

Robin nailed Beastboy with a throat strike and he responded with a head butt that either broke or dislocated Robin's nose.

"I'm so glad you are the good guys," Mammoth whimpered.


"Twenty on Beastboy," Wonder Woman announced.

"I'll cover that!" Shayera agreed. "Beastboy's beginning to impress me, but Robin's warrior spirit is well known."

"Twenty on Robin," Superman said.

"Supes?" Flash asked surprised.

"Fighting without your powers is much harder than you think," Superman answered. "Plus, Robin was trained by Batman."

"I think he was more surprised you were betting," Aquaman offered.

"I'll cover that twenty," Martian Manhunter said. "Green solidarity," he joked.

"Betting on a friend is showing support, not gambling," Superman explained. "Besides wagers with friends is quite different from organized gambling, which leads to organized crime."

"Point," Flash admitted as almost the entire JLU seemed to be watching the battle.

"A hundred says Robin breaks out weapons before Beastboy uses his powers," Guy offered.

"You're on," John Stewart replied. "Weapons vs powers, first to pull 'em loses."


Robin snapped his nose back in place as Beastboy caught his breath. "Rules on weapons?"

"None, if you got 'em, whip it out," Beastboy said. "I assumed you'd have something just in case, anyway."

Robin pulled out a pair of short metal rods that connected and extended into a full size staff.

Beastboy laughed and whipped out a pair of extendable metal batons.


"Tie?" John offered.

"Yeah, they both whipped 'em out," Guy agreed.

Typing by: Bankrupt Samurai