Beastboy was good, but Robin proved to be better; accepting a shot to the ribs that sounded like it cracked something, to nail Beastboy in the ear with an elbow, disorienting him just long enough for Robin to split his staff in two and strike him in both temples at once.

Raven was at his side before his body stopped moving, and the barest touch of her powers brought him around and he sprang up, batons in hand, looking for a threat. His eyes were deadly serious before he mentally recovered enough to remember what had happened and the serious expression faded back into its goofball grin. "Nice one, Rob."

"Yeah? Tell that to my ribs," Robin said with a chuckle that turned into a wince. "Seriously, nice shot."

Raven floated over to heal Robin, her hood pulled forward to cover her blush.

"Eh, it was ok. I'm out of shape," Beastboy complained. "Man, I'm hungry. Anyone want to grab a burger?"

"I think Bob's has a new tofu burger combo out," Cyborg said. "I remember you were looking forward to that."

"Notice the enlarged canines?" Beastboy asked with a grin.

"Yeah?" Robin replied curiously while testing his side.

"I'm a meat eater," Beastboy said. "I became a vegetarian mainly so people wouldn't freak out so much around me while I was growing up."

"Freak out?" Gizmo asked with a sneer. "Why would a glarbag like you make anyone freak out?"

Beastboy turned into a tyrannosaurus rex and let out a loud roar that rattled the windows of nearby cars, before he slowly turned and stalked towards Gizmo, his every step causing the Earth to shake. Gizmo put on a brave front until Beastboy's mouth opened and he could see saliva dripping from teeth bigger than his arm. "Aaaah! Mommy!" he yelled, six mechanical spider legs exploding out of his backpack and carrying him out of sight.

Beastboy returned to human form. "Yeah, being able to do things like that makes people a bit uncomfortable. Plus, I got tired of people giving me funny looks when they lost their pets."

"So, Bob's Burgers?" Cyborg asked.

"Definitely! This vegetarian diet has made me all thin and weak," Beastboy replied. "I want a triple bacon cheeseburger with a side order of chili fries."

"Bob's Burgers it is," Cyborg said cheerfully as weapons were put away and the crowd dispersed. "Did people really think you ate their pets?"

"Yep, and that only happened once. I was sleeping in tiger form when a poodle attacked me," Beastboy explained. "I instinctively ate it in one bite, while half awake."

"You ate a dog?" Cyborg asked in disbelief.

"There are plenty of Asian dishes that call for canines, so don't act like it's something completely unknown," Beastboy said.

"Chill man, I'm just surprised is all," Cyborg said, holding up his hands.

"I once had a police officer who kept bugging me about missing person cases," Beastboy said, shaking his head. "I don't know if he was joking or not, but at ten years old, that leaves an impression, so I became a vegetarian."

"I occasionally get served cans of oil or a side of nuts and bolts," Cyborg said. "I can relate."


"A risky gambit, but it secured him the win," Wonder Woman said, clearly approving as she handed Shayera twenty dollars.

"It was a good tactic," Shayera agreed. "A bit much for a simple spar unless you have a healer on hand like Raven, but then I've noticed Batman and his protégés don't like to lose."

There was some good-natured chuckling as bets were paid off and the various heroes dispersed to answer emergency calls until only J'onn, Batman, and Wonder Woman were left.

"What should we do about the key situation?" J'onn asked.

"Nothing for now," Batman said. "I'll pass word to Dr. Fate about it and he can monitor the situation."

"My younger sister has started looking towards Man's World and has been asking questions. Putting her with the Titans would not be a bad idea," Wonder Woman said.

"To what purpose?" Batman asked.

"She could use the training and experience," Wonder Woman said. "Plus, this would help broaden her understanding of the world and get her out of my mother's hair."

"And provide additional protection should someone threaten the key," Batman said, a slight hint of a smile on his face.

"Strengthening the Titans is not something I would find disagreeable," Wonder Woman allowed, not confirming anything.

"Considering some of the threats they've faced, some additional personnel would not be a bad idea," Batman agreed.


"I think their waitress has a crush on you," Raven noted amused, as the Titans left Bob's Burgers.

"While I must admit to finding her adorable, I'm afraid she only wants me for my body," Beastboy replied.

"Isn't she a bit young?" Starfire asked.

"Actually, she wants me to be her pet," Beastboy said. "Of course, she also asked if I could become a mermaid and if I ever pretended to be a zombie, but I'm pretty sure she just sees me as the ultimate pet, since I can be any animal she wants."

Raven smirked, but didn't say anything.

"While we were at lunch, Batman texted me, he asked if we were taking new members as Wonder Woman would like to place her younger sister with an established team," Robin said.

"We got room," Cyborg offered.

"And it'll give Star someone she can go hand to hand with, without having to hold back," Beastboy said.

"Provisional member," Robin offered. "We give her a month and see if she fits in."

"All who approve… say 'aye'," Cyborg said.

"Aye," the team chorused.

"The ayes have it," Cyborg said. "Text him a happy face!"

"A happy face?" Robin asked, snickering at the idea of Bruce staring at a smiley face in confusion.

"He's supposed to be the world's greatest detective, I'm sure he'll figure it out," Beastboy told him. "Send it and see how long it takes him to respond."

"OK," Robin agreed, sending it with a smirk. "And sent."

"I wonder how long-" Cyborg began when Robin's communicator beeped.

"He... sent me hieroglyphs," Robin said with a frown. "It'll take me time to decipher them."

Beastboy looked over his shoulder. "It's directions to the island so we can pick her up."

"You read hieroglyphs?" Raven asked, impressed.

"If it's found in old, dusty books and prophecies can be written in it, I can read it," Beastboy said. "Blame my misspent youth hanging out in a library."

"We should send no more than two people and one of them should be female," Robin said.

"I'm not much for the sun and the beach," Raven said.

"I would very much like to see the island of warrior women," Starfire offered.

"I wouldn't mind going myself," Beastboy agreed. He'd always wondered what the island was like, as it had a gate to Tartarus on it, much like his home town from his last life, which he kind of missed.

"You can use the Justice League teleporters," Robin said.

"That'll get us to Florida," Beastboy said. "After that we'll have to fly in on our own. Magical protections, sanctuary of the gods, you know the drill."

"How long do you think it'll take?" Cyborg asked.

"Depends on the weather and the Amazons," Beastboy replied. "Figure three or four days max, but likely just an overnight trip."

"Should we get souvenirs for everyone?" Starfire asked, bouncing in excitement.

"We can bring a video camera or take slides," Beastboy said excitedly, getting into the spirit of things.

"Just try to behave," Robin said with a sigh.

"Behave?" Starfire asked, tilting her head to the side.

"He's used to me playing the hormonal idiot card," Beastboy replied. "You'll be fine."

"Are you saying you won't?" Raven asked, arching an eyebrow.

Beastboy grinned. "I think I've gained at least a little of my self-control back," he assured them. "Plus, this is an island of women who aren't all that fond of males as a species, so I'll be toeing the line as needed."

"Road trip!" Starfire squealed happily, and Beastboy started chanting along with her.

Raven and Robin exchanged resigned glances and Cyborg chuckled. "Relax, you two, I doubt they'll start a war with the Amazons. At most they'll end up in trial-by-combat or something similar."

"That's not exactly reassuring," Raven said.

"As long as they aren't fighting Wonder Woman, they should be fine," Robin waved it off.

"Wanna dive for pirate treasure along the way?" Beastboy asked Starfire.

"That sounds wonderful!" Starfire replied. "Then we can get all sorts of souvenirs."

"Mostly," Robin corrected himself.

Typing By: Ordieth - (I just had the horrible idea of Pinkie Pie merging with Starfire!)