"The Circle of the Digidestined," written by Freedom Fighter

Disclaimer: None of the characters, human or Digimon, belong to me, the writer.

Author's Warning: The following fanfic features gruesome character death, both of the human and Digimon kind, violence of varying levels, some profane language, and some suggestive situations. Please do not read this fanfic if you're underage or feel that you cannot handle any of said features.

This particular episode features some coarse language, violence, and instances of character death.

Digimon Research Laboratory, Osaka, Japan, 2:10 am JST

"Is it possible for us all to pull this off?" Matt asked, as Sora fiddled with her D-3 in the background.

"We have to," Tai replied, from his location in New York, as Phil and Lou were doing the same off to either side of him. "I know our time is short, but this is our only hope!"

"But how many of the Digidestined will we need?"

"I don't know... that's for Izzy to figure out!"

"You mean you didn't think this through?"

"It's not like I had time to! We're talking about saving a couple thousand lives in a matter of mere minutes here!"

"Damn it! Can we really afford to wing it?"

"We're going to have to find out, won't we? As we speak, the D-3 of every person that was a Digidestined exactly 25 years ago is beeping, imploring all of the recipients to raise their D-3 to the skies in hoping of getting enough power to be sent through the Digiworld to stop those missiles before they reach their target!"

Sora gasped as she overheard that, as she ran over and snatched Matt's D-3 from her.

"Hey!" Matt yelled.

"Tai! We have to have at least one Digidestined and a Digimon partner to receive that power on the other side! Without it, there's nothing on the other side to direct it towards the missiles!"

"Shit!" Matt cursed, before glancing over his shoulder and noticing the Digi-port generator. "Unless..."

"We can't," Sora reminded him. "We don't know where Gabumon is. But... we do know where Biyomon is!"

"Biyomon?" Tai blinked. "He's with you now?"

"Now hold on a minute!" Matt objected. "That means..."

"Yes," Sora nodded. "Biyomon and I are going to have to go in there and be the mirror."

Episode Twenty-Six - ...Brings Things Full Circle (12.22.06)

Osaka General Hospital

Ryo was standing in front of Room 310 as he took a deep breath before opening the door slowly. He peered inside and saw Cody fast asleep in the bed closest to him. He then glanced over closer towards the window on the opposite side, and there Ken was sleeping in the other bed.

"I guess I'll find out the truth at last," Ryo said to himself.

A little over an hour ago, outside the Digimon Research Laboratory...

Ryo stood by Matt's car as Matt and Sora were running off through the woods. Once they had disappeared, Ryo smiled as he reached into his pocket and pulled out some car keys.

"I'm surprised I was able to take his keys without him knowing," Ryo said aloud as he turned about and walked toward the car. "Now, to take care of business."

Ryo hopped into the car, started it, and began to drive away, back towards the city.

"I'm going to get to the bottom of this, Digimon Emperor. I just know you've gone back to your old ways... and you're responsible for taking my Kari from me."

Ryo quietly crept over towards the near side of Ken's bed. But as he got over there and reached to awaken Ken from his slumber to begin his questioning, something else did.

The sound of two D-3s beeping loudly... Cody's, which was sitting in plain view on the nightstand between the two beds, and Ken's, which could be heard from his pants, which were draped on a chair on the opposite of the room. The sounds, naturally, woke both of the Digidestined up in a hurry. Panicked, Ryo jumped on Ken's bed and pinned his arms to it before he could move.

"What the... who the..." Ken shouted.

"You're not going anywhere!" Ryo said angrily. "Not until you tell me the truth!"

"What's all the racket?" Cody asked as he simultaneously noticed Ryo on Ken and his D-3 beeping off like an alarm clock. "And what are you doing with Ken?"

"Nothing. If he tells me what I need to know."

Cody grimaced as he reached for his D-3 to shut off the ringer.

"It's a message from Tai!" Cody stated.

"It must be important," Ken deduced as his D-3 continued to ring out. "Do you mind getting off?"

Ryo glared at Ken for a moment, debating whether or not to do so. As he was still deciding, Cody read the message aloud.

"It says he wants us to raise our D-3s to the sky! And he says do it now!"

"He must be calling for the Circle of the Digidestined! But... why?"

Cody got up from his bed and ran over to get Ken's D-3. Turning off the ringer, he discovered the same message on his as well.

"Yep, same message here too. It must be really urgent."

"Wait a minute..." Ken remembered. "If that's so, then Yolei's D-3 is probably ringing as well. I've gotta go..."

Ken tried to get up, but Ryo continued to hold him down.

"What are you doing?" Cody asked.

"Yeah, what's your problem?" Ken added.

"I'm not letting you go until you tell me what I want to know!"

"And that is?"

Ryo stared at Ken once again, seemingly not wanting to respond to the query. At least, not with Cody in the room, as he glanced at him.

"Obviously, he thinks it's a private matter," Ken deduced. "Go ahead and check on my wife, Cody."

"But... Ken!"

"I'll be fine. Ryo here doesn't want to kill me or anything. He just wants... a talk. She's in 407."

Cody nodded, placed Ken's D-3 back where he had found it, then left the room, heading for the elevator. Once they were alone, Ryo got off of Ken and the bed, and walked over to Cody's and sat down on it. Relieved to be released, Ken sat up slowly, keeping his eye on Ryo the entire time.

"So, spit it out. By the urgency of this message, I don't have time to play detective."

"You seemed pretty calm when we pulled you out of that frigid wonderland. Especially since Sora had just told you that Kari was dead after I had introduced myself."

"Let me guess... you think it was an act?"

"Why not? After all, you are the famous Digimon Emperor! The one who brought sorrow to the Digiworld!"

"Ex-Digimon Emperor, Ryo. And those days are long behind me. I'm not proud of what I did back then, regardless of whether I was in control of what had happened or not. But I swore to myself that I'd never go to the dark side ever again."

"So you can say with certainty that you had nothing to do with Kari's death?"

Ken paused for a second, realizing what Ryo was getting at.

"You're trying to find someone to put the blame on. You chose me because of my past, because I'm so easy to pin as the bad guy. You're looking for closure so you can move on from this horrible ordeal. I understand... but you need to open your eyes to the truth. I would never do anything to hurt Kari. All of us Digidestined... we're like family. Brothers and sisters. It would be unthinkable to hurt someone as close as she is to me. To the entire team."

"I understand what you're saying... but how do I know for sure? Tell me... how do I know you're not pulling my leg?"

"You could surely ask Cody for the truth. Or Yolei. Or any of our Digimon. We were all out there in that tent freezing our asses off together. And we had no way out. No way to personally have a hand in her death. Of course, there's the argument that I could've ordered someone else to do it, leaving me as the mastermind. But you'll just have to trust that I didn't make any such order to anyone."

Ryo sat there silently, not knowing how to grasp Ken's deductions. He continued to show no reaction as Ken slowly crawled out of bed and made his way over to his pants to get his D-3 out.

"If you really think I'm responsible for Kari's death, then do what you believe it's necessary. If that involves killing me, then so be it."

Ken pulled the D-3 out and started walking towards the window. Once there, he motioned as if he was going to reach for the sky. But he stopped to turn to look at Ryo once more, who was still frozen on Cody's bed.

"But if I'm not, then let me do what I have to do here. In the morning, I'll tackle this case and bring Kari's true killer to justice. I promise."

Ken waited for Ryo to react. Kari's husband finally did, rising to his feet and slowly making his way to the door, his head lowered in sadness.

"You're... very convincing. You know that?"

"It comes with the job description," Ken replied.

"Call Sora in the morning. She'll tell you where I'm staying for the night. Oh, and... sorry for accusing you."

Ken nodded. "We'll get these guys."

Ryo let a smile creep across his face before departing from the room. Ken then turned his attention back to the window and lifted his D-3 into the sky. A large beam of light shot forth from it, heading for points unknown.

On the other side of the building and a floor up, Yolei, somewhat blue in the face and with her nose running, managed to get enough strength to drape her arm around the back of Cody's neck and get to the window, where they also raised their D-3s to the sky above.

Around the world, the other Digidestined had gotten the message and were doing the same, regardless of what time of day or night it was. From married couple Yuri and Anna in Russia, the latter holding their baby son in her arms as they stood on the balcony of their house just outside of Moscow, to Rosa, who had been speaking to an archeology class at a university in Mexico City, they all got the call.


Digital World's Eastern Quadrant, Sector 1.05

Davis and TK were standing near the top of a mountain, where the narrow ledges and the howling winds forced them to lean their backs against the mountainside. Above them, the clouds had been gathering, as if they were about to open up and dump a whole bunch of snow on them.

"We're sure this is the place?" Davis asked again.

"Positive!" TK confirmed. "Knowing Kari, she'd never lie to me. Keep secrets, maybe..."

"Dude... you're still hung up on that me having seen her naked bit?"

Before TK could elicit a response, both of their D-3s started to go off. Davis and TK both answered it at the same time, and were presented with the same message as the other Digidestined.

"The missiles?"

"It must be, Davis. Quick... send Tai a message back. Tell him where we are."


East Meadows, New York

"Is everything going to be alright, honey?" Peg asked her husband as she carried their son Jake in her arms.

"I hope so," Tai tried to reassure her.

"We're ready," Phil said aloud, prompting Tai to turn to his left and see Phil and Lou standing there.

"So all of the American Digidestined have been contacted?"

"'Cept for Michael. We can't reach him."

"Regardless of his situation, we don't have time to find out why."

Tai's D-3 then began beeping loudly, to his surprise.

"What... what is it?" Lou wondered.

Tai pressed a button to turn off the ringer, then looked at the message. It read 'TK and I are in the Digital World.'

"TK? And the message... is from Davis?"

"Sacre bleu!" Catherine gasped as she was led back into the main lab room by the same two guards from earlier.

She saw the scientists in the room furiously preparing the Digi-port generator for usage as Sora was being outfitted with body armor and safety and mountain-climbing equipment. Matt was reluctantly helping, not completely sure Sora should be risking her life so soon after just getting out of another tough situation.

"There's gotta be another way," Matt tried to reason. "We can find a way to find Gabumon and get him here so the two of us can go instead of you and Biyomon."

"We can't," Sora told him. "Rena and the others haven't pinpointed where Catherine sent them. We don't have time to guess. We do know where Biyomon is, though, and between Rena here and Chiharu back at the hot springs resort, they can manage to have her meet me at the interception point."

"Actually, I can tell you if it'll help," Catherine ran over, interrupting them.

"Catherine?" they both shouted in surprise.

"Francois ordered moi to help out in any way I could."

"But what about..." Matt began before Catherine stopped him.

"We'll worry about that later, mes amies. For now... we need to open a Digi-port to Miami!"

"I've forwarded the location to Chiharu-chan!" Rena exclaimed from her seat. "If Gabumon is there, near a Digi-port generation point, and has someone with a D-3 with him..."

"That's a lot of ifs there," Sora said. "We don't have time for ifs. Put Chiharu back on getting Biyomon to meet me at..."

"No need, Sora..." Tai cut in, still patched in through Matt's D-3's video feed. "We've already got two on the inside."

"Two?" Matt asked.

"Your brother and Davis."

"What? But TK was in surgery just hours ago! How did he..."

"I don't know, but they're both there. They know the situation, and they want us to send them Patamon and Veemon."

"With two Digidestined and their partners," Rena said aloud, "that will greaten their chances of success in stopping the missile. 59 more than Sora and Biyomon could manage on their own."

"Are you sure that's accurate? Like I said, my bro was just in surgery! Davis had some injuries too... you mean they still have the strength to succeed? Sora and I have a much better chance!"

Suddenly, the sirens inside the lab began to go off. Sora, Matt, and Catherine looked around the room and saw the scientists even more panicked than before as they ran about, checking instrument panels and system read-outs.

"What's going on?" Tai asked, hard to hear over the sirens.

"We're not sure," Sora said, a tinge of fear in her voice.

"GET THOSE THINGS UNDER CONTROL!" Rena screamed as loud as her voice would allow, as the crew around her furiously worked to do so.

Seconds later, the sirens stopped ringing, to everyone's relief. Francois, curious as to the noise, ran into the room.

"What's going on in here?" he asked.

Everyone looked to Rena for an explanation, and she quickly obliged.

"The system was... or is, overloading. Something is keeping us from generating enough power to get the Digi-port Generator up and running at a safe capacity."

"How?" Sora asked, walking over with her husband and Catherine.

Rena shrugged her shoulders. "I think it's a virus, but I'm not sure. It hasn't completely paralyzed our OS, but it has done enough to cripple it enough to hurt us."

"Get to the point... can you extinguish it?" Francois asked.

"Yes... but the time it would take to do so..."

"We'd be too late to stop the missiles," figured Sora.

"We'll have to rely on the Circle," Tai said aloud. "Matt, get outside with Sora and Catherine... we'll need all the help we can muster. I'll have to tell TK and Davis to get out of..."

"It's not a complete loss," Rena stopped Tai short.

"What do you mean?"

"Chiharu is assuring me that she can get a Digi-port in Miami open, she just needs us to provide the power."

"Can we?"


"But we would still need the D-3 of a Digidestined to receive the open command there," Sora reminded them.

Suddenly, another round of sirens went off. This one was more sedated, though, and lasted only a few seconds. But that was long enough for a map to appear on Rena's screen, and the gang ran over to look at it with her.

"Guess what..." Rena said with a smile.

"There's two signals!" Matt exclaimed.

Sora slapped herself on the forehead. "I just remembered... Maria has a beach house in Miami!"

"What was that?" Tai shouted, not looking at his D-3 but yelling off-screen at someone. "Why didn't you tell us..."

"Did you hear that, Tai?"

"Yeah, Sora... apparently, Phil and Lou conveniently forgot to told me that Maria's down there. And Mimi's with her."

"WHAT?" the Digidestined at the lab all shouted simultaneously.

"She had told them about half an hour ago that they were leaving the area to keep Michael, who Maria thought might have been tracking them, from finding the two of them."

"Sacre bleu!" Catherine shouted. "Those coordinates are awfully close to where I zent them!"

"The Digimon?"

"It makes sense," Rena said. "If Maria and Mimi had left the Miami area by car, their D-3s would not be pinging where they are now. They would've been too far away. Which means they left by some slower means... or weren't able to leave the area at all."

"Can we get in contact with one of them?" Matt asked.

"Mimi, are you there?" Sora asked, already one step ahead, having dialed up Mimi's number through her D-3.

"That's my girl," Matt said with a smile.

Somewhere near Miami, Florida

Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, Veemon, Gomamon, Gatomon, Floramon, and Centarumon were gathered around Mimi and Maria, who were chatting with Matt through Mimi's D-3. He was busy explaining the situation to them.

"Wait, slow down!" Mimi yelled. "You're talking too fast for me understand! I thought we were supposed to be doing the 'Circle!'"

"May I?" Maria prompted, signifying that she wanted the D-3.

"I've never been able to understand that man," Mimi huffed as she handed her D-3 over.

"Let me get this straight... you want me to open a Digi-port to where now?"

"Eastern Quadrant, Sector 1.5!" Matt told her. "And we need to do it now. We're sending you the coding now... you should be able to open the Digi-port just by aiming your D-3 in the correct direction."

"Rena told me to give you this," Sora told Matt off-screen before handing him a sticky note that became visible to Maria.

"Okay... turn 83 degrees to your left and take five steps forward. Then activate the portal generator on your D-3."

Maria nodded, then did as she was told, breaking away from the group. Once in position, she pressed a few buttons on her D-3. In an instant, a Digi-port did open about twenty feet in front of her.

"Got it!"

"Send Veemon and Patamon through! Now!"

"Veemon! Patamon! Davis and TK need you!"

"Davish needs us!" Veemon exclaimed happily.

"Let's go then!" Patamon added.

The two Digimon ran past Maria and leaped into the Digi-port, which closed immediately after they went through.

"Thanks for the assist, Maria!" Matt thanked her.

"Anything to get these terroristas!"

Maria signed off, nodded to Mimi, who walked up beside her with the other Digimon in tow, and then they raised their D-3s to the sky once more.

TK and Davis continued to be pinned to the side of the mountain as they waited for some kind of response from Tai or one of the other Digidestined regarding getting their Digimon sent to them. Suddenly, a Digi-port opened up in between them, and out of it walked Veemon and Patamon.





"Boy, am I glad to see you!" Davis exclaimed as Veemon jumped up into his arms.

"Me too!" Veemon replied with a smile.

"Oh my gosh... are you alright?" Patamon asked TK with concern.

"Nothing that a few weeks rest can't cure," TK reassured him.

"TK... come in, TK!" Matt yelled, sending a video transmission to his brother's D-3.

"I'm here, Matt!"

"Are you sure you're up to this?"

"We don't have much of a choice. What do we do?"

Rena squeezed her way onto the screen and began feeding instructions to him. Davis and Veemon walked over to listen in as well.

"Okay," Rena said. "You'll only get one chance at this. If you guys can't destroy both missiles in the next two minutes..."

"The city of Zan Konolchuk will become a crater," TK said, aware of what was at stake.

"Good luck! We're all counting on you!"

"Alright... ready, Davis?"

"Born ready, TK!"




"Patamon digivolve to..."

"Veemon digivolve to..."

Patamon and Veemon went through the Digi-volution sequences, upgrading into their champion-level forms.



Angemon and ExVeemon appeared before their partners briefly before taking off, flying in the direction of the approaching missiles. The two nukes had just appeared over the horizon and were closing in fast.

"Vee Laser!" yelled ExVeemon as the insignia on the front of his body lit up and then fired a V-shaped beam into the air.

"Hand of Fate... Cha!" shouted Angemon, making a punching motion with his right arm, from which a beam of light was produced as well.

The two lasers streaked towards the same missile, and looked as if they were going to hit their target. Then, without warning, the two beams dissipated in an instant, breaking up before they could hit the target.

"What the..." Davis cried out.

"I think they're too far away," noted TK. "TRY AGAIN, GUYS!"

"Vee Laser!"

"Hand of Fate!"

This time around, both attacks reached the target, hitting it square in the nose cone. The missile exploded into many pieces, which rained down from the sky and fell towards the forest below.

"Are you sure we should be detonating these over an area heavy populated with forest dwelling Digimon?" TK asked Rena.

"We have no choice. That being said, there's a team of human and Digimon decontaminators about ten minutes out."

"We'd find another way if there was time," Tai said reluctantly. "But we have to take these missiles down now!"

"TK... it looks like the other one's picking up speed!" Davis said, pointing to the sky at the remaining nuke.

"I've got it... Vee Laser!"

ExVeemon fired, but he had been too slow, as the beam didn't get there in time to cut the missile off.

"We're going to have to turn it up a notch!" TK yelled, raising his D-3 to the sky. "Time for Ultimate Digivolution!"

"Angemon digivolve to... MAGNAANGEMON!"

As the digivolution sequence finished up, the missile passed above the two Digimon overhead.

"We're running out of time!" Davis exclaimed. "Do something already!"

"Vee Laser!" ExVeemon screamed, firing another blast.

ExVeemon's latest attack connected, hitting the missile's tailfin, completely destroying it. But not the missile itself, which without any rocket power to propel it, began nose-diving towards the mountain.

Towards where TK and Davis were standing.

"Davish, no!" ExVeemon yelled, realizing his mistake and flying towards his partner.

"Gotta stop that..." MagnaAngemon muttered to himself as he started gathering energy.

"TK! Davis!" Matt yelled over the D-3. "Get out of the way!"

"Somebody do something!" Sora shouted. "Somebody get them out of there!"

But there was nothing the Digidestined could do in time. They could only watch helplessly from their D-3s around the world as the missile fell towards the mountain.

"MagnaAngemon!" TK cried.

"He must be calling for the Gate of Destiny," Davis thought to himself. "But there's not enough time!"

Davis only had a split second to make some sort of move. And then, like clockwork, it came to him. As if it was destined to be the right move to make.

"Forgive me..."

"Huhwaaa..." was all TK could muster before Davis had run over and pushed the Digidestined of Hope off of the cliff.

"Tell Dora that I love her."


"GATE OF..." MagnaAngemon started to shout, before out of the corner of his eye, spotting that his partner had fallen off of the mountain. "TK!"

MagnaAngemon stopped his attack and flew as fast he could to catch TK before he hit the bottom. In doing so, he knew that he was leaving Davis and ExVeemon to fend for themselves. He didn't want to have to, but the situation had left him in a position to save only one Digidestined.

"I'm coming, Davish!" ExVeemon yelled.

ExVeemon was flying as fast as he could to head off the missile. But not fast enough, as it was painfully obvious that he wasn't going to make it there in time. Regardless, he wasn't going to abandon his partner. And despite what was about to happen, Davis had a smile on his face.

"Thanks for being the best partner ever," Davis thought to himself, though he somehow shot them towards ExVeemon to make sure he heard them too. "I've never regretting being partnered with you. You're the best Digimon in the world."

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you," ExVeemon telegraphed back.

"It's okay... the mission's accomplished, and that's all that matters."

The missile collided with the mountainside about ten feet above Davis' head, exploding with a ball of fire and practically taking out the upper half of that entire face, ledges and all, on impact.

Down below, TK looked up and saw the giant explosion, watching debris quickly fly at a torrid pace in many directions. At the same time, he glanced down and saw the ground below rapidly approaching.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, MagnaAngemon swooped in and caught TK and flew away from the mountain as fast as possible, as debris began to pour down and hit the ground at an alarming rate. TK looked up at where he had been on the mountain just seconds earlier, and so did MagnaAngemon. They both wanted to go back up there, but they reluctantly knew there wasn't anything they could do.

Back at the Digimon Research Laboratory, many of the scientists were whooping and hollering with glee over the missiles being successfully destroyed before reaching East Antarctica. But neither Rena or any of the Digidestined were joyful, especially after what they had just seen. Catherine had already broken down in tears, crying as Sora gave her a consoling hug. Matt seemed relieved that TK was okay, but he wasn't happy about what Davis did.

"Why did he... he could've saved himself too! I mean, I'm glad for him saving TK, but... he didn't have to go and get HIMSELF KILLED!"

"I can't imagine what his family's going to go through," Rena stated, saddened.

"Incoming message from the sector..." one of the scientists in the room yelled from his seat. "The decontamination squadron has arrived on the scene! They're requesting medical assistance!"

"Very well," Francois barked. "Prep a team immediately! Yagami!"

"Yes, sir?"

"How long will it take to bring the generator back to a working state?"

"I'd have to check if any files were corrupted... thirty minutes."

"I want it done in fifteen! Get whomever you can to help you!"

Rena nodded, then immediately went to work, shouting instructions out to a few nearby assistants. Francois turned to Matt and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Your brother and his friend are very brave for what they did. Rest assured, they will be rewarded for their efforts."

"Thank you."

Francois then glanced over at Catherine, who was still bawling her eyes out. Sora looked at him, as if she was motioning him over. He took a step towards Catherine, then he changed his mind and started to head out of the room. Matt and Sora watched him depart without a word.

"Stacy, get me in touch with Representative O'Neil immediately!" Tai told his secretary over the cell phone. "I know the UN is in session... she needs to be updated on the situation now!"

"That probably won't be necessary," Lou said. "We just got word that the session was brought to an abrupt end by NYPD. There were a couple of CIA agents there too."

"What? Why?"

"Phil is working to get all the details, but we think they're taking Representative Maseroon into custody."


"Apparently, somebody dropped a great tip in the CIA's lap. One that just appeared in the database out of nowhere."

At the hot springs resort where many of the Digidestined's family members had taken shelter, Chiharu had fallen asleep at a computer near the main lobby. Her head rested on the desk on top of her arms, where she was dreaming peacefully. A blanket suddenly was draped over her thanks to Biyomon, who had been by her side the entire time.

"We'll keep the whole bit about you knowing how to hack a secret," Biyomon winked slyly.

"What about the accomplices?"

"There's one in Osaka in the same prison where Izzy was being held. Was because apparently he's just been exonerated and they'll be releasing him shortly. Michael, two others, and their Digimon were found at the military base where the missiles were launched from. One of them was killed when he became hostile, unfortunately."

"So that should be it, right? I think there were five humans in all. And their Digimon."

"I think so, but the authorities still have other leads and locations to check. It may be a few days before everything's completely sorted out."

Roughly twenty minutes later, Matt was accompanying the medical team that arrived from the Digimon Research Laboratory, which had managed to get the Digi-port generator up and running again. Once on site, they were led to the decontamination team's makeshift base, where TK and Patamon were chatting with one of their members.



"Thank goodness you're okay!" Matt cried as he ran over to hug his younger brother.

"Yeah... okay's a funny way of putting things."

"They won't have the personnel or equipment to go up there and check for another hour or so, but..."

"The guy you were talking to... he told you they're most likely dead?"

TK nodded sadly. "I still don't understand why he'd pull a stupid stunt like that."

"I really wish I knew the answer to that. But... it worked. And he'll be remembered greatly for it."

"Stupid Davis... always striving for attention. Looks like he'll get it for the rest of time."

TK, Matt, and Patamon glanced up at the smoking crater that made up what was left of the top of the mountain.

No one ever found any trace of Davis or ExVeemon up there. It was assumed that their bodies were eradicated in the nuclear blast. Not that the team had time to search, as the blast and the winds up there made it difficult to step foot up there without risk of causing an avalanche that would destroy what was left of the summit.

I still can't figure out why Davis saved my life but he didn't try to save his own. I want make a joke about what's waiting for him in Heaven, but that would be inappropriate. Besides, I've gotten over it. And it's not like anything really happened.

Davis' wife, Dora, was pretty upset when she learned of his death. The same with his sister, June. A lot of us thought it was just because they loved picking on him at first. But we then realized how much both of them adored having him around. And how they no longer had someone in the family to take out a day's worth of frustrations out on.

All of the charges of treason and such against Izzy were dropped almost as quickly as they had been sprung on him. He was released from the Osaka Harbor Detention Center the following morning. They had to get in touch with his wife Sakura to pick him up. By the way, she was relieved to see her husband alive and only slightly worse for the wear. I heard she uncharacteristically came close to giving the Warden a piece of her mind, but cooler heads prevailed in the end.

Yolei had to remain in the hospital for a little over two weeks. The doctors were afraid that it was more than pneumonia, that she had come down with the flu. They turned out to be right, as I heard Yolei had a high fever for days. Ken was by her side as much as the doctors would let him be, swearing to always be there forever and ever. On occasion, their children would be there too... Agatha, Watson, and Mason. When they weren't, Cody, who ended up having to spend only one extra night there, was babysitting. Once the Digi-ports were opened to the public again, Cody whisked his wife Shinobu and their daughter Mai here so they could be together while he was taking care of Ken and Yolei's kids.

Ryo disappeared for a few days. Kinda. I heard he went back home and just went into hiding. Hopefully, we'll see him and Akio at Kari's funeral. He loved her so much... much more than either Davis or I did. It's disheartening not to have Kari around to brighten up any of our lives.

Kari's death had an impact on Tai too, apparently. He immediately asked to resign from his post as Japan's representative at the United Nations. They told him he would have to remain in his seat until a replacement could be found. But he never sat in on the assembly ever again. Tai says he wants to find a job that keeps him closer to home, closer to Peg and Jake. I wonder how that's going.

Matt was required to fulfill his obligations at the space station, so he immediately had to head back. Sora wasn't too pleased with that, but she wished him well anyway. When he got back, I believe they wanted him to leave, saying he needed some rest after everything that happened. But he refused to take it. Besides, he told me the other day that his lab partner, Penelope, would refuse to do any more work up there if he left. I bet she looks up to him as a hero.

Catherine broke up with Francois. She wasn't comfortable with what had transpired between them during our ordeal. She said maybe they would get back together one day, but she needed time to clear her head and really decide for herself if she really loved him.

The same could be said for Mimi, who was questioning Michael's trust and loyalty. She took Monty and traveled down to Daytona Beach, where she shacked up at Maria's actual home. I haven't been in contact with them, but rumor is that Mimi put herself 'back on the market,' even though legally she and Michael are still married. For now, anyway.

As for Michael, he's in prison awaiting trial for aiding and abetting terrorists, as well as a few minor charges. He and his lawyers are trying to break a deal that drops that major charge and keeps him out of jail, in exchange for testifying against the bad guys.

Former Australian Digidestined Derek, who had legally changed his name to 'Dingo Jack' a few months before this whole mess had even started, wasn't as lucky. 'Green' got numerous counts of attempted murder, second-degree murder, and first-degree murder. He got hit with a lot because most of the murders from the Jagamon stampede were in what was considered shared territory with his home country. He wasn't given the death penalty, though... Australia had abolished it long ago. 'Dingo Jack' received three consecutive life sentences instead, one for each of the three DPA scientists that died in the stampede. Trials are still pending in the U.S. for several terrorism charges and in Japan, for attempting to murder Izzy.

The police found Lancer, the guy who was codenamed 'Yellow,' was found dead at Maseroon's mansion, having been sliced in half. It turned out he was a native of West Antarctica and that he had joined the plot because he thought he was fighting with an organization that wanted the two countries to merge into one. There had been rumors that the Neptunian immigrants of East Antarctica wanted to branch out and help the less-financially settled Plutonians of West Antarctica. But it turned out that any support from either country was very minimal. Not that they weren't open to the idea at all... they just didn't think they could gain anything from merging two entire differently governing bodies.

Mitchell, known as 'Blue,' had been shot at that military base. It's pretty much classified information since it happened on an American installation... and a secret one, at that. I'm not going to go so far as to say he deserved it, especially after he nearly killed me and Davis, and indirectly caused Kari's death. And all that he did, including physically launching the missiles that could've killed thousands in Zan Konolchuk... he would've gotten the death penalty anyway if he were still alive.

As for 'Red,' that guy who used to like Kari too, and I refuse to mention his actual name because he started that spiral of events that killed her by trying to kill me in the Digi-world... his trial is still pending. He promised to testify as well, though there's plenty of insistence that he will still have many charges to face for his part in the terror plot, and he could still possibly get the death penalty. You know, I really don't care about him anymore... I'd rather have him rot in jail for the rest if his days, though, if it were up to me.

Yoshi Ono, the scientist who framed Izzy for treason, was awaiting trial for all of his crimes, including treason, illegal use of government property, use of firearms, attempted kidnapping, and as an accessory to the murders of Joe and the other two scientists at the Digimon Protection Agency. But apparently, he committed suicide while in the Osaka Harbor Detention Center. Because of the nature of the Centers, the exact details are classified.

I'm not privy to details regarding the sentences of the terrorists' five Digimon partners. Their crimes are dealt with by Digiworld Supreme Council, and punishments are handed out there as well. They never release verdicts to the general public, but it was assumed Gazimon, Gizamon, Betamon, Mushroomon, and Hagurumon got a varied degree of punishments as was seen fit. Michael's Betamon also went before the Council, and Patamon told me that they were forbidden to have any interaction for six months. I also suspected that their partnership as Digidestined and Digimon had been dissolved, but I have yet to find any proof of such.

As for 'White,' the mastermind that everyone knew as East Antarctican Representative to the United Nations, Jindra Maseroon, he's sitting in jail for his trial. Which is all a formality. Given what he's done and attempted to do, including destroying a portion of his own home country's capital city, he's expected to get the death penalty. East Antarctica was exploring whether they had a case for execution as well, seeing as they were the target. Though it didn't help that a piece of Neptunian technology was used to blind the city in a blizzard, leaving them unaware of what had been an attempt to destroy and/or seriously cripple the country's government. Meanwhile, the country itself reanalyzed its procedures for selecting representatives for the United Nations, and as a goodwill gesture, they decided to give up their seat until a better, safer voting system could be put in place.

As for me, well, I'm just glad that this whole thing was over. It was one rough day that we all went through. One that none of any of the surviving Digidestined and Digimon would never forget. We had to say goodbye to some dear friends, husbands, wives, and partners. Many of us, including myself, wondered if there was one thing we could have done differently... that might have saved Joe, Kari, Davis, Veemon, or any of the other humans or Digimon that passed away that fateful day.

Regardless, we all have to move on. Maybe one day we will find out the answer to that question. And we'll figure it out together. Because once a Digidestined, always a Digidestined... no matter how people enter or leave, there will always be a circle that connects us all.

The End

Author's Notes:
Finally, finally freakin' finished! This took four years! Can you believe it? Four whole years! Man, where to start, where to start...

Remember way back at the beginning that I told you that I was going to kill off three Digidestined in this fanfic? Well, at long last, here's number three. Davis. Yes, he was the one slated to die the most dramatic death in the piece. And he goes out with honor... saving the world, no less. Why not... he's not the bad of a guy as the dub made him out to be, you know.

I will admit, that a lot of factors have played into why this story took so darn long to finish. And the story has changed a lot since this was first planned out, too. I think the biggest flaw by far is not brainstorming out the story in full beforehand. Back then, I tended to (and still do now) fill in the lesser parts as I went along. This meant, especially as I tried to wrap it up in the past few months, lots of stuff ended up jumbled and not fitting, and I was juggling way too many scenes at one point with no concrete way of tying it all together. And I had to rush a lot of stuff to a conclusion towards the end to keep the fanfic within the constricted 26 episode format I had given it. Heck, this episode should've originally been 25 & 26, but I had to sandbag it all into 26.

Heck, even the epilogue is majorly rushed, as a lot of it was stuff I included in just for completeness. Which is kinda sad, really. If I was better inclined, it would be fleshed out a lot more.

So, truth be told, I'm probably going to get a lot of slack for adopting a 'let's just finish it' mantra for this rather than 'make sure the story's actually great' strategy. I'd like to hope that, one day, I'll be able to go back and rewrite this story, especially the entire second half, post-Kari's death, and make it much, much better.

But I doubt that day will ever come.

I can see you guys pointing out other flaws as well, such as a lack of Digimon fighting in the latter episodes and the fact that the story has never really pushed an R-rating much since the early episodes. For once, I feel that I've truly failed all of you loyal readers out there who've been with me since the start of my writing career in 1999, or at least since this story was first started in October 2002. I really wish I could've given a better effort, but thing is, I'm nowhere near motivated as a writer as I used to be.

Safe to say this'll be the last Digimon fanfic I'll ever write, for many, many reasons in and out of my control.

Normally I don't pander for comments other than the occasional 'read and review, if you please.' But I feel I need to this one time, just because I want some honest truth. Like, was it worth finishing this if I half-assed it through the last few episodes? Or struggled just to finish it, if that's more your speed? What did you think of the story in general? I'm curious for constructive criticism as well... I don't seem to get much of that either. Maybe if there's some other flaw I neglected to point out or question/plot point that I forget to resolve, I might redo these author's notes to add it.

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I guess I'll wrap up with the usual thanks for reading "The Circle of the Digidestined," and I'll see you all on the flip side!

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