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"For the last time… OUT!" The towering figure's roar scattered the tumultuous throng, sending the mass of starry-eyed strangers and fame-seekers out into the streets of Magnolia.

"Damn, Makarov," Macao said as the Guild Leader shrank down to his normal, diminutive size, "that seemed a bit… harsh."

"Bah!" The aged wizard shook his head contemptuously. "Ever since our beloved Fairy Tail won the Grand Magic Games, our hall's been flooded with wizards and tourists, all looking for a piece of the pie. Frankly, those roaches are lucky I didn't squash 'em into the floorboards!"

"Calm yourself, ya old coot," Gildarts said with a sly grin, coming up behind the Guild Leader and clapping a hand on the older man's shoulder. "Don't waste my visit complaining about our little family's publicity! Besides, there's nothin' wrong with some new recruits."

"Well, I'd rather wait til this "Fairy Tail Fever" fizzles out a bit…" Makarov grunted, hopping up to his usual place on the bar counter. "Once that happens, the useless ninnies should be filtered out, and it'll be easier to find more promising young wizards. You should both know that I hate turning people away," he said, slapping Macao's and Gildarts's backs, "but I don't think I have a choice, at least for the time being."

"I know what ya mean," Macao said, absent-mindedly running a finger down his bristly mustache. "Still… after all of the chaos and drama stirred up by the Games, it's nice to be back to the way things used to be." The blue-haired wizard smiled, nodding across the hall at a scuffle he saw rearing to erupt. "Yep, just like old times!"

"What did you say to me, you pan-seared imbecile?"

"I said that I could put you in the ground right now, frosty the lame-man!"

"Could you guys please stop fighting? For just a couple minutes?"

"Not gonna happen, blondie… these morons aren't gonna shut the hell up unless I knock some cold, iron sense into em."


With a roar, Natsu launched himself over the table, his fist enveloped in flames and barely blocked by a shield of Gray's trademark ice. The two wizards immediately flew into wild, chaotic combat, an exasperated Lucy ducking behind Levy's Solid Script: Guard in an attempt to avoid a large and menacing icicle.

As Gajeel leapt into the fray behind her, Lucy sighed loudly, making her blunette friend giggle behind one of her slender hands. "I can't believe those boys…" the Celestial Wizard said. "You'd think that after all of the craziness they've been through lately, they'd manage to put a lid on it for once, ya know?"

"Therein lies the problem, Luce," Levy said, leaning back against the wooden table behind her. "Craziness is where those goofballs are at their most comfortable… personally, I'm glad to see the three of them having at it like that. Anything else would just be weird!"

"I suppose you're right," Lucy said, sitting beside her friend with her elbows back on the table, her keys jangling at her hip. "Just another day in the life of the Fairy Tail wizards, eh?"


The sound of the hall's doors being bashed open turned every head in the Guild Hall, and even managed to put a cork in the 'sparring' trio, who were still sprawled across the floor like grumpy ragdolls. All eyes turned to the main doors, and almost all of them widened when they saw the imposing figure that stormed into the room.

"Laxus is back already?" Natsu whispered to Gray, following the Lightning Dragon Slayer with his narrowing eyes. "I thought he was on some long S-class job!"

The Ice Mage shook his head. "Nah, I heard he had some stuff to take care of before he left… I wonder what's got him all worked up?"

"That guy's always been a half-step from crazy, if ya ask me," Gajeel growled, sitting up and lazily brushing some of his ebon mane back over his head.

The towering wizard crossed the hall in long, even strides, a stern expression on his face and his hands stuffed into his pockets. He and Makarov locked gazes from across the room, and the elder Dreyar saw an unusual mix of excitement and determination in his grandson's cold eyes.

"Hello, Laxus," Makarov said when the young man had reached him.

"Gramps," the Slayer said with a gruff nod.

"What're you doin' here?" the Guild Leader asked, his wrinkled brow furrowed. "I'd heard that you'd left on a lengthy job the other day… without sayin' goodbye to your grandfather, no less. Shameful, really."

"Shove it, old man," Laxus replied, a wicked grin on his face, and Makarov laughed. "And yeah, I'm planning on leaving for that job soon, but first I have something to give you…" Laxus reached into his coat's inner pocket and pulled out a letter, sealed with a magic seal that'd been burned onto the paper. "An old friend of mine recently got this into my hands, and he said that it's for you."

Makarov took the letter, and he could feel many eyes on him and his grandson as he looked at the seal. "Who exactly is this… friend of yours?"

"Trust me, you've heard of him." Whispers spread across the hall, with many of the Fairy Tail members instantly intrigued by Laxus' words. Who could this mysterious stranger be? What could he want with the guild?

Makarov tore open the letter, and the magic seal vanished in a flash of yellow light. "So when the letter's opened, the sender can sense it… interesting," Makarov said as he opened the letter fully. He began to read, and the air around him was silent as every person in the hall waited anxiously for the details of the letter to be made known.

Makarov suddenly gasped, his eyes shooting open. "The Devil of the Sands?!"

"Yep," Laxus said, a smug smirk on his face. "He's a cool guy, as it so happens."

"He's also one of the most feared guildless wizard mercenaries in all of Fiore!" Makarov bellowed, and a chorus of gasps were heard from across the room, plus a request for a fight from a certain Fire Dragon Slayer. "He seriously wants to join the guild?.."

"I tried to recruit him when I first met him a couple of years ago… even back then he was immensely powerful, and I figured we could use him. Unfortunately, he didn't think he belonged in a guild." Laxus shrugged. "Times change though, and I guess after our fucking awesome performance in the Games," he yelled, inciting a cheer from the surrounding wizards, "he saw something that he could be a part of."

"Hmm," Makarov muttered, his head whirling. After a moment or two of silence, he smiled and said, "Well, he's certainly welcome to come pay us a visit, so we can better discuss his possible membership."

As the Guild Leader spoke those words, another magic seal appeared above the open letter, sending a beam of light straight up into the air, which passed harmlessly through the ceiling and into the sky above. Before Makarov or anyone else could react, a knock was heard upon the main doors to the Guild Hall.

"Holy crap, is what Sand-Devil guy here already?" Natsu hissed as he stood, Gray and Gajeel stepping up to be on either side of him.

"That beam must've been some sort of homing spell," Gray said.

"So the opening of the letter got his attention," Levy said, "and then the second seal showed him where to go! That's quite clever… this guy's no slouch."

"Well duh," Gajeel snarled, "even Makarov seemed intimidated, and that was only from this guy's reputation." Ignoring Levy's glare, the Dragon Slayer wove between the tables until he was standing right at the edge of the main path that led from the door, and the others followed suit.

Another knock rang through the air, and Makarov called out through the breathless silence, "Enter." The doors opened slowly, and though the bright sunlight was blinding for a moment, everyone's eyes soon adjusted so they could stare wide-eyed at the figure standing in the entryway.

The Devil of the Sands was tall and lean, wearing little clothing to hide his tan, muscular frame. His hair was dark brown and streaked with blonde, and it stuck up in wild, messy spikes, the longest jutting forwards. The lower half of his face was covered by tightly-wound bandages, which continued down over his neck until they ended almost all the way down his chest; however, his defined muscles were still clearly visible, and many of the female wizards swooned at the sight of his pectorals, abs and sharply-cut 'V', which vanished under his baggy, reddish-brown pants. A black belt tied them at his waist, and although they were quite voluminous, they were snug at their lower edges, ending just under his knees. His entire right arm and the visible part of his left leg were also bandaged, about which many of the present Fairy Tail members instantly asked: why is he beat up so bad? However, it only took another moment before Lucy's eyes widened when they saw that his were fogged over, with only a hint of their blue hue showing through.

He's… blind?

"Alishar!" Laxus bellowed, a wide grin on his face as he crossed the hall to greet his old friend. "It's been too long, and we still have a fight to finish!"

"We both know who will end up victorious, Dreyar." Alishar's voice was cool and flat, carrying little emotion, but it was also quite calming as it drifted through the air of the hall. He raised his right hand, palm up, and Natsu's eyes narrowed when he saw sand whisper out from between the bandages, forming a small mound in his palm. Laxus stopped halfway across the hall, his arms crossed, as if he understood what the newcomer was up to.

The mysterious wizard suddenly leaned forward and blew on the sand he was holding, which whipped into the air and scattered across the room, vanishing almost instantly. No one moved for a few seconds, and a few people jumped as they felt small pricks against their skin. Alishar remained motionless as Laxus resumed his pace, saying, "It always blows my mind how you can do that."

"Do what, exactly?" Wakaba asked, waving one of the miniscule particles from his face. "What kind of wizard is this guy?"

"I can detect where each grain of sand is," Alishar said, "as well as any objects near it, to some degree. It allows me to paint a mental image of my current location; in this case, your guild hall. We wouldn't want the poor little blind man running into tables, now would we?"

"So you like sand. Cool." Natsu stepped forward, and Alishar turned to face where the Dragon Slayer stood, though his frosted-over eyes seemed to merely look through him, which sent a chill up Natsu's spine. "But there's more to it than that," he said. "Something about you smells… familiar." He sniffed at the air. "I can't place it, though, which is rare for me, seeing as I have the schnoz of a champion."

Gajeel sighed and rolled his eyes. "As much as I hate to say it, I'm with the toasted douche-mallow on this one… you smell weird, stranger, so you'd better start talkin'."

"Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox, I presume?" Alishar asked, and when Laxus nodded behind him, he nodded as well, so Levy assumed that some of his sand was near the Lightning-wielder. "I've heard much of your exploits, Dragon Slayers. It is an honor to make your acquaintance." He held out his hand, and after a shared glance between the two Fairy Tail members, Natsu stepped forward and took it, the entirety of the guild looking on with bated breath.

As soon as their skin met, Natsu froze, and it felt as though a veil had been lifted from his senses. "Y-you…" he gasped. "You're a Dragon Slayer!"

"I'm surprised you didn't smell it on me sooner," Alishar said softly, ignoring the whispers and shock-induced discussion that flew around the hall, "but my Desert Whisper tends to affect the senses of those around me. An unpleasant side-effect, but a necessary one if I'm to have any awareness of my immediate surroundings."

"So you're like Wendy and the others?" Cana asked from a nearby table.

"Yes, in some ways." Alishar turned to face Makarov once more, and the Guild Leader remained motionless, his eyes taking in every facet of the young wizard, from his aura to his body language. "I'm a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, like the twins of Sabertooth. I was raised by Decirox, the Sand Dragon and the Terror of the Golden Sea."

"That's right, kiddies," Laxus shouted, "the Sand Dragon Slayer's here to join our guild! We've got so many of us now," he added with a grin, "we should change the guild's name to Dragon Tail!"

"Wait wait wait," Macao said from his place at Master Makarov's side, "who says we're accepting this guy? I thought we weren't-"

"We aren't," Makarov interjected, "accepting random applicants. However, this young man's been a sought-after prize amongst Light and Dark guilds alike for years," he said in a hushed voice meant only for Macao and Gildarts, "so I hardly see any sense in turning him away."

"Plus I'd love to see what he's got," Gildarts said with a crooked smile.

Makarov looked back to Alishar. "All right, Mister?.."

"Just Alishar will be fine, thank you."

Makarov smiled. "Okay then, Alishar, if you'd be so kind as to come with me, we can discuss your membership and the way things work around here." The Slayer nodded, and headed towards the back of the room, bumping forearms with Laxus as he passed. "As for the rest of you," he bellowed, "can't you find something useful to do?"

After Alishar's dramatic entrance and his subsequent departure with Master Makarov, Laxus meant to sit and enjoy a drink, alone with his thoughts. Unfortunately for him, that was not to be.

"Where'd you meet that guy?" "Is he dangerous?" "Should we trust him?" "How strong is he?" "What's he like?"

"God dammit," he finally shouted, immensely irritated by the throng of curious wizards, "he's a Dragon Slayer and he wants to join our guild. I don't see how any of that other crap is within my rights to share with you idiots."

Though the crowd calmed down and began to disperse, a few wizards remained. Natsu was among them, and he said, "Oh c'mon Laxus, you can tell us more than that!"

"Don't we have reason to be skeptical of this guy?" Lucy added in a small voice. "He seemed… dark."

Laxus laughed, then set down his mug. "Yeah, I suppose he comes across that way." He spun on the stool to face those behind him, and even a few other wizards looked over, eager to hear more about the Sand Dragon Slayer. "I met Alishar on my first Ten-Year mission, which he'd apparently picked up from some other guild. We were both after this monster that'd been terrorizing anyone who passed into this one valley out west."

"Lemme tell ya, that Hydra was a beast. I managed to put a pretty sizable dent in it, but it bounced back even stronger and I knew that I was royally screwed if I didn't come up with a better plan. As much as it pained me to back down, I decided to amscray and come back once I figured somethin' out. When I was back in the nearby town the next day, I heard that another wizard had just left to take on the same monster, and I figured he'd be a goner." Laxus paused, taking another swig, and the wizards gathered around him were all attentively listening, practically hanging on every word. "Turns out, that other wizard went through the same rigamarole that I did, so I met up with him, and we decided that teaming up and splitting the reward would be our best shot at taking this thing down."

"So that wizard was Alishar?" Wendy asked in her fragile voice.

"Pfft nope," Laxus barked, and the Fairy Tail members around him all looked at each other in their confusion. "Anyway, when this wizard and I went back to fight the Hydra, well… it didn't go so well. Every time we so much as scratched that thing, it'd heal itself to be even stronger. After one hell of a fight, the wizard I'd teamed up with was dead, and I was cornered and drained of just about all of my magic energy."

"Right when I thought this thing was gonna do me in, I heard someone shout the name of a spell, and the dirt ground of the valley almost seemed to… dry up. One minute I'm about to get eaten like a chicken tender, and the next, I'm lying in the middle of a desert and the Hydra's gettin' sucked down into the sand as if the earth itself was munchin' on it."

"Damn… so Alishar sounds like a beast," Gray muttered, and Juvia nodded from her spot just behind him.

"His magic's just… different," Laxus said. "He's usually on the defensive, waiting for an opening to strike. Plus he was clever enough to figure out that as long as he didn't directly injure the Hydra, he could beat it… and it's still buried in that valley, thanks to him."

"So are you admitting that someone's stronger than you are?" Natsu laughed.

"Nope," Laxus said with a sharp glare. "I honestly don't know which of us would win in a full-on fight, but I'm sure that it'd be a fight for both of our lives."

"Well I for one am ready to throw down with this guy!" Natsu shouted, punching a smoldering fist into the air.

"Don't be so hasty," Gildarts said, and the group of younger wizards turned to see their Ace standing behind them. "This guy's taken jobs from dozens of guilds, legal and illegal, light and dark. He's dangerous, merciless and unrestrained by a normal sense of right and wrong. I'm not saying he's evil, and from what I've seen of him today, he seems trustworthy enough… but I wouldn't go challenging him so recklessly, Natsu. That goes for the lot of you." With that, Gildarts turned and left the hall, leaving the mob of wizards alone with their thoughts.

"Don't let that old man scare ya too much," Macao said, closing the door behind him as he returned from meeting with Alishar. "Makarov's already taken a shine to the new guy, and if the Master trusts him, then we all should."

"Alishar's been accepted?" Laxus asked. When Macao nodded, the Lightning wizard grinned. "Excellent! Now I can finally finish our draw! Where is he?"

"Makarov's showing him to one of the empty rooms in the men's dormitories," Mirajane said with a smile from the other end of the bar. "Now I think you should all find something to do to keep yourselves out of trouble, and leave the new member alone until he decides to come down and meet everyone." Gray and Gajeel groaned as Natsu stomped away, and Lucy breathed a sigh of relief as she trailed after Levy, who had her nose in a book and was walking next to Wendy.

As the crowd dispersed, Erza-who had remained out of the spotlight so far, watching the antics of her friends with a small smile on her face-got up from her seat and walked over to where Laxus and Macao stood. "I don't know if I trust this new wizard," she said dryly.

"Well, you'll have to learn to," Macao said. "After all… he's already earned a special honor here in the guild." When Laxus and Erza both looked at him quizzically, he went on, "Makarov had Alishar demonstrate a couple of his spells, and even had the young'n throw a couple his way… and he was very impressed."

"What're you getting at, Macao?" Laxus asked.

"Well, you see… Makarov could tell that Alishar's a top-tier wizard, so he already… bumped him up, if you partake my meaning."

"Wait just a minute!" The three wizards turned to see Natsu storming towards them, his arms ablaze and his eyes flashing dangerously. "Are you trying to say that that guy walked in here ten minutes ago, and Master Makarov already made him S-CLASS?!"


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