Disclaimer: I do not own knb A/N: this came to me last night and I had to write it, enjoy~ reviews are always appreciated! - "Shin-chan," the dark haired boy whispered into the darkness that filled the room. No answer. "Shin-chan, come on," he tried once more, again receiving no reply at all. The boy let out a frustrated sigh, scanning the outline of his surroundings. He saw the alarm clock's dimly glowing red digits, just as it always did, he saw the closet, its drawers neatly closed, not one single piece of clothing lying around, and he saw the silhouette of the person silently resting on the bed in the middle of the room. Another sigh left Takao's mouth, then he pushed himself up from the windowsill he had been sitting on, hesitantly moving towards the figure lying in front of him. "Shin-chan," he breathed into the now smaller space between them, still not being given a reaction of any kind. He watched the other's face, almost like he was trying to memorize every single one of his features. The man's eyes were closed calmly, green bangs rebelliously reaching almost to where the face was usually covered from glasses. His mouth was parted just slightly, causing the other to want to kiss him, though he knew exactly he couldn't, not like this. Takao reached out his hand, softly stroking the side of the other's face, as if he was trying to consume a part of it, to never be able to forget what if felt like. "You look so peaceful, it's almost like you're dead," he said with a sad smile on his lips, knowing exactly that he was the one who passed away, yet still not having found his peace.