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Chapter Nine

Beep. Beep.

May's head whipped around as she heard the sounds come out of the computer. Her eyes focused on the console as as things began happening. She saw a variety of readings show up on the screen, but they were jumbled up, like they couldn't decide what readings to focus on. It looked like a child playing with a computer, opening and closing things haphazardly. But there was one thing that May knew without a doubt. These readings were coming from the DWARFs.

"Coulson." May's voice was calm as she called out, but Coulson, who knew her better than any other, would be able to hear the excitement.

Coulson came into the lab. His eyes were red from lack of sleep, but he moved to the computer screen quickly, peering over May's shoulder. "Is that what I think it is?"

"It's the DWARFs," May replied, a rare, small smile touching her lips.

"Do we have a location?"

May made a couple of keystrokes, bringing up a map. "We do."

"Let's go," Coulson said, his voice filled with a renewed fire.

"Wheels up in five," May said with a small smirk as she disappeared from the lab.

Skye opened her eyes slowly. She slowly blinked a couple of times, trying to bring the world into focus, but everything still felt fuzzy. Her brain reached out to figure out where she was, but all she could remember was the little girl on the stoop of the house with tears in her eyes - her eyes.

A single tear slid down Skye's cheek. She moved her hand to her face to wipe it off, feeling her hand brush against a pant leg that wasn't hers.


Slowly Skye's surroundings began falling into place. She was back in the small room with Ward. His hand was gingerly stroking her hair as her head laid on his lap. His hands went to his sides as she sat up.

"Wha...What happened?" She asked, looking around the room.

"I don't know, I was hoping you knew," Ward replied. "They brought you back about two hours ago. Your heart was racing and you were shaking a pale. What did they do to you?"

Skye sat still for a moment, just looking at Ward, trying to remember everything that happened. Every time she tried to remember she saw her younger self being led away from her foster home. Skye thought she had buried that memory away, now it was like that memory had taken over.

"It was some serum," she began slowly, trying to make all of her jumbled memories make sense. "Something Fitzsimmons made."

"Fitzsimmons did this?"

"Yes. Well, no. They didn't want to. It was Daecher. They were screaming at him not to do it, but he did. Whatever it was." Skye felt like the world was spinning, but she started to stand up. She wobbled slightly, causing Ward to quickly grab her arm to steady her. "Thanks."

"Maybe you should sit back down," Ward said cautiously, his voice laced with concern.

"No, I'm fine, okay," Skye snapped a little stronger than she had meant to. She could feel all of her emotions tumbling over her and was having a hard time separating them. "Have you found a way out?"

"No," Ward said, his eyes slipping to the DWARFs that he had given up on and left in the corner.

Skye exhaled angrily. Throwing her hands out she accidently hit the door, leaving a small dent in the metal door. Skye turned to look at Ward who was looking at her with a mix of concern and confusion before moving her head to look at her hand. Her hand didn't even hurt where she had hit the door. "What…" she stammered staring at the door.

"Obviously the did something to you." Skye looked at Ward. A little fear was jumbling in with his confused look as he looked back and forth between Skye and the door.

"Maybe we can use this to our advantage."

The men had once again left Fitz and Jemma alone in the lab. They had strict orders to continue working on the staff, but they weren't.

Sitting on the floor, huddled next to each other, Jemma intertwined her arm with Fitz's. "Fitz, what are we going to do?" She looked at him, her hazel eyes staring into his. He had gotten them out last time, but he had paid for it. He had been shot in the arm. Even now, when he didn't think she could see him, he would favor it, showing her that it still bothered him.

"I don't know," Fitz said, putting his hands on Jemma's. "We'll figure out something out, we always do."

Jemma nodded slightly. "It won't be long until their back. They want the staff. We can't give it to them, can we. Imagine what they could do with technology like that."

"What if I use it?"

Jemma stared back at Fitz, barely able to stammer out a, "What?"

"We saw it work." Fitz replied, with a slight manic pride in his voice. "It gave Skye super strength. She had super strength - at least some temporary form. What if I use it when the guards come. They won't be expecting it like they were from Skye. We can take them off guard and escape."

"Fitz…" Jemma began.

"No," Fitz interrupted. "It might be our only chance. I'm getting you out of here."

Jemma almost wanted to smile. Fitz was still the hero. Through it all he was still the hero, her hero. "Fitz. The serum is untested. We don't even know what it did to Skye."

"We have until they come to find a better plan. But this might be it. If they come through that door, I'm doing it." Fitz squeezed her hand.

Right then the door busted open. Fitz's hand was inches from the serum. He was about to grab it when they noticed who was coming through the door.

"Coulson!" Jemma exclaimed, standing up and running to where Coulson and May were coming through the door.

"Where are the others?" Coulson asked, looking between Jemma and Fitz, making sure the two were okay.

"We don't know. They took Skye a while ago," Jemma replied. "How did you find us?"

"The DWARFs," May responded. "Handy to bring along."

"They have the DWARFs!" Fitz said, completely unaware that they had taken them and not happy that Daecher had them.

"They led us here," Coulson replied, "But we have more important problems right now. we need to find Skye and Ward."