A.N: Welp, soo this is the first drabble of these series, not much too say besides I`m sorry it`s so short. I hope you enjoy it anyways, and also don`t forget to R & R!

Phineas, Ferb and their friends do not belong to me. The lady employee however, does. Wee...

1. Gumdrops

Since his brother had gone to a seminar about endangered mammals with Perry that day, he instead of going alone to the candy store, invited his closest friends to go along with him.

The door swung open and the little bell above it chimed.

Buford wasted no time and immediately grabbed an extra large bag and started stuffing every sweet he found on hissight. On the other side of the room he could hear Baljeet (who was ogling a chocolate fountain) asking him if he even had enough money to buy all of that. The bully quickly retorted, telling him to shut his face or he`d offer him a wedgie. In the meantime, Isabella was busying herself with her own paper bag, stuffing it with fruited taffy, heart shaped lollipops, jolly ranchers, pixie sticks, skittles and sour patch kids.

While the rest of the gang rummaged throughout the entire shop, Phineas also helped himself out and snatched a paper bag similar to Buford's, out of the rack.
Not two minutes had passed and the bag was already overflowing with every type of sweets he could afford, so he and his brother (and their sister too, presumably) could stuff their faces in it later.

Lastly, the boy grabbed a colorful lollipop from a nearby jar and headed to the counter to finish his purchase.
The aforementioned bag was unsurprisingly heavy. It was stuffed with all kinds of candy any kid would crave for. From sugary to chocolatey, from crispy to creamy, you name it. Nothing was amiss, well nothing except his brother`s favorite treat.

"Is that all I can get ya, kiddo?" The store employee asked as she threw another handful of red vines, candy corns and twizzlers onto the bag, and arranged the lollipop to fit in it as well.

"Actually, could you also give me two dozens of those, please?" Phineas pointed towards a shelf stocked with colorful gumdrops that was placed behind the elder woman.
She beamed at him and grabbed another paper bag, "Sure thing. Just do me a favor and don`t forget to brush ya teeth."