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Tick Tock

Kurt stared at the sixty-three missed call notifications blinking across his phone' screen. After he had hung up on Blaine the headache he had had at the time had basically rendered him helpless, fitful sleep taking over soon after. He felt guilty as he rolled over to face his bedroom wall instead calling the other submissive back. Kurt was still embarrassed that he had flipped out earlier, Blaine had only been wanting to help no doubt. With a sigh he slowly sat up, swinging his long legs over the edge of the bed and pressing his feet into the carpet on the floor. The aggressive headache he had fallen asleep with seemed to have dulled to a more tolerable throbbing now, but he was more relieved when he managed to stand up without the room spinning.

He walked to his bathroom, flipping on the lights and wincing as the bright light assaulted his eyes. For a moment he didn't know who was staring back at him in the mirror above the counter, the reflection looking back at him red-eyed and skin as pale as snow. After the shock wore off he slowly padded across the cold tile to examine his face closer, his nose almost pressing up against the glass. The dark circles underneath his eyes stood out strangely, causing Kurt to reach up and press against the tender flesh underneath his right eye.

"What could be happening now…?" he grumbled, relieved that the dark bruising beneath his eyes didn't seem to hurt. All the times he had gotten his little dizzy spells or bouts of nausea he had never seen his complexion look so….lifeless. Kurt was thankful it wasn't a school day because he seriously doubted that he could layer on enough of any product to make himself look normal. Hopefully his complexion would return to normal by tomorrow.

Kurt took in a deep breath before finally looking away from the mirror to turn on his faucet. He quickly splashed his face with cool water, trying to wake up completely. Even though he wasn't stumbling around there was still something wrong that he couldn't quite put his thumb on. He turned off the water before bending down to open the cabinet door underneath his sink. The submissive had to rummage around for a bit, his eyes still closed and face dripping with water as he looked for a clean towel to dry his face with.

After brushing his teeth and a hopeless attempt of styling his hair into anything decent, he walked back into his room. Kurt glanced towards his phone that was still laying on his bed next to his pillow. He wanted to call Blaine, wanted to hear his voice, touch his warm skin again. He caught himself taking a step towards his mattress but quickly turned on his heel to walk to his desk instead. He couldn't call him, not after he had basically yelled at him for no reason.

Kurt pulled out his desk chair, letting an exasperated sigh escape as he sat down. He rested his elbow against the top of the wooden desktop, pressing his forehead into the palm of his hand before closing his eyes. This wasn't how everything was supposed to go, this wasn't the plan he had been carefully constructing for the past three years. He was supposed to go to New York, go to college and make something of himself before he had to deal with this.

Fate had led Blaine to the Lima Bean to screw him over. If the adorably stupid boy with the beautiful hazel eyes and dark curls had never walked in with that amazing smile he wouldn't be in this situation. He wouldn't be sitting there yearning for another hug, any chance to touch him. He wouldn't be wondering what Blaine's lips felt like against his own.

Kurt's eyes snapped open at that last thought, a small groan leaving the back of his throat. "What is wrong with me, I hardly know him." He muttered before slowly picking his head up again. How could you miss someone so much when you had only ever seen once? Why was it every time he closed his eyes all he could see was hazel?

"Hey, Kurt I was wondering if you…" Burt said after he had pushed Kurt's door open, trailing off when he had caught sight of the teenager. He quickly walked towards his son, ignoring the loud squawk of protest. "What the heck, Kurt?" he asked, grabbing the taller teen's arm after Kurt had stood and tried to walk away from him.

"Dad! You are supposed to knock!" Kurt said in a panicked voice, trying to pull his arm from his father's grasp.

"Like hell I will, what is going on?" Burt demanded, reaching up to touch his son's unnaturally pale face. "This isn't your normal face goop."

"I'm fine, dad." Kurt said, finally managing to pull away from the older man. "It must be just another side effect or something." he said quickly, sighing as his father then pressed his hand against his forehead. "Dad." He groaned when his father continued to check him over.

"This isn't normal." Burt concluded after a few more glance overs, leading his son to sit on the edge of his bed. "Do you feel dizzy…sick?" he asked worriedly.

"Dad, I. Am. Fine." Kurt said between controlled breaths of air, trying to keep his patience in check.

"Kurt, stop lying to me!" Burt exclaimed, watching as Kurt huffed and stepped to the side.

"I just didn't get a lot of sleep, ok?" Kurt shouted back, throwing his hands up in the air out of frustration. He instantly regretting it when the sleeve's to his pajamas slid down his arms, his father's gaze fixated on the very thing he didn't want him to see.

"Kurt…" Burt said, pulling the arm that Kurt had tried to shove behind his back in front of him. He pushed the sleeve up, face falling when he saw the half-filled crescent moon mark. He studied it for a moment, finally looking up at his son's panicked face. "How long, Kurt?"

"I…" Kurt began, trying to come up with something believable as his father continued to stare at him waiting for his answer.

"How long, Kurt?" Burt asked again, dropping Kurt's arm when the other still didn't answer him.

"Kurt!" he yelled, reaching up and yanking his cap off. He threw it to the floor, trying to keep from yelling at his son again.

"Yesterday!" Kurt finally shouted back, tears finally breaking free and falling down his face. "H-he just showed up out of nowhere, dad!"

Burt felt his chest unwind slightly at the news, a little relief washing over him. "Just since yesterday, Kurt, because if not you need to let me know right now."

"Just since yesterday, I promise." Kurt said, trying to wipe the tears from his face but he couldn't seem to stop producing more. A strangled noise left the back of his throat as he felt his father's arms wrap around him. He quickly found himself clinging to the man like he had after his mother's funeral years before, sobs leaving his chest as he buried his face in the man's shoulder. "D-Dad I don't want this." He hiccupped, trying yet again to stop crying.

"It's going to be okay, Kurt." Burt said, his own voice thick with emotion and unshed tears. "We-We're going to make it through this." He said, holding his son as close as he could. He knew this day would eventually come, when Kurt would be taken away from him. Burt thought he would be ready for it when the time finally came but he wasn't even close.

"Dad, I'm so confused." Kurt whispered, shaking his head slightly. "I don't any of this right now, but I want him."

"That's normal, buddy." Burt said gently, a few tears finally escaping. He sniffed before slowly pulling away to stare into Kurt's eyes. "Which one did you connect with?" he asked him, waiting for Kurt to answer patiently.

"His name is Blaine…" Kurt trailed off, a sad laugh gurgling up from the back of his throat. "I don't even know his last name!"

"That's okay, I meant whether he was the dominant or the submissive?" Burt asked gently, placing his hand on Kurt's shoulder.

"Submissive." Kurt finally answered, confused when his father's face fell. "What?" he asked, confused.

"Can you contact this submissive?" Burt asked, quickly going to Kurt's closet. He grabbed the first jacket he saw, walking back out to drape it over Kurt's shoulders.

"Y-Yes?" Kurt asked, even more confused as his father guided his arms through the jacket, making him feel like he was three years old again.

"Okay, good." Burt said calmly, knowing he needed to move fast. "Does the dominant know you two connected?" he asked, not surprised when Kurt shook his head no. "Thought so, he would have been kicking down our door by now." He muttered more to himself than to Kurt. He glanced around and found the phone peeking out from under the pillow on Kurt's bed. Burt handed it to Kurt. "Call him," he said, shaking his head when Kurt opened his mouth to protest. "Now." He ordered, relieved when Kurt finally unlocked his phone.

Kurt wasn't sure what was going on but he had never heard his dad's voice sound like that before. It was deeper than normal, and unnaturally calm. He tapped Blaine's name on his contact list and placed it against his ear, listening as it began to ring. Kurt frowned when the other submissive didn't answer his call, it going to voice-mail after about the tenth ring. "He didn't answer."

Burt had to use all the will power he could muster not to start panicking. "Do you where they live or anything?" he tried, his control slipping when Kurt shook his head.

"Wait, Mercedes probably knows." Kurt said when he remembered that David had been the once to introduce her to Blaine and Nick.

Burt wasn't sure how Kurt's best friend would know but he wasn't about to question it. "Call her and find out, we have to move." He said, grabbing a backpack from Kurt's closet. He began to rummage through Kurt's clothes, throwing random things in before walking to the bathroom to stuff his tooth-brush inside.

"What are you doing?" Kurt asked, watching his father awkwardly stuff a few of his boxer briefs into the front pocket of his backpack. Realization quickly dawned, his eyes widening. "Dad, no I can't." he begged.

"Kurt, you have too." Burt said, refusing to look at his son. "You and Blaine connecting without the dominant is very dangerous. I can't believe you aren't worse off."

"Dad, please…" Kurt tried again, only getting ignored. He looked to the phone in his hand, looking up in surprise when his father quickly took it from the palm of his hand.

Burt scrolled through Kurt's contacts before he found Mercedes's number, quickly tapping it. He threw the backpack's strap over his left shoulder before using his free hand to grab Kurt's arm, pulling him out of his room and down the hall.

"Hey, K, what's up?" Mercedes answered, thank god.

"Mercedes listen up, this is Burt." He said, cutting the girl off before she could speak. "Where does Blaine live?" he asked her.

"Oh my god, is Kurt okay Mr. Hummel?" She asked worriedly. "I told him it was bad to be separated from them, but he just wouldn't listen."

"Mercedes, listen." Burt repeated, slowly descending the stairs as he continued to pull a surprisingly silent Kurt behind him. "It's apparently been a day between the connection, I need to know where he is so I can get there before Kurt gets worse."

"I don't where he lives but I know he goes to Dalton with my dominant."

"Dalton?" Burt asked, stopping just outside of the kitchen when Carole saw them.

"It's a private boarding school in Westerville." Mercedes explained. "I can text you the address."

"That would be great." Burt said before hanging up on her. He turned to Carole, noticing the concerned look she was sending Kurt.

"Carole, he connected with the submissive without the dominant yesterday." he explained, glancing at Kurt himself. He seemed to be in some sort of shock, his shoulders visibly shaking.

"Oh no." Carole said, placing her hands over her mouth for a brief moment. "It's only been one day, it can't be so bad can it?"

"For three way connections." Burt said in an annoyed tone of voice. He had had seventeen years to research Kurt's unique bond so he knew what happened when this occurred. "If he doesn't connect with the Dominant soon his body will start shutting down."

If it was an average bond then the submissive normally had a week or so before their body began to experience what Kurt's was going through at the moment. However in three way bonds, if the last submissive connected to the other without an immediate connection to the dominant as well their body went into some sort of shock, acting as though their dominant had either rejected them or died. Submissive's couldn't live without the dominant so this process was sort of like nature's way of natural selection, destroying the unwanted bond.

Blaine's phone had died hours ago and he turned his and Sebastian's dorm room upside down looking for a charger that apparently didn't exist. It wasn't until after Blaine had rummaged through all of the shelves and had dumped the contents of Sebastian's desk drawers onto the floor that he remembered that he had left it in Nick's car the day before. He had tried desperately to get someone's attention by banging on the door, but yet again no one came to his rescue. Blaine had even tried screaming, only to become hoarse thirty minutes later.

Blaine was in the middle of trying to pick the locks when the doorknob turned. He gasped, jumping back as the door swung open. He felt his heart fall to the bottom of his stomach at the sight of Sebastian standing before him. "Sebastian." He croaked, taking a few steps back when the dominant stepped into the room.

"I heard an interesting story today, Blaine." Sebastian said quietly. Throwing his briefcase against the hallway wall. "I just hope for your sake that it's not true." He snapped his thumb and middle finger together, pointing to the floor at his feet afterwards.

Blaine licked his lips nervously, quickly falling to his knees at Sebastian's feet after the dominant had snapped. He looked down to the expensive leather shoes the taller male was wearing, fearing the look on the other's face.

"Let me see it." Sebastian demanded, holding out his hand. "Blaine." He growled when the submissive hesitated. He closed his hand around Blaine's forearm when the shorter teen raised his arm, quickly unclasping the watch that was covering the top half of the submissive mark.

"Sebastian, I'm sorry!" Blaine said quickly, looking up when Sebastian gently pressed his thumb against the filled in crescent moon mark on his wrist. "I just…I didn't want him to go through what I did!" he cried, his arm falling limp at his side once Sebastian had let go of his wrist.

"What were you thinking?" Sebastian said through gritted teeth, trying to control his temper. He quickly untied his tie, throwing it over his shoulder. "Do you even realize what you have done?"

Blaine finally drug his faze from the ground to look up into Sebastian's face. "I just went to meet him, we didn't do anything else." He rushed quickly. "I swear!"

"No, you made the connection, Blaine!" Sebastian shouted, hating the visible flinch Blaine gave in response. "Blaine in a three way connection it's dangerous for the two submissives to connect without the dominant." He said, trying to keep his voice down.

"What, why?" Blaine asked, brows furrowing in confusion as he continued to look up at Sebastian. His neck was starting to hurt from the awkward angle but he wasn't about to stand when he wasn't told he could. He had learned that lesson the hard way.

"The submissive not connected to the dominant will start to get very sick, eventually their body will start to shut down." Sebastian explained pulling his keys from his pocket.

"Is he going to be okay, will he die?" Blaine cried out, reaching up and clinging to Sebastian's slacks. "He'll be okay, right?"

"If we can get to him on time, Blaine." Sebastian said, motioning with two fingers for Blaine to stand once more. "He's not in danger of dying until a few days from now, but it can still cause permanent damage." He explained quickly. "Get your coat." He snapped, walking out of the door.

Blaine quickly did as he was told, grabbing his shoes and hopping on one foot as he followed Sebastian to pull them on. "I don't know where he lives!" Blaine said after he had managed to pull on his other shoe.

"I do." Sebastian said, quickly striding towards the parking garage once they had walked out of their dorm building. "I've had it for a few days but I was waiting until next weekend to make contact so that we could both meet him together."

Blaine looked down to the ground, face flushed. Sebastian had wanted to bring him all along? Oh god, what had he done. "Sebastian, I am so sorry I-"

"Blaine, I will deal with you later, right now I'm only concerned on getting to Kurt before something happens." He said, walking up to his Mercedes. He opened the passenger door for Blaine shutting it after the submissive had claimed in, quickly walking around the front to slip into the driver's side.

Blaine buckled himself in, staring down to his knees. He not only felt horrible, but he was terrified that something was going to happen to Kurt. It was going to be all his fault! He quickly swiped tears from his cheeks as Sebastian started the car and backed out.

"Do you have any way of contacting him, Blaine?" Sebastian asked, hoping that he could call ahead and assure Kurt that he was on his way.

"I did, but my phone died and we don't have a charger in here." He said, glancing at his dominant for a moment. "You don't have his number even though you know where he lives?"

"Blaine, after Jeff told me what happened I left as quickly as I could. It slipped my mind to grab it. I was more concerned about getting to him." Sebastian growled, glaring at the slower car's in front of him.

Blaine leaned his forehead against window of the car door, watching as Sebastian weaved in and out of traffic quickly. What if they didn't get to him in time? What if something happened to Kurt, his Kurt?! He closed his eyes, tears freely flowing down his face as the car continued to speed towards Lima.

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