The Cankles of Groot Splurge

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Bldae wuz eating brekfast which was pcankackes and Nora Valkerer said, "I liek sloths!"

Tehn blade booped her on the nose and every1 laffed becuz it was so funny an randum. also ren was there but he was quiet.

"OW!" sed a bunny girl beacuse cardinal was pulling on her big bunny ears

Blade stood up and walked 2 cardinchester snd punched him rite in the face! Carson got realy mad at Blaed and sed "watch were you're going"

Butt then cardin was beat up by blade who didnt even half to take out his swords. He swuggered to Velour who wuz blushing at Balde because he was so cool.

"R u alrite?!" he asked relly cooly witch made Veal blush even harder.

He looked deeply into the young woman's eyes, trying to convey the depth of his concern. The intensity of his gaze sent Velvet's heart racing. She had never before known someone who cared for her in such a way. For years she had slogged through a veritable barrage of slurs and abuse. There had seemed to be no end in sight. Velvet had long resigned herself to being the butt of life's joke. For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, she felt hope. The young man standing front of her was a shining light in the darkness. Someone who did what was right despite society's norms. What was it, she wondered, that drove him to act in such a righteous manner? What secrets did his past hold that gave him the courage to stand tall in the face of normalized bigotry? She didn't know, but she certainly wanted to find out. Her life was held securely in his hands. From this day forth she owed him everything she was and everything she will be. His journeys were hers. His happiness was hers. His agony was hers. Somewhere along this, she hoped to discover more about him. She dared to hope that she would grow closer to him. Perhaps, one day, he would see her in the same way she saw him. When that day came, she would know true ecstasy. "Thank you," she told her stalwart hero.

'lol" clamed Blede, "no problem :)"


Tem Shadowfire wuz in the forrest collecting syrup from the trees. Blade collected 5000 jars of syrups that he shared wit his team an the rest of skool xcept 4 cardin. then John threw a jar of the sryup at preeha but Bladee bloked it an beet up jeen and crdninal. The ursula mayor showed up and blede used his sords to kill it awesomely.

Pyreraha blused and kised Bldea.


That nite Pyrrrah went to blade and end said" I love u Blade" and then she took of her cloze


Blad's tonge licked all up an down pyrrha s body and made her moane. then he took out his 12 inch thingy and pyrrha came a bucket of girl cum an it nearly drowned blade but he drank it all up becuz it tasted like fruits.


The 2 lovers layed down in bed and cuddled and pirha sed "i luv u blade"

but blade was brooding because he got involve with a girl when he was still dangerous.

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