Age of Gladiators

Romance, drama, family feuds, fierce battles, jealousy, intrigue and sorrow amass in this tale of life as a Gladiator in Ancient Rome.

Follow Natsu, Lucy, Gajeel, Levy, Erza, Jellal, Gray, Lyon, Laxus, Mira and many others as they fight for survival in a time where money and blood means power. Where wealth isn't always given to the hardest working and marriages are arranged for personal gain. Watch as strong friendships are created in times of need and love blooms in the most unlikely of situations.

Story Rated M for Mature- Sex, Violence, Explicit language, Adult themes.


Son of Igneel, heir to the throne of Carthage. After tragic events which change his life forever, he is forced into a world where he must fight for survival while also searching out those who deceived him.

As a Gladiator of Rome, he quickly rises to the top. With his vibrant personality and dedication to those closest to him, he rallies the love of the crowd and that of a beautiful woman who watches him, secretly urging him to victory.

Join Natsu as he seeks to reclaim what is his and win the forbidden love of the woman of his dreams.


Daughter of a wealthy merchant and the current Aediles, seen only by her father for the gain that could be made from her marriage, she dreams of more. Her love of literature leads her frequently to the action at the arena where spectacles are displayed daily, feeding her imagination and fueling her desire to be a great author. But on one such occasion, when romance and love are furthest from her mind, something more than her imagination for adventure is piqued.

Follow Lucy as she fights to be seen as more than a possession and fights for the man that captures her heart, sending her on adventures of her own.


Son of Metalicana, a former legendary Gladiator of Rome. Growing up, Gajeel struggled beneath the shadow of his father's fame, vowing that one day he would surpass him and become the most famous Gladiator of all time.

With the name of Iron Fist Gajeel, he became known as a fierce competitor, determination and sheer will propelling him to victory time and time again. Nothing stood in his way to the ultimate glory he'd always sought… except love.


Daughter of a Praetor, her days are filled with studying books and scrolls, learning the law of the land with her father. She has a voracious appetite for knowledge but also dreams of being swept off her feet in a fantasy of love.

When her best friend persuades her to risk something she normally wouldn't, will Levy find the love she has been secretly searching for?

Gray/ Lyon

Twin brothers, all alone in the world. Although they bicker and argue, they are completely devoted to one another, threatening death to anyone who dared to harm the other.

Drafted at a young age into the Roman army, they completed their service and chose the road of becoming a Gladiator, their fighting skills unparalleled on the battle field. Off the field, women threw themselves at their feet, vying for even just an instant of their affections which was rarely given. Their cool personalities and their characteristic cool attitude in the arena, earned them their name, Black Ice.


A slave in her youth, forced to work in the mines till the day she was selected as a sacrifice to the arena. She overcame her background and victories abounded, adopting the name of Scarlet Thorn. Quickly she rose to the top, defeating opponent after opponent in precise form. Her savagery became legendary, determination driving her time and time again till she became a master of her trade and began instructing others in the art.

The respect she earned and the pride she bore, propelled her forward, decimating her past. But will the bonds of love shatter everything that she has worked so hard to create?


Born in a bordering country as a slave. He escaped, fleeing to Rome where he utilized his limited ties to the community and became a spy for a powerful lord. His days are spent in solitude, working in the shadows of a bustling city while his nights are spent pining over a love he keeps secretly buried within his heart.

Though he is a quiet man, oftentimes short and blunt with people, there's a depth to him that few get a glimpse of. Once earned, his trust is forever, his devotion complete. There is no limit to how far he will go to protect those closest to him.


Raised by his grandfather, the master of a Gladiator troupe.

As a teen, he joined the Roman calvary and quickly moved up the ranks, catching the eye of the Emperor who appointed him a Junior Praetorian Prefect. After several years of dedicated service, he soon became the Senior Prefect, delving into politics and earning himself the hand of the Emperors daughter.

Power and control came easily to him, fueling his conceit. But behind his arrogance, a determination to be the best lingered, monopolizing his days and nights. His betrothal was a strategic move, used only to garner greater status. But can a hidden secret unleash a hidden desire?


Eldest daughter of the Emperor. She lives a reserved life, playing the role of mother for her younger sister Lisanna after their mother dies during childbirth. She is the model of propriety. Her days are spent hosting the nobles that seek her fathers affections but her evenings... a different woman emerges; a viciously lethal Gladiator who rivals the best. The crowd calls her The Demon, striking down opponents as if she were possessed by the Devil himself. Few know of her secret, least of all her reluctant betrothed.