Sticky Situation

Prompt from tumblr: chewing gum sticking in hair.

Okay then!

Beast Boy sat in a chair in the middle of the common room, arms folded and an angry, embarrassed scowl on his face. Starfire stood behind him, gingerly prodding at his hair and holding a pair of scissors.

"This is all your fault, you know!" he said, not looking at the guilty party. "I was almost there! I almost broke the record for the biggest bubblegum bubble ever!" He had leaned forward during his outburst and now flopped back, still frowning. Starfire cringed as his head moved.

"Beast Boy, please refrain from moving. This is not an easy task," she pleaded. Beast Boy grumbled agreement. "Oh... I wish Raven would do this: she has much steadier hands than I," she lamented, causing Beast Boy to growl louder and glare at the guilty party.

"Oh yeah, my empathic girlfriend who seems to have misplaced her frickin' empathy!" he huffed. Indeed, Raven stood with Cyborg and Robin and while the two boys had laughed loudly when they saw the changeling coated with pink goop, they had since calmed down. Not so with Raven. She still chuckled, shaking with amusement. She had found Beast Boy in the common room, an enormous, pink bubble attached to his mouth with him seemingly still trying to inflate it. She hadn't really thought about it. She had acted on impulse. With her powers, she had levitated a fork from the kitchen and...


When she had seen Beast Boy, looking like a lump of pink slime with confused, blinking eyes, she had lost it. She had slowly slid down the nearby wall, unable to stand as she laughed. She had managed to remain fairly quiet but the effort of holding it all in made her even weaker in the knees. Eventually, the others had come to investigate. Cyborg and Robin had laughed but ultimately helped Beast Boy to his room where he could change his uniform and clean himself up a bit. Unfortunately, that still left a hefty chunk of gum in his hair. Shifting hadn't helped, it merely reappeared with his human form. So Starfire had grabbed the scissors, much to Beast Boy's dismay. And Raven had laughed throughout. Finally - FINALLY! - she stopped and approached him, though she still wore a smile.

"Oh, Beast Boy. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself," she claimed.

"No," he answered. "I'm mad at you!" He huffed again and glowered at the window. Raven smiled a little wider. He was absurdly adorable at times like this. She leaned down and took his chin in her hand, turning him to look at her. Already his frown was dissolving: he always turned to mush at her touch.

"Garfield... my little, green gummy bear," she whispered. Now he couldn't help it - he chuckled. He never could stay mad at her, even when she deserved it.

"Gummy bear, huh? You wanna have a taste?" he asked, puckering up in what he thought was a comedic fashion. He stopped when he felt Raven's hand in his, opening his eyes. Then she kissed him, long and deeply. She stood and left without another word, Beast Boy's dopey gaze following every step. When she had been gone for long enough, Beast Boy grinned triumphantly at the others. "See? I told you she wouldn't be able to resist. And I knew it make her laugh!" Robin and Cyborg slapped him on the back good-naturedly and Starfire squeezed his shoulder, returning to her task with more enthusiasm now that their little deception was complete. Beast Boy smiled in satisfaction. Raven had been feeling down lately as her birthday approached and he had decided to do something about it. Cyborg returned to his field of vision.

"No regrets, B?" he asked, indicating his gummed up hair. Beast Boy only smiled wider.

"Nope. The laugh alone was worth it. Everything else..." he shuddered at the memory of the kiss, simultaneously prodding some pink goop hanging from his hair. "... was just pink icing on the cake."


Here you go, Kas ^_^