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"Max, I swear that better be the bag I feel against my leg", Virgil growls quietly to his brother.

Virgil can feel rather than see his brother glaring back at him. After all Max hadn't planned this anymore than he had. Getting stuck in the closet whilst Congressman Williams had it off with his bit on the side, otherwise known as his Secretary, was absolutely not part of the plan. They now either had to run for it or wait it out. He stuck his fingers in his ears trying to lessen the noises he was hearing, to enable him to think properly. Given he had no confirmation either way of what was currently pressed gainst his leg, running for it may be out of the question.

He wasn't convinced the Congressman was the one selling secrets but politicians cheating on their wives usualy involved lots of money and blackmail somewhere along the line so the Congressman might be in need of another salary. Plus they'd narrowed it down to two and he was one of those two, so surveillance necessary. He risked pulling his fingers out of his ears and instantly wished he hadn't.

"Oh fuuuuck yes!"

Virgil heard the loud scream and winced. For a horrible second he thought she'd joined them in the closet, it was that loud. Christ, he was going to need a drink after this.

"They done?", he whispers in question to Max.

"I fucking hope so", Max replies.

Virgil knew Max was worked up when he willingly handed over the keys to the van. Max not arguing to drive was like Carrie doing as she was told...a rare occurrence that could knock you off your feet if you weren't paying attention.

Virgil just about surpressed a snort at Max leaning back in the passenger seat taking deep breaths as though he'd just run a Marathon, but only because he wasn't entirely unaffected himself. The bit on the side was hot. Maybe he'd need a cold shower to go with his drink.

Max closed his eyes and tried to relax as Virgil relayed details to Quinn over the phone.

"We ran in to a bit of bother. But it's ok surveillance is in place in his office and we got out clean."

"Speak for yourself", Max says. Virgil glares at him.

"Ye well maybe it was supposed to be a quick get in, get it done and get out job, but it didn't work out that way, Quinn."

Max groaned at his brother's choice of words but couldn't help but add,"not what she'll be saying."

"Shut up", Virgil says glaring at Max again.

"No! Not you, Quinn."

"It doesn't matter. We dealt with it. Everything is in place as it is supposed to be", Virgil tells Quinn.

"Oh for fuck sake, he's doing his Secretary ok and me and Max got a treat."

Max knew that tone. That was Virgil's irritated tone. Clealry Quinn wasn't letting the matter drop.

"Oh, ha ha."

"What'd he say?" Max asks, eyeing his brother warily as he finishes the call with Quinn. It was bad when all Virgil could retort with was ha ha.

"He laughed for a few seconds then said it makes a change that he's not the one being treated."

Virgil had been enjoying the silence of the ride home, but apparently Max had recovered enough to hold a decent conversation and decided the silence needed broken.

"The wife."

Virgil waited for Max to expand on this statement but he didn't. Virgil looked at him. He hated when he did this. Max had a tendancy to state an answer to the many questions going through his mind as though he somehow expected you are mind reading and know what he's talking about.

Virgil sighed. He was going to have to engage. "What about the wife?"

"She has something to do with it."

"You don't know that. We haven't even done any surveillance yet on Williams or Mitchell. There's no way to know which one it is."

"I'm telling you the wife is involved somehow. You think she doesn't know about what's going on? They always know!", Max answers stubbornly.

Virgil fixes Max with a stare and narrowing his eyes says, "you've been watching repeats of NCIS again haven't you?"

"What if I have?", Max replies defensively.

Virgil shakes his head. He is not arguing about this again...well not just now anyway.