"Yukine!" Came a young voice from behind the young blond boy. He turned to see the bright blue eyed god running at him with full speed. "Yuki, I told you not to run ahead! And what do you do?"

"Run ahead.." Yuki mumbled and turned his head away from the god. "Sorry, I'll stick by your side if you want." Yuki said turning to Yato.

"Of course I want you to! Why not?" Yato giggled ruffling Yuki's golden locks. He grabbed Yuki's hand and started walking.

"I can walk fine on my own.. Don't you trust me?" Yuki said as he tried to get out of Yato's grip. Yato just grinned as he looked behind him with a cheesy look. Of course Yato trusted him, but Yuki had a way of getting lost, especially when it's dark. "Yato, where are we even going?" Yuki complained as he broke Yato away from his thoughts.

"To see one of my old friends! He asked to see you so I thought why not!" Yato said as he dragged Yuki around the corner. Yuki sighed, out of all times, it had to be the middle of the night.

"But why at night? You know how I feel," Yuki asked with a hint of worry in his voice. Yato tugged at Yuki's hand until they were side by side. Yato, then, put an arm around Yuki.

"Don't worry Yuki, I'm right here. I won't let anything near you." Yato whispered into Yuki's ear, causing him to blush. He looked up at the god with eyes fear. "Hey," Yato stopped and faced Yuki. Putting his hands on both of Yuki's shoulder, "it'll be alright! We are almost there. And after I'll let you sleep in. Sound nice?"

Yuki nodded and Yato let go of him. "Good, now just stay by me and be good." He said pinching Yuki's cheek before walking again. Yuki grumbled something, but he was too quiet for Yato to hear. They walked quietly, without saying one word.

Yato silently walked up to the big shrine, it looked almost like Tenjin's shrine, but it was much bigger. Yuki gave Yato a confused, Yato doesn't even own his own shrine yet he has friends that lived in mansions.

"Yato, this doesn't look like a very nice place." Yuki said taking a step back.

Yato pushed him toward the shrine. "He is a little creepy, but don't worry! It'll be fine!" Yato said as he patted Yuki's head. He swatted Yato's hand away and grunted.

"Whatever, lets get this over with." Yuki grumbled walking up to the shrine. Yato followed with a huge grin on his face.

"Oi! You here?" Yato yelled as he walked around the shrine. Yuki looked around as well. Staring at all the statues and prayers that people were asking. Everyone asked for same old same old. Love, good grades, and a healthy life. Yuki sighed.

"What? Don't like the things people ask from me." Came a voice from behind. Yuki spun around to see a young male. He had slick black hair that was ruffled in the front. His round purple eyes stared at Yuki, as he slowly backed up. The god wore just a plain navy blue t-shirt and loose jeans. The god lived in a mansion and this is what he wore?

"Ahhh! There you are! And I see you've met Yuki!" Yato called as he ran towards them. Yuki toke a step back as Yato came closer. He didn't like the look of this god, and he didn't see how Yato could be best friends with him.

"Ahh, so this is the Yukine you've talked so much about," the god smirked as he put his hand out. Yuki stared at it with eyes as big as the moon.

"Yuki, you're supposed to shake it." Yato commented. Yuki jumped out of his thoughts as he looked at Yato. He shook his hand and quickly pulled back, stuffing them in his pocket.

"What's your name?" Yuki mumbled as he looked to the floor.

"That is none of your business." The god commented, smiling sweetly. 'How about we just call you jackass' Yuki thought as he glared at him.

Yato and the God caught up with each other as they walked into the shrine, Yuki trailing behind. He looked at the scenery with awe, noticing every detail. The marks on the trees to the shading on the paintings that hung outside the wall. One thing he noticed was there was no names anywhere. What kind of god was this guy. Once they reached the entrance of the shrine, the god turned to Yuki.

"I'm sorry, but can you wait out here. I need to talk to Yato in private." He giggled as he let Yato in before shutting the door on Yuki. Yuki stared at the door for a few minutes before slumping down on to the step. He sat quietly, waiting for Yato to return, which he hoped was soon. He played with the hem of his jacket and drew little circles in the dirt.

Yuki heard the door open slightly before he turned his head to see 'jackass' standing in the door giving him a smirk. He walked to the front of Yuki then got on eye level with him. He leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "now I don't like you. And I especially don't like the fact that you interact with Yato."

Yuki reacted without thinking, pushing the god to the ground. He didn't realize his mistake until the god stood up and grabbed Yuki by the collar. "Now, now, now." The god sneered in Yuki's face. Yuki avoided eye contact at all cost, he couldn't dare look at him. "I think it's time you learned a lesson. How about we teach you some discipline." He quickly clapped his two hands over Yuki's ears. Yuki felt like he was about to faint, the world clouded around him in darkness, the last thing he saw was the god sneering and laughing at him as his whole body gave out.

"Yukine? Yukine?"He heard the booming voice right in his ear. He swatted at the person that was calling his name. "Oh thank god you're alright." The voice sighed. What did he mean alright? What was wrong? Yuki slowly opened his eyes to see a Yato's bright blue eyes staring at him. Yuki grumbled and slowly lifted his head off the ground. He looked around, everything seemed much bigger than before.

"Yato, why is everything so big?" Yuki asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Yato frowned before picking up Yuki and bringing him to the pond outside. He let Yuki look and there stood a toddler in Yato's arms. With blond locks that cover his forehead, was ruffled at the top of its head and it's amber eyes stared back at him. They seemed to wear some navy blue jeans and a snow white shirt as well. Yuki quickly snapped out of his sleep when he realized that was himself.

"What happened!" Yuki squeaked, squirming in Yato's arms.

"My friend did this to you. Saying you disrespected him and won't change you back until you learn respect." Yato responded petting Yuki's hair. 'What has Yuki gotten himself into,' the young god thought as he hugged Yuki.

Yato arrived at Hiyori's house around midnight. He knocked on the door lightly before slamming on it repeatedly.

"Hiyori! Hiyori!" Yato screamed as he almost broke the door.

"It's 12 in the morning Yato what the hell do you want?" Hiyori yelled swinging the door open. Once her eyes laid on Yuki she froze.

"Hiyori there seems to be a problem." Yato laughed as he shook Yuki a little. Yuki, growing red at everyone staring at him, wrapped his arms around Yato and his his face in the crook of Yato's neck.

"What happened?" Hiyori asked calmly as she let them in. When they got to the couch Yato placed Yuki down. Yuki looked around with huge eyes. Everything was so much bigger now that he was the size of a toddler.

Yato sat next to Yuki, and Hiyori on the other side. "Yuki kind of got into a bad argument with a friend of mine and poof!" Yato said pointing at Yuki! "It's like a little portable Yuki! Cute right?" Yato giggled as he pinched Yuki on the cheek.

"Don't touch me you lame excuse for a god." Yuki chirped as he slapped Yato's hand away. "Besides, I'm not staying like this! Fix me!" Yuki yelped as he climbed onto Yato's lap and pulled at his face. "Fix me fix me fix me!" He said over and over again.

"Alright alright!" Yato said as he pried Yuki off his face. "I promise I will fix you." He pulled Yuki in for a hug as he stroked his golden locks. "Just be patient, alright?"

"Alright" Yuki agreed as he wrapped his arms around Yato. He slowly fell asleep, letting the warmth around him carry him into a silent slumber. Hiyori giggled at the sight as she got up to show Yato where the guest bedroom was. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

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