"Yato?" Yuki asked as he looked up at the older god. Yato looked into his eyes with a concerned look.

"What is it?" He ask. Yato slowly stroked Yuki's golden locks as he heard Yuki mumble something. He saw a blush form on his face as he turned away. Yato giggled and grabbed Yuki's chin, forcing them to look into each others eyes. "Can you repeat? I have no idea what you said."

"I said..." Yuki started to shake and quickly bowed his head yelping, "Yato, I love you!"

It felt like hours past as the silence grew. Yuki kept his eyes locked on his lap, not daring to look up. He then heard a giggle. Yuki slowly looked up to see Yato covering his mouth with his hand, trying to stop the laughter that grew. Yuki felt his heart rip in two, tears streamed down his face as he watched Yato laugh at him.

"Yuki," Yato said once he calmed down. "Yuki, I'm sorry you took me by surprised there." Yato said. Yuki felt so embarrassed. Why. Why did Yato do this to him.

He slowly felt someone shake him. He looked up to see Yato with a look of concern.

"Yuki? What's wrong?" Yato asked. What's wrong? What's wrong.. Everything was wrong. Yato laughed at him. Why him. Why.

"I-I... I'm sorry. I shouldn't of asked that. It was-" before Yuki could even finish it Yato took him by the shoulders and kissed him. It didn't last long, but it still made Yuki's heart flutter. Yuki looked up to see Yato's face completely red.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to, I swear!" Yato said. Yato rambled and murmured apologies. Yuki quickly shut him up by kissing him again. Yuki loved it, every second of it. He felt Yato's warmth all around him . Yato released first and rested his head on Yuki's forehead.

"So I guess that answers your question." Yato giggled as he ruffled Yuki's head. "Now get up, you're crushing my bones!"

Yuki looked down to see he was still in Yato's lap and blushed. He climbed off Yato and off the bed. He stood on the floor and looked over to Yato.

"Does that mean we are.." Yuki asked, murmuring the last part. Yato nodded and gave a goofy smile before he got up with Yuki.

"Indeed it does, but right now I think we should go downstairs and get something to eat. You must be starving!"Yato said as he grabbed Yuki by the wrist. He pulled Yuki downstairs. Yuki could barely hear Yato rambling away. His mind spun with what just happened. He couldn't believe it.

"Yuuuuki!" Yato said as he waved a hand in front of Yuki's face. "Yuuuuuuuuki!"

Yuki's eyes quickly snapped up to meet Yato's. Yuki blushed and backed up.

"Sorry, Yato." Yuki started. He covered his face. "I ... was just thinking of everything and.." before he could find Yato grabbed Yuki and hugged him.

"Yuki, you're so cute!" He laughed as Yuki struggled against his grip.

"Let me go! Let me go!" He yelped, but Yato was much stronger then him, and kept him right in place. "Yato, I'm not a teddy bear! Let me go!" Yato giggled some more.

"Maybe you're not but when I hug I just want to keep on hugging you!" He giggled. Yuki sighed before mumbling,

"I hate you." Into Yato's chest.

"And I hate you too," laughed Yato before finally letting go of Yuki. Yuki stumbled back and fell into a chair. He groaned and rubbed his back.

"What was that for?" He asked as Yato looked behind him.

"Just to show you how much I hate you," he winked and stuck out his tongue, then going back to preparing food. Yuki sighed as he drew circles in the table.

"Yato, when do you think we'll get our own house?" Yuki asked, as he saw Yato bring a plate of apples and peanut butter to him. He ruffled Yuki's hair before smiling, "some day we will. Just keep believing, alright."

Yuki looked up with eyes of content, "alright!" Yuki grabbed an apple and shoved it straight in his mouth. He looked at Yato, smiling. "Delicious!"

"I knew you'd like it! I used to eat this all the time when I was younger!" Yato laughed as he stuffed one into his mouth.

"You were young," Yuki smirked as he grabbed an apple and forced into Yato's mouth.

"Well I wasn't always old," he grumbled, swallowing the apple Yuki just shoved in his mouth.

Once finished, Yato slowly got up and picked up the plate in between them. He walked over to the sink, thinking about everything that has just happened.

"Yuki, you realize that if you hadn't turned small this would of never have happened," he said softly as he scrubbed the dish clean.

Yuki nodded before saying, "I know. It sucked being small but I guess paid off." Yuki sighed as he got up and joined Yato at the counter. He turned around, hands on the counter and stretched. "Now Yato, I'm tired. Can we go to sleep?" He mumbled and Yato ruffled his golden locks.

"Of course we can! Anything for you, Yuki," Yato laughed as he grabbed Yuki by the wrist and walked upstairs with him.

They both got in the bed together, Yuki curling up against Yato. His breath slowly became quiet and Yato knew he fell asleep. Sighing, Yato wrapped his arms around the child, kissing him on the forehead before giving a slight grumbled, "goodnight."

He smiled, who knew he'd be with Yuki after all this time. And who knows what holds ahead for them. Yato giggled and at that thought as he gave Yuki a tight squeeze before giving in and letting sleep surround him.

Sorry it's so short! I'm more of a one-shot person, not a chapter person! But I hoped you enjoyed this little thing! It was fun to make. If you have any more ideas for these two tell me and I will write it. Thanks to everyone who followed, it means a lot! Anyways, see you next time! Bye bye~