Chapter 1: Gohan Vs. Sharpner

Gohan sat down to lunch in the cafeteria and downed thirteen or so bowls of rice and a few litres of cola. He was loosing his appetite. He had been feeling nervous all day. This afternoon he had gym and what was on the agenda for gym?


Gohan was going to fight against Sharpner. But this wasn't what worried him. If he fought him he might do some serious damage to Sharpner and that was not something he wanted to do. The guys already hated him. Constantly outdoing them in every sport, every test and on top of that he was the favourite of Videl Satan, one of the most desired girls in the school, on top of many others. If he humiliated Sharpner in boxing that wouldn't help his reputation with the lads, not that it could get much worst.

On the other hand, Sharpner was really starting to irritate him. In fact the other day he almost kamehameha'd his ass, but Videl managed to calm him down when she sensed his power going up faster than Gohan could fly.

The very thought of Videl was enough to make his appetite come back though. To him (and almost every other guy in the school) Videl was perfect. She had the most flawless skin he'd ever seen and her eyes were like perfect pools of water on a deserted island. On top of that she had the most gorgeous body and had legs from here to Ya Ya Land! But unfortunately Videl wasn't at school today. Apparently she had the flu and was barely able to get out of bed. He had planned to go and visit her after school. The only problem was Hercule. He was against Gohan from the beginning but Gohan didn't mind. In fact he liked it.

This helped Gohan with Videl. She really didn't like her father, especially when she found out that he lied about defeating Cell. Now she liked nothing better than to go behind his back and that was good news for Gohan.

The bell rang and Gohan finished his twenty-second bowl of rice quickly and headed to the Gym. On his way there he was stopped by Erasa.

"Hi Gohan, I hear your fighting Sharpner this afternoon. Don't worry if he beats you, he is an excellent fighter and he's been doing it for a while now" said Erasa. Gohan was really annoyed now. Now he just wanted to turn into a Super Saiyan and snap Sharpner's neck. He didn't notice that he was about to turn Super Saiyan from the amount of anger that he was feeling. Than a flash of lightning flashed before his eyes and he realized he needed to calm down. He breathed slowly and looked around to see that Erasa had left and the hall was deserted.

He then realized he was five minutes late and that his teacher would be merciless if he didn't get a move on. He ran as fast as he could (which is, as we all know, really fast) to the Gym to find that the teacher wasn't there yet. He sighed with relief and went and got ready for his match. He got into his orange and blue Gi (he wore it because it was better than fighting in short shorts) and saw the teacher was still not there. He looked around to see Sharpner walking over to him. His blood started to boil from the very sight of him.

"Hey, mountain boy, I'll try not to hurt you too bad this afternoon. I'll end it quickly, for your sake" Sharpner said with a superior smirk on his face. Behind him were a few of his friends. "I am going to humiliate you out there, and then Videl will have to like me instead of a weakling like you. But don't worry. You always have your squirrels and deer and birds up in the mountains"

"We'll see just who is humiliated, Sharpner" replied Gohan, with a serious look on his face.

"Uh-Oh, look out, his gonna go and use his mountain powers on us boys, quick, let's get out of here" laughed Sharpner. His friends followed suit.

Just as Gohan's Saiyan instincts were kicking in, the teacher turned up.

"Okay class, lets get right into this seeing as though we have already wasted enough time. Hmmm, Sharpner and Gohan, if you're so eager to kill each other why don't we get your fight underway. This way it saves me writing up a detention form" said the teacher. Gohan and Sharpner broke there gaze of hatred and turned to the teacher.

"Sure, as long as mountain boy over here isn't about to head for the hills" smirked Sharpner.

"It's on now Sharpner!" seethed Gohan.

Sharpner climbed into the ring, taking his time and posing every chance he got. Gohan stood there, puzzled, watching the exhibition.

"Well, mountain boy, wont you join me" called Sharpner once he was finished his Hercule-like show. Gohan snapped out of the trance of utter hate he had gotten himself into and slowly started to rise into the air. Everybody looked at him in awe. He landed in the ring and stood there, straight faced.

"Well, are you ready yet Sharpner" asked Gohan. Sharpner was half afraid and half confident. He had heard of these tricks before, but he didn't see how Gohan could do it in here. He stood there for a second and then raised his fists.

"Y-you don't scare me G-Gohan" he stuttered. DING! The bell rang and Sharpner ran forward and threw hundreds of punches, all hitting Gohan directly. When Sharpner stood back he realized he had done nothing.

"Okay, now its my turn" said Gohan as an evil smile spread over his face. Then it was over. In a split second Gohan had knocked Sharpner out and was floating out of the ring. He touched down as the teacher scrambled into the ring to resuscitate Sharpner. Gohan calmly went and got changed into his regular clothes. He was so happy that if the was an equivalent to the Super Saiyan but used happiness instead of anger he would have just transformed. And the afternoon would get better when he told Videl about it.

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