There Be Demi-gods

By: iamCambria

Introduction: Norse deities have been known to be more protective of their children than other mythological gods. Especially if their children are in constant need.

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The large mountains of Berk towered over the pair. Above the slate-grey behemoths was a fresh powder blue sky, dappled with cotton fluff clouds. Early birds twittered and called to their kin before flying away to use the day.

Below the mountains were the inseparable pair of boy and dragon. They looked across the sea and up to the sky longingly. They enjoyed the new morning together because it was a morning of quiet and a morning of them; they were able to swim in its peace.

That is until the boy spoke.

"Hey, Toothless—do you want to go fly?" A coy smile crept across his freckled face.

The black Night Fury became excited. He started shuffling around hurriedly on the cliff outcropping they were on. He snorted and grunted while bouncing around.

Hiccup let out an amused laugh, and climbed onto the happy dragon. "That's the spirit—whoa!"

Toothless had lunged into the air before Hiccup could finish his sentence. With an eager laugh, the young Viking clicked the pedal that controlled his best friend's prosthetic tailfin. Not long after that, the duo began their morning flight—complete with time trial race and aerial acrobatics. And soon enough, an hour passed without the two really knowing or caring—it was the one part of their day when they didn't have to worry about anything. It was just them above the sea, below the clouds and nothing but miles of air at their disposal.

Hiccup lifted his head proudly into the wind that buffeted his hair. This was his and Toothless' kingdom, they were the kings of the sky—nothing could shake them from their domain. And he was pretty darn sure that not even the gods in Valhalla had as great of a view as they did.

But his happy, serene moment ended; suddenly Toothless shot into a dive, his wings folding as close as possible to his sides. Hiccup's hands instinctively tightened on the handles of the saddle; the breath was knocked out of him at the sudden lurching speed. It was over quickly before Toothless pulled up with a gentle unfurling of his wings—allowing the air to catch slowly in them.

"Toothless, bud, what was that?" Hiccup asked worriedly, trying to relax himself.

The Night Fury gave a mocking purr, as if to say 'you were daydreaming silly. Wake up.'

Hiccup rolled his eyes, but with a smile nonetheless. "Ha, ha, very funny you overgrown reptile."

Toothless in turn gave a mirthful croon before starting a series of intense loopty-loops. Hiccup threw his hands up into the air, only holding on to the dragon with his knees. Laughter escaped his lips—his happy mood had returned.

"Yeah, go baby!" he shouted enthusiastically.

Toothless gave a triumphant roar, before flying straight again. Hiccup inhaled before giving a content sigh. He pat the dragon's head.

"Alright bud, we should probably head back." Hiccup admitted.

Toothless gave an unhappy whine.

"I know, I know." Hiccup agreed. "But we've got responsibilities like the Dragon Academy."

The Night Fury made a snort that sounded like, 'screw responsibility'.

"Toothless," Hiccup said seriously. "I promise to take you out for a midnight run after Flight Club tonight."

The dragon was still, other than his wings, before nodding begrudgingly.

"Honestly, do you know how much you tire me out, Mr. High Priority?" The boy chuckled. Toothless cooed.

Hiccup then looked out to the sea. He looked to the left; and to the right. He didn't know where they were. All he knew was that they were somewhere to the west, judging by the sun's position.

"Alright Toothless, fly due east. Berk is bound to be east."

The dragon gave an affirmative growl before turning tail and flying the opposite direction. They flew for what seemed like ages, before they came across a fierce wall of dark grey thunderheads. Hiccup didn't like thunderheads because if there was thunder, there was more-than-likely lightning. True, Toothless was the unholy offspring of lightning and death themselves, but both he and the dragon had metal prosthetics. And as they recently discovered, lightning is attracted to metal.

"Toothless, we'll have to skirt around the storm." Hiccup told his dragon.

But Toothless kept going on his current path.

Hiccup figured that the Night Fury hadn't heard him—despite his magnificent hearing abilities.

"Toothless, fly around the storm."

Still Toothless kept flying, waivered by the loom storm he had brought them into.



A crack of thunder clapped and the dark clouds surrounded them. Toothless hummed, and his ears and feelers vibrated rhythmically. Hiccup knew that tell-tale sign; Toothless was following a call. But what could be strong and powerful enough to summon the Night Fury in such a way?

A furious roar filled the air.

Oh gods, no. Hiccup's mind begged.

Toothless seemed unfazed but Hiccup's blood froze. That dragon call—he knew it and feared it. That roar belonged to only one dragon—the Red Death.

Said ginormous dragon flew out of the clouds as angry and as murderous as the day it had died. Hiccup's heart skipped a beat. How? How could that thing be alive still? It had been blown to smithereens.

A shining glint caught his eye. He looked up to see a man with an eye patch on his right eye and clad in nothing but truly dazzling golden armor stood atop the horn crown of the evil beast; his one pale eye stared coldly at Hiccup.

As soon as the two terrifying figures came upon them, Toothless was shaken from his trance. He tried to pull into a famous Night Fury dive, but the man figure spoke at once. If what he did could be called speaking.

"Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third," His voice thundered, it resonated—shaking the sky and the earth below.

Hiccup's muscles wouldn't budge. Toothless could only hover. Cold hard realization punched him in the face. This was no man, this was—

"Odin." Hiccup blanched.

"Hiccup, you need to come with me." Odin commanded, getting straight to the point.

"What? Where?" He asked dumbly, all his wits and smarts currently disappeared. He was facing the king of the gods.

"To the future, you are the key weapon to a battle I cannot lose."

All of Hiccup's sarcasm returned at that given point in time. He would be sure to thank Loki, king of serpent's tongue later on if he lived past this experience.

"Glad to know I am a useful weapon." Hiccup snipped.

"You dare and mock me, boy?" The god demanded, enraged.

"Oh no, no, no…never in my wildest dreams." The Viking returned snarkily.

"I have very little tolerance for you or your parentage. Know that I would end you in an instant if you weren't needed. I am only taking you because I need you…alive." The All-Father stated angrily.

Hiccup's mind returned at that moment too.

"Well," he growled, never imagining that he would stand up to a god. "I will not even comply with you because of your disrespect. I will not tolerate an old man for disrespecting my parents; me? I'm okay with, I'm used to people deprecating me—but you will not be allowed to disrespect my mother and father."

He put a calm hand on Toothless' head.

Please bud, you need to snap out of it, just like me. "Let's go Toothless!" he yelled.

The dragon was shaken from his cold state at the urgency of his best friend's voice and he dove into the safe havens of black clouds, hidden from the furious eyes of Odin. Glad the Night Fury was a highly stealthy dragon.

"HICCUP!" the out raged god roared, "I will get you Hiccup Lokison! Whether you want to or not, you will come!"

They escaped the furious Odin, but Hiccup's mind was running amuck very quickly. Why was Odin after him? Why was he to go to the future? And why did the All-Father call him, Hiccup Lokison? Maybe he wouldn't thank Loki after all.

Oh it was all so messed up. Only minutes ago had life been so simple and perfect.

It was a five minute ride back to Berk. Which was good because he didn't think his frazzled mind would've lasted much longer. As soon as Toothless touched down, Hiccup toppled off and stumbled inside his house. Luckily Stoick the Vast, his very large and Viking-y father, was there.

"Dad!" Hiccup gasped.

Stoick turned around, a look of relief washed over him as he saw his son.

"Och, there ye are Hiccup. I was lookin' all over for ye. Astrid said ye never got to the Academy so I came lookin'."

Hiccup didn't answer but leaned against a wood chair for support. Toothless snuck in quietly, watching the unavoidable conversation between father and son.

"What's the matter Hiccup? Looks like you've seen a draugr." Stoick said jokingly.

Hiccup gulped. "I did see a draugr, dad."

Stoick smirked. "Oh? And whose ghost might you have seen?"

"The Red Death's." Hiccup breathed.

Stoick stopped smiling. "The Red Dea—"

"And," Hiccup whispered. "I saw Odin."

His father visibly paled. He reached out and grabbed Hiccup by the shoulders and looked at him seriously. "What did Odin tell you?"

Hiccup's voice cracked. "He told me that he needed me to go to the future with him because I'm some sort of important weapon. He said he would take me, no matter what."

Stoick did not call him ridiculous.

Stoick did not defend Odin.

Stoick did not curse Odin.

Stoick looked at his son with worried eyes.

"Did he hurt you?" the chief hissed.

Hiccup was visibly shaking now. "Dad."

Stoick's gaze softened even more, and he supported his son against his strong frame. A Stoick equivalent to a hug.

"Yes son? I'm listening."

Listening to each other had taken a long time for the two. In fact, it involved a dragon war almost killing all of Berk, Hiccup almost dying and the said dragon war to end for the father-son problems to come to a stalemate. So Stoick knew this was important.

"He called me Hiccup Lokison." Hiccup whimpered.

That did it. Stoick's eyes immediately filled with rage and fear,


Hiccup repeated quieter this time. "He called me Hiccup Lokison."

Stoick's grip tightened on his son.

"Dad?" Hiccup asked unsurely.

Stoick did not meet the eyes of his son. "I'm so sorry you had to find out this way, Hiccup. You deserve so much better. No one should ever have to find out this way."

His voice was not his own. It was higher, softer, not-Stoick.

Before Hiccup could question the odd statement, Toothless growled violently from the shadows where he lurked. Hiccup looked down to see the hands on his shoulders growing smaller and the fingers elongating. The strong muscular arms began to thin and the Viking garb began to disappear and reform as striking black gold and green garments. His father before him began to change forms.

Hiccup took a frightened step away from the man.

When the transformation was complete, the man standing before him was not Stoick the Vast.

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