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Elsa was not a morning person. She knew that. She woke up on this particular day with every intention of eating a decent breakfast, driving the speed limit, getting to class on time, and finding a good seat so she could pay attention to the lecture. Of course, that had been the first time she woke up. Several snooze cycles on her alarm clock later, she was rushing as usual. And 10 minutes late to class. And hungry.

As she snuck into the classroom she scanned around quickly, looking for an empty seat.

There was only one left.

It was behind her.


As if her day wasn't starting out bad enough, Elsa now was faced with the task of trying to pay attention to a lecture on Sikhism while most of her vision was filled with the most gorgeous expanse of tan, freckled back she had ever seen.

This is going to be the longest hour of my life.

On the first day of class, Elsa had, of course, arrived last. That meant she'd have to sit in the front. It didn't really bother her, she knew her teacher from a previous class and enjoyed his lectures. Since it was a Religions class, many questions were asked, and the class was engaged in heated debate. Elsa usually just stared ahead in her gen-ed's, or doodled in her notebook. But somehow, she was paying attention to the flow of conversation around the classroom. She turned around and was trying her best to keep up with who was speaking, and as her eyes shifted, they happened to land on one girl in particular. And not just any girl. She was literally the most attractive girl Elsa had ever physically laid eyes on.

She was a thin, tan, freckled redhead probably around the same age as Elsa, maybe younger. Her hair was parted far to one side and swept over her head, cascading down her back and sides. Elsa normally didn't like the "preppy girl comb-over" as she liked to call it, but this time was an exception. The girl's shirt swept low in the front, and from what Elsa could see it dipped in the back as well, and hung loosely on her lithe frame. Complimenting her baggy top were tight leggings, topped off by cute little ankle boots with just a smidge of heel. Large framed black glasses helped complete the look. Elsa decided they made the girl look 50% smarter, 25% sexier, and gave her an air of superiority; like she had more important things to do than sit in class. It helped that she also only wore an expression of disinterest mixed with intelligence. While that look would have turned most people off, it just made Elsa want to know more about her. It made her want to see what a smile would look like on that angelic face.

After she spent about 3 class sessions paying more attention to the sexy red-head than the actual lessons, Elsa saw her grades suffer. She decided from then on that she wouldn't even look at the girl. She'd sneak into class, sit in the front, stare straight ahead, and wait until everyone left before she turned around again. Her strategy had been working so far, but now it seemed the universe was punishing her for some unknown bad Karma. For here she was, staring straight at the source of her misfortune. Once again the girl was wearing a loose top that dipped in the back.

Oh my God, I can see, like, two thirds of her bare back. Is she even wearing a bra, cuz I don't see it. Crap, her freckles are hot. Her back is so perfect. And she smells like cocoa butter. I bet she uses cocoa butter lotion on her back. I bet it's soft. Dear God I bet it would feel good. Wait! What am I doing?! Focus Elsa! Focus on Sikhism!

"... and that's how Guru Nanak disappeared and had a vision that he would be the prophet for a new religion..."

I'm having quite the vision here myself. Shit, she's flipping her hair! That smells good too! Curse you for being able to slide all over her back all sexy and stuff. I wanna be her hair. Just fall all over her. I wanna touch her hair. I bet it's soft like her back. Maybe it's softer. Crap! I'm spacing out again. And I'm getting really hot right now. Great. Just great. The class is shuffling. Are we leaving early? Better pay attention.

"... and once you get with your partners, I want you to discuss the pros and cons of having the Guru be a holy text versus a human being."

What the fuck? Partners? Gurus? Shit, I don't know anyone in this class. Better just casually turn to the guy next to me... aaaaaaand he's partners with the chick in front of him. Where else do I go? Fuck, fuck, fuck! Everyone has a partner now cuz I'm wasting time being a spaz.

"Sooooo, what do you think about the Guru?"

If it was physically possible for someone to pass out from hearing a sexy voice, Elsa would have been comatose. She practically whimpered and turned her body to face the source of the noise.

Seriously?! It's her?! I swear to God I'm converting to Sikhism right now because I'm getting good vibes from this Guru guy. Dude, you rock! Wait, no! This is bad! I can't even look at her without perving hard! Focus! She asked you a question. Just talk.

"U-uhm... he's okay. I guess..." The girl just smirked in response.

Holy fuck she smiled a little!

"Were you paying attention to the lecture?" The girl lifted one perfect eyebrow to emphasize her question.

"Well, I, uh, I guess, no. Not really." Elsa looked down at her blank notebook out of embarrassment.

"I'll clue you in then. Basically, Guru Nanak had a vision and decided to be a prophet and invent Sikhism. He traveled around and promoted his religion. Like, middle eastern Jesus..."

"But, wasn't Jesus middle eastern too?" Elsa hadn't meant to make a comment on the girl's facts, but it just slipped out. She started backtracking once she saw the confused look on the other girl's face.

"B-because, I mean, Jesus was from, like, Jerusalem, I think, or Bethlehem. And those are in Israel, right? And that's in the middle east. Even though everyone thinks Jesus was white. Or maybe he was? Who knows? I don't. I would need a time machine to find that out..."

Oh my GOD! How lame was that?! I should just go die in shame.

"Hmmm..." the girl hummed in thought while tapping a perfectly manicured finger against her chin, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Maybe this guy is just Sikh Jesus then." And then she smiled. It was the most beautiful thing Elsa had ever seen. Her teeth were perfect, her lips were pink and full, and her cheeks scrunched up and crinkled her eyes in the cutest way.


"Wow what? Was my analogy that good?" She smiled again, and Elsa's eyes widened impossibly at the realization that she'd said her thoughts out loud.

"No, uhm, I was just thinking that I've never seen you smile. Not that I've been wanting to, or anything! And it's really pretty..."

Okay, I was wrong before. Now is the time to go die in shame.

But instead of a disgusted glare like she was expecting, she was met with an adorable giggle.

This girl can't get any cuter!

"Thanks. Although I don't believe you when you say you haven't been wanting to see me smile. You've got your eye on me a lot. I can feel it." Elsa's face turned impossibly red and her mouth dropped open.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry! I swear I'm not a creep! It's just, I was..."

Quick! Think of a convincing lie!

"I was trying to decide whether or not you wear a bra because your back is always showing."


Her face was shocked at first, not surprisingly. But then the smirk and raised eyebrow made a reappearance as she leaned in towards the flustered girl.

"Why don't you find out for yourself sometime?"

And with that, the class was dismissed. The students all stood up and quickly shuffled their way out of the classroom. But Elsa just sat with her mouth agape. And stayed that way for the next ten minutes.

Based on a true story. Barely haha.

I was faced a terrible decision today as I ran in late to class. Either sit behind the girl with the world's sexiest back, or sit up front and pay attention in class. As you can hopefully tell by my newly acquired knowledge of Sikhism, I chose to pay attention. But, now I choose to be a creep and write a fanfic based on this hot girl whose name I don't know :D Honestly, I don't even know if this needed to be a fanfic, but I was getting awkward nerdy modern AU Elsa vibes and thought she'd fit in nicely.

Reviews appreciated! Seriously, tell me what I'm doing wrong (or right!) It'll help me in the long run!