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Seriously, what the hell am I doing?

Elsa was currently standing on her front porch, waiting for Anna to come pick her up so they could go clubbing. Lost in thought, she had jammed her hands in the pockets of her hoodie and was kicking at the railing with her sneakers. She wasn't really sure what people wore to a club, so she opted for the clothes that made her feel the most secure: jeans, sneakers and a hoodie.

Yeeeeah, I'm sure I look super hot right now. Whatever. It's not like I'm trying to pick up a chick. Well, not anymore, at least.

Elsa sighed; ever since Anna had mentioned she liked Elsa as a "friend", her mood had been pretty crappy, at best. It was an odd mix of depression, rejection, relief, and confusion.

And nymphomania.

But that one was always in the background somewhere.

As if on cue, once Elsa started thinking of being a nympho, Anna's car pulled up to the curb. The blonde was frozen in place, like an awkward, antisocial deer caught in Anna's ethereal headlights. Her breath quickened; she could feel her palms sweating and her chest tightening.

C'mon Elsa. This isn't like you. Going out clubbing with hot girls?! No. You should just turn around, flop on the couch, and start a Netflix marathon. Yeah... yeah... that sounds good...


Ugh! She's waiting for you! Just get in the car. Be a friend. You know how to do that. Right?

Sighing again, this time a little more dramatically, Elsa shuffled over to the car and slid into the passenger seat. Still clenching her fists inside her pockets, she glanced over at the bubbly girl driving. Anna was wearing a tight black cocktail dress with her hair in a messy updo; simple yet sexy.

So sexy...

"You ready to par-taaaay?!" Elsa couldn't help but laugh, albeit a little nervously, at Anna's enthusiasm.

"As ready as I'll ever be."

"Elsa, don't be a party pooper," Anna pouted, "You're going to have a good time, I promise. And I'm sure you'll get hit on a TON! Even if you're wearing jeans and a sweatshirt..."

"Hey! I don't have any dresses on hand!"

"Well, Jesus! Couldn't you have picked something a little more... uh... I dunno!" Anna bit her lip and waved her hands around frantically, as if the word she was searching for would materialize in mid-air. Elsa chuckled again; this girl was just too adorable when she was flustered.

"I guess I just wanted to wear my comfort clothes..."

"Comfort...? Elsa, are you really that nervous?" Anna had calmed down and dropped her voice to a soothing, quiet tone. She reached over and grabbed Elsa's forearm reassuringly. Elsa's breath hitched at the contact.

Yes. Yes. YES. I'm terrified! What if I say the wrong thing? What if I screw up? What if Anna ends up hating me? She's gonna hate me and I still have to go to class with her and it's gonna be totally awkward and-


"Wha- " Elsa tried to pull herself out of her black hole of negative thoughts. "Oh, uh, no. No, it's fine. I'm fine. Why? Do I look nervous?"

"Well, you kinda look like you want your sweatshirt to swallow you whole and take you away."

"Huh?" Anna started waving her arms again at Elsa's confused expression.

"Uh, I mean, like, the way you're all hunched over, and your hands are in your pockets. It just... looks like you're hiding." Elsa sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time that night, and shook her head.

"You can read me like a book Anna. Yeah, I guess I am pretty nervous." Anna gave Elsa's arm a little squeeze.

"Don't worry. The first time's always the scariest." Not hearing a response from Elsa, Anna leaned in and added,

"I'm glad you're sharing your first time with me." Elsa's eyebrows shot to her hairline at Anna's innuendo. She whipped her head to face the smug girl, who was still dangerously close to her. Anna's signature quirked eyebrow and smirk were soon replaced by a huge grin and she started laughing uncontrollably.

"Hahaha! Elsa! Your... your face!" Anna took a few huge breaths to try and calm herself. "Oh man! There's the Elsa I know!"

Wait. She was joking again. And using sex puns. To... cheer me up?

Elsa couldn't help but start laughing right along with the giggly redhead. Anna's natural promiscuity had actually managed to calm her down. Taking it as a positive sign, Anna put her car into gear and drove off to the club.

Once they arrived, Anna parked her car and bent backwards awkwardly to grab something in her backseat. Of course, she just couldn't reach it, and spent a good amount of time wiggling around like a worm. But Elsa didn't mind; she was getting a nice view.

Fuuuuck. I was just getting comfortable around her. And now... Oh man, her dress is riding up. Her thighs look so... delicious...

"Aha! Got it!" Elsa jerked her gaze awkwardly towards the dashboard when Anna started to squirm back into her seat. She was holding a bottle of tequila.

"What's that for?" Now, even though Elsa had never been to a club, she was fairly sure you couldn't just bring in your own liquor.

"Well, the drinks inside are fucking expensive, so we gotta get a good buzz going on before we go inside."

"Why?" Anna just rolled her eyes.

"Trust me. It's way more fun if you're drunk. I was the DD one time... ugh... never again."

"B-but, if you're not the DD tonight, then who is?"

"Uhm, shit, I dunno. I'll just... uhm... text my brother Kristoff." Anna grinned sheepishly.

"And he'll pick us up?"


"Anna!" Elsa was starting to get worried.

"Don't worry Elsa! I promise I won't drive home! I've got the cab company on speed dial if Kris isn't around. It's all taken care of." Anna held Elsa's hand reassuringly, and Elsa couldn't help but smile and roll her eyes, despite her furious blush.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this."

"How many times do I have to tell you it'll be fun! Now c'mon! Down the hatch!" Anna screwed off the top of the tequila bottle and took a generous swig. Choking a little, she held out the bottle to Elsa.

"Your turn, unless you'd rather drink it from my mouth..." Elsa snatched the bottle and chugged as much as she could before she felt like throwing up.

"Jesus Elsa! Slow down!" Anna giggled. She took the tequila back and gulped down the burning liquid. Realizing the two of them had downed half of the bottle in less than a minute, she screwed the top back on.

"Well, that's probably enough for now. You okay?" Elsa looked a little unsteady. She wasn't used to drinking at all, let alone chugging tequila straight from the bottle. The warm feeling from her throat spread and blossomed in her chest, and made her feel secure.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I needed that to calm me down."

"There ya go! That's the spirit! The spirit of the spirits!" Anna giggled at her own joke.

"Let's just get this over with."

Walking into the club was like walking into another world. Or maybe more like walking into a movie. Elsa couldn't decide which. It was already pretty late, so the place was packed. Towards the back was the dance floor, Elsa guessed, because that's where everyone was dancing. The bar was closer to the front, as were the private booths. After paying the cover, Elsa let Anna grab her arm and drag her to the bar. Elsa would have laughed at the redhead's abundance of energy as she bounced over to her friends, if she wasn't so intimidated by the atmosphere. And at the prospect of meeting new people.

Fuck. I forgot I'd have to meet her friends.

Anna let go of Elsa's arm to hug a group of girls. It was more like a tackle, really, coupled with high pitched squealing and giggles.

Yep. She's already buzzed.

After she calmed herself down, Anna turned to Elsa, who had resumed her self-conscious habit of stuffing her hands in her shirt pockets. She tugged Elsa's bicep (She really likes to do that, doesn't she?) and brought her closer to the group.

"Guys, this is Elsa. The one I was telling you about in my Religions class."

"Oh man, you were right. She really is pretty." said a spunky brunette with a pixie cut. She had moved closer to Elsa in order to get a good look at her face. Elsa backed away slightly, but not before noticing the girl had the same little spattering of freckles across her nose as Anna.

"Sorry," Anna apologized sheepishly while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "This is Rapunzel, my cousin."

"You look alike." Elsa noted.

"Haha, yeah, we get that a lot." Anna said, still nervous. "And that's Meg, Ariel, and Belle." Anna pointed out three girls in order.

"Hi." Elsa answered lamely.

Elsa, you suck. Go home.

"Pretty doesn't do her justice, Punzie. She's freaking hot!" Elsa blushed as the girl who was introduced as Meg complimented her.

"Come on, Meg! Would you try not being so... forward all the time?" Belle chided.

"Well excuuuuuse me! If you don't like my attitude then tough titties!" Meg stuck her tongue out and Bell rolled her eyes. "Now come on! Who's ready to dance?" Elsa panicked.

"B-but we just got here."

"Let them at least get a drink and settle in first," Ariel jumped in, "Sorry, we've been hanging around the bar a while, and Meg wants to stretch her legs."

"Yeah, I wanna stretch them right around that guy's waist!" Meg gestured to a tall blonde man eyeing her from the dance floor.

"You always do this Meg! Hooking up with guys only to get burned right after. You've really got some rotten judgement." Belle scolded again.

"Hey! At least I'm getting laid! How's it like on Chastity Lane with Adam?" Belle blushed at the insult.

"That's none of your business slut."

"Now come on guys!" Rapunzel pleaded, "Let's just go out and dance and have a good time. Whether we hook up with a guy or not. Okay?" She looked desperately at the two pouting brunettes, then smiled when they sighed and relented. Rapunzel turned back to a still flustered Elsa and Anna.

"We'll be out on the floor. Don't be too long!" And with that, she bounded off towards Belle and Meg, who were already making their way onto the dance floor, Ariel trailing behind. Elsa just stood in place, a little taken aback by the flood of personalities that she'd just experienced. Anna giggled, and Elsa turned around to question her. She opened her mouth, but stopped when she noticed Anna was blushing.

"My friends can be a lot to handle sometimes. Especially when they're drunk. Don't mind them."

"T-that's okay."

Who would have thought Anna could get nervous too? I mean, of course she gets nervous, she's a human being for Christ's sake. But, it's still... nice.

"Soooooo," Anna cut into Elsa's mental reverie, "Did you want a drink? Or was drowning in the car enough for you?" Elsa laughed; she could feel herself loosening up from the alcohol.

"Nah, I think I'm good for now."

"Well then, you wanna dance?"

"Oh, uhm... I don't dance." Anna just rolled her eyes and grabbed the reluctant blonde's arm.

"Who cares? Nobody gives a shit how good you are. Just, I dunno, get into the music and grind up on someone hot!"

Fuuuuuuuu... If only I had the guts...

Frustrated at Elsa's lack of verbal response, Anna tugged on the arm that was still in her grasp.

"Fine! You can dance with me! I mean, I'm pretty hot, right?"

Oh my God you have no idea.

Before she could protest further, Anna had successfully dragged Elsa to the dance floor. After having no luck finding the rest of the group, she sighed.

"Looks like it's just you and me after all." she yelled into Elsa's ear over the blaring music. Elsa nodded in response and unsurely started to dance.

At first, she just swayed awkwardly from side to side and tried to take in cues from the people dancing around her. Eventually, she started to add her arms into the mix, and moved her hips in time to the pulsating bass line. Then her dancing stopped altogether when her vision focused on Anna. Elsa hadn't really gotten time to take a good look at the girl before. But now she was drinking it all up. The little black clubbing dress clung to her body perfectly. She could practically see the way the muscles in her abdomen rippled and flexed when she moved her body to the beat of the music. And those legs! The length of Anna's dress gave Elsa an excellent view of her thighs, though not as great a view as she'd had in the car. Still, seeing those beautiful legs in action was like a rare treat sent from the gods. Anna just closed her eyes, held her arms up over her head, and lost herself. Elsa almost whined when the redhead stopped to make sure she was having fun. But her disappointment was replaced with utter embarrassment when she snapped out of her trance and realized Anna had caught her staring.

"You liking the show?" Anna smirked.

"Uh... sorry, I just... don't really know what I'm doing, I guess..."

Yeah, in more ways than one...

"Well, here, let me help you." Anna turned around and backed her slender frame against Elsa's. She grabbed Elsa's wrists gently but confidently, and placed her hands on her hips. Then, to Elsa's amazement, Anna reached behind herself and put her hands on the back of Elsa's neck.

Okay, she is DEFINITELY drunk!

"There. Now I'll do the moving, and you can just move along with me, okay?"

Not good not good NOT GOOD

Elsa couldn't even respond because Anna had started dancing. Well, it was more like a slow, tortuous grind. Elsa had moved her hands upward onto Anna's midsection because the hips were a little too much for her to handle. But she started to regret it as Anna moved and flexed those same muscles that had been teasing her through the thin fabric of her dress earlier. She could feel the way Anna worked her body against her own. How they seemed to fit together so perfectly. How Anna moved her slender fingers over Elsa's neck and every once in a while played with the fine hairs at the base of her skull. And she could smell Anna too. It was a mix of flowery perfume and the girl's own natural musk, brought out by her dancing, no doubt. Elsa's head started to spin. It was all just a little too intimate for her, but there was no way in hell she was giving this up any time soon.

I swear to God I could cum just from her rubbing on my jeans. This isn't good. But sweet baby Jesus it's SO good. Get it together! Straight girls do this all the time. Right? Probably? Maybe? Fuck! I'm too drunk for this! And I barely drank anything!

"There you guys are!" Elsa reluctantly tore here eyes away from the gorgeous woman she was holding, and looked to the source of the noise. Somehow, Meg had managed to yell louder than the music. Elsa tapped Anna's abs to try and get her attention; she still hadn't noticed her friend calling them. She giggled and squirmed as Elsa continued to poke her. Elsa had to hold back a moan as she yelled in Anna's ear,

"Meg's calling us!"

"Wha-?" Anna opened her eyes and shook her head, clearly in a daze. She looked down, and as if she just realized the position she was in, she jumped forwards. Turning back around bashfully, she noticed Elsa's confused expression.

"Sorry. That was kinda weird of me to do, wasn't it?" she leaned in and yelled in Elsa's ear.

"N-no. It's fine. I was having fun." Elsa admitted. She thrived off the delicious blush Anna wore. And the way she was nervously playing with her hands. To see her once again in a state of disarray was comforting. Like, somehow the two of them had more in common than Elsa thought. After standing clumsily for a moment, Anna yelled,

"We should probably go find the girls." Elsa nodded in response.

The rest of the night went by rather quickly, much to Elsa's surprise. After the added confidence boost of knowing she could make Anna blush, Elsa was the life of the party. Anna's friends all fought over who got to dance with Elsa next. Ariel taught her how to get guys to pay for her drinks. Meg even tried to initiate a make-out session with the her, to grab attention from the guys. Of course, a huffing Anna intervened and chided her friend as best she could. Elsa couldn't help but laugh, where normally she'd feel embarrassed. Honestly, if felt as if she had known these girls for years.

Once it started getting late the girls decided to call it a night. Meg went off with that blonde she'd been trying to snag. Belle and Ariel took a cab to their shared apartment, and Rapunzel's boyfriend was waiting to pick her up. Elsa looked to Anna, who was decidedly more intoxicated than when they'd started the night, and asked,

"Alright. How are we getting home?"

"What? My car's right outside dummy! Remember?"

"Anna! You promised you wouldn't drive!" Elsa reprimanded. Though pretty drunk herself, she still maintained her common sense.

"Pshhh, jeeze Elsa. I was juss kidding. Hmmm... I don't wanna pay for a cab. Awright Kristoff! Come through for us!" With Elsa's help, she stumbled over to her car, where her phone was. After trying to unlock her phone six times, she eventually managed to dial Kristoff's number. Elsa just stood and listened to Anna's nonsensical conversation with her brother.

Is this guy really gonna know to pick us up? Anna is making no sense right now.

"Haha!" Anna laughed triumphantly, "I knew he'd pick ush up!"

"Alright. Let's wait for him inside the car." The small amount of common sense Elsa had retained was also telling her not to stand around drunk in a shady parking lot at four in the morning. She helped push Anna into her seat, then closed her door and hopped in the other side, making sure to lock the doors. They just sat for a while, in comfortable silence, until Anna asked,

"Didjya have fun?"

"Yeah." Elsa answered. It was a short answer, but the honesty in her voice said more than any words could.

"Thash good." Anna slurred. She rolled her head over on the headrest so she was looking at Elsa. Elsa couldn't help but grin at the girl's goofy smile. After a few moments, though, Anna's smile faded. She wasn't frowning, but she wasn't smiling either. Just, staring. Elsa felt her face grow hot under Anna's piercing gaze, watching as those aquamarine eyes clouded over and darkened. Anna shifted toward Elsa, making the leather upholstery squeak, and Elsa jumped a little at the noise. But Anna wasn't deterred. She kept moving. Closer, and closer still.

Wait. What is she doing? Is she... Oh my God. She's leaning in? Isn't she?! She's gonna kiss me?! What should I do? I thought she was straight! She wanted to be friends! Augh! This girl is messing with my head! You know what? Fuck it! Whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen! If I let it happen, it's on her. Not me.

So, Elsa stood her ground and allowed Anna to move in. Instead of going for her lips, though, Anna crawled on top of the center console and hovered over her neck teasingly. The hot puffs of breath on her skin were making Elsa's pulse race, sending heat straight to her core. Just as Anna's lips ghosted over Elsa's skin, a blinding light flashed at both of them. Elsa instinctively held her arm up to shield her eyes, and Anna grumbled and pulled away. She sat back in her seat and kicked her door open. Elsa was still a little shocked, so she stayed put. She could hear Anna outside yelling,

"Jeeze Kris! What the hell! You coulda blinded me! Yeah, well... fuck you too. Ugh!" Elsa heard Anna stomp back to her car, and the pouting girl leaned down to look through her open door.

"C'mon Elsa. My brother's here." Anna huffed away, leaving Elsa to collect her thoughts and scramble out of Anna's car and into Kristoff's. After an awkward introduction, Elsa just sat quietly and watched the two siblings bicker the whole ride to her house.

"This the place?" Kristoff asked as he pulled up to the curb.

"Yeah. Thanks." Elsa quietly answered. She turned to Anna, who was still pouting, and thanked her too.

"I really had a fun time. Thanks Anna. I'll, uh, see you in class, I guess." Elsa's kindness broke Anna's pout.

"Yeah. I'll see you." She replied with a warm smile. As Elsa climbed out of the car, Kristoff called her over and leaned out the window so Anna couldn't hear what he was saying.

"Hey, don't worry about my sis, alright? She's a total liquor-lesbian." Elsa's heart stopped.

Fuck! I should have known!

"Oh, uh, thanks." she replied lamely. She spared Anna one last sad glance before stumbling off to her house.

Hopefully I can sleep off this drunkenness. And these horrible feelings.

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