Hey there! Welcome to the story! I've been toying with a lot of ideas lately, and since my current fic, Thunderflowers, is in the final stages, I decided to give one a shot (hey, I love JNPR, you're gonna hear a lot of my love for them). These chapters may not be nearly as long as Thunder Flowers, mostly because I aim for this to be more lighthearted and energetic and I may not be able to write as often as I like thanks to University life.

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Chapter One

"Uuugh… don't tell me we hit another bump?"

"Oh Jaune, don't be silly. We don't hit bumps when we're flying… that's called turbulence!"

The blonde boy nodded weakly from his seat at the ship's side. Why did he half to get motion sickness so much? Road trips, train rides, flying in aircraft… there was nothing worse than having to deal with a moving vehicle for Jaune Arc.

At least he had Pyrrha with him. The red haired girl still refused to let Jaune be by himself as his stomach turned from the flight. Still in her armor, her green eyes smiled at his curled up form, one hand gently massaging the middle of his back. A few people snickered at the two sitting there together, but a glare from Pyrrha usually sent them on their way. Almost everyone knew of Pyrrha's reputation as a champion athlete, and no one wanted to get on her bad side this early in the year.

Jaune took a few more deep breathes, hoping he'd calm down enough to avoid hurling. "How much longer do you think it'll be?" he groaned to Pyrrha, eyes squinted open by a fracture.

Pyrrha, glancing at her watch, smiled and patted his back. "Only ten more minutes, Jaune. Now," here she stood up with that dignity Jaune wished he had, "I'm going to try and get us something to drink. Will you be okay here?"

Jaune waved his hand, not wanting to be a bother. "Go for it, you shouldn't have to waste your ride like this." Before she could retort, the blonde boy did his best grin back and gave her his thumbs up. "Enjoy the view for me, okay?"

Pyrrha half pouted before shrugging and striding further away to find the beverage cart. Alone with this thoughts, Jaune slumped against the wall, his stomach listening just this once – how long it would last was subject to change.

The Arc boy found himself smiling to himself. Beacon Academy – it still amazed him that he had managed to get into such a prestigious school on such a low ranking. Then again, he had the help of lifelong friend Pyrrha Nikos and the pressure of his father, grandfather, and practically every other man in his family to count for, so he must have been able to do something right with all those influences. But regardless, Jaune was going to enjoy this final chance at fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a great warrior and living up to his family heritage. His heart swelled with –

Sadly enough, his heart wasn't the only thing swelling. Jaune lurched forward as the all too familiar burn of stomach acid to the back of his mouth rose up in this throat, hand firmly clamped over his mouth. Scanning to make sure he didn't attract too much attention already, Jaune quickly walked over too a nearby trash can and nonchalantly spat out the nasty tasting vomit before he drew any more attention to himself and Pyrrha.

He heaved a sigh. That Pyrrha, she certainly didn't need this any more than he did. Someone on the cover of all those cereal boxes didn't need to also have the reputation of being friends with the biggest oaf on campus. He shuddered in remembrance of that painful four years of combat school; coming in dead last, the teasing at the hands of other athletes, the pointed fingers and shrieking laughs. Pyrrha didn't have to stick by him and shut them up with one harsh glare, but somehow she did. If she hadn't come with the idea for him to be her "personal trainer" or "tournament attendant" or whatever it was, he may not have made it through high school.

Jaune pushed the flashbacks out of his mind as he say Pyrrha stride over with two cups of water, placing one into Jaune's hands before sitting next to him, idly sipping hers. She reached over and dropped a red capsule in Jaune's water. He narrowed his eyes as the tablet started to dissolve as it sank to the bottom. He arched a quizzical eyebrow at his red-headed friend, hoping she wasn't expecting this to go by without explanation.

"Don't look at me like that," Pyrrha said with more sass than one might think was possible for a girl with modesty beyond modest, "you know how my mom is about Mistral herbal remedies." She casually took another sip of her drink, attention focused on a hologram of a lady from the school. "It's supposed to help upset stomach, try it."

Giving the bitter smelling solvent a quick taste, Jaune decided to give it a try. It's not so bad once you – OH GOD IT'S LIKE OLD SNEAKER JUICE Jaune mentally screamed, fighting back the gag reflex as he tried to choke down the red liquid his partner had said was going to help. He just hoped she was right, he wasn't choking this down for himself at this point.

Taking a deep gasp breath as he finally pulled the cup way from his lips, Jaune wiped the back of his sleeve against his mouth, turning to Pyrrha with his usual thumbs up. "Not bad," he said, hoping he had her fooled but knowing the answer.

"That bad?" she asked, punching him lightly on the arm.

"To the point where I'm surprised that it's supposed to work."

She chuckled. "Well, wait a few minutes and just hope it'll work."

"Oh good, then I can spend the landing of a twenty minute ride feeling great."

"But at least you'll be able to get off the ship without causing a scene, right?"

Jaune rewarded his pal with an attempt at a suave point of his index finger. "That… is actually kind of worth it."