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Worth Protecting

Chapter 1: A Fateful Encounter

It was the dead of night when Uzumaki Naruto found himself wandering the streets of Konoha. During the day, the streets of Konohagakure were teeming with people, but late at night, the streets were scarce of life. The streets were only lit by the bright moon and starry sky above and the sound of crickets chirping filled the otherwise silent night. Naruto enjoyed walking these streets at night; It helped him feel more at peace despite the inner turmoil within him.

Naruto was a young, eleven year old boy, with spiky blond hair, bright blue eyes and slightly cherub-like face. He was wearing an orange tracksuit with blue on the upper shoulders area as well as around the waist, a white swirl with a tassel on the left side, a red swirl on the back, a large white collar, orange pants, blue sandals, and a pair of goggles on his forehead. Perhaps the most prominent feature about the young blond, were the three whisker marks that ran horizontally across each cheek, giving him the appearance of a fox or cat.

All of the villagers in Konohagakure despised Naruto's very existence for reasons that the young boy did not even know. No matter where he went the small blond would be subject to glares and sneers sent his way, and when they weren't looking at him with hate filled eyes they were ignoring him, as if his very existence was beneath their notice. It had been like this for as long as he could remember, and never ceased to make him feel worthless.

Despite this, or perhaps in spite of it, the way people ignored him only fueled his desire to become Hokage, the leader of his village even more, so that the villagers that resent him could become people that look up to him and acknowledge him as somebody who wants to help his village.

A small, genuine smile came to his face as he took a deep breath of fresh air through his nose and exhaled through his mouth. Naruto smiled all the time no matter the situation, but to those who knew Naruto well enough could tell that it was nothing but a mask to hide how negatively he truly felt. The only times he smiled genuinely anymore was when he hung out with Teuchi, Ayame and the elderly Hokage.

Naruto had been in the Shinobi Academy for many years, so you might have expected Naruto to have made lot of friends. In truth, Naruto only got along with Shikamaru and Choji. Everybody else either disliked him, didn't care about him, or were too shy to approach him.

Naruto placed his hand on the back of his head as he looked up at the starry sky, making out any constellations that he knew of. When he looked back down, he noticed he was in the front of Konohagakure's main entrance gate.

Naruto had contemplated a few times whether leaving a village that hated him would be a smart decision or not. In the end, he decided to remain in his village and continue to follow his dream of becoming Hokage no matter what the obstacle.

Naruto listened to the light snoring of the two shinobi that were assigned to keep watch over the gate, but they had once again fallen asleep at their posts since Konoha had been at peace for years. Heck, it was so late the night that the ANBU that had been stationed to watch over Naruto had also decided to call it a night.

Naruto was about to walk away and return home when he noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. Had it not been for his enhanced sense of sight, he would have most likely mistaken it for a bump in the road, but at closer inspection, it turned out to be a person. Naruto could not make out the gender or condition of the person at that moment since there was a large, tan cloak over the person's form.

Naruto frowned at this and decided to help the person as he ran up to the figure's side and knelt down. "Hey! Are you okay?" Naruto questioned as he shook he or she, with that damn cloak it was impossible to tell. After getting no response he frowned and tried again. "Oi! Are you listening to me! Wake up!"

Once again he got nothing. Naruto sat back on his haunches and adopted a thinking pose, the whisker marks on his cheeks stretching as his eyes scrunched up, giving him a very vulpine appearance.

After a few moments of thought, he decided to flip the person over onto their back, so he could get a closer look at them. It was still hard to tell, the persons face was covered in so much dirt, grime and dried blood, but he could vaguely make out the features of a girl.

Of course, at the moment all he saw was the blood.

"Oh my god! She's bleeding! What do I do! What do I do!" Naruto began running around the unconscious girl in a mild panic, his mind in disarray at seeing someone injured. "I should call Jii-chan! No – wait, he's probably asleep. I should call the ANBU – ah damn it! They're probably asleep too! The hospital?"

Naruto shivered, he hated hospitals.

'Ok, calm down Naruto, just calm down,' it took a moment, but eventually the young blond managed to calm himself down enough so that he could begin to think logically.

Or at least, as logically as the mind of Uzumaki Naruto could think.

'Okay, so there's a girl and she's lying on the side of the road, injured. I can't call Jii-chan and most of the ninja in the village have gone to sleep.' He looked over at the ninja in the booth at the front gates, still snoring.

Point proven.

'And I don't even think the hospitals open so that's a no go, even if I wanted to go there.'Of course, his hatred of hospitals meant there was no way he was going to head there and he was sure as hell this girl wouldn't want to wake up there either.

Honestly, who would want to wake up to bland white walls and those mean idiots in the white uniforms?

'I could take her to my place and fix her up,' the blond frowned. The idea had merit but he wasn't sure if he was comfortable having a complete stranger in his house. Then again, he couldn't just leave her in the middle of the road either.

Besides, wasn't the Hokage supposed to look after his people?

Looking down at the girl he sighed. 'My apartment it is.'

Steeling himself, Naruto bent down lifted the figure and positioned her on his back. He thought about calling for help, but decided against it. Nobody would answer his plead for help, so there was no point in him wasting his breath. Naruto walked quickly, adjusting to the new weight he had to carry before he began to sprint.

Over at the gate, within the booth, one of the Chunin guards woke up.

"Hey, Izumo. Did you hear something?" the spiky-headed Chunin with the bandage across his nose asked, mildly shaking his partner to wake him up.

The one known as Izumo woke up with a start. "Huh? Eh? What? What is it? What?"

"I was asking if you heard something?"

"Huh? Heard something?" Izumo looked at his partner, tilting his head from side to side as he strained his ears. "Nope! Nothing!"

"Good, me neither."

And with that, both Chunin went back to sleep.

It only took him five minutes to reach his house. The blond academy student stopped in front of his door and turned the handle slightly, then kicked the door opened. Flicking on the lights, the young blond walked to his bed and lightly placed the girl on the bed. Naruto had felt a thick liquid go down his arm a minute or two ago, but now in the lit room, Naruto could see that the liquid was, in fact, blood.

Naruto slowly removed the drenched cloak off of the young girl and placed it on a chair in the corner for it to dry. This was when Naruto was finally able to get a good look at the girl he had saved. The girl was about his age, slightly taller than him and had peach skin that still showed through the grime and dried blood that seeped from the numerous small wounds from her arms and legs. 'I guess I should bandage up those wounds,' Naruto thought to himself as he went to retrieve a first-aid kit.

Naruto returned shortly with the first-aid kit that contained tools to be used from the smallest of cuts to some of the more grievous of wounds. It may come as a shock to know that Naruto knew first-aid. In the academy he was known as the dobe, due to the fact that he was at the bottom of his class. A combination of having to deal with the hatred of several teachers who did their utmost to ignore him, his dislike of lectures, an inability to sit still due to his high level of energy and his penchant for ditching class to play pranks on people had caused his grades to plummet.

There was also the fact that he was something of an idiot. Not exactly dumb, but definitely not the sharpest kunai of the set.

However, if there was one thing Naruto did know how to do, it was dress peoples wounds. Through out his life the young blond had gotten more then his fair share of cuts, scrapes and bruises from the various pranks he had pulled and the times he had trained.

Though he would admit he pulled more pranks then he did train.

Naruto only removed rubbing alcohol and bandages from the kit since it was all that would be needed and packed everything else away. Naruto then proceeded to carefully pick up the blonde's arm and chose the wound he would begin with. He lightly dabbed at the wound, watching her cringe lightly in her sleep before he placed a bandage over the cut.

Naruto repeated this process until he had completely finished. Placing what remained of the rubbing alcohol and bandages back into the first-aid kit, he stood up and returned the small box where he had found it. Naruto returned to the girl and scanned her sleeping, bandaged form.

Millions of questions went through Naruto's mind, 'Where is she from? Why is she hurt? What's she like? Will she be nice? Will she be mean?' These questions and more zoomed through Naruto's mind and were only interrupted when a long yawn escaped him.

Naruto decided it was time to call it a night. He thought about where he should sleep. Would it be okay if he slept in his bed? Probably not, and besides, she was injured and she deserved her own place to sleep.

With that in mind, Naruto walked to the closet at the corner of the room and retrieved a futon, a spare pillow and a blanket in case it got cold during the night. Placing the futon on the ground, Naruto put the pillow at the end of it and placed the blanket by its side. Naruto was too tired to change clothes so he laid down on the futon and instantly fell asleep as soon as his head hit his pillow.

(The Next Morning)

Small streams of light passed through the blinds and shined in the sleeping Naruto's eyes. He tried his best to keep them closed, but his efforts were fruitless and with a reluctant sigh he stood up. Naruto took a minute or two to stretch, popping a few joints in the process before going to the sink and splashing his face with cold water to wake himself up fully.

'What do I do now? I can't not tell anybody about her and Jii-chan would ask questions soon, so I should tell him at least,' Naruto thought to himself as he looked at the girl still fast asleep on his bed.

Deciding on a course of action for later, Naruto went into the kitchen and began to prepare breakfast for himself and for the blonde just in case she woke up soon. As Naruto prepared breakfast, his thoughts wandered off to the thought of him finally graduating from the academy and going on dangerous mission.

Naruto snapped out of his contemplation to see that the eggs he had boiled were finished. Naruto wished he could have better food and a lot more of it since what he had made was barely enough to feed him, let alone the both of them. Naruto distributed the eggs so that he got a barely anything and gave the sleeping girl the most; he would just go to Ichiraku Ramen later.

Naruto quickly scarfed down his portion before looking over at the blonde girl, wondering if it was okay to leave her by herself. Naruto didn't want her to wake up and have her simply leave the house since the chances of him finding her again would be very slim without him even knowing her name. Naruto decided that he would go talk to the Hokage about this girl, but as incentive to possibly have her stay here just in case she woke up, he walked over to her bed and placed the breakfast on the drawer at the side of the bed which now included a glass of orange juice. If she saw the food, then she might see that she was in the house of somebody that wouldn't cause her any harm.

Naruto got ready to leave when he heard the blond girl stir in her sleep before watching her sit up in the bed. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Naruto's face and as her first instinct mandated, she slapped him across the face sending him across the room. "Who are you and where am I?" the girl demanded, standing on the bed, having been frightened by her new surroundings and this new stranger.

"Is that how you go treating somebody that takes you off the street, fixes you up and gives you their bed to sleep in!" Naruto shouted back in anger. That slap didn't really hurt, but it stung and to him, it showed an ungratefulness for everything he had done.

The girl blinked twice at what the young blond boy said before she looked down at herself to see that all the wounds she had were bandaged and she was standing in the only bed in the square apartment and then she looked to her right to see a handful of hard-boiled eggs. It was safe to say that the blonde felt extremely sorry for hitting Naruto like she did. "I'm sorry," the blond-haired girl apologized sincerely as she sat back down on the bed, looking away in embarrassment.

Naruto was a little surprised to hear somebody actually apologize to him. "It's fine. It's my fault for surprising you like that," Naruto assured her as he sat at the edge of the bed, picking up the tray with her breakfast and placing it on her lap. The famished girl looked at it, than up at Naruto to see if he was sure about giving her food only to be greeted by a reassuring close-eyed grin.

"You were pretty beat up when I found you, but I brought you to my apartment and I fixed you up. How are you feeling?" Naruto asked the girl. The girl stopped eating for a moment as she pulled away one of the bandages to show that the wound underneath had already closed.

"Wow! That's so cool! That's something you and I have in common. I heal pretty fast too!" Naruto stated with a smile on his face, receiving a small smile from the blonde at the young boy's loud and childish personality.

"I guess I should really thank you for helping me like you did," the young girl thanked the young blond who scratched the back of his head in his embarrassed habit as he waved it off.

"You really don't need to thank me. I wouldn't be able to turn my back on somebody who needs help," Naruto told her modestly as he laughed. She smiled a little wider as she noticed that he wasn't just loud and childish, but could be slightly more mature if he wanted to.

"Do you know where I am?" the girl questioned as she continued eating, Naruto looking at her curiously, not seeing how she could not know where she was.

Nonetheless, he answered her question. "Right now, your at my apartment in Konohagakure. Where are you from?" the blonde's eyes widened slightly at how far she was from home before deciding to tell Naruto where she did come from.

"I'm from Kumogakure," the traveling girl revealed, Naruto gaining a questioning look on his face as he had never heard of Kumogakure before.

"Where's Kumogakure?" Naruto questioned the girl as she sweatdropped at the young boy not knowing such a basic piece of geography.

"Konohagakure is in Hi no Kuni to the south while Kumogakure is in the Kaminari no Kuni in the far north-east. They're extremely far from each other and it would take weeks to travel the distance," the young girl explained as Naruto tried to draw a mental map in his head, but only succeeded in making two dots very apart from each other.

"No wonder your so hungry," Naruto commented at hearing the time it took to go from Konoha to Kumo, but the blond-haired girl misinterpreted Naruto.

"Are you calling me fat?" the female demanded in a threatening tone. No women in the entire world wanted to be considered fat and all the men in the world knew this no matter what the age.

Naruto waved his hands in front of him innocently as he spoke quickly, "No! Of course not! I was just saying that going from Kumogakure to Konohagakure is a long trip and you must not have eaten a lot!" The blond-haired girl's expression went soft again as she lightly giggled at Naruto's reaction as he sighed in relief.

Naruto slowly stood up from the bed and picked up the tray from the teen's lap and brought it to the sink before coming back as he spoke, "I'm sorry that I can't offer you more since I've only had to make enough food for one."

"'For one'? What do you mean? What about your parents?" the girl questioned as Naruto walked back to her bedside.

"I don't have any, but that doesn't stop me! I work hard every single day to get stronger and I will become the Hokage one day!" Naruto asserted in his own way with a smile as he pumped a fist in the air. The girl felt bad that she brought up his parents, but found his answer and the way he said it interesting. It brought a smile to her face to see somebody so lively after being on the road for so long.

"I would ask about your parents, but since they're not with you-," Naruto stopped in mid-sentence in surprise. The sentence seemed to leave his lips before he could think about what he was saying.

"You think they're dead, right?" the girl inquired finished Naruto's question with a deadpan expression Naruto nodding as he apologized again.

"My parents passed away when I was a little girl from a fatal disease... They were two of the most powerful shinobi in Kumogakure and I was proud to be their daughter," the orphan girl spoke in a sad voice. Naruto felt like the ass this time for bringing it up.

"Oh, I'm sorry I brought it up," Naruto apologized, the female nodding before silence reined over the room once again. Naruto then observed that the blonde seemed to be having a little trouble keeping her eyes open out of exhaustion.

"You look tired so you should go to sleep," Naruto suggested, the feisty girl immediately refusing as she tried to stand up only to be lightly pushed back by Naruto.

"I have to go talk to somebody and I'll be right back, but can you promise me something?" Naruto inquired of the girl who nodded and waited for Naruto to speak.

"I want you to promise me that you won't leave until I come back," Naruto spoke with an underlying hopefulness. He never really had a real friend and she seemed to becoming his first. He didn't want to let go of a new friend yet. Unknowing to him, the runaway felt the same way since Naruto was the first person she met in this new village and was incredibly nice to her.

"I promise," the blond-haired girl promised with a firm nod and a smile, Naruto thanking her as he opened the door, waved one last good-bye and left. The violet-eyed girl was about to lay back down and go to sleep when Naruto came bursting through the door again with a blush on his face.

"I can't believe I forgot!" Naruto shouted as he went through the doorway and right to the blonde who was laying on the bed as he outstretched his hand.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki! What's your?" Naruto questioned, his face red from embarrassment that he had forgotten to ask for such a basic piece of information. The girl went slightly red at forgetting this as well as she answered his question, shaking his hand.

"Yugito Nii."

Naruto opened the doors of the Hokage Residence and walked in as the receptionist greeted him, "Good morning, Naruto-kun. How can I help you?"

Naruto smiled as he greeted the receptionist before telling her his request, "I want to talk with Jii-chan about something really important!"

After the initial, light scolding from the receptionist at Naruto talking about the Hokage so informally, she spoke with Hiruzen Sarutobi over the intercom and Naruto was then sent up.

Sarutobi smiled as he puffed away on his pipe, enjoying the early morning as he sat behind his desk. The Sandaime Hokage was an aging man in his late sixties, with spiky gray hair and a short goatee. He had three wrinkles under each eye, as well as more running along his face and several liver-spots, the signs of old age taking their toll on him. Despite this, Sarutobi Hiruzen continued his duty as the Hokage, ensuring that his village was kept safe from threats both outside and inside of it's walls.

It was looking to be a very beautiful day, there was no paperwork for the moment, being so early in the morning, and so the aging Hokage was able to just relax.

"Haa... nothing beats starting the day with a good smoke," Hiruzen sighed in content, holding his pipe in one hand while he blew out smoke rings. As he continued smoking from his pipe, the Sandaime Hokage turned around in his seat and looked out at the village below.

The sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon, painting the village in bright oranges and reds. It looked like the village was on fire. It was a beautiful sight, and one of the many reasons Hi No Kuni, the country in which Konoha was situated in was called the Land of Fire.

"And it looks like it's going to be another peaceful day too."


"Oi! Ojisan, I've got something I want to talk to you about!"

Looks like he spoke to soon.

Sarutobi sighed. Putting out his pipe, the Sandaime set it down on the side and turned his chair to look at the rambunctious blond that had just barged into his office. There was only one person who had the tact, specifically the complete lack there of, that he would not only enter his office in such a way, but also call him old man in the process.

"What can I do for you today, Naruto-kun?" asked Sarutobi with a genial smile. While the boy may be annoying, the old Sandaime always spared some time for the blond, and in truth felt partially responsible for him.

While the rest of the village may not treat Naruto like the hero he deserved to be, Sarutobi always strived to do his best for the boy.

"There's something important I need to talk to you about," Naruto said, a look of utmost seriousness on his face. Serious for Naruto at least.

"Oh, and what is it that you wish to discuss?"

Naruto blinked, his mind processing the word discuss as he didn't know that word. Eventually he shrugged, putting the word into the back of his mind and telling the Hokage what he came to talk about. "Yesterday I found this girl and –"

"Found this girl?" Sarutobi interrupted. "Don't you mean 'met' this girl?"

"No, found," Naruto said, giving the old man a stubborn look, his arms crossed and his chin jutting out in childish obstinacy.

"And what do you mean by found?" questions Sarutobi, raising an eyebrow.

"Well she was uncon... uncon..."


"Yeah that," Naruto nodded his head and continued. "Anyways, I found her on the side of the road, injured and unconscious and decided to take her back home and give her some first aid."

"I see..." Hiruzen said, stroking his beard in thought. It was very rare for someone to turn up unconscious and injured in his village. With all of the ninja he had patrolling and keeping the peace crimes and the like were very rare. Not to say they didn't happen, but they only happened once in a blue moon. "And what do you know about this girl?"

"Her names Nii Yugito! And she's from Kumo... Kuma... um..."


"Yeah that!"

Sarutobi frowned. A girl showing up in his village in the middle of the night, injured, was rare enough. An injured girl who came all the way from Kumogakure and managed to slip in during the night was something that had never happened before. For a shinobi, Kumo was around several weeks of traveling, for a civilian it was around two months. And due to the strained relationship Konoha had with the Hidden Lightning Village, someone coming from Kumo to here was very rare, with only a few merchants traveling between the villages.

All these thoughts came and went within the Sandaime's mind in less then a second as he looked at the blond in thought. "And what is it you wish from me regarding this girl?"

"Can she stay?" The answer was not only immediate but entirely expected. Hiruzen had already figured out more or less what Naruto was going to ask, and had even come up with an answer.

"For now," Sarutobi replied. Naruto opened his mouth, and the Sandaime could easily sense the boy was about to complain. He quickly intervened before the boy could say anything. "I am not saying she cannot stay, however, as Hokage I cannot rule out the possibility that she is a possible enemy ninja sent here for some notorious purpose."

It wasn't as rare as one might think for young ninja to be sent on infiltration missions into enemy territory as spies or assassins. Who would suspect a child could be a trained killer?

Not counting some people who were legendary for being child prodigies.

"How could you say that!" Naruto exploded. "She was injured when I found her! It's obvious she's not –"

"She could be faking it, Naruto-kun," Sarutobi interrupted the boys rant. "There are many ninja in this world who have graduated at an age as young as you, some even younger. As Hokage it is my duty to insure that it remains protected from all threats."

Naruto couldn't argue with that. The moment Sarutobi had brought up his duty as Hokage the blond was cut short. Being someone who wanted to be Hokage himself, the young boy would never say anything that might slight the title of Hokage.

"So she can't stay?" asked Naruto, sounding depressed.

"I didn't say that," Sarutobi said, making the blond look up. "I merely said I must ensure that she is not a threat before I allow her citizenship. I will need to speak with one of my shinobi, and he will interview her and ensure that she is not a threat to the village, after wards, if everything checks out, I will simply have her fill out some forms that will make her a citizen of Konoha."


"Now, it will take a while to set up the interview, the ninja I have in mind is currently busy with something I have him doing. It will be about two days before the interview takes place, in that time I will allow you to show her around Konoha," it would also allow him to observe the girl before the interview and help determine whether she was a threat. "How does that sound?"

"Great!" Naruto said. "I'll tell Yugito right away! Thanks Ojisan!"

Sarutobi watched as Naruto ran out of the room. When the door closed he pressed a button on his intercom and spoke into a small microphone. "Miss Kaizuki, please inform Inoichi-san that I wish to see him at his earliest convenience."

"Right away, Hokage-Sama," came the voice from the speaker system.

Turning the intercom off, Sarutobi opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a small, crystal orb. He set it on a pedestal and ran through a few hand seals, activating a jutsu within the orb.

The orb took on a blue glow briefly, before an image appeared inside, one of Naruto running through the streets, a grin stretched across his face.

"Now, it's time to find out more about this miss Nii Yugito."

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