Pairing: Nuke (Nick x Luke)

Rating: T (will become M later on)

A/N: I know they'll eventually kill off Nick or Luke or both (Telltale God dammit) so I feel like I should write (or at least begin writing) something while they're still alive and all. Anyways, first try at writing a Highschool AU and my writing is a bit rusty so wish me luck! Also, this will be a multi-chaptered fic c:

The sun had begun to filter through the cracks in the blinds, effectively waking the boy who had been sleeping soundly just moments before. He brought up a hand and rubbed at his sleep-ridden eyes. He would be lying if he said he wasn't tired but nonetheless he forced himself to leave the warm cocoon that was his bed and headed to the bathroom.

After washing up, he grabbed his backpack and walked downstairs. As he reached the kitchen, he looked to the digital clock that was placed next to a vase that held an array of fake flowers which his parents had brought back from a business trip to Europe many years ago. "It's already this late?" He mumbled to himself as he grabbed an apple from the fridge and bit into it. The teen quickly packed himself some lunch (which consisted of a pear, some celery sticks and a small carton of strawberry flavoured milk) and headed out the door.

Luckily for him, his destination was only about a twenty minute walk from his house. School had started around three weeks ago and Luke couldn't be more ecstatic about it since he never really knew what to do on the holidays. The topics they were learning about in class were just so interesting as well! Seriously, who knew that turtles chose their mate by sniffing the other's tail? He didn't really understand what everyone else was complaining about.

Luke loved studying. However this seemed to be the root of most of his problems. The brunette was constantly being harassed because of his 'nerd' status and well, he didn't really have many friends that could stick up for him. Hell, he didn't even have friends. He had one friend. Singular, not plural, he had to remind himself.

"Luke!" The brown-eyed boy looked towards the source of the voice and smiled, "Good morning Benjamin." Ben let out an exasperated groan, "We've been friends for three years now. Please just call me Ben."

It was like an inside joke to them because no matter how hard Luke tried, he just couldn't seem to get rid of his overly-well mannered behaviour. He tried really but he just couldn't shake it.

"I've got band practice at lunch today…You think you'll be alright?" Ben asked as he opened the doors to the building. "I'll be fine." Luke replied before waving at Ben and heading towards his locker.

It was just his luck that Nick, Luke paused and scolded himself. Who was he to call him Nick? Acting as if they were on a first-name basis. The only interaction that went on between the two was either when Luke was being shoved against a locker, asked questions (interrogated seemed like a better term for it) or when he was being used as a punching-bag by Nick's friends. Nick never joined in on the latter though and it made Luke feel like maybe, maybe there was a chance that Nick didn't hate him.

He sighed as he entered the combination for his lock, hoping that Nick would once again arrive late to school. He just didn't feel like being shoved around today (not that he normally felt like it). Fate just didn't want to be on his side it seemed. "Dork, what do we have first period?"

Luke flinched upon hearing the other's voice and answered almost automatically, "B-Biology." The taller boy cursed and slammed his locker door shut before briskly walking away, muttering something about not wanting to 'dissect any fucking frogs'. Which wasn't what they were going to do anyway, that was for next week. Obviously Nick wouldn't know that, he focused on his studies just about as much as Luke focused on swimming, which was barely.

The brown-haired boy gently closed his locker door and made his way to class. It was chaotic when he arrived, to say the least. Avoiding the mayhem as best as he could, he took the seat in the middle of the classroom. He was a loner in this class, like he was in many, due to the fact that his schedule and Ben's schedule didn't really match up in a lot of places. The only periods they had together were English and Study Hall. Luke liked being organised but he was really beginning to hate school schedules…

On the first day of school, when Nick had found out that Luke owned the locker next to him, he had shoved his schedule in the brunette's face and told him to memorise it (only because the black-haired boy would ultimately forget his schedule elsewhere and not know where to go, not that he would ever voice this; in fact he'd rather skip the entire class). Thankfully Luke was able to memorise it by the end of the day and he was happy yet also somewhat terrified to know that he shared all of his classes except English with Nick.

"Settle down class!" He heard say. He wasn't sure why but everyone, even the more rebellious teens, seemed to listen to whatever said. Maybe it was because he was so kind? Luke wasn't really sure.

Ten minutes into the lesson, Nick and his two main friends (Mike and Eric) stalked into the classroom and sat down behind Luke. He tried to shrink into his chair, hoping it would just swallow him whole, unfortunately it did not. Eric threw a rubber at the back of his head the second turned around to write something on the board and Nick soon followed by tossing a crumpled paper ball at him.

The brown-eyed boy picked up the paper off the floor and placed it onto the table, it wasn't like he could ignore it, he'd just be harassed even more so than usual if he did. He turned away from the paper for the time being and focused on what was being taught. Soon enough, the bell signalling the end of class rang.

Luke knew it would just be another insult but his curiosity got the better of him in the end and so he opened and smoothed out the once crumpled paper, forcing down the bubble of hurt as Nick shoved his books off the table before walking away with his friends (who continued to laugh loudly and pat him on the back). The bubble of hurt returned full-force as Luke read out the insult that was written on the paper in the scrawly yet neat handwriting that belonged to the black-haired boy known as Nick.

He was used to this, he told himself. He should be used to this but he wasn't. The boy mentally brushed himself off and walked towards the bin, just about ready to throw his paper in when he realised that there was writing on the back of it. Barely noticeable but still there. He hurried back to his table and placed the paper down, his palms flat against either side of it.

believe me, you're on my mind a lot nowadays.
so you & me are gonna go out this Friday okay. Pick you up round 8.

Luke thinks his heart may have stopped there for a second and then started up again because by the time he had read the letter twice he was visibly shaking. He was glad everybody had left the classroom by now because by God he wouldn't know what to do if people were here to witness his minute breakdown.

He knows his face is red by now because he can feel the heat emanating from it as his palm touches his cheek slightly. His palm is now in front of his face and he stares at it as if it were going to give him the answers he needed. Eventually though, his hand drops back down to his side in a defeated mannerism. And then, for the first time in a while, Luke swore.

All the while, when Luke was in a rut about what to do and the look on his face as he continue to be flustered beyond belief, Nick stood by the door of the classroom smirking to himself as his grey eyes observed the mess that was currently Luke. And as he headed back to his locker he let out a chuckle and muttered, "This is going to be way too easy…"

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