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Shawn Michaels threw back the covers on his side of the bed. He threw his legs over the side and yawned. He turned his neck form side to side, slowly, popping it. He then picked up the boxers and t-shirt that were lying on the floor. He slipped both of them on, and turned to look at the woman sleeping in the bed with only a sheet covering her. He couldn't help but let a little smirk come across his face. She was his one true love. And that was nothing but the honest truth. There was no person in the world that he thought he could love more than his wife, Rebecca. Shawn turned and shuffled to the bathroom.

He flicked on the light and absently ran a hand over his chin. He then cleared his throat and splashed his face with some water. Slender hands and silk fingers slid across his waist. Shawn knew the feeling well. It was Rebecca's embrace. He turned his head to kiss her, and that was when the phone began to ring.

He gave his wife a quick peck and jogged out to answer the phone.


"Hey Shawn." A familiar voice greeted him.

"Kev! Where've you been man? It's been forever since we talked!" Shawn said. Rebecca was immediately concerned. She had a hunch about what Kevin was calling for. Shawn shot a glance at his wife. The silly grin on his face revealed all.

Kevin Nash and Vince McMahon were trying to get Shawn to come back and wrestle again. Shawn wanted that more than anything more at the moment, and, quite frankly, it was pissing Rebecca off.

"Hold on Kevin." Shawn said, and then put his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone.

"Hon, they have a non-wrestling position with my name on it." Shawn said. Rebecca looked skeptical.

"Shawn, you know as well as I do, that Vince will have you back in the ring in a matter of months!" She shouted. Shawn sighed. He knew. Rebecca continued. "You can do whatever you see fit to do, but just remember, you have a family to think about now." Shawn looked at her. He wanted ever so badly to get back in the ring, but she had just told him flat out that she was going to break her heart, or her, if he left.

Shawn sighed again and took his hand away from the mouthpiece of the phone.

"Kevin, I'll see you Monday," He said. Rebecca closed her eyes to hide the tears that were threatening to fall.

"Yeah, bright and early, see ya around Kevin."


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