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Randy sat in the pink plastic hospital chair next to Chris's bed. Liz was on the other side, sobbing. Behind her was Shawn's hospital bed. It had already been two weeks since Hunter had been killed. Chris wasn't in the best of shape, but he was at least awake. His neck was in a very complex brace. He was cracking jokes about how he could only eat the Jello since everything else was so horrible. Yet, Shawn remained unconscious, and unwavering in his condition. Cameron was sitting next to him, perhaps not really understanding what had happened, and what was still happening to his father.

Randy had certainly withdrawn in his cocky attitude. His two father figures were in the hospital, and yes, they probably would've already been dead if it hadn't been for him. Yet, he somehow ultimately felt responsible. He simply wished that they would recover fully and everything could go back to normal and they could go on with their lives.

That seemed impossible now.

Chris was never going to be able to re-enter the ring. He was permanently out of action for good. His hand was severely disfigured to the point where he was not going to be able to use it. Since it was his right hand and, more importantly, his dominant hand, he was going to have to learn to write with his opposite hand. The hospital was going to help him with it, which was good. Randy changed his glance from Chris to Shawn.


Now, that was a completely different story. He was in a coma at the current moment. Each day that went by there was a smaller and smaller chance that he was going to wake up. Even if he did manage to wake up, he would never walk again. His back was in bad shape to begin with, but his spinal cord had been almost completely severed by the blow he had suffered at the hands of Batista. Things didn't get much worse than that. The doctor had said that even if he woke up and was in his wheelchair, his life expectancy was no longer than a year at the most. Randy felt the anger building up inside him once again, just thinking about it. It wasn't fair.

"Randy? Hello? Earth to Randy!!" Chris said. When he didn't move or respond, he followed his gaze to Shawn. Chris felt his own anger rage again. Especially when he had to rotate his whole body to look at Shawn. It frankly pissed him off. He also hated himself for being awake at the same time that his best friend was laying on his deathbed. Nothing in life was fair. At least, not this life. Chris watched closely as Shawn looked like he was beginning to stir. Liz turned to look behind her. Randy stood up and walked numbly over to the bed. He sat in the chair that Cameron was occupying, and Cameron sat on his lap. Shawn breathed in sharply, and winced as he slowly opened his eyes.

"Daddy?" Cameron asked cautiously. Shawn lifted up the corners of his mouth.

"Yeah, Cam. Daddy's here." He whispered hoarsely. "I don't think I'll be here much longer, though."

"Why not Daddy?" Cameron asked, with a trace of fear in his voice.

"My time's running out, I guess. God must want to see a wrestling match in heaven." Randy and Chris both smiled a little at that. Shawn swallowed. "While I've still got the energy, I'm going to tell you all what you mean to me."

"But you might still make it." Randy tried to tell him. Shawn shook his head.

"No, I won't." he said certainly.

"Shawn....." Liz started, but he ignored her.

"Cameron, come here son." He told him. Cameron climbed onto the edge of the bed. "You are the best kid that I could've ever had. No matter what you want to be when you grow up, you CAN do it. I have absolutely no doubt about that. I'm proud to have you as my son, and" Shawn said, reaching around his neck. He grabbed a necklace and pulled it off. "I want you to have this. My father gave it to me, and now, I'm going to give it to you." Cameron put the necklace on with sad eyes. "I love you son."

"I love you too, Daddy." Shawn turned to face Randy.

"You are one of the sneakiest, cockiest bastards that I have ever known in my life, but I owe my life to you, and I hope that continue to wrestle after this. You've got a hell of a lot of talent, son. Don't let it go to waste on grieving over me. You're like a second son to me, and I'm honored to have known you. Take care of yourself." Randy nodded.

"I will, Shawn." He said. He moved his chair out of the way, so that Liz could come over and talk to him.

"Liz...." He said. "We had quite a ride didn't we? Take care of Cameron for me, will you? Chris might need some baby-sitting from time to time as well, so be sure to take care of him. And don't be crying those pretty tears for me, you're making your make-up run, sweetheart. Take care." Liz nodded and sat back down. Shawn turned to Chris, who was lying on his side, in order to be able to see him.

"Chris, what can I say to you?" Shawn asked.

"That you'll play father time and live forever." Chris told him. Shawn smirked and winced horribly as he took in a breath. Chris looked at him with ever growing tears in his eyes. He bit down on his tongue.

"I couldn't do that if I wanted to, Chris. You have been the greatest friend I've ever known. Through the good times and the bad. We stuck together like glue. And we became friends just by you talking to me one day backstage. I owe many things to you as well, my friend."

"Shawn, stop." Chris told him.

"You have been a much greater friend than I ever deserved and for that I am truly grateful. You've been there through it all for me Chris. There's no way to repay anyone for that."

"Shawn, stop it, I don't-"

"You do." Shawn insisted, and lapsed into a coughing fit. After a few seconds, he cleared it up, and continued. "You do. And that's why, I want you to have my house."

"No, I won't take it-"

"Dammit Chris, just let me finish. Anything that you want is yours. You deserve it. That's my thank you to you. Please just let me do that, okay?" The tears that had threatened to fall earlier were falling now. If he could've shaken his head 'no' he would have, but he couldn't so he just remained stationary with the tears rolling down his face. "Good." Shawn said, and rolled back over in his bed. He closed his eyes and let out a huge sigh. Chris kept looking at him, watching his breathing, hoping that for once, Shawn would be horribly wrong about this. But, he watched in horror as the breathing became more and more shallow.

"No." He said. "Shawn!! NO!!" He screamed. The faint beep-beep of the heart monitor went to one single, long, and continuous beep. Randy felt his insides churn. Liz covered her mouth and looked away. "Shawn!!!!!!!!!!!" Chris screamed and stumbled out of his bed.

"Chris, get back into your bed!" Liz yelled. He ignored her, and stumbled over to Shawn's bed.

"Shawn, you asshole, wake up!!! Don't leave me here like this!!! What about Cameron?!!" Chris screamed, trying to shake him, which was near impossible with his hand. The nurse and doctor rushed in and moved Chris back to his own bed screaming. Randy simply sat there and stared. He'd been given enough time to say his goodbyes, and then he was called away.

Maybe life was fair in an odd way.

Randy Orton returned to the ring not long after Shawn's death. He went on to win every single title it was possible for him to hold within the next two years. He was the one who wound up taking care of Cameron. He and the little boy bonded more than anyone thought they would.

Five weeks after Shawn's death, Chris was able to walk around without a huge neck brace on, but he did have to wear a smaller one for about a year. In that time, he and Liz didn't get married as planned. Liz became pregnant and gave Chris a daughter. Chris never moved into Shawn's house, or took any of his things. Instead, he opened it as a museum to the public. Everything was kept exactly the same as Shawn had left it.

Chris never wrestled again, but he did return to the WWE. He became the lead announcer, after Jim Ross retired from the post. Chris and Randy were often seen together backstage, picking on each other much like two brothers, or a father and a son would. Both men remained the best of friends throughout the rest of their years. Even Liz went to work for WWE a few years after Chris did. She became the ring announcer.

Life went on slowly and harshly, but it did indeed continue.

//At least this way,

I just can't take your breath away

You cut me down,

You know I'll always be around,

So now I wait,

I know you'll live another day,

Come and take my breath away,

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Growing colder

I need something

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all we ever wanted

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Next to nothing

Next to nothing

Cause you know its over

Growing colder

I need something

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Leave me next to nothing

Next to nothing, yeah//