Cold and Warmth


Cold. Freezing cold.

You're shivering even though you're wearing three layers of clothing and socks. Your boots are off such as to not cut off circulation to your feet; perhaps that's why they're numb with cold.

You clutch at yourself with your hands as though to hold in whatever little heat you have. The towel you're using as an improvised blanket shifts slightly and an icy draft slips right in-

Damn, it's cold.

It's really weird, isn't it? It's supposed to be summer, but it's snowing moderately, as though ridiculing the rising sun in the sky. Shivering, you rub your hands together and hold them out to the sun for warmth; the weak morning rays bring none.


Eh? Oh, Anna! How's she doing? Is she okay?

You sit straight up in an instant, forgetting all about the cold, and look over to your right where she has been sleeping. You hope and pray she hasn't caught a cold, not when you gave all all three of your blankets last night to protect her.

Her eyes are still closed, her breathing steady. A lock of her chestnut hair dances gently in the wind. Her expression is completely relaxed and untroubled in sleep, as though she's just going on a camping trip, not trying to save her kingdom...

You huff a sigh of relief and watch your breath crystallise into an ephemeral cloud that vanishes in the blink of an eye. You blink slowly and let your guard down, and that's when you hear a snort and a hoof tap the earth. It's Sven, who has woken up too and presumably is wondering why you're alarmed. He tilts his head to the side meaningfully, as though to ask, "What's the matter, buddy?"

You glance back to confirm Anna is fine, and let the relief show on your face. "Everything's fine, Sven," You murmur as you reach up and ruffle his fur. He nods, blinks in drowsiness and wanders off to look for any carrots not frozen over. You flop back into the snow and look at the morning sky.

It's now brightening to sky blue. Anna should wake up soon, won't she? Should you wake her instead?

You look to her face again and can almost feel it: the powerful magnetic attraction that draws your gaze to her face. She twitches an eyebrow; she will rise soon, won't you do something..?

Your hand is halfway to her face before you realise it and freeze. You remember that she's engaged, that somewhere back in Arendelle, a man already waits for her return. Never mind how they met, that fact is that he is.

Yet...She still thinks that his last name is 'Of-The-Southern-Isles.' Don't you still have a chance? Don't you?

And...finally, your hand comes to rest on her shoulder instead. Past the boundaries of acquaintances, but far from the intimacy of a couple. Or lovers. Yeah, the shoulder is fine because you're friends with her.

Friends? Just...Friends?

"Mornin', Anna."

You speak her name as naturally as you can. She blinks once, twice, and looks you in the eye when she opens her eyes for the third time.

"Good morning Kristoff." She replies sweetly.

A smile adorns her features, warmer and brighter than any morning sun.

Suddenly, you no longer feel cold. Your heart is providing you all the warmth you need.



Further notes:

I was inspired to write this after I spent a night sleeping on top of a truck...and woke up early the next morning because it was cold and my clothes were soaked in morning dew D:

I guess watching Frozen the night before helped too.

I'm going to ignore the incongruity of Kristoff and Anna seemingly able to make the journey to find Elsa with nothing but the clothes on their back and Sven. Let go of the details, let the little things go...yeah?