Fenrir stopped tearing apart the squirrel (they had nearly no meat, but they were fun to chase. And he rather enjoyed the scream like squeal it gave as he tore it apart. And the thought of the reaction some kid would give when they found it.) It the park of some no name muggle neighborhood, feeling something very wrong. The wolf inside him was snarling with anger, but he couldn't think of why.

He wasn't very tempermentle unless it was near the full moon, but that had been almost two weeks ago. Then he smelled it. It was intoxicating, like amortia, but there was something so wrong with it. The scent was natural, but it was mixed with blood, the blood alarming the wolf inside to an unbearable degree. He immedietly started running to the smell, feeling the wolf come out slightly.

He sprinted until he came to number 4, Privet drive.


Meluna shuddered in fear as her uncle continued to belt her. She had woken them up with another nightmare of the graveyard, probably from the dementors a few days ago, (that the Dursleys still refused to accept existed) causing Vernon to be very, very upset.

She had been abused her whole life at the Dursleys, with nothing being to low for them, and when she learned that Dumbledore was the one to put her there, she honestly started to hate him. And she didn't hate many people. She hated the Dursleys and Dumbledore, for obviuos reasons, but no one else.

She didn't even hate Voldemort, really. He had been trying to kill her when he had killed her parents, so she saw that as her fault. She hated that he killed Cedric, but only because she hated to see it. Cedric was not very nice to her, along with many others. But when she thought about what her magic hating gaurdians had done, she saw a decent reasoning for Voldemort to want to put wizards in charge, he was just going about it the wrong way.

She screamed as her uncle started to slice into her back with a knife and got a sharp stab in the side for it. She knew screaming only made it worse, but there were still times she couldn't help it.

"I've put up with you for far too long, you whore, and I'm going to be rid of you, once and for all." He growled, and Mel shuddered, since she knew he meant it this time. She had been hit with all three of the unforgivable curses, and she was going to die by her uncles hands.

She shrieked, the sound nearly inhuman, as her uncle stabbed her in her lower back, slicing through her spine.

This was the sight that Fenrir was greeted with when he crashed into the house. A large man, standing over a young unconconciouse woman with many stab wounds on her back.

Fenrir growled, him and the wolf recondnising her as only his mate, and feeling the primal urge to tear the threat apart. But the sight of the young woman, his mate, in such a state led him to take care of her first. So he punched the daylights out of the whale of a man and scooped up the girl very carefully, her glasses nearly falling off, swearing to come back at a later point to kill him in the most brutal way possible. But first he had to get his mate to the pack healer. By the look and placement of the stab wounds, the only thing keeping her alive was the magic he could smell on her.


"Agnes!" Fenrir shouted when he apperated to the mountains they had hollowed into an underground city, frantic for the healer, as his mate had stopped bleeding, but the wounds were still gaping, scabbing not the reason for her lack of bleeding.

The healer bustled out of her quarters quickly, grumbling about foolish pups. When she saw her alpha, she was about to give him a bow, when she saw what was in his arms. She had been a healer before she had been turned by a paitent, and the sight of anyone in such a way made her feel the need to fix them. She immedietly had him put the woman on the nearest bed and ushered him out of the room.

Fenrir paced and growled for the next many hours, but the wolf in him was whimpering with worry. He was well over a hundred years old (if a werewolf accepted themselves, they could live for an exreme amount of time. It was only if the werewolf rejected the wolf in them, was the whole prosess painful and short lived.) and he had been looking for his mate for a very long time, and he was worried he may lose her already.

When Agnes emerged nearly fourteen hours later, it was evening, but Fenrir still paced. When he saw her, he rushed over, but before he could ask anything, Agnes stopped him.

"She is still unconciuse, but I did the best I could with any of her injurys, but she will have to stay in bed for a long time, and we won't know what else is wrong or what has happened that is permenant until she wakes up. She was the victim of malnourishment, physical and sexual abuse, and has many bones broken since a early age that have not healed properly, so when she is better, they will need to be reset. Now I have some qustions of my own that I would like an answer to, if you don't mind." Fenrir blinked at how she answered all his unspoken questions and more, and nodded, trying not to let his anger get the better of him... yet.

Agnes nodded back, and asked in her sharp voice, "who is she?"

"My mate."

Agnes blinked in slight shock, but was happy for him. She was still confused though.

"What is her name?" Fenrir paused at that.

"I dunno..." he said, slightly sheepish.

Agnes sighed, but only asked one more question.

"Are you going to go in with her, or are you going to kill whoever did this to her, presuming you haven't already."

Fenrir felt torn. He chose to listen to his wolf as he usually did, and went in with his mate for now.

Agnes was very happy that her alpha had found his mate. She knew the feeling of such a love, and went to her office until her shift was over so she could go back to her mate and four cubs.


That happened to be the night the Order went to 4 Privet drive and found it compleatly empty, no sign of Meluna in the whole house. Remus couldn't even smell her under the strong cleaning supplies stinging his nose. They went back to grimmauld place, empty handed, when not even Moody could see any sign of her. Sirius was loudly worried, and Dumbledore was silently furious.

His pawn was not going to slip through his fingers, he had put far too much work into her for that to happen.


It wasn't until another week had passed that Meluna woke. She groaned at the pain in her back, espesialy her lower back before it stopped abruptly. She felt very confused, blinking hard at the voices she was hearing. She couldn't tell what they were saying, but it felt like her head was about to split open and she gave another loud groan, cutting the voices off.

She felt an unfamiliar hand take hers, but it felt comforting all the same. She blinked a few more times and felt her large round glasses being placed on her face. She looked around and saw two faces above her. One was a woman that was sorting through bottles and gently holding them up for her to drink, and the other was a man that looked very worried. He was the one holding her hand. At the moment her mind couldn't really take in any more as the woman had her drink some rather nasty and other tasteless potions.

After the potions started taking affect and she could think more clearly she noticed they were trying to talk to her. She shook her head slightly and looked at them again.

"Sorry, what?" She asked, not hearing them the first time they said anything.

The woman smiled kindly and asked "can you tell us your name?"

Meluna blinked, mind still foggy, which was probably the reason she told them anything, " Meluna Potter, but you c'n call me Mel." She murmered, head still hurting.

This would have come to a shock to them had they not noticed her scar on the first day, and had had time to process it. Though Fenrir didn't really care. She was his mate, why would he care?

"Well Meluna, I'm Agnes, and this is Fenrir." Agnes said kindly "can you please tell us were it hurts?" She asked.

"My head hurts, an' my back hurts, an' my" she paused for a moment to think "my legs don' hurt. Can't really feel 'em." She said, slurring slightly.

Agnes and Fenrir looked worried, and Agnes took her wand out and ran some diognostic spells that got better (meaning, more accurate, but usually awful) results. She paled slightly as she looked at Mel. She whispered something to Fenrir and he tightened his grip on Mel's hand.

Agnes turned to Mel and tried to smile, but it was more of a grimace, and said "Dear, I'm afraid the stab wounds caught your spinal cord, and while a managed to heal it, um," she hesitated, "it paralyzed your legs. I can't be sure if we can heal it yet, but it looks rather unlikely. I'm sorry." She finished, looking truly sorry. She left to give them some privacy.

Mel watched Agnes go before turning to Fenrir, who looked very angry, but not at her.

"'M tired. C'n you stay? I like you." She slurred, almost asleep already. Fenrir, having been about to stand to destroy the whale, stayed put and smiled slightly at her.

"I'll stay, don't worry." Ho told her softly.

"Not w'rr'ed!" She protested. He chuckled and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead as she fell asleep, really sleeping this time.

And he didn't leave until she woke next. Partly because she was gripping his hand so tightly.

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