# Ch 4

When a week later, Dumbledore sent Remus to try recruting werewolves and to spy on them, this was not what he had expected. They welcomed him with open arms, and he felt kind of bad for spying on them. He was also surprised with their currant ease in life. They were even wearing nice clothes. When he inquired to the change, they told the cheerfully of their new alpha female. When he asked who it was, their reply shocked him to the core.

Meluna Potter.

He returned to Grimmauld place as soon as he could and told the Order of his findings. Sirius voted for retreaving her right away, but Dumbledore disagreed. They needed to get her back, but they needed to learn more of the situation first. So Remus went back, careful not to be noticed too much.

He saw her at the end of the largest table with Fenrir, and had to look away before she noticed him. But it wasn't until a few days later was he able to speak to her. She looked at him in surprise when he stepped out from one of the caves and into her path.

"Proffesor Lupin?" She asked, feeling very confused.

"Please, call me Remus. Why are you here, Meluna?" He asked her, worried she was hurt.

She blinked, "Because Fenrir brought me here, he saved me."

"What did you need saving from?" He asked, worry growing.

"Why are you here?" She asked instead.

"I'm with the Order, with Dumbledore. I'm here to get you out of this place." He told her, but that was obviosley the wrong thing to say. She glared at him.

"So you want to take me from the only place I have ever been accepted, on the orders of the man that ruined my life? No, this conversastion is over, I am not leaving." She turned and rolled away.

Remus frowned and prepared himself to do something he really didn't want to do, but what choice did he have? Meluna was obviosley being imperio'd, why else would she not like Dumbledore, the leader of the light?


Mel didn't even have time to react before everything went dark. Remus lifted up her limp body with little trouble, and apparated back to headquarters, leaving the wheelchair behind.

It wasn't until almost half an hour later that it was found, by a younger werewolf going for a afternoon walk. When he found the empty chair of the alpha female, he reported to the alpha immedietly. When Fenrir asked around, looking for who had taken her, he learned that the only other person missing was a werewolf, Remus Lupin. He knew where Lupins loyalties lay, and snarled.

"Dumbledore." He growled, then he let out an inhuman howl, telling the pack to gather for a hunt.

Dumbledore would regret the day he stole his mate.


When Remus brought Mel and explained the situation to them, they agreed that she was probably under some mind control. When they had madam Pomfrey scan her, they found no trace of mind control. They placed her on a bed in a room that had been cleaned, and used 'renverte' to wake her up.

Mel woke up somewhere unfamiliar, and when she opened her eyes, she was met with the sight of madam Pomfrey, Remus, Sirius, Moody, Snape and Dumbledore. She glared at them all, though it was weak on Sirius, and extra strong on Remus and Dumbledore. When they started asking her questions, she held her hand up to stop them.

"Let's get something straight, I won't say anything with Madam Unqualified, Proffesor Kidnapper, Proffesor Pervert, Proffesor Bat or Proffesor Life-Wrecker." All of them looked offended as she pointed to Pomfrey, Remus, Moody, Snape and Dumbledore, in that order, exept Sirius, who looked amused at some of the names she had thought for them, and worried at others.

When the others finaly left, Sirius turned to he goddaughter and asked the most pressing question on his mind at the moment.

"Why was Mad-Eye 'Proffesor Pervert'?" She snorted.

"Really? When somebody gets a magic eye that can see through anything, that isn't paranoid. That's perverted." Sirius nodded.

"That sounds fair. Why were you with werewolves?" He asked her, still feeling worried for her.

"That is part of a very long story." She told him, not really wanting to tell him.

"I have all day." He retorted, not about to let this go.

She sighed and started to tell him, from the very beginning. The abuse from the Dursleys (she skimmed over that, being as vague as possible), her dangers at school, her last summer, and the last time she was at the Dursleys and what happened and the result. Sirius was in shock, his goddaughter was abused, had the worst school expearience, was the mate to a werewolf (let's not forget that he was wanted for turning multiple people and killing just as many, and was suspected to be working for Voldemort), was a werewolf herself, and was paralyzed by the people that were supposed to take care of her. He felt anger at the Dursleys, Dumbledore, and himself. If he hadn't-.

"Oh, stop sulking." He was jolted out of his thoughts by Mel glaring at him.

"This was not your fault. It happened to me, and I'm dealing with it." She said firmly. He nodded, not sure how she knew what he was thinking.

"No, I can't read minds." She said exasperatedly. He stared at her, feeling slightly panicked. When she saw his face, she burst into laughter.

"Oh, Moon, you fell for it!" She laughed, holding her sides. He pouted, but was happy she could pull off a good prank.

He decided she got it from him.

"So," she questioned, "how am I going to get around?"

He frowned, not sure how she would go around the house without the wheelchair she mentioned.

"You'll probably need to be carried, for now. I don't have a wand, and everyone here is either underage, or sucks at transfiguration. I think Dumbledore aready left, it's nearing dinnertime, and he only had an hour to be here, but that was just after lunch." She frowned, but let Sirius pick her up and take her downstairs to the kitchen.

When he opened the door, everything stopped. They all stared at her as Sirius put her in a chair near his own. Then everyone started asking questions.

"Where were you?"

"Are you alright?"

"Why was Sirius carrying you?"

"Shut up!" She screamed over it all, glare fixed on her face.

"I was at a place called Nunya Biznez, I'm as fine as I can get, and Sirius was carrying me because I can't walk. Next person to ask a question, dies." She said, fed up with all of them and wanting to get back to the pack.

Everyone fell silent, scared she might follow through with the threat, but Sirius and the Twins were shaking with silent laughter. They carried on with dinner, Hermione and Ron staring at her, the Twins and Sirius still cracking jokes, obvoisley trying to get Mel to laugh, and Mrs Weasley putting extra food on Mel's plate. When Mel only ate a third of the food on her plate, Mrs Weasley noticed.

"Meluna, you need to eat. You're just skin and bones." She said sternly. Mel gave her a look.

"I would, but my body is still getting used to eating. Last time I ate to much on your insisting, I threw it up less then an hour later." They were all quiet again, making her growl quietly.

"You can talk to each other you know. Just no questions to me."

They slowly started talking quietly to each other. All but Fred, George and Sirius would give her curious looks, but none would talk. Those three however were still joking.

"My, Meluna, you look smashing. Simply smashing!" Fred started in a stuck up tone.

"Hmm, yes, you look like a whole new person. I say, those glasses look magnificent." George continued in the same tone.

"Yes, you have never looked better. May I inquire who did your hair? I was thinking of getting mine done." Sirius added, going along with the twins. Mel's lips were twitching, but she felt she needed to say something.

"Dear me, you're slipping, Padfoot. What would my Father say?" She teased him. The twins looked at Sirius in shock. Sirius, seeing their looks, groaned quietly.

"What did you say that for?" He muttered to her, getting kind of scared of the twins, whose faces started to resemble worship.

"I did say no questions." She reminded him, smirking. The twins got out of their chairs and started to bow to him.

From the 'Master's they were chanting as they bowed, Sirius knew he would be getting no privicy anytime soon.