Chapter 1: Short Change Heroes

"What? Kid, you want to tell me a story?"

"You taught me to tell stories, so I want to try too! Kind of like a test."

"Okay, Why not?"

"Awesome. Ahem."

Back, during the Hyperion invasion, there where the six vault hunters. Axton, Maya, Salvador, Zer0, Gaige, and Krieg. Everybody knows who they were, but there where others. 4 more people, whose names went un-credited. Some called them insane, others called them heroes. But I… call them vault hunters.

A skag was out wandering. It vomited out the un-digestible parts of its last meal. A buzz axe and a psycho mask. It looked up, and was abruptly hit by a bus. The driver laughed, and put a tally mark on his dashboard, along with the other 60. There were four people on the bus. The one sitting in front was average height, but he was muscular, had short dark hair, was wearing camouflaged fatigues, and was clicking the magazine in and out of his Dahl assault rifle.

A few rows behind him was a woman, also around average height, long black hair in a ponytail, she wore a stained lab coat, and had a burn scar on her right cheek. She was tinkering with some sort of device attracted to her right wrist.

Half way back and on the other side of the bus, was a behemoth of a man, and he had a look that could stare down a full grown bullymong. He didn't have any digi-struct panels on him, but had a Vladolf assault rifle and a Hyperion shotgun strapped to his back, a Maliwan sniper rifle attached to his chest, and a Jakobs revolver on one hip and a kukri machete attached to the other. He had some sort of metal device on his back between his rifle and shotgun. He had dark brown hair in a flat top. He was listening to something on his ECHO device.

In the very back of the bus a very thin man in a black coat with shoulder length black hair was calibrating the scope on his sniper rifle.

The driver looked over to his right. On the top of a hill, he saw a bandit technical and a couple of bandits. They were looking down at them. The driver swore under his breath. "Those bandits are going to attack." He looked back at his passengers. "Hey, you guys look tough. You take out those bandits, and I'll pay you." He pulled the bus over. The big guy reacted first. He put his ECHO away and started walking towards the door. The one in the back then started making his way up. The other two followed shortly after. The four stepped out of the bus and readied their weapons. The bandits charged, and the four realized something. There were more bandits on the on the other side of the hill. A lot more. They came flooding over the hill. There were technicals, psychos, marauders, and goliaths. There where at least one hundred. Maybe more. The four stood there, like skags in head lights, then the bus sped off, abandoning them. That's when the bandits opened fire. The four scattered.

The one in fatigues took cover and started returning fire. He ejected the magazine and reached for another, but there was none there. He swore. He left his ammo on the bus. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a small metal box, and set it down next to him. It started to digi-struct S.A.M. It was a giant robot, about eight feet tall, with a mini gun for one arm, and a rocket launcher for the other. He climbed in and powered S.A.M up. He opened fire, bandits were dying left and right. He chuckled. "This is awesome"

Nico as: The Mercenary

In the distance, the woman was shooting marauders, dodging melee attacks, when an enraged goliath charged at her. She pointed her right fist at it, hit a button, and a jet of flame shot out of the device attached to her arm. She hit a different button and shot pure slag at a group of marauders, then finished them off with corrosion. She shot out a lightning bolt and blew up a technical.

Ella as: The (Ella)Mentalist

She didn't notice the badass behind her preparing a rocket launcher, but the big guy from the bus did. He pulled the device off his back, and it extended into a shield, similar to those of the nomads. He rose his shield up and charged forward. He bashed and shot bandits, and ran towards Ella. She turned around to see the rocket flying at her, then the guy jumped between her and the rocket, holding his shield high, and blocked the explosion.

Rook as: The Paladin

The man with the long hair was shooting people with a Jakobs revolver, when a psycho ran up and embedded his buzz axe in the side of his head. The man with the long hair backed up, stopped for a second, and pulled the axe out of his head, a stray spark came out of his head, and a part of his metal endoskeleton was exposed. He looked at the psycho, his eyes started glowing blue. He dashed forward, pulled out a large knife, and stabbed the psycho. He continued to speed around, almost too fast to see, slashing, stabbing, and shooting bandits.

The D.E.S.M.O.N.D as: The Anderoid

Nico saw that S.A.M was running low on health, so he hit the big red button. He got out and ran. S.A.M exploded, blowing away many bandits. He drew his shotgun and started backing up. By a strange coincidence, the four all backed into each other. Back to back to back to back, they were able to hold out for a while, many bandits fell, but they started to fall apart. Desmond took an electric shot to the gash in his head. His eyes went dark, and he fell to the ground. The hole in the defense caused psychos to reach them. The psychos tackled them to the ground and started to wail on them. As Nico's vision faded, the last thing he could remember feeling was rope being tied around him.

(A.N) So this is my first published story, so there might me some errors. Reviews and advice are appreciated and I will update when I can if people like it. I hope you enjoy.