The Time for Sorrow

By: anime*romancelover

Part One: What is Life Worth without You?

Summary: This is Pegasus/Cecelia fix. I try to put a lot of detail just like in his writing, so if you like it, please review. As I said in my other fics, I will probably only continue if I get some feedback on this.

P.S. I made up the poem [ words in italics] on my own, so please don't take them without my permission. Thank you and enjoy!


Dearest Cecelia,

I note that your death has been drawing ever closer and with it my life ending as well. The skies seem to grow darker at every moment and never-ending rain fills the empty spaces within my heart with sorrow.

As I wait for your crystal eyes to open my mind is spinning and my sight is blinded from the purest of tears that were ever shed over my face. They trickle down my cheek as I brace your left hand between my own. Shallow breathing is sustaining me at the moment, but I fear that you will give out any second.

My life is whirling within a blinding white light. I can't look at anything without memories of the past blowing our future through the flames of torture. Gazing at your features would be so much easier if you could just open your eyes and whisper the words that I long to hear...

I can no more salvage my depressing manner and thoughts than leave your bedside. I shall never continue my twisting journey of life without you standing by my side.

Whilst I glance about your room I spot everything that could bring about a touching but painful memory. They all shed nothing but a new light, which diminishes after I feel the ice-cold feeling of your skin.

I'd give almost anything for you to return. But alas, I see no more hope than a star that would guide you back to me.

I now know that fate was not on our side, but rather against us from the moment we introduced our love to the world. I will still wait for your return into my arms, and I plan to not back down now.

As I take sight upon the winter snow falling outside I notice I grow cold, inside and out.

I fear our time together is short so I must continue my dream before it diminishes with our destiny, forever held in each other's arms...

--- Forever Yours,

M. Pegasus

~ When will winter change to spring?

When will fate change its course?

How can you return to me?

Swear to me, that I'm forever yours...~

~ Now is when I see

That we were meant to be

As the snow melts in winter

To the mystical colors of spring...~

~ I can't handle the difference

He side I see life from now

I try to salvage my depressing memories

But I can't get rid of my reminisces for you~

Dearest Cecelia,

My dream is beginning to turn into a desire... How I wish you would return to me. I see that your condition is becoming worse.

I can never love another, nor shall I continue my life without you next to me, holding my hand while I try to fight the winds pushing me back. Slight differences are nothing we can't handle, but you just continue to give up. But for your love and mine combined, I shall fight this war as long as I can continue.

I beg for you to forgive me as I push our destiny closer against your will, I can no longer watch the beautiful rose that is your face wilt away because of past mistakes.

I shall strive to be all that I can, for with you gone... I would rather die than live long enough to see you dissipated.

I was always there for you, as I am now. I hold your fragile hand to my chest as though it were your heart, beating against mine. Our souls are intertwined and I wish to not lose my other half. I can not accept fate, as I notice your laboring breath.

Forgive me, My Love, for I half failed you. And I shall relieve myself of having to live in this world without you...

Alas, the only way to do this is suicide...

And if that's what it takes, then so is it...

Forever Yours,

M. Pegasus

~ The stars twinkle as

The time moves ahead

But I'm left behind

Moving backwards instead...~

~ I'm trying to find myself

To find where I'm truly meant to be

As the time moves forward

And the winter changes to spring...~

~ Is there more to our life than I can see?

I wait for you from afar, wondering

How can it be?

Now I know that our destiny was replaced with a terrifying fate~

Dearest Cecelia,

I know that our future is crashing down and frankly I can't stand to see you this way any more. By sunrise tomorrow, I shall be gone from this world. Do not forget me, for my love for you still linger over the last bit of life within your body.

Please accept my apology, but I want no more to do with our pain than my life without you.

I am but a falling autumn leaf, tumbling towards the ground where I will forget about life. There is no more of a message, except,

~ No matter how much your fate will make me cry

My tears, forever, within an expression of grief

My love, eternal for you, will never die

Only for you, I will die while in my own brief...~

~... Only for you...~

I now shut the journal of my life, never to be opened by my hands again. I only savor for a moment our sweet memories together, for by tomorrow, they will end all together.

And we, My Love, will once again place our arms around each other as I caress your smooth cheek and feel the warm emotion in our kiss. We shall be,

~ Harmonic, A sweet memory,

Still together in our right place,

Living in solidifying, inexpressible harmony...~


A/N: That was part one. I have to say I tried my best... Please tell me if you appreciated it, okay? I'll try and get part two as fast as I can.