(Twelve years after the wedding…)

Chris strode down the hall behind little Mycroft, who was amazingly commanding at the young age of seven. With a boldness that could only belong to someone of the Holmes clan, he confidently asked the nurse at the desk to point out where his mother was, and with a chuckle, Chris followed his son's lead to the end of the hall and through an open door into a very homely hospital room.

Linda sat up against the pillows sleeping with the newest edition to the family against her chest. Little William Sherlock Scott Holmes (or just 'Sherlock' as Linda insisted he would be called), was born at 2:21 PM, and just as with Mycroft's birth, he was due for a barrage of visitors at any given moment, especially from Ruth and the uncles, who were excited to welcome the youngest nephew and grandchild to the family. But for a moment, the four of them were alone, and Chris was thankful for the silence. Sherlock snuggled more into Linda's embrace, quietly smacking his lips in contentment. She stirred when she heard Mycroft stop beside her bed.

"Hey, Mike" she murmured sleepily as he climbed up next to her, watching the sleeping baby in her arms. "This is Sherlock," she whispered, rubbing Sherlock's back as he stirred against her. "Do you want to hold him?" Mycroft nodded slowly and sat back against the pillows as she passed Sherlock over. With the skill of an adult, he held his baby brother, his eyes never leaving the little face that was intently studying him.

"I hope he's not stupid," he muttered suddenly, tugging at the blankets that were wrapped around the baby. Linda sighed, rolling her eyes and Chris winked at her.

"He's a Holmes, Mike," Chris said. "He'll be anything but stupid." Mycroft looked unconvinced, but stayed quiet all the same. Chris moved to sit down on the other side of Linda, watching his son hold Sherlock as though he was a most precious treasure. A very protective older brother already, he thought to himself as Sherlock was passed back to Linda and she gave the baby to him.

"He looks so much like you," Chris said as Sherlock fidgeted, suddenly opening his eyes. The same blue eyes that belonged to Linda stared up at him. "Where was I when this one was being made?"

Linda chuckled. "Oh, I'm sure we'll see traits of you in him as he grows up."

Mycroft leaned against her to watch his father as he tried to calm Sherlock down, who wouldn't stop moving in his arms. "You're doing it wrong," Mycroft said, clearly annoyed. "You have to hold his head."

"I am holding his head," Chris argued. Mycroft rolled his eyes and sighed, getting off the bed to go around and take Sherlock from Chris. Amazingly enough, Sherlock stopped fidgeting as soon as he saw that Mycroft was holding him.

"You're going to be a very good big brother, Mike," Linda praised. "He's already taking to you." In a rare occurrence, he actually smiled and took Sherlock to the rocking chair by the window.

"Who would've thought this would be our life?" Chris asked as he put his arm around Linda's shoulders, a huge grin on his face.

"Two incredible boys. An unstoppable team," she said softly, snuggling into his side with a sigh. "You know, I've been thinking. Would you be completely opposed to me not going back to work?" Chris looked at her in surprise.

"But you love teaching."

"I do, but…they're my life now." She nodded toward the rocking chair. "Mathematics is in my blood, but in the face of being a mother, it seems terribly fatuous."

"I mean, if you're sure," he said with a shrug.

"Completely," she smiled sleepily, wrapping her arm around her husband's waist. "Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. History in the making." As Mycroft started to softly talk to Sherlock, Chris fixed himself to be more comfortable on the bed and hugged Linda close, kissing her head.

"The beginning of a legacy," he said.

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