"Anna Anna Anna! Where have you been you little whore?" The redheaded woman couldn't suppress a smile as her fellow redhead embraced her. Ariel's perfume filled her nose, and she hugged Anna harder. The Christmas decorations were still up even though it was a week after Christmas. Ariel still wore a revealing little elf outfit, the green material clinging desperately to her curves. And what curves they were. Anna was almost envious. She gave a sigh of relief at finally being able to breathe as the waitress released her, her teeth practically shining as she grinned widely, adjusting her thick framed glasses that seemed to enhance her shockingly bright sea blue eyes.

Anna blushed before she answered, "Hans and I went on vacation." Ariel's face twisted into a frown and she shook her head disapprovingly.

"He's trying to keep your mind off the fact that he was a huge dick to you. Why didn't you text me? I was worried we scared you away," Ariel pouted, before dragging the auburn haired woman to a chair, not waiting for an answer. She yelled out to Meg, who was glaring out at her to make an apple cider, which was brought out a moment later.

"There," she muttered, clearly annoyed. Hatred practically radiated off of her. Anna wondered if it was because the interest that Elsa had shown her on Christmas Eve, or because she was heterosexual. Either way she thought the woman's obvious repulsion was a bit over the top.

"Hope there's not spit in it," Anna muttered to herself as the woman walked away, hips swinging. If Anna wasn't straight she was sure she would've been interested in the girls firm ass. Ariel waved her hand dismissively at the idea.

"Meg is a hygiene freak, I think the idea of spit mixing with a beverage would make her have a seizure." Ariel smiled, plump lips shining with gloss, bright eyes locking on hers as she leaned down on the table. "Now. Why didn't you say hi to me!? I missed you!" Anna bit her lip and looked away. She didn't want to explain to her new friend that her boyfriend had thrown it against the wall in a sudden rush of rage. Especially when she was already disapproving of Hans. Honestly though, Hans was a nice guy! He just got...mad, sometimes. She rubbed the back of her head and smiled weakly.

"I fell down the stairs."

Ariel stared. She ran her eyes up and down the girls face, calculating. Then she hesitated, cocked her head a bit, and spoke: "You...fell down the stairs?"

"I did," Anna nodded, clutching her mug of cider before she sipped it slowly. She felt her face grow hot under Ariel's gaze and then decided to focus her attention elsewhere. She was pleased to find that even when it wasn't Christmas the cafe still gave off a warm, delightfully merry feel. The lights were brilliant strewn across the room. Had they added some? A few seconds passed, chugging by slowly.

"You...fell...down the stairs?"

Anna rolled her eyes, "Yes yes, I fell down the stairs."

Ariel nodded. "Mhmm. So you fell down the stairs?

"For fuck's sake yes, I fell down the stairs! What do you want from me?"

"You fell down the stairs."


"You fell down the stairs."


"Not your phone, you?" Ariel questioned slowly. Anna blinked, then blushed as she realized how dumb her excuse was. She looked away.

"Well, it was in my hand," she mumbled slowly. "And when I hit the bottom it fell out of my hand and hit the floor."

"I see," Ariel said slowly, then she shook her head. "Whatever you say." There was a familiar jingle of bells. Anna groaned with dismay as a couple strolled in. The fashion disaster...this time wearing a plaid leather jacket (plaid leather!? where did she even get these clothes?!)and a pair of tight pinstripe skinny jeans. Her feet were clad in huge worn out rubber boots and she had this annoying yellow fedora. She was smirking, talking quietly, holding a woman tightly around the waist. Anna felt a tug in her chest and rolled her eyes. Of course she had interest in another girl already. Elsa was clearly that type of person. Even so, Anna felt this disgusting, horrid sense of jealousy. Why was she even...Anna blinked when she noticed the attire of the woman on her arm. The golden haired girl was clad in an elf costume? Oh god, not another floozy...

Elsa froze when she saw her. Her face was expressionless. Her sharp, piercing blue eyes slid up and down her frame and Anna suddenly realized how cold she was wearing this pencil skirt from work... despite the tights. She coughed awkwardly, her face burning at the enraptured look on the walking talking disaster's face. Then, Elsa winked one pretty blue eye, did some dumb flippy trick with her fedora, pressed it to her chest, and bowed. "Anna, my sweet, I knew you would return to me."

Anna straightened and tried to gain her composure, forcing her blush back. "I came back for the cider."

Elsa smirked. An annoying, stupid little smirk where only one side of her dumb, plump mouth curled up. "Of course you did." She wore the same knowing, annoying face that Ariel did when she told her she fell down the stairs. But Anna was being honest here, she didn't come for Elsa...but she...she blushed at her thoughts, she wouldn't deny that she had hoped to maybe catch just a little glance of Elsa.

"Who is this, Elsa," the blonde that Elsa had abandoned asked snappily, her eyes narrowed to the point where they almost looked closed. Her voice was cold and calm.

"This is my girlfriend, Anna," Elsa said warmly. Annas jaw dropped. Did she just say what Anna thought she said!? "Baby," Elsa took her hand and winked, "this is Cinderella."

Cinderella sniffed, looking down at Anna. "I see. Another of your conquests then..."

"Conquests," Elsa said slowly, and her entire face lit up. "That sounds so fucking radical." Then she flipped her fedora backed onto her head, shot a smile at Anna, and took a seat at the same table as her.

"Nice to meet you, Cinderella," Anna said softly, and she offered the girl her hand. "And don't worry, I'm not actually interested in what Elsa has to er, offer me." Elsa winced. Cinderella sniffed again, as if she smelled something bad, and slowly took Annas side. The expression on her face made it seem like holding Annas hand was hurting her. Then her chilly, calculating blue eyes slowly swept down her like her eyes were some kind of scanner. Her lips twitched as if she was going to smile and she looked Anna dead in the eyes, smirking very slightly.

"Oh I'm not...worried." she checked Anna out again. Then she swept a hand briefly down her chest, practically gesturing at the full pair of breasts she had, and walked away.

"Oooooooh," Ariel giggled wickedly, "Cinderella strikes again." Anna just sat there, mouth hanging open again. What was with these people? Ariel was snickering lightly, as if she found what Cinderella said funny. She covered her chest in sudden embarrassment. Were they...that small?

Elsa leaned her face into her hand, elbow on the small, circular table. "Now babe, don't get dispirited. What Cinderella doesn't know is I actually prefer tiny breasts." Anna nearly smiled, then Ariel snorted.

Anna's face turned scarlet, her eyes blazing with annoyance. "To be quite honest, I don't really care," she snapped, and Elsa gave another stupid little wink and touched her hand. Anna jerked away, suddenly very angry and feeling very dumb. How many people had Elsa used lines like that on? "I actually prefer glasses on girls" or "i actually love freckles on a girl." She probably said stupid lines like that to everyone. Anna grit her teeth. Why had...her heart leapt in her chest when Elsa stared at her and said that dumb, perverted stuff?

"Also I have a...thing for gingers," Elsa said so quietly, only Anna heard. She flushed, and rolled her eyes again. Then she coughed.

"Ever been to Florida, Ariel," She asked, trying to get her attention away from the smirking blonde. Both of them. Cinderella was glaring at her, stupid imperious smile on her face from behind the counter.

"Yep! I go there with my pa almost every year," she smiled warmly, "I love it there."

"Same, Hans just got a raise. A huge one. So we might start taking trips there a lot more, maybe getting a vacation home of some kind?" She shrugged in embarrassment.

Elsa deflated, her lips turning to a pout, burying her face more in her hand "Hans is a dumb prick," she muttered, voice soft and singsongy, but muffled a bit, "and he probably has a two inch dick. If he was here, I'd give it a kick. How dare he even look at my chick?"

Anna couldn't stop herself from bursting into laughter. She pictured her fiance, standing there, listening to what Elsa sang. And she couldn't help but laugh because he did have a two incher! "That was awesome, Els, although...very rude," she muttered, then grinned. She couldn't find it in herself to be annoyed with the rude comments, and declaration of ownsership, in her not so creative lyrics."You have one of the most beautiful voices i've ever heard when you're not singing about being elsasexual."

The fashion disaster seemed to light up at the fact that she amused Anna, and for a moment she changed entirely. She shifted back in her wooden chair, pushed her hat down a bit so there was a shadow over her face, and let out a tiny, odd little laugh. And did Anna see a blush? And Elsas eyes had turned downcast, smiling pleasantly. "Thanks," she said softly, "I don't hear that often."

There was a quiet, warm little moment. Ariel was eyeing both of them suspiciously. Then she crossed her arms, and glanced at the fashion disaster, who seemed to have recovered and was grinning broadly at Anna now. "So did you think about my offer, Elsa?"

Elsa "hmmed" and gave her a lazy glance, then grinned slowly. "I thought about it alright, and I'm going to have to decline. Don't think all the ladies," she winked in Cinderella and Megs direction (who were staring mutionously at Anna) and the pair blushed and averted their gazes, "could handle all this," she gestured down at her body, "all day, every day."

For once Ariel didn't smile. "Your band isn't coming back, Elsa."

The smile stayed on the blondes face but her eyes turned into twin blizzards. She spoke slowly, her voice so cold it sent a shiver down Annas spine. "And you know that how," she asked quietly, her slim white-blond brows lowering until she looked much less friendly.

"I don't know, cause you fucked Kristoff's girlfriend?" And Elsa wasn't even trying to hold back her anger now.

"She came on to me," She hissed, eyes flashing. The two glared at each other. "No way am I wasting my fucking time singing stupid little tunes at this stupid, tiny fucking cafe, ok? I have a career ahead of me..." she stared at the floor as if she realized what she'd said. "I...didn't mean to," she said softly, weakly, staring at Anna as if pleading for forgiveness from her. Then she turned on and walked out.

Ariel stared after her, shook her head, and smiled weakly at Anna. "Enjoy your cider. It's on the house."

The redhead stood up, and gave her a wave. "Maybe some other time," she called, and raced out the entrance of the cafe. Just ahead of her, Elsa was walking with her hands in her was kicking at the snow slick pavement occasionally, splashing the wet mush in the air. "Elsa," Anna called, running down the pavement. Her stomach flipped, as Elsa turned and, her foot did this weird thing and suddenly she had fallen like an idiot right into Elsa.

The Walking Disaster slowly, ever so slowly, smiled. "You fell for me, did you?" She winked.

"I want to hear you sing," Anna said slowly... "want to go somewhere w...where you can?"

"Our first date," Elsa asked pleasantly, and her face was glowing. Anna rolled her eyes. "Sounds like fun," She smirked, and straightened Anna for her. "Let's go then."

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