Ripple in Time

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Author Note:

Welcome my friends to the Ripple In Time Naruto Universe(RIT for short).

Ever since they were first introduced a select few characters have fascinated me. This story sets several of them in a different light. Kirabi(Killerbee), E(Ay), and The Sandaime Raikage, Throughout this latest installment of Naruto we have gotten some insight into how they became who they are, but a lot of their story is a mystery.

In my mind this makes them perfect candidates for the journey we are about to embark on. We are going to do a complete rewrite from Kumos's perspective through the eyes of an outsider from "our" world as well as highlighting on these three characters and who exactly they are. If you love cannon and hate AU's in general this probably isn't the fic for you. Go a head and hit that back button. While I respect others Constructive Critisim and right to free speech I don't appreciate people judging books by their cover, to use that age old metaphor.


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Now on to the teaser and prologue!


I wake up in a world not my own.

I had been a devil dog, a Marine, now I am little more than a lost girl in a place that my training had never prepared me for.I should be dead. That rock slide should have crushed me and yet here I am. Why? In this world, I'm nothing special. These people wield a power I have never imagined. I don't understand the language.

My only way to interact with the world around me is a little girl that's good at charades.

Even back home my voice was never heard for who I am is it to much to ask for others to understand,

To try and see underneath my mask, when all they would have to do is ask to see the real me?

I don't want to hide in the dark, I want to make the shadow not be stuck in it!

I guess people like me don't get the option of choosing.

Why did I ever join special ops? Oh right, they needed snipers,

I knew I never should have gotten out of bed that day.

It's too late to go back now, I'm stuck here.

I never though something like this would happen,

Hadsomeone told me this was possible

I would have told them theyneeded to

see a doctor and go home.


Ever since the sealing don't you know

Everyone's treated me different except for dad and bro

They see another failure, a fool,

a tool

Something that they'll come to rue.

Another cause of grief and strife.

Hate filled glares brimming with mistrust

Wishing I would turn to dust

It's cause of them I can't live my life

Is it too much to one day hope for a child, a wife.

But I'll open their eyes they'll see

That there is so much more to me.

Fool y'a fool

The Killer Bee

I'm the

Cage of Gyuki*

The Hatichibi*

I'm not the demon they think they see.

I'm a shinobi of Kumo

I'm Kirabi

Brother of E

That's what I am

That's who I'll be

And what I'll stay

I refuse for it to be another way.

That's who I want them all to see.



They're fools the lot of them!

Yes, Bee is more dangerous now, but we are shinobi living, in a shinobi village for Kami*'s sake! We are soldiers, assassins, killers, murders, living amongst soldiers, assassins, killers, murders!

They are hypocritical bastards, they are the ones that forced this upon him.

Shinobi are suppose to see underneath the underneath and now after all they put him through

they can't find it with in themselves to tell the difference between a container and its continence.

Kirabi is not the Hatichibi, Bee is the same person, my imbuto*.

He's not going to lose control he promised me just as I promised him.

I'm not abandoning my brother, and despite my father's gripes about grandchildren,

I refuse to marry a woman from this village, or any other that treats my brother with such scorn for a burden that wasn't his choice.

As long as my brother can't marry,

Neither will I.


In a sleepy little costal town in the land of lightening no one knew where the woman dressed in rags came from. She was a skittish little thing, jumped and ran for cover at any overly loud crash or bang, tucking into a ball, near any large structure. Her head pivoted and eyes shifted at the slightest movement in a paranoia that suggested they would bite. Her feet, covered in a solid toe boot of some kind that came up to mid caff and what must have one time been her pants were now torn to ribbons and used as bandages for various cuts and scrapes.

If the way her strange ragged clothes hung off of her as if she were a hanger were an indicator, she hadn't eaten properly in several weeks. Covered in dirt, hair matted in filth it was impossible to distinguish her true hair or skin color from the dingy grim she was coated in but her eyes, her eyes were electric amber. Any doubt that she was not from the Elemental Nations was conformed as a strange language gushed forth from her lips is what could be maid out to be desperate pleas of some kind.

Few were willing to go near her, some looked on with pity others in disgust as frustrated tears began to fall, she obviously fought the urge to shout and bit her bottom. No one was more surprised than the young woman when, the little green eyed brunet, Kira, the local farmers daughter, came forward and gave the filthy woman an apple and began to speak to her. "You're lost, aren't you? That's not fun. You looked hungry so I brought you an apple. My name's Kira, what's your name?"

The young woman smiled sweetly, she pointed to her lips and ears before sweeping her hands over her own head while saying some thing in her own language. Little Kira's eyes lit up "You don't understand what I'm saying it's over your head!" The child's eyebrows knitted together as she tapped her foot in frustration.

"You don't understand what I say, I don't understand what you say. It sounds like one big jumble is coming out of your mouth, it's probably the same with you for me. Hummm, I got it!" The child squealed. Taking a deep breath she pointed to herself and said one deliberate word "Kira."

The elder girl smiled in realization and repeated the younger's actions saying one distinguishable word. "Beca"

Kira's eyes widened before she turned, running off leaving the poor woman confused. Kira spoke to her parents and motioned for Beca to follow her as she climbed on to her parent's hay cart.

Once Beca was on the cart she curled up on the hay and let out a contented sigh drifting off to some much needed sleep, apple still clutched in her hand, as the cart mule lumbered pulling its cargo home. Little did those involved know just how much this decision would effect the events to come.

Meanwhile in Kumo, the Sandaime Raikage, Jinrai Rakurai, looks out pensively over his village. He was a hard man who ruled with an iron fist and strongly believed in swift direct action. However once he became a father he came to realize the necessity of tempering, taking the time to analyze the situation over a long period of time before acting, rather than rushing in sword drawn. E's raising was a prime example of just how patient the impatient man could be.

Perhaps to some it would un-shinobi-like of him to admit but he cared a great deal about his son. The boy may have taken after in in many ways, but he was his mother's child, he possessed his mother's strength and her passion for protecting the village, she was an Uzumaki after all. If only she hadn't been killed in that botched assassination attempt by a rebel faction when E was six. The Sandaime never could bring himself to mary another.

An now with Kumo on the cusp of war he stands to lose E and Kirabi, who despite his infernal rapping had become like a second son to the Sandaime, or third son if he were to count his apprentice Daru.

Iwa is on the move in the west and Kohona already mobilized in the south to aid Sunda in the south west in the search for their Sandaime Kazekage further provoking Iwa as it's allies in Kiri mobilize off of Kaminari no kuni's southern coast forcing Kumo to prepare for war, causing all other countries to go on edge. In short the Elemental Nations were going to hell in a hand basket.

Kumo has been in desperate need of information on the plans of the other hidden villages in order to plan counter offensives leaving him with the hard choice to send his precious sons out on reconnaissance to an Iwa outpost on the border near the northern cost of the country.

If this alone wasn't nerve wracking enough for The Sandaime, Kumo was experiencing restlessness from within whispers of betrayal caress the streets, questioning wether or not the Sandaime should still lead, accusing E of being to young and inexperienced to take command when the time came. If something didn't change soon Kumo would find itself intrenched in civil war.

For the first time since the death of E's mother Jinrai Rakurai bowed his head and prayed for a miracle, because a miracle it what it would take for his family, his village to make it out of this situation even partially intact.

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"the girl is in such bad shape, and that gash in her side, even as she sleeps the blood seeps it's going to become septic if we don't do something"

Here it is the teaser Prologue for Ripple in time, Whoo! And just a little over 2,000 words in total, my goal for this story is for each post to be that long and have at least 2 scenes. Also I'm almost through with the next post now this is fresh off the press and I've looked it over the best I can if your interested in betaing me let me know.

Also I'm curious how many people got the hidden message in Beca's little tirade? Any guesses who's going to be put under the CRA?

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