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Alrighty here is that you've all been waiting for after the teaser and arc 1 opener the first chapter of the RIT saga. Just so you know this is kinda dark.

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Beca's Point of View

Three months, three months since I came here, since Kira and her family took me in, since I became Beca-nee-chan the older sister of Kira rather than Captain Beca Corrie of the USMC. My father had been a marine before me, my mother a cop and even after their murders when I was 10, I had constantly lived in to their shadow compared to them expected to act like, be them.

I just couldn't stand it any more I lost my parents and yet every one that talked to me some how knew my mother, had heard of my father kept on saying how amazing they were how I was destined for great things, how it was required of me. Where were they when I stood in the rain alone at my parent grave side, where were they when my father was decapitated in front of me, my mother shot execution style. How can any body who has never been in that situation even claim to understand what I when through. I didn't want to be babied, coddled I just wanted to be left alone to not be reminded of what happened any more than I am in the scenes that still haunt my sleep to this day.

That's why I ran from the orphanage, why I chose to live apart from everyone it took two months of there loving torture before I managed to gather up the supplies I needed and get out.

I had never been so thankful for my parents survival training a bow, a waterproof tarp some wire, string, a tin coffee can, flint and steal and a good hunting knife of my father's, these were the things I had to gather up in secret before making a break for it I later stopped by my home and gathered a blanket sleeping bang and what ever else I could think of along with my grandmothers necklace I added my parents wedding rings to the chain. Even now I still have that comforting weight bumping against my collar bone along with my father's Jin's and my dog tags. At that time it was a reminder that my parents had been real in a world where every thing else had turned in to a nightmare.

I spent the next four years alternating between living in the forrest and coming in to the city and pick pocking to get a little spending money for clothes shoes and the occasional candy bar. Since I could get every thing else from the forrest. That is until I picked the wrong mark on the streets. Turns out the guy knew my father, an old corpsman, he picked up where my father left off and further indoctrinated me in to the corps ideals.

He didn't ask questions he didn't give his name I just called him gramps. After two weeks he gave me the option of staying with him. A few days and a few phone calls later the paper work was signed. I was now adopted but still held my parents name. He wasn't a touchy feel-y guy but he was a man I had come to respect. It was with his help I got caught back up in school and later got accepted to the navel academy to be a marine just like my father just like I had wanted before their deaths. The old man died in my second year, the man had no children but a sister and several nephews and nieces, and one god daughter, me. His name was Jin Uzu and he left me everything. I had wanted to scream and shout and ask Why, why weren't you there when my parents were killed when they were lowered into the ground when I was left on the orphanage's doorstep.

Then I realized that in the big scheme of things none of it mattered, once he found me he kept me close helped me however he could. Though he could never replace my father, he had filled a void of companionship that I had desperately been trying to fill since my parents deaths. And no matter how much I might want to hate the man to this day I haven't found myself capable of intertwining that emotion and my pseudo father any more that I've been able to resent my parents or even my drill sergeant who spittled in my face after repeatedly dumping my junk on the ground or my bunk mate who snored constantly. In one way or another these people looked out for me they became my family and I became a Marine.

Now I've woken up in a world not my own, a place that my training had never prepared me for just like how my parents had never prepared me for their deaths. Hell, I should be dead. That rock slide should have crushed me like it did my team and yet here I am. These people wield a power I have never imagined Chakra, Jutsu it doesn't make any sense and yet it makes perfect sense in a multiverse sort of way,I've watched way to many Justice League episodes. Thou It still doesn't answer the question of why every one speaks Japanese, I mean honestly why Japanese the landscape dosent even look like the country and what about… "AHHHK!" I'm being attacked by a 10 year old ball of energy!

The little ball of energy in question looks quite pleased with herself as she bounces on my stomach finding it almost impossible to sit still. "Nee-chan nee-chan want to play hu, hu? come on lazy play with meeee!"

"Damn your big, get off of nee-chan alright Imoto*?"

"Nu-uh I'm not that big sis," I can help but smile at that she's picking up english faster than I am Japanese are all kids this adaptable? Some times I swear she's too quite for her own good. She even missed the squeaky rung on the latterup to the hay loft where I've been sleeping trying to keep my nightmares from waking everyone.

"Please get off, I'll teach you trapping,"I try to bargain with her she is way to heavy to be bouncing on my stomach. Uhhh I think I can taste last night's rabbit stew coming back up. Why in the world isn't her bony butt being hurt by my hip bones she's sitting right on them. "Dang Gaki, you asked for it,tickle tickle tickle!" I barely have to touch her arm pits before she becomes a wriggle worm screaming and laughing.

"Nee-chan! I give! I give! please stop! please stop, ha ahha ha. Nee-Chan!" I can't help but laugh as giggles begin to spout from Kira's mouth, there is just some thing about little one's that is too cute.

I sit back on my knees with my hands on my hips "So, you done?" I ask the now red faced girl.

She sits up with a pouty 'humph' and an attempt of her mother's death glare which is an epic fail because of the straw that is sticking up at every angle from her now tangled rat's nest of shoulder length brown hair. "For now, but I'll get you my pretty!"

Oh god, I shouldn't have told her about Wizard of Oz! I can't help but fall back laughing as she cackles. "Come on little Ms. Wicked Witch of the west," Kira squeaks as I throw her over my shoulder and climb down the latter. And leave the barn heading towards the small farm house that I've come to see as the first home I've had since my god father's death.

Kira continues to squeak and wiggle. Her mother Miwa slides open the rice paper door and shakes her head her burnet hair flying "Come on girls breakfast is done, don't drop her Beca. She's like her father, she needs every brain cell she can get."

"Now that's not nice Koi," Yuu comes up behind her kissing her cheek, "you know it just comes with the territory of being an Uzumaki." He flashes his wife a feral grin. "Beca, Miwa and I have a surprise for you, we got your papers for citizenship back."

I set Kira down and take the papers I don't really understand any thing but my name well my first name but I was shocked by my last name

Yuu grins and scratches the back of his head. "Your name doesn't translate well to our language so we gave you ours, welcome to the Uzuimaki clan." A part of me is miffed that they did this without asking but at the same time I am grateful that they were willing to invest so much in me it was almost like having a family again. "I'll also admit its a bit selfish of us to do this as well but there are so few of us left maybe even if our blood line doesn't make it our name will."

"My family name would have died the day I wed, I don't mind. I'm not the person I was then theres a lot of blood on the Corrie name, maybe this is my chance for a fresh start. I can be something other than I fighter." A part of me wants to laugh as I lie through my teeth. I'll never be anything other than a fighter a solider the only question is in whose hand will I be a weapon in and will that hand share my views.

For now I am my own master and I know my goal all I have to do is look around me, These people are worth protecting even if I have to sell my soul to do it. There's a reason the forrest around there home has become known as Akuma* in the last three months.

A devil dog protects their pack - end of story. No one is getting any where near my new home. I lost everything once, twice by coming to this place I'm not losing it again. If I did it might just kill me, then again if they knew the shire number of shinobi I had taken out in the past month who had been using the forrest to hide for tactical assaults they might turn me away any way. Even if I had no Kumo or Kohona blood on my hands

"I'm going to grab my bow and head out I'll be back after sunset." The only question would my prey be man or beast?

Next Time:

I look behind me as I pack my bag again and find Miwa standing there a sheathed short sword in one hand a red mask in her other. "I know what you really do on your hunting trips, that deer and rabbits aren't your only target."

AN: I'm not going to make this hush hush Beca is a mentally disturbed woman, she is not what most would call sane. IS she "good"? I don't know if I'd go that far. Is she honorable? Dose she have a conscious? Yes. Are there some lines that she wont cross? Yes. Its more the case of lesser of two evils here, most of her redeeming qualities come from her interactions with those she sees as hers and children. She isn't a selfless hero like Naruto, she's quite selfish and would let the world rot if it meant she and her few precious people were safe. For those few people she would do anything for with out question she would die for them because with out them she has no reason to live in her mind. This sets her up to accept the ways of the shinobi. Well, except for one thing cutting off emotions. Beca knows she'd be a real monster with out the ability to feel for others its something that's always frightened her she also knows that it gives her the ability to push forward for some one else and draw strength from. I've been taking personality traits from the characters Riddic and Dexter for Beca. I just hope every one enjoys it

Imoto - little sister

Nee-chan - older sister

Akuma - demon